Bridgend Taxi Trade gets undemocratic treatment with untruths from BCBC in writing split 3 ways?


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BIT partner’s the Watch Dogs of Bridgend’s Taxi Trade today uncover more  Bridgend county borough council – BCBC  undemocratic treatment for the local taxi trade in Wales, after a recorded interview with the long established Parrott Motors of Bridgend, who also had their Bridgend fare proposal rejected by Bridgend county borough council -BCBC Cabinet in early September 2017.


A senior representative of  Parrott motors commented during the interview that he would be reading Bridgend’s only Taxi news to update himself on the latest news/facts

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In another dramatic BIT of breaking news The Watch dogs of the Bridgend Taxi Trade sent an email today to complain yet again of the poor and diabolical treatment of Bridgend Taxi Drivers and Taxi firms including Mini bus and coach firms that find themselves subject to foul play or potential foul play as part and parcel of being in the Bridgend Taxi Trade today whilst dealing with Bridgend county borough council -BCBC and Bridgend taxi licensing who are under the same roof of course , says BIT Partner

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The Watch Dogs of the taxi trade today say these practices were never officially monitored before until the formation of The BIT organisation


Here is the email sent to BCBC- Bridgend county borough council for an explanation on the record of what the heck are these people playing at which included a copy to the honorable Councillor for Bridgend also says BIT Partner.  The email was acknowledged as received by Complaints – BCBC – Bridgend county borough council complaints at 11:19 13 Feb 2018


To: “Complaints” <>

Cc: “” <>
Sent: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 at 10:44

Subject: Trade members unaware

Dear complaints

Following a recorded interview with Parrott Motors this morning, a journalist for BIT News network was informed during a recorded interview with a senior representative of Parrott Motors Bridgend; that they were not aware that Premier cars of Bridgend had submitted a fare proposal.

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Like Cymru cabs of Pencoed reported there seems to be a discrepancy in the integral process or a lack of integrity in the BCBC process.

Readers lets just pause for a moment before we continue reading the email sent to make a comment.

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These appalling practices by Bridgend county borough council- BCBC and or Bridgend taxi licensing are something all to familiar to date says BIT Partner’s the only Watch Dogs of the Bridgend Taxi Trade today.

The BIT organisation continue to report on these all too familiar bad practices to the Bridgend Taxi trade’s demise as part of the on going investigation to uncover the culprits at BCBC that have a habit, as reported now on more than once, over a period of some 12 months, under the fraud investigation by The BIT Organisation .


The email goes on:

At this time the BIT organisation require an explanation as to why there is a lack of integrity in the process.

Once again we require a stay in the matter so we can understand all going forward before submitting a new fare proposal. The current deadline therefore should be extended.

Therefore the deadline of end of February should be reveiwed whilst we await Dave Holland and all concerned to come on the record so the Bridgend taxi trade can understand what is going on.

Further to our previous email last week The BIT organisation await a full explanation with questions answered as requested with a written undertaking that proposal/reports submitted by trade members will not be tampered with.

There appears to be a pattern of untruths unfolding for the public to recognise. We therefore require a full explanation so not only we can understand but also the public

Please acknowledge receipt of this communication in the public interests for the record to show.

Yours sincerely

D Nelson
For and on behalf of the BIT organisation

 The email was acknowledged as received by Bridgend county borough complaints  at 11:19 13 Feb 2018
At the weekend 9 February at 20:20 – BIT News facebook reported the following:

Bit News – Bringing you the Taxi word on the street.

Bridgend taxi driver tells BIT Partner that during an alledged conversation with the WELLBEING CABINET COUNCILLOR; she hopes implantation for the age policy for a new taxi to be scrapped and the new policy for 2nd hand cars be introduced by April where possible.

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In another conversation with another taxi driver at Bridgend Station tonight the driver claims a conversation with Fiona at Bridgend taxi licensing would appear to match the honorable Councillors intentions.

More Bit News news as we get it.

Coming to you live and direct from the home of Bridgend Taxi Licensing, on the street or taxi rank in Bridgend  County Borough, Mid Glamorgan – Wales, tonight.

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Who would be a taxi driver at these rates and with the games Bridgend Taxi Licensing are known for playing?


Bridgend Taxi Licensing fees

Fare rejection for taxis under Bridgend Taxi licensing

Bridgend county borough council complaints contact details

Bridgend Taxi drivers stay on below average wages with high costs






Leader of Bridgend Cabinet accused of a mickey mouse campaign to fool the public to force Taxis to work for cheap

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Local Bridgend Cab firm based in Pencoed gets mickey mouse treatment we can reveal how shocking its been from the TOP at BCBC


BIT NEWS725 – The home of The Taxi Trade Watch Dogs


A shocking story unfolds for taxi drivers in Bridgend Today after many months of the BIT Partner’s at work.

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The established Watch Dogs of Bridgend’s Taxi Trade, that again report the forensic facts for the public to learn the reality of taxi fare or Taxi affairs which result in enslavement by BCBC for the Bridgend’s Taxi Trade now 7 years virtually

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now several years without freedom or escape from low fares well below acceptable levels at this time, if you go compare and evaluate trends and practices even in Cardiff



A rat in the Kitchen what am I suppose to do?


CYMRU CABS near Cllr Alex Williams home ground asks BIT Partner if Bridgend Cabinet are serious as like Premier, Cymru Cabs are also based in Pencoed also, and part of the Bridend Taxi trade, feeding serious dollars to them in taxi licensing fees, a fact reported months ago when it was established that Taxi Licensing fees are more than other boroughs in the UK including Somerset a rural borough like Bridgend


As The Vale of Glamorgan is so near to Bridgend Town and other areas of the borough ,Bridgend Hackney Carriage drives cannot pick up on the streets in the vale, as it is a criminal offence for a taxi driver to pick up on the street unless he/she is a Hackney taxi licensed in that borough with a valid taxi badge for that borough, which must also match the the taxi from the same borough as drives badge, and the area the taxi Hackney driver is picking up off the street in

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As Hackney Carriage Bridgend Drivers travelling into the vale of Glamorgan for example cannot pick up off the street, and so therefore are forced to travel empty at a loss to comply with licensing rules, they can only pick up off the street in the small Bridgend county Borough Council areas by law and so below fares are crippling those taxis that under take such fares or journeys even today

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unlike Cardiff Taxis that have a good urban area to get fares in and on the way back to the city from urban areas around Cardiff City. Yet Cardiff taxi fares are more


After Talking to the long standing cab firm in Pencoed Cymru Cabs the proprietor of Cymru Cabs with opinions on the demise of taxi fares and  taxi wages in the BCBC area ,  it was clear from the proprietor of…..


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It is clear Cymru Cabs Pencoed were a victim to sabotage techniques already recognised by The Watch Dogs as common place by BCBC, with yet again clear manipulation still going on, and being used to create a good impression or false impression for the public,


So people like Yvonne Witchell seem to have a remit targeted at taxi drivers including Cymru Cabs and so  many taxis are stopped dead in their tracks as Yvonne Witchell has an addiction for it,

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Expect to be part of an exclusion process, that may well see practices of favoritism which will leave you excluded from a process you should not be excluded from if council minutes are forever any thing to go by,


Expect to be told licensing heads or shared regulatory services head to follow a pattern as generally they cannot determine what the problem is or was or what the facts are,  relating to a complaint about your trade and their practices, if you have provided info, or if you’ve sent licensing an email asking questions, with an expectation of getting a reply,  expect you will not get one for weeks if not months or not at all, especially if you catch her or them out or find them at fault. Fact.

Do they really know what they are doing?


We see yet again what the Watch Dogs describe as the usual fraudulent ways or unusual practices or mal practices to get their own way already seen in the past by two taxi trades including the Vale of Glamorgan and BIT Partner’s – The Watch Dogs of the Taxi Trade. as the shared regulatory services and licensing lick each others boots


Cymru Cabs is an all to familiar story for the BIT Partners – Watch Dogs of the taxi trade since they took up the poison chalice and looked for the brew that was true

The situation is now outed and clearly is the story unfolds for The BIT organisation, after close examination of the events over time and so far recorded forensically by the BIT organisation as a matter of course online including facebook prior to the birth of BITNEWS725 for all to see and understand. I real forensic account on record

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The first ever public forensic account compiled as part of a free service for the taxi trade in Bridgend who are too busy to keep up with BCBC diabolical strokes all the time

images (8)

The intention was to dupe the public by potentially giving the public the impression the process was integral when it cleary was not as we have uncovered by the Watch Dogs following closely as they go as usual.


During the conversation Cymru Cabs of Pencoed proprietor agreed Dave Holland and Yvonne Witchell taxi licensing are always responsible for fake news in the borough tells The Watch Dogs after talking to the Proprietor of the Cymru Cabs firm in Pencoed

During a special recorded interview for Bridgend Taxi Drivers to take note and the public,  Cymru Cabs proprietor known to many taxi drivers in Bridgend, confirmed they were following the latest stories on BITNEWS725 in the last few days,


The Watch Dogs continue to uncover the whole BIT so even the Bridgend public can recognise the stink all the way to the top of the Cabinet


Taxi drivers of Bridgend should note that in a recorded call with the proprietor of Cymru Cabs of Pencoed it was agreed for the public to be reported the facts including Councillor  Alex Williams  who has a reputation for being active and asking BCBC again and again to sort it out

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Now there is a Councillor that is sharp and always on the look out in the public interest, and as a result invokes Parlay:  you must take me to your Captain!


Premier taxis Bridgend must smell nice as Cymru Cabs based in Pencoed long before Premier Taxis in Bridgend, were never informed of this so called consultation that closed recently as Yvonne Witchell  who last reported on a fare proposal which included the reference to The Best Practice guide for Taxi licensing  in 2011, and as such the Bridgend Taxi Drivers/trade have not had a fare increase since. Or a fair crack of the whip

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The team leader confirmed on the record in an email recently the consultation ordered by Cabinet was closed,  to the amasement of not only the Watch Dogs – BIT Partner’s but also Cymru Cabs of Pencoed who now form part of the ongoing investigation of diabolical practices going on for well over a year now at the very least, clearly exercised by BCBC. Which of course has been going on for years previously unchallenged until now for quite a BIT


Which has been forensically reported by recently or in the previous blogs of which there are now a few, showing the heads or headers from BCBC of for BCBC coming on the record for Bridgend County Borough Council as part of the structure used by BCBC as if it is legitimate in it’s actions. Yeah right!

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A trend uncovered for all to see online and in the public domain today for absolute clarification of the injustices and games that play out in at least 2 boroughs under the jurisdiction of Yvonne Withchell and others including Will Lane as well as Dave Holland

The Proprietor of Cymru Cabs also with a  valid Bridgend taxi badge, thanked The Watch Dogs for their BIT
The BIT organisation works hard for the Taxi Trade as always going forward bringing….

No automatic alt text available.
Is this how it really rolls when the leader of the Cabinet makes a decision affecting the taxi trade. Is that why others seem to act indifferently also after given the go?
You judge the consistencies for yourself  over time and judge if this is how it should roll
giphy (82).gif
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What BIT EXPOSED IN THE LAST 6 Months after their Watch Dog investigation forensic
 The headline Summary firmly in the public domain:
Leader of Bridgend Cabinet accused of a mickey mouse campaign to fool the public to force Taxis to work for cheap. Why? Some say vote catching at the taxi trade’s expense
5 hours ago – 07/02/18 –
Dave Holland Head of Shared Regulatory Services holds up Bridgend taxi drivers wages over his fake news
03 February 2018
Dec 5, 2017 7:21 PM
Bridgend Taxis go Swahili – As Cabinet Councillor Patel orders – The Total Recall report from Bridgend Taxi Licensing header
Nov 29, 2017 11:35 AM
Dave Holland Shared Regulatory services head told to get his finger out the DYKE and head out the sand for a BIT
Nov 19, 2017 3:12 PM
 Image result for alex williams councillor images
Local Councillor aids local taxi trade as Shared Regulatory services for BCBC lacks integrity, as taxi drivers uncover they are being targeted with damaging BCBC policies after a 11 Month targeted investigation regarding trade concerns
Nov 17, 2017 3:01 PM
Licensing head Yvonne Witchell exposed as a fraud for potentially years, by BCBC,when dealing with contact, including proposals, fares, and general communication in relation to the taxi trade
Bridgend Licensing still in Denial like the guilty party in court playing games to save his or her ass like an ignaramous?
Nov 2, 2017 12:29 PM
Taxi Licensing head for Bridgend accused of being blind as a BAT
Oct 23, 2017 11:56 AM
Bridgend Taxi Licensing-Yvonne Withchell BCBC’s Taxi head talks abusive A costly mistake for the Public & Cabinet!
Oct 8, 2017 2:23 PM
Bridgend Cabinet told stop misleading the public about the costings for a taxi driver @ £1.60 per mile instead of the recognised rural taxi formula @ £2.30 needed give or take
Oct 3, 2017 8:22 AM
BIT NEWS – Bridgend’s Only Taxi News – The Birth of Bridgend’s online taxi blog
Aug 9, 2017 8:14 PM

Dave Holland Head of Shared Regulatory Services holds up Bridgend taxi drivers wages over his fake news

Dave Holland…….

1_hTq10v_Kb6FB2qoFtaGVbwBridgend taxi drivers wages get a real 2nd look in Bridgend ? Could it be true? or is it fake news. Do you know who are the fakes? Would you like to? It will be tremendous!

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You ever been held up in Bridgend, Partner?

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Madeleine Moon MP thanks BIT NEWS for the breaking story today sent her by email


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Taxi drivers/BIT Partners ask BCBC Cabinet for a written undertaking after years of low fares and delays with ploys exercised by BCBC taxi licensing to suppress taxi fares in Bridgend now for many years as proven and exposed and arrested by the BIT organisation,

Related image

Some say BCBC operations have been getting away with it for too long tells BIT Partner after an extensive forensic investigation into Bridgend’s licensing’s behaviour or attitude and treatment of those paying hackney carriage taxi drivers of Bridgend Borough and the subsequent affects now more many  years on that leave them poor with low fares

Image result for judge rinder i can smell a lie

In today’s dramatic developments for Bridgend Taxi drivers and the public reading on or looking on we can reveal some of the latest communication BIT have had with BCBC in the last few months and days.


We reveal a number of irregularities or mal practices or discrepancies by BCBC operations all over again. Somethings never change when it comes to key personnel at times or all the time. Its no surprise the Bridgend Taxi trade have had to suffer this nonsense for decades now


argo-3 (1).gif

Earlier it was posted on BitNews Facebook a letter sent to BIT headquaters from Dave Holland head of shared regulatory services who reported to Cabinet with false information and made untruths after the BIT formula, and it’s report content was removed by Policy officer for BCBC – and shared regulatory Services. And substituted with wording not used by the BIT proposal. Even the request to have the proposal named BIT or by BIT was ignored and the buck passed, as many already know from previous rfeports by BIT partner’s

giphy (36)

This ladies and gentleman and taxi drivers is the same gentleman that is responsible for apologising for providing cabinet with false information and costings relating to the costs of running a taxi with insurance and wages. Yeah never really worked it out!


See the below reply if you feel like a New Man or a die hard or a Parrott or a DRAGON.

tmhnks (1)

The email is sent to Charlotte the potential future envoy for Donald Trump as she is the communication tool for Cabinet at this time, as previously recorded on BitNews

tenor (19)

On Fri, 2 Feb 2018 at 20:38, Mr MoneyPenny
<> wrote:

tmhnks (1)

Subject: D Holland – late coming on the record

Dear charlotte

I have today recieved communication direct to BIT headquarters regarding a consensus.

I attach a copy for Councillor Patel’s consideration and for the public record as it was posted on BIT News (exclusive to facebook at this time)

Image result for councillor patel bridgend cabinet image

In September after much effort 3 proposals finally made it through to Cabinet indicating what the trade is thinking of the low fares currently in force.

Image result for hang em high cowboy gif

At the time Cabinet had the option to choose at least one. This did not take place and as such it was pushed back for further investigation.

giphy (59)

During this time Bridgend Taxi trade has dropped in the national table again and again for Hackney Carriage fares, and now sits at 326th in the national table.

Image result for councillor patel bridgend cabinet image

tmhnks (1)


132 CASTLE POINT £6.00
133 CHESTER £6.00
134 DOVER £6.00
136 EAST LINDSEY £6.00
137 GLOUCESTER £6.00
139 IPSWICH £6.00
140 KETTERING £6.00
141 LUTON £6.00
143 NORTH DORSET £6.00
144 PLYMOUTH £6.00
145 PRESTON £6.00
147 SLOUGH £6.00
148 SOUTH HAMS £6.00
149 TEST VALLEY £6.00
150 THREE RIVERS £6.00
151 THURROCK £6.00
152 WARWICK £6.00
153 WEST DORSET £6.00
154 WEST LINDSEY £6.00
155 DARLINGTON £5.95
156 TENDRING £5.95
157 BABERGH £5.90
158 BASSETLAW £5.90
159 DUDLEY £5.90
162 WALSALL £5.90
163 TEWKSBURY £5.85
164 BASILDON £5.80
165 BLACKPOOL £5.80
166 BROMSGROVE £5.80
167 CARLISLE £5.80
169 EAST HERTS £5.80
170 FYLDE £5.80
171 GLASGOW £5.80
172 HAVANT £5.80
173 HIGHLANDS £5.80
174 LEICESTER £5.80
178 SELBY £5.80
179 SOUTH RIBBLE £5.80
180 STOCKPORT £5.80
181 TRAFFORD £5.80
182 UTTLESFORD £5.80
185 WORCESTER £5.80
186 YNS MON £5.80
190 WYCOMBE £5.75
192 EASTBOURNE £5.70
193 ISLE OF WIGHT £5.70
194 MANCHESTER £5.70
195 MID DEVON £5.70
198 RYEDALE £5.70
199 STIRLING £5.70  £0.50
202 BOSTON £5.60
203 BRECKLAND £5.60
204 BROXBOURNE £5.60
205 CALDERDALE £5.60
206 EDINBURGH £5.60
207 FOREST HEATH £5.60
208 GOSPORT £5.60
210 NEWPORT £5.60
215 NOTTINGHAM £5.60
216 ORKNEY £5.60
219 RUSHCLIFFE £5.60
220 SANDWELL £5.60
223 TAMESIDE £5.60
224 WEST LOTHIAN £5.60
225 WIRRAL £5.60
227 WREXHAM £5.60
228 WYRE £5.60
229 CARDIFF £5.59
230 DUNDEE £5.58
231 CHERWELL £5.56
232 ANGUS £5.50
233 BROXTOWE £5.50
239 EDEN £5.50
241 EREWASH £5.50
242 GEDLING £5.50
243 GWYNEDD £5.50
244 HAMBLETON £5.50
246 LANCASTER £5.50
247 MORAY £5.50
248 OLDHAM £5.50
250 SHROPSHIRE £5.50
251 STAFFORD £5.50
252 TYNEDALE £5.50
253 WANSBECK £5.50
256 CHILTERN £5.40
258 DONCASTER £5.40
259 DUNBARTON £5.40
260 FAREHAM £5.40
264 MID SUFFOLK £5.40
267 PERTH & KINROSS £5.40
268 POWYS £5.40
269 ROTHERHAM £5.40
270 RUGBY £5.40
271 SUNDERLAND £5.40
272 TANDBRIDGE £5.40
273 THANET £5.40
274 WYCHAVON £5.40
275 BRADFORD £5.36
276 COTSWOLD £5.35
278 BARNSLEY £5.30
279 BLABY £5.30
280 CRAVEN £5.30
281 EAST RENFREW £5.30
282 FENLAND £5.30
283 LICHFIELD £5.30
284 MELTON £5.30
287 SALFORD £5.30
288 VALE ROYAL £5.30
289 WYRE FOREST £5.30
290 BEDFORD £5.26
291 BOLTON £5.25
292 BURY £5.24
293 AMBER VALLEY £5.20
294 CEREDIGION £5.20
295 CLYDEBANK £5.20
296 CONWY £5.20
298 EAST RIDING £5.20
300 HALTON £5.20
301 LIVERPOOL £5.20
306 WARRINGTON £5.20
307 CONGLETON £5.10
308 GATESHEAD £5.10
309 INVERCLYDE £5.10
310 SEFTON £5.10
312 WIGAN £5.10
313 ALNWICK £5.05
315 SWANSEA £5.05
316 BLYTH VALLEY £5.00
317 COPELAND £5.00
318 DAVENTRY £5.00
319 KIRKLEES £5.00
326 BRIDGEND £4.90
327 CHORLEY £4.90
328 CORBY £4.90  £0.30
329 FLINTSHIRE £4.90
330 ROSSENDALE £4.90
331 TELFORD & WREKIN £4.90
333 REDDITCH £4.88
334 ALLERDALE £4.85
336 ASHFIELD £4.80
337 CAERPHILLY £4.80
339 HAMILTON £4.80
340 MANSFIELD £4.80
342 ROCHDALE £4.80
343 RUTHERGLEN £4.80
344 TORFAEN £4.80
346 BLACKBURN £4.70
348 FALKIRK £4.70
349 HYNDBURN £4.70
351 BOLSOVER £4.60
352 ST HELENS £4.60
353 WAKEFIELD £4.60
354 BURNLEY £4.50
355 KNOWSLEY £4.50
359 OADBY & WIGSTON £4.40
360 PENDLE £4.40
365 HARTLEPOOL £4.10

Image result for judge rinder i can smell a lie

Premier Cars came in late and have low balled tariff one that is clear in Watch Dog calculations to date.

Image result for judge rinder i can smell a lie

Here is a snip of what numbers were crunched by the Managing director Peter Renwick of Premier Cars based in Bridgend

Image may contain: text

No automatic alt text available.

It has been some 3 years that this matter has been delayed as a result of licensing header Yvonne Withchell – ignoring the proposals thus heightening the position for all concerned in the trade whilst other boroughs including Cardiff have fare increases regularly.


lets pause for a moment here.

BitNews725 asks its readers – Would it be Wrong ???

Would it Be Wrong for Bridgend taxis to be on the same tariff as Cardiff?

Image result for judge rinder i can smell a lie

The email to Charlotte as we look again at the points- tmhnks (1).gif

To be fair the route in September was made simple in some respects if all the facts were looked at. In some ways we are going around in circles to see again what is already there.

Image result for judge rinder i can smell a lie

BIT Partners continue their efforts as part of the Bridgend taxi Trade today.


giphy (80).gif

In view of Mr Holland’s letter I/we will need a written undertaking from BCBC that when BIT do submit a new proposal, and all contained in it, that it will not be stripped like it was last year. I note I am supposed to send the same report again to the same individual that wrote he did not understand it and then left out the crucial information that explains why the proposal calculations are as they are. So Cabinet may understand all the factors before making a final decision.

4QxYl (1).gif

In the interim BITNEWS725 gets ready for full disclosure news to bring the trade up to date with developments to date and in doing so making the Bridgend public aware of where Hackney carriage taxi drivers are today with below viable fares at £1.60 per mile.


If Yvonne Witchell’s response is anything to go by and Dave Holland; it’s only Premier that have woken up to the situation. But I need to understand all based on Dave Holland’s wording.


tenor (27).gif

BIT Partners are watch dogs and thus far we wonder what Mr Holland means by:

1. I am aware that Daniel Cook, the licensing policy officer for Bridgend has contacted you to discuss your application with a view to seeking a consensus to go forward with an agreed single proposal to increase fares.


QUESTION – WILL Cabinet need to choose the viable option for the public and most importantly the taxi trade in Bridgend today in 326th position and still falling.


2. He has also circulated an application from Premier cars for consultation as part of this process.
Question: where did he circulate the application?

d039c225-4d9f-473f-8cd7-74d4ea84dbab (1).gif

3. I am advised that it has not been possible to achieve a consensus as to an appropriate tariff amendment; that is dissapointing

tmhnks (1).gif
Question: what are the comments from those parties involved, that Mr Holland relies on in this reply ?

Image result for judge judy um is not an answer gif

4.what steps have been taken overall to reach this dissapointing, that Mr Holland talks about? This will help BIT going forward to compile the report that we do not want to see stripped again by Daniel Cook without and apology from either or Mr Holland to date.

Therefore I look for a written sign from Cabinet that the BIT proposal will not be allowed to be stripped by Daniel Cook and a reply directed so Mr Holland can explain himself better after ignoring me for several months.

Yours sincerely

Mr Nelson
For the BIT organisation

Image result for looking for a sign



Image may contain: text

Image result for shared regulatory services

Yvonne Withchell licensing header – GETS Guilty Verdict and so does Daniel Cook for the way operations have managed matters that effect the Bridgend taxi drivers ability to stay afloat as a direct result of the restrictions or games played out by licensing when dealing with the taxi trade or taxi driver in the borough of Bridgend under the jurisdiction of the shared regulatory services, which spans the 3 boroughs-areas indicated in the logo above

tenor (21)

Taxi formula is available for anyone to calculate says Yvonne Witchell and AA vehicle costings.


In an email from Yvonne Witchell recently that reveals:

giphy (42)

Daniel Cook should of understood how the taxi trade today set the starting mark for working out the cost to keep a taxi on the road or a taxi driver on the road before the taxi driver says-I cant take the hours at these prices.

Image result for base line calculation

Yes folks the base calculation that a taxi must work at is simple and available in the public domain for free if you want to work it out for yourself. Its very much a like for like scenario for the taxi trade today. it tells you how much to get into business with basic costs for an understood playing field that the taxi trade use as hackney carriage drivers servicing the public.

Related image






In fact BCBC invite BIT to provide the taxi fare formula again or use any other borough’s formula as an example in calculating whilst putting together a fare proposal thus putting forward the case for correct costings and understanding of how much is needed to stay in the game and how to effect that using guide lines by the department of Transport for best practices in order to be secure and actually make money in Bridgend as part of the common 4 seater taxi drivers in the rural borough of Bridgend’s taxi trade today:

The department of transport writes under Fares -TAXI FARES
52. :

The Department also suggests that in reviewing fares
authorities should pay particular regard to the needs of the travelling public, with
reference both to what it is reasonable to expect people to pay but also to the need to
give taxi drivers sufficient incentive to provide a service when it is needed. There may well be a case for higher fares at times of higher demand.

Unless of course Daniel Cook has other ideas up his jacket sleeve and so Cabinet will lean towards another economic blow for Bridgend Taxi drivers in true form?


Why not as its still going on today, is it not? We all know now why

Is it time to wipe the slate by adding better economic protection for the taxi trade and apply logic used by the  Crmarthenshire and Cardiff taxi trade not forgetting Someset?


If Cabinet were to elect to go for the Premier late arrival proposal then this would see Premier Cars Mileage rate of £1.80 not affordable with todays recognised trade calculations. If this was to be introduced it would be a further insult to Bridgend Taxi drivers and the public who when hearing the trades plight generally say its “Shocking”

Why the formula was previoiusly removed and the proposal wording is beggars belief says one taxi driver.

giphy (77).gif

Dave Holland reported to Cabinet omitting the true cost of taxi insurance and empty mileage costs. Premier offered trading figures and not taxi costings that reflect cost for the taxi trade every where in the UK including Cardiff we might add. When will Bridgend step up and get on track and realise that because you operate in Bridgend prices of costs do not change?


With now recognised trade calculations taxi firms in Bridged like Premier cars should know better than pricing in cheap labour with high costs to those drivers working for them or with them as a result. The same costs already recognised by HMRC and many other taxi drivers in the trade and in the UK today.
It is no wonder that Bridgend Taxi Fare setting has been low for so long with local firms capitalizing on others ignorance. Its easy for a taxi firm they operate 24hrs where as the normal Hackney carriage driver found on Bridgend streets and others cannot work 24 hours to recoup what they have not made because of these low fares and high costs or taxi costings


Bridgend – BCBC were asked to advise the average cost of the Bridgend fleet based on the cars now in the borough. One would make the calculation based on the fact that they are new and on finance for some 5 years to arrive at the average cost. That is one of many calculations they had the opportunity to put forward and were unable, tells the office of information at BCBC and Yvonne Witchell in her email to BIT recently last month.

Some say Bridgend Taxi fares should be the same as Cardiff which is part of Mr Dave Holland’s Shared regulatory services jurisdiction and BCBC is in bed with the same as a structure and operating process:

Image result for local news today

Bridgend Cabinet complicated matters in their attempt to keep Bridgend fares low when it is clear the trade need higher fares starting with the day tariff 1 that they all agree.

BIT Partners get feedback on the street from Hackney Carriage Drivers that Tariff 1 should be £2 per mile. A fact captured on facebook also in 2016 when cllr Foley was still in office

Related image

Dave Holland head of Shared Regulatory Services comes on the record after at least 4 months of silence. The story was previously reported here on BITNEWS725 blog spot at the time as he ignored correspondence addressed to him asking for an explanation in effect by way of the first ever issue of hard copy news

giphy (37)

BIT Partners still compiling at this time as it works as the Watch Dogs drawn into the Bridgend Taxis saga and so continues working hard for its data protected members to try and resolve the slump in Bridgend taxi fares since 2011 that put Bridgend 326th in the national fare table after dropping several place since April 2016 and years prior, because basically they were ignored by Yvonne Witchell Team header for licensing Bridgend as she did not process their fare proposals but instead sat on them to the detriment of all in the Bridgend taxi trade  A scandal with serious consequences still going on today with huge cost implications for many taxi drivers licensed by Bridgend Council

images (3)

In an email from Yvonne Witchell recently that reveals Daniel Cook should of understood how the taxi trade today set the starting mark for working out the cost to keep a taxi on the road or a taxi driver on the road before he says I cant take the hours at these prices. Yes folks The base calculation that a taxi must work at is simple and available in the public domain for free if you want to work it out for yourself.

The invitation by BCBC invites info on any taxi fare formula or use any other boroughs formula as an example. Will there now be an understanding of how much is needed to stay in the game and how to effect that using guide lines by the department of Transport in order to be secure and actually make money. Instead old this old fashion calculation from Daniel Cook that leaves out a lot 

Image result for business guidance

This would see the recently proposal by Premier Cars where they pose a mileage rate of £1.80 which is not affordable with todays recognised trade calculations. The same calculations with a report previoiusly removed the last time Dave Holland reported to Cabinet, even omitting the cost of taxi insurance and empty mileage costs. Premier offered trading figures and not real taxi costings used today. The fact is everything is up except Bridgend taxis fares. House prices in Bridgend are up and so it goes on.


With now recognised trade calculations taxi firms in Bridged like Premier cars should no better than pricing in cheap labour with high costs to those drivers working for them or with them as a result. The same costs already recognised by HMRC and many other taxi drivers in the trade and in the UK today.
It is no wonder that Bridgend Taxi Fare setting has been low for so long when local taxi firms don’t calculate what their drivers really need to earn off the meter rate.

tmhnks (1)

Lets just pause for another minute

Readers should note:

Bridgend – BCBC were asked to advise the average cost of the Bridgend fleet based on the cars now in the borough. One would make the calculation based on the fact that they are new and on finance for some 5 years to arrive at the average cost. That is one of many calculations they had the opportunity to put forward and were unable, tells the office of information at BCBC and Yvonne Witchell in her email to BIT recently.

Related image

Some say Bridgend Taxi fares should be the same as Cardiff which is part of Mr Dave Hollands Shared regulatory services jurisdiction and BCBC is in bed with the same as a structure and operating process.


BIT News and Bitnews725 as part of the BIT organisation take taxi standards and practices visable in the public domain to the public taxi drivers and to BCBC Cabinet.


BIT Partner’s remain The real Watch Dogs in the Bridgend Taxi trade today now established for more than a year serving the taxi trade and the public for free


The BIT organisation is real and now well established today with data protected followers that read and talk for a BIT.

That’s the word up ! says BIT Partner Mr Nelson


This is disclosure weekend about Taxi wages and what they should be so even the Bridgend public can see the injustice

tenor (20)

31 January BIT Partner seeks conditions to work the solution to the problem so the public can see the shocking facts about Bridgend Taxis that are forced to work against the grain in Bridgend, however in other boroughs drivers get a chance to earn money and experience change based on their economic needs. Cardiff being the best example. Another example Carmarthenshire of course.



The 31st of Januaty is now a significant and historic day in the history of The Bridgend taxi trade and taxi drivers as finally, BIT Partner’s hard copy news and their efforts over more than a year forms part of today’s history for Bridgend taxi drivers who have been going bust for years one way or the other; We have now seen the taxi age policy consultation close and a disgraceful policy of the past hopefully never to darken the face of a Honest hard working local Bridgend taxi driver or licensed Bridgend taxi drivers again says Mr Nelson Senior BIT Partner responsible for the running of the BIT organisation now almost a year and a half.

Taxi drivers in Bridgend should soon be informed they no longer have to buy new hackney carriage cars or cars for taxi use, if the consultation doc was any thing to go by. Implementation looks on the cards now folks. Lets get ready to rumble!


Why not phone Fiona at licensing and see what the off the record position would be and when will it be announced officially and will it be by post or on Wales online? And can I buy a car today and bring it in or mini bus?

Image result for economics images

A major step for Bridgend proprietors/taxi drivers with families and debts as a result of low fares and high costs at this time.


With many sheds – old taxis still running as a result of the new car policy, also forcing many into 5 year finance with a 60,000 Mile guarantee/warranty only in most or a lot of cases. With taxis clocking up some 40,000 + miles a year with rural dead mileage included having the ability now to buy a used cars will be a god send for quite a few with pockets. This could see many old taxis crushed in Bridgend as many are passed their sell by date

download (4)

fair play is one giant leap for the Bridgendkind, at last were walking on the Moon

Bridgend Taxi drivers in the taxi trade can come back into the real world, rather than the current Bridgend and shared regulatory services bubble, of how they rule over the Bridgend hackney carriage taxi drivers constant demise, is seems almost anything goes and as a result executives or heads torture the local taxi trade

giphy (71).gif
Many still in debt still, as a result of buying a shed taxi and losing money in repairs, and then running out of money as a result of high repairs/running costs, which are still on the table for Bridgend taxi drivers on below the national average taxi fare, and below our shared regulatory services area taxi trade/taxi driver counter parts in the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff.
As one lady from Pencoed put it – it’s shocking!! Just like many many other members of the public told of the problem for Bridgend Taxi drivers today after several years of being unheard


BIT Partner’s continue to establish the limit to guide the process so the public can see how shockingly low the situation has got over time for Bridgend taxi drivers.

Bridgend Taxi drivers look like suckers under BCBC Cabinet rule or fare rejection rules

giphy (78).gif

Image may contain: text

Yvonne Witchell has closed the case or has she asks the taxi trade?


Look at the date !! Then check back on previous conversations by email in December and spot the irregularity, as as usual Yvonne Withchell cannot determine?

giphy (72)

Yvonne Witchell 24/01/18 16:04 – Did not previously respond in accordance with the council guidelines copied to BIT last year by Charlotte of complains for the record to show, however this did not stop Team Leader Header of Licensing BCBC


inbound 24/01/18 16:04 email from Header of

Dear Mr Nelson

I refer to your recent emails relating to hackney carriage fares sent via the Bridgend Complaints Department, Daniel Cook and the licensing inbox. I have also received a copy of your latest email dated 24 January 2018 sent at 14:04.

smokesignalsupload (1)

We wrote to you on 19th December 2017 inviting you to participate in the consultation requested by the Bridgend Cabinet in relation to hackney carriage fares. Your response on 19th December 2017 at 15:02 did not indicate that you wished to submit a further application or that you wished to take part in the process to achieve a consensus with the other parties.

We have also advised you that the Council does not either hold or create the comparison data you have requested. All of the information you have previously quoted is in the public domain, on the websites of the AA, Office of National Statistics and Council websites and therefore available for you to submit along with your application. This Council publishes taxi related fees on


Consultation with the other parties has now concluded and we would therefore expect to receive your application within 30 days as specified in your latest email so that this matter can be progressed. Please submit details of the proposed tariff increases in the format requested in our email dated 19 December 2017.

Yours sincerely

Yvonne Witchell

Adran Trwyddedu | Licensing Section

Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol | Operational and Partnership Services

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Siriol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council Swyddfeydd Dinesig | Civic Offices

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Gwefan / Website:


Daniel Cook Policy officer sends email with a copy of a Premier cars proposal towards the end of  late December 2017 but fails to coordinate with licensing and they the same.

At no time was BIT told there was a deadline prior

The end result being that licensing were days ago unaware that BIT was still in the game as yet again Yvonne Witchell got it wrong and failed to realise/determine BIT Partners had asked for information to establish a grounds for certain calculations and said they will continue with the process and mentioned this process in the making briefly.

giphy (72).gif

Here below is the email from Daniel Cook that appears to offer no deadline or closing date to the process.


It gets more interesting later when we reveal an email from Yvonne Witchell forwarded to Charlotte of BCBC complaints this week.

On Tue, 19 Dec 2017 at 13:33, Cook, Daniel

<> wrote:

Dear Mr Nelson,

I write in reference to your application for a hackney carriage fare increase in Bridgend County Borough.

As you will be aware, Cabinet rejected the three proposals and recommended the legality and practicalities of consulting on hackney carriage fees with the taxi trade and public be explored. The full report including appendices and minutes are available at

In light of the Cabinet recommendation, if possible I would like to establish common ground between the proposals. I would be grateful if you would review the other proposals from Mr Borland and Parrott, and Mr Burke together with the attached additional proposal from Mr Peter Renwick from Premier Cars (Cardiff) Ltd.

images (4)

Alternatively, if you wish to submit your own follow up proposal, this will be included in the report back to Cabinet once the consultation is concluded. However, whichever you prefer, I would stress that it is your responsibility to submit the written application in full, clearly setting out the rates, distances and times and tariffs to be increased, and to present the outcome in tabular form as provided in the examples within the previous Cabinet Report. If you wish to follow the example of other Councils or include formulas then you must draft the application setting out the impact of the formulas on the application.


I would stress this is a consultation between those parties who have submitted applications to date to seek common ground on a proposal to put before Cabinet. A further statutory consultation is required should Cabinet approve a change to the current taxi tariff.


All correspondence should be sent to and not to individual officers.

Kind regards,

SRS Logo

Daniel Cook | Licensing Policy Officer

Licensing Section / Adran Drwyddedu

Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

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The Council welcomes correspondence in English or Welsh and we will ensure that we communicate with you in the language of your choice, whether that’s English, Welsh or in Bilingual format as long as we know which you prefer. Please contact 029 20871651/ to register your language choice. If we do not receive your language choice, we will continue to correspond with you in accordance with current procedure. Corresponding in Welsh will not lead to any delay🚲


The Council welcomes correspondence in English and Welsh and we will ensure that we communicate with you in the language of your choice, whether that’s English, Welsh or bilingual as long as you let us know which you prefer. Corresponding in Welsh will not lead to any delay.

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Mae’r Cyngor yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg a Saesneg a byddwn yn sicrhau ein bod yn cyfathrebu â chi yn eich dewis iaith boed yn Gymraeg, yn Saesneg neu’n ddwyieithog dim ond i chi roi gwybod i ni pa un sydd well gennych. Ni fydd gohebu yn Gymraeg yn creu unrhyw oedi.

Mae’n bosibl bod gwybodaeth gyfrinachol yn y neges hon. Os na chyfeirir y neges atoch chi’n benodol (neu os nad ydych chi’n gyfrifol am drosglwyddo’r neges i’r person a enwir), yna ni chewch gopio na throsglwyddo’r neges. Mewn achos o’r fath, dylech ddinistrio’r neges a hysbysu’r anfonwr drwy e-bost ar unwaith. Rhowch wybod i’r anfonydd ar unwaith os nad ydych chi neu eich cyflogydd yn caniatau e-bost y Rhyngrwyd am negeseuon fel hon. Rhaid deall nad yw’r safbwyntiau, y casgliadau a’r wybodaeth arall yn y neges hon nad ydynt yn cyfeirio at fusnes swyddogol Cyngor Dinas a Sir Caerdydd yn cynrychioli barn y Cyngor Sir nad yn cael sel ei fendith. Caiff unrhyw negeseuon a anfonir at, neu o’r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn eu prosesu gan system E-bost Gorfforaethol Cyngor Sir Caerdydd a gallant gael eu harchwilio gan rywun heblaw’r person a enwir.


The Head of Shared Regulatory Services reported on three proposals to vary the current hackney carriage table of fares which had been received from Mr James Borland and Mr Richard Parrott, Mr Tom Burke and Mr Dario Nelson.
tenor (14)
Look what Yvonne Witchell missed again as part of what many taxis call diversionary tactics that keep the Bridgend taxi trade guessing year on and year out or firmly on the ropes and dopey



Taxi drivers feeling cut off !!


Shocking dilemma today for Bridgend Taxi Drivers

tenor (25).gif

Bridgend Taxi Trade have been previously relegated and now see relegation again this christmas

download (3)

After dropping 5 places recently in the national table of taxi fares, to an all time low this christmas, many are left feeling angry and frustrated by what has been exposed in taxi news.

giphy (68).gif

Bridgend taxi fares now lower than ever seen before in Mid Glamorgan Wales at Christmas time we can reveal here at BITNEWS725 Bridgend’s only Watch Dogs Taxi News. BITNEWS725 Telling you how it all works for a taxi in Bridgend


Many taxis drivers now firmly put the blame on Bridgend taxi licensing department and shared regulatory services department for poor practices now confirmed leaving Bridgend taxis behind some 26% in revenue, as a result of antique or unique practices used by BCBC over the years to calculate the cost to run a Hackney Carriage Taxi – Street hail taxi, and the fare setting as a result, which today do not stack up anymore


Which the Watch dogs team – BIT partners, have established what they call the BCBC guessing game for setting fares, as BCBC have never worked out properly the cost to run with man power a taxi in Bridgend Mid Glamorgan Wales or used a formula as per the guidance of the department of transport:

Image result for taxi fare setting

52. Local licensing authorities have the power to set taxi fares for journeys within their
area, and most do so. (There is no power to set PHV fares.) Fare scales should be
designed with a view to practicality. The Department sees it as good practice to review
the fare scales at regular intervals, including any graduation of the fare scale by time of
day or day of the week. Authorities may wish to consider adopting a simple formula for
deciding on fare revisions as this will increase understanding and improve the
transparency of the process. The Department also suggests that in reviewing fares
authorities should pay particular regard to the needs of the travelling public, with
reference both to what it is reasonable to expect people to pay but also to the need to
give taxi drivers sufficient incentive to provide a service when it is needed. There may well be a case for higher fares at times of higher demand.
53. Taxi fares are a maximum, and in principle are open to downward negotiation
between passenger and driver. It is not good practice to encourage such negotiations at
ranks, or for on-street hailings; there would be risks of confusion and security problems.
But local licensing authorities can usefully make it clear that published fares are a
maximum, especially in the context of telephone bookings, where the customer benefits
from competition. There is more likely to be a choice of taxi operators for telephone
bookings, and there is scope for differentiation of services to the customer’s advantage
(for example, lower fares off-peak or for pensioners).


During this process it has been established licensing stall requests-proposals for fare increases from taxi drivers, or members of the taxi trade. That is the system BCBC taxi licensing header has adopted over the years, which has been very successful in driving taxi prices down and way down low, even if it means Taxi Drive runs at a loss, or has to work over time to earn an income because he or she is taking less than he or she should be.


Today the BIT team have established through their year investigation into Bridgend Taxi licensing, that Bridgend taxi licensing have achieved up to a 26% hold on fare increases over the years, and have effectively frozen, and forced the local borough drivers, and taxi trade into uneconomical fares to live by for many years by way of BCBC false accounting or reporting.


Go compare Wales in this Taxi chart of fares below starting at 131st position downwards including surrounding areas around Bridgend Mid Glamorgan – Cardiff, Swansea, Vale of Glamorgan, Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire the home of Llanelli and more.

giphy (11) (1).gif

Remember rural taxis should be more as cows do not get taxis and nor do sheep.


Related image


132 CASTLE POINT £6.00
133 CHESTER £6.00
134 DOVER £6.00
136 EAST LINDSEY £6.00
138 IPSWICH £6.00
139 KETTERING £6.00
140 LUTON £6.00
142 NORTH DORSET £6.00
143 PLYMOUTH £6.00
144 PRESTON £6.00
146 SLOUGH £6.00
147 SOUTH HAMS £6.00
148 TEST VALLEY £6.00
149 THREE RIVERS £6.00
150 THURROCK £6.00
151 WARWICK £6.00
152 WEST DORSET £6.00
153 DARLINGTON £5.95
154 TENDRING £5.95
155 BABERGH £5.90
156 BASSETLAW £5.90
157 DUDLEY £5.90
159 SOUTH AYRSHIRE £5.90  £0.10
160 WALSALL £5.90
161 TEWKSBURY £5.85
162 BASILDON £5.80
163 BLACKPOOL £5.80
164 BROMSGROVE £5.80
165 CARLISLE £5.80
167 EAST HERTS £5.80
168 FYLDE £5.80
169 GLASGOW £5.80
170 GLOUCESTER £5.80
171 HAVANT £5.80
172 HIGHLANDS £5.80
173 LEICESTER £5.80
176 SELBY £5.80
177 SOUTH RIBBLE £5.80
178 STOCKPORT £5.80
179 UTTLESFORD £5.80
182 WORCESTER £5.80  £0.10
183 YNS MON £5.80
186 WYCOMBE £5.75
188 EASTBOURNE £5.70
189 ISLE OF WIGHT £5.70
190 MANCHESTER £5.70
191 MID DEVON £5.70
194 RYEDALE £5.70
197 BOSTON £5.60
198 BRECKLAND £5.60
199 BROXBOURNE £5.60
200 CALDERDALE £5.60
201 EDINBURGH £5.60
202 FOREST HEATH £5.60
203 GOSPORT £5.60
205 NEWPORT £5.60
210 NOTTINGHAM £5.60
211 ORKNEY £5.60
214 RUSHCLIFFE £5.60
215 SANDWELL £5.60
218 TAMESIDE £5.60
219 WEST LOTHIAN £5.60
220 WIRRAL £5.60
222 WREXHAM £5.60
223 WYRE £5.60
224 CARDIFF £5.59
225 DUNDEE £5.58
226 CHERWELL £5.56
227 ANGUS £5.50
228 BROXTOWE £5.50
234 EDEN £5.50
236 EREWASH £5.50
237 GEDLING £5.50
238 GWYNEDD £5.50
239 HAMBLETON £5.50
241 LANCASTER £5.50
242 MORAY £5.50
243 OLDHAM £5.50
244 RICHMONDSHIRE £5.50  £0.10
245 SHROPSHIRE £5.50
246 STAFFORD £5.50
247 TYNEDALE £5.50
248 WANSBECK £5.50
251 CHILTERN £5.40
252 DONCASTER £5.40
253 DUNBARTON £5.40
254 FAREHAM £5.40
258 MID SUFFOLK £5.40
262 PERTH & KINROSS £5.40
263 ROTHERHAM £5.40  £0.60
264 RUGBY £5.40
265 SUNDERLAND £5.40
266 TANDBRIDGE £5.40
267 TRAFFORD £5.40
268 WYCHAVON £5.40
269 BRADFORD £5.36
270 COTSWOLD £5.35
272 BARNSLEY £5.30  £0.60
273 BLABY £5.30
274 CRAVEN £5.30
275 EAST RENFREW £5.30
276 FENLAND £5.30
277 LICHFIELD £5.30
278 MELTON £5.30
281 SALFORD £5.30
282 VALE ROYAL £5.30
283 WYRE FOREST £5.30
284 BEDFORD £5.26
285 BOLTON £5.25
286 BURY £5.24
287 AMBER VALLEY £5.20
288 CEREDIGION £5.20
289 CLYDEBANK £5.20
290 CONWY £5.20
292 EAST RIDING £5.20
294 HALTON £5.20
295 LIVERPOOL £5.20
296 POWYS £5.20
301 STIRLING £5.20
302 WARRINGTON £5.20
303 CONGLETON £5.10
304 GATESHEAD £5.10
305 INVERCLYDE £5.10  £0.30
306 SEFTON £5.10
308 WIGAN £5.10
309 ALNWICK £5.05
311 SWANSEA £5.05
312 BLYTH VALLEY £5.00
314 COPELAND £5.00
315 DAVENTRY £5.00
316 KIRKLEES £5.00
319 NORTH LANARKSHIRE £5.00  £0.20
322 THANET £5.00
323 WEST LINDSEY £5.00
325 BRIDGEND £4.90
326 CHORLEY £4.90
327 FLINTSHIRE £4.90
328 ROSSENDALE £4.90
329 TELFORD & WREKIN £4.90
331 REDDITCH £4.88
332 ALLERDALE £4.85
333 ASHFIELD £4.80
334 CAERPHILLY £4.80
336 HAMILTON £4.80
337 MANSFIELD £4.80
339 ROCHDALE £4.80
340 RUTHERGLEN £4.80
341 TORFAEN £4.80
343 BLACKBURN £4.70
345 FALKIRK £4.70
346 HYNDBURN £4.70
348 BOLSOVER £4.60
349 CORBY £4.60
350 ST HELENS £4.60
351 WAKEFIELD £4.60
352 BURNLEY £4.50
353 KNOWSLEY £4.50
357 OADBY & WIGSTON £4.40
358 PENDLE £4.40
364 HARTLEPOOL £4.10
366 MALDON £0.00
367 RUTLAND £0.00


The above chart can be viewed from the top or number one position by clicking here or clicking below

Bridgend Taxis go Swahili – As Cabinet Councillor Patel orders – The Total Recall report from Bridgend Taxi Licensing header


Taxi drivers starting to think Bridgend Cabinet maybe talking a whole new language for taxis in Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan Wales, we can now reveal live to our readers this day. Bridgend Taxi drivers down graded to Yellow Alert Status as a result of Cabinet Councillor Patel ordering a taxi report from Bridgend Taxi licensing header

giphy (64)

Yvonne Withchell/licensing department gets orders from Cabinet Councillor Patel to supply a report after special envoy for BCBC complaints – Charlotte – gets hands on for Bridgend Taxi Drive, if the inbound email is anything to go by, now firmly on the record

images (6)

as reported only days ago on our live Bridgend Taxi news feed from the – Bridgend Taxi Trade Watch Dogs – With their facebook social medial live link for Bridgend Taxi newest and latest developments for the taxi using public and councillors and you –  Bit News.

giphy (61)

The question on Bridgend taxis mind is – Will Yvonne Withchell be able to determine the request after much time playing with the Bridgend Taxi trade to their communication detriment, now establshed its been going on for decades.  As to why this practice was consistent some or all of us may never know. Will the Wellbeing Councillor be up for the task? Will she find out how it really was and speak it out about licensing at this time?


The link below is a further example of how much little information is afforded the public on many matters including taxi contravention in the Borough. An antique and sloppy perspective for the public, given the circumstances and what the public really need to know when they get or don’t get a taxi on the street for example. Is it really all there for the public? That question goes to licensing?

source (1)

Many Bridgend taxi drivers now feel the tide is turning as their Wellbeing is being looked at, at last. Some are feeling Karama like.

In Swahili, Karama means “Gracious gift from God.” It is to be distinguished from ‘zawadi’ which are gifts from one person to another.

In Arabic, Karama means “Honor, dignity”.

Councillor Dhanisha Patel

Title: Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Future Generations

Party: Labour

Political grouping: Labour

Ward: Ogmore Vale


Inbound email from Charlotte special envoy for Bridgend Complaints confirms in the email now firmly on the record and in BIT file last week to, that as regards to the meeting with BIT Partners regarding establishing a TAXI CHARTER, of communications with Bridgend local business taxi trade or Drivers etc:


Bridgend Taxi drive is on the Cllr’s Wellbeing Cabinet radar and sights after the councillor acknowledges the circumstances, including much reading available at

After an inbound email contact with BCBC complaints envoy Charlotte all tidy like recently, or in the last few working days, we can reconfirm. – is pleased to announce that after the help of the no nonsense Cllr Alex Williams, Cllr Patel – Cabinet Member for BCBC, could well be sorting it for Bridgend Taxis, as Charlotte of Complaints confirms by email, again on the record for the BIT file stating: Cllr Patel orders a report from header Yvonne Witchell taxi licensing, for Bridgend Drive, and future generations, for her clarifications and understandings going forward after reading and getting that BIT.

giphy (63)

Readers should note Licensing head was previously accused of fraudulant and creepy practices, as a result of Bridgend’s only Watch Dogs Team in the taxi trade – BIT Partners.


Both BIT Partners remain commited to resolving their findings with Cabinet afer a one year investigation into the Bridgend Taxi Trade and their relationship with Cabinet and Taxi licensing head, and the shared regulatory services.


Mr Nelson replied to Charlotte’s email and thanked the Cabinet councillor for breaking silence in the interest of Bridgend Taxi Trade and The Bridgend Taxi Drive all of which have been caught up in Policies and practices detrimental to their wellbeing as local business.

tenor (24).gif

Will Daniel Cook be put to the test and re visit the Bridgend Taxi calculation for a fairs fare deal according to the Department of Transport’s best guidance for licensing report on fares and time frames?

Will Yvonne Witchell be ordered by Cllr Patel and Cabinet to communicate under the rules or under new rules called the taxi charter for the Bridgend Taxi Trade in communications and fair play and fare plays. Will Cabinet recogonise Bridgend drive runs on time and meter with costs for hardware and insurance coverage for the same, and more?

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Will the BIT Formula with the agenda for Wales see the light of public day is the real question for Bridgend taxis or taxi drive. as the deadline has expired for public consultation, as we now know because of fraudulant practices or unrealistic practices for a taxi trade in Wales today

giphy (65).gif

BIT Partners await response from Cllr Patel via complaints as she investigates and confirms the same as it is her opinion that a meeting with the Watch Dogs is not necessary at this time given the forensic record or special edition called BITNEWS725 – Bridgend’s only taxi news.


Quite a few taxis agree that the trade seem to be moving in the right direction from the top down and not the bottom up says Mr Nelson responsible for communications with Cabinet at this time.


One BIT data protected member and taxi proprietor exposed on Bit News over high Bridgend licensing costs as a result of pre paying well in advance for a taxi mot test, thus supporting the council depot and their over heads, at least a year in advance, said the proprietor in so many words. He went on to say if Cllr Patel succeeds in sorting it out – Creating real paying jobs could be a real possibility for Bridgend Taxi firms in the future, like in Carmarthenshire, Wales

giphy (66).gif

The wrestling match would be over after a leapfrog technique to stop licensing,  and so end the wrestling match by Cabinet decision, for the first time in Bridgend taxi years, could be the outcome. This could be a real life line for the Bridgend taxi driver and Bridgend Taxi trade at last, says veteran Drive in Bridgend

More news as we get it folks.


BITNEWS725 is another Truthiness production as the Watch Dogs of the Taxi Trade in Wales and Mid Glamorgan, that some call – The Special & Complete Edition in Taxi News for more than just a BIT

Bit News815cff24ddcb7cd863feaf2e08c185447e6a116c

Bridgend Taxi Drivers remain now on Yellow Alert Status as a result of Cabinet councillor intervention for Wellbeing and for future generations of taxi drivers in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales. Can you dig it? Is it sick? You heard it first, all social and facety like.

Do you like Charlotte of Bridgend Complaints today? Would you reccomend her to be the next Donald Trump special Envoy?

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Are Taxis in Bridgend Game for a laugh?

Bridgend complaints get updated link to todays Taxi News
MP Madeline Moon, also

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Mr MoneyPenny 
To Complaints Today at 12:28

Hi there

Sorry here is a better link to your news…/bridgend-taxis-go-swahi…/

Please pass to those concerned as we go forwards watching you, watching us, watching you

Mr MoneyPenny
To Madeleine Moon MP Today at 12:20
Good Day

Please find blog update on the taxi situation in BCBC land as it stands…/bridgend-taxis-go-swahi…/

Many thanks

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Dave Holland Shared Regulatory services head told to get his finger out the DYKE and head out the sand for a BIT


Welcome to crisis Town as Bridgend’s Taxi Drivers find themselves caught in this crisis
Bridgend Taxi drivers now shockingly forced to use an uneconomical Taxi tariff
Bridgend Taxi Licensing head has refused to comment on the failures, and false promises and delays todate, as the local taxi trade are fed up of being ignored, and played with for now many years at a time. Bridgend taxi licensing – The game is up! It’s a Crisis in costs

Local Councillor aids local taxi trade as Shared Regulatory services for BCBC lacks integrity, as taxi drivers uncover they are being targeted with damaging BCBC policies after a 11 Month targeted investigation regarding trade concerns


giphy (10)

Online greetings this day as we go Live to the taxi trade experience in Wales Today

We discuss and take a look at this Taxi news exposure of negatives detrimental to many Taxis controlled by Bridgend Taxi Licensing in Mid Glamorgan, Wales, in 2017

BIT Partner’s a trade entity, asks BCBC Cabinet for a Taxi Charter from Bridgend Taxi licensing, as the old ways don’t work anymore, not even for both of them

Read Bridgend’s only taxi news and feel the rank side of taxi life in Bridgend.

Image may contain: text

Taxi Charter for Bridgend Taxi Trade – First email to mark pursuit of reform for the Bridgend Taxi Trade after 2 Taxi drivers took on the challenge almost a year ago.  – V – Shared regulatory services

Image result for judge rinder im talking your not listening gif

Who is officer Shortly in Bridgend Licensing?

Image result for we dont do fake news

Shortly, shortly is he “kingly of Longley?

Image result for judge rinder i can smell a lie

Today’s story for those that have been on a long journey it’s star date November 2017

A BIT shortly this taxi news this time for you Taxi Drivers and you and you, also for all the Bridgend Taxi Trade, or all those concerned at BCBC, Angel Street, including the general public living in the taxi zone of Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, that would like to tip Drive for putting up with it all like losers for years on end, whilst not even the Bridgend Public knew taxi drivers are being forced to run at a loss by up to 26%, as a result of a fare guessing game, they, BCBC, got wrong, many years ago. when they completly lost the taxi plot on fares for the taxi business and what they need for policies economically viable for the taxi trade or taxi business. Factual costings for losses per day potentially, can be factored today, when working out a taxi tariff viable for taxis.

The delays in the past or recent rejection of 3 proposals to increase the taxi fares, really does stick out this time, under the circumstances, given the original fare setting formula documented and researched by licensing also, is actually based now on how much taxi drivers are losing on paper at the current tariff setting potentially, because the taxi fare formula applied to confirm the fare is not viable for that business or for a taxi purchased with wages etc with the view to run the taxi as a business mobile, on the street of Bridgend, has never rely appealed to Licensing some would have you believe

A taxi actual formula for setting fares, has never ever been really applied or the council really making justifiable calculations of value to reject fares, in the history of BCBC if history is correct at the very least the last 6 + years if not many many more years.


In the past they have made a wild guess or stabbed at a number that fits nicely in their Council minds based on typing up a report that does not reflect the taxi trade only the normal motorist.  That Ladies and gentleman is how the council have worked out the fares to a low below national average as a result; 322 out of 365 in the national table, it’s a no brainer and shocking for all concerned on both sides of the spend, but not unrealistic in Wales as the BIT proposal wording demonstrated the damage can be repaired and be acceptable at that rate, as a number of factors were taken into account also during the process.

Wonga fantasy with cash load for a Drive?

Image result for foreign exchange

The BIT proposal was never about taxi driver wants X amout of money full stop. No, logic was applied in the public interests, for good measure with other comparisons, with sound economics based on taxi fares all ready experinced in Wales that people are paying currently. A taxi tariff not based on England or Scotland, but Wales, with calculations to show what is needed for the record to show so there is no need for taxi drivers to be suffering from below average taxi fares with low earnings where the cows and sheep refuse to flag down taxis also.

Image result for delaying tactics

An Email was sent from Licensing 06/10/17 04:06 pm and replied to some time ago in the scheme of things and still without reply now since 13/10/17, when asking when officer shortly, will be coming a Longley to discuss the fare proposal, Taxi Miracle licensing head is feeling targeted over the question apparently, as she does not answer the question – when shortly is going to be? Like a bad fart you want to escape from

Image result for show me what you got

BIT Partner in a facebook recording recorded the telephone call to licensing that day, and so recorded that day that the email had been received with the subject “Pull Your socks Up Yvonne Witchell”, as yet again you could not get a straight answer even after 11 months of on and off of the same treatment. Yet again the licensing header was out of office, however it was stated it had been passed on. But of course no email acknowledgemt or reply as usual when you asked a question that appeared to be far off the BCBC communication scale or ability scale to answer a simple question

tenor (18)

Previously BIT Partner dared to ask how the whole process works with Proposals and meetings at committee and more. Questions still remain unanswered as if the licensing officer was offended. One question firmly on the record, simply slipped Yvonne Withchell’s mind, with her email conversation on the same and the reply by BIT Partner on the same acknowledged by the department prior to Cabinet rejecting the fare proposals recently, which asked what happens if fares are rejected, and how can we go again and how does it all work?

giphy (46).gif

Since then Mr will Lane for shared regulatory services acting for the Vale of Glamorgan only wrote – she felt targeted. Therefore going against the BCBC customer charter by not directly answering a simple question of “When it will be” but instead moaning because they feel trapped or at the end of the line

giphy (48)

It was as if they were both deranged as Yvonne Witchell deals with taxi licensing for the Vale of Glamorgan also, but in actuality this was a Bridgend case and therefore Will Lane was talking across borders and moving the goal posts to complain about what he was reading as the Vale of Glamorgan.  Bridgend can only deal with Bridgend matters or can they? Is Will Lane part of operations Bridgend too?
It is not uncommon to be told Yvonne Witchell is at the Vale of Glamorgan today. Will Lane pops up in BCBC Meetings at times. He confirmed he read BIT NEWS.

Do you see double when you Drive?

images (3)

Here is the extract of true communication shared by those involved called BCBC operations that actually span 3 Boroughs in effect:

From – Yvonne Witchell: Team leader header licensing

Dear Mr Nelson

I acknowledge receipt of your email dated 3 October 2017 sent to the Talktous site. I have been asked to respond directly to you on behalf of Talktous, and would respond to the points raised as follows:

Finally, at their Meeting on 5 September 2017, Cabinet requested that officers make contact with the three applicants who had submitted applications to increase the taxi tariffs in Bridgend, and we will contact all interested parties shortly to arrange this.
Yours sincerely

Yvonne Witchell

animated-newspaper-image-0028images (3)

Email 10:04 15 November 2017 –

Email sent to Charlotte of BCBC Complaints – – to seek reform for the Bridgend Taxi Trade as BIT Partners conclude their findings after almost a year compiling mistakes made by taxi licensing that are costly, which include unethical and out of date practices and policies for the taxi trade in Bridgend or any taxi trade in any Welsh borough:

Bridgend Complaints and councillor Alex Williams could well be helping taxis to end the taxi saga for Bridgend taxi drivers on below national average, low fares and high costs for far too long, after BCBC continue to bend their own rules, and so target the taxi driver with constant silence, and avoidance, one way or the other or sooner or later. Including as a matter of course the communications without reply for long periods consistently, all of which going against the norm or acceptable norm.

Related image

images (3)

Ref:Image may contain: car and outdoor

Dear charlotte

During the telephone conversation you stated you had seen or read the laminated hard copy sent by recorded delivery addressed to Karen Williams and the leader.

Prior Karen Williams sent an email acknowledging my concerns, her words which was exposed on BITNEWS whilstt she was on her recent holiday.

Since then the hard copy was sent by recorded delivery more than a month ago without reply. Thus again going against the BCBC communication charter you sent me on the record for my clarification.

I would give allowances to Cabinet in this case as potentially they were trying to get operations to take responsibility for the mess. As it has always been my opinion that Cabinet can only rely on what info is fed them in a report.

As you and Alex Williams are now aware communication has failed the taxi driver many times and it has never been our fault. It’s as if we are being targeted for a reason and so find ourselves in this situation, now a proven pattern.

So it would only be fitting that a meeting be set up as requested and your department comes on the record on the matter as a mark of integrity in this process that we seek to resolve to settle all past mistakes, so taxi driver can move on.

The time is to test the true integrity of BCBC from the Cabinet level, and also those that instruct operations/licensing including heads at shared regulatory services that effect the taxi process at different levels.

Image result for delay them

We have already suffered unethical costly delays that have exposed it took licensing 11 months to write 2 pages. I refer to Daniel Cook’s report exposed on Oggy Bloggy Ogwr on line – The state of Wales where BITNEWS725 is linked too, containing. “About Us“.

Related image

Below TAXI MOT TESTING and Taxi AGE Polices PDF dated recently exposed re confirming what BIT (Bridgend Independant Taxi membership – Members data protected for immunity and freedom of opinion) is all what they are all about, and involved in, as they are now locked into the so called process of taxi fare resolution by settlement. as BIT Partner’s are for all, and for one and all, as part of the BIT Partner’s remit and pledge for change to their data protected members or taxi badge holders:

You should note Daniel Cook was told in March we will not form a taxi association but are individuals or taxi drivers, as a result it was accepted as it was logical. That does not stop BCBC from consultations with the trade and the public. BIT is here to stay like it or not.

Below is an email from Alex Williams that suggests these people also should be part of the resolution process.

A charter for the taxi trade going forward that does not exploit the driver so he is left hanging and out of pocket for years whilst the BCBC rules are being broken across the board.

I say again. This matter is not about conflict it is about exposure in the intrests of reform so the die is cast straight and not out of shape.

Mr Nelson and Partner exist as taxi drivers regardless of organisation requirements which I am afraid I do not or we do not need to comply to. That does not give any person at BCBC the right to ignore the individual or individuals or 2 taxi drivers called BIT Partner’s.

During the telephone conversation with you, you stated you would email Karen Williams requesting a meeting so we can resolve matters and you would copy me into that email.

Can you confirm you have actioned the same so we can get my or our taxi issues resolved in the intrests of reform and the public.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sky, outdoor and nature

I have copied in Alex Williams so you can see the advice on the record from the honorable Cllr of Heol – Y – CYW (seen in the picture above)

Yours sincerely

BIT Senior Partner
For and on behalf of BIT data protected members

giphy (47).gif

On Mon, 9 Oct 2017 at 10:39 a.m., Cllr Alex Williams
<> wrote:

The only advice I can provide if you have concerns with the way in which the process has been managed is to write to Cllr. Richard Young, the Cabinet Member for Communities, and/or the Chair of the Licensing Committee, Cllr. David Lewis to highlight your concerns.

Best wishes


Image result for diplomatic envoy
Following the email to Charlotte at BCBC complaints:

Charlotte of Bridgend complaints could be Donald Trump’s future diplomatic envoy? And Cllr Alex Williams could be making taxis great again from behind his Cabinet some where near Heol Y Cyw?

Cabinet called by BIT Partners to the resolution table after many discoveries of failure in integrity by BCBC that has affected Bridgend Taxi drivers and the taxi trade for at the very least a decade. Many Local taxi drivers of the borough agree this is the result of the 26% factor.

Daniel Cook Policy officer calculated the 26% out come in September, whilst in conversation over why he did not follow the taxi formula fare costings? instead of allowing Cabinet to guess, as the formula document proposal stated they would do, if not well informed in how calculations x 5 divided by X are actually made, to avoid guessing all over again on another taxi fare proposal whilst the rest of the market moves.what it costs to run a taxi in a rural borough such as Bridgend in Wales is now out there for even you to calculate if you use the recognised formula for setting fares or rejecting fares proposed. Its No secret in England at least in 2016 on how to do the sums, Mr Policy officer and Bridgend Taxi licensing.

The clear best guidance for taxis is written in “The Department for Transport best guidance for licensing when dealing with taxi fare setting formula approved in 2016 comparison challenge and example to work by as a borough setting fares by formula:


No automatic alt text available.


Will Lane | Operational Manager Neighbourhood Services Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, Caerdydd ar Bro Morgannwg Mobile phone | Ffôn symudol: 07976111620

e-mail / e-bost:

No automatic alt text available.
 Earlier this week an inbould email from a Deranged official of the shared regulatory services left many taxi drivers speechless all over again. The inbound email was late, did not follow the BCBC charter and missed out vital evidence, after previously writing 4 weeks earlier that Mr Will Lane was too busy


Operations Manager is he fit??

WILL LANE shared regulatory services operations Hates BIT NEWS

e-mail / e-bost:

For those of you that remember Mr Nelson’s post regarding a letter recieved from Will Lane which BIT NEWS asked readers ” is he fit” last March during the intended use policy scandal when Vale of Glamorgan taxi firm said he was never consulted on the proposal and nor did he get leaflets dropped off contrary to what was written in Daniel Cook’s report. At the time we learnt Yvonne Witchell was in on it. Again this was called fraudulant practices damaging to the taxi trade or taxi driver


We discovered at the time Bridgend Taxi Licensing had not sent leaflets or discussed the matter with the trade either, but had popped up online with a taxi consultation process with a 14 day time limit, found last minute and without even telling a soul including those BIT Partner’s who spoke to them in November 2016 about this event, for reasons still guessing about.

Related image

It was thanks to data protected members that BIT was formed to try and catch any irregularites or policies that could be damaging or not to the busy Bridgend taxi driver and Trade, whom have to work long hours, at below national average fares, at a visible loss to stay afloat, with many or all working 7 days a week sooner or later, on a lower income for their effort as a result of the BCBC guessing game in fares, of how much it costs to run a taxi, and therefore if he or she is not informed in writting what is going on that’s new,  that would affect you as a Bridgend taxi driver or taxi vehicle potential owner; one could be at a further loss without chance to speak up, unless you visit the council website like a day of fishing, but every day of your taxi life, like a madman. Which Yvonne Witchell was asked at the first meeting to make contact with the Partner’s by email or and a letter, of any new or current developments that these taxi drivers would need to know about or other taxi drivers will or may need to know about. That basic request or right was simply ignored at the time. A clear strike out under the circumstances, but BIT forged on noting each event as part of their investigative remit

You will or May not remember that the learned operations officer Will Lane was not a fan of BIT News gifs.


In mid October after reading BITNEWS725 he confused Daniel Cook – Policy officer, to a Monkey gif on BITNEWS725; by suggesting in an email that the gif Monkey was Daniel Cook or an officer. Shown below to remind readers Mr Nelson’s chat, talking How Dare you to policy officer for his formula stripping the proposal methodoligy without prior notice, which was not part of the deal as it was like a bannana to slip on any other way said Senior Partner testing the old school called BCBC

At the time Mr Lane stated in his email to BIT PARTNER that he was too busy to investigate what Yvonne Witchell can’t see or the times and dates etc to show his departments have issues to be resolved in the public intrests as many a taxi driver has a family also and therfore his proper out look could have been more helpful under the circumstances.

Obviously readers know that BITNEWS and BITNEWS725 are facebook originated with their many gif examples to always let the Bridgend taxi Driver’s know what has been written on the record to break up depressing news of practices many taxi drivers go through as taxi drivers that are controlled by BCBC from a business perspective, thus limiting their financial stability and futures, including moral at times for many we are sure.


We can confirm Mr is he fit Will Lane was also advised we have read all the rubbish he wrote and it was tough he did not like BIT NEWS articles with gif animation which in many ways were based on the truth.

Readers should note he moaned that Yvonne Witchell was being targeted. Who knew said one taxi driver when he heard the news.

giphy (10)

More on the news:

Taxi drivers of Bridgend take note:

Yvonne Witchell has no right to ignore BIT Partner for more than 5 days says BCBC legal complaints

Bridgend Independant Taxi partner calls for the Witchell Stick to be removed from office for obvious abuse of power

No automatic alt text available.

What an unethical disgrace in Bridgend as taxi drivers are treated like scum.

BIT News investigates Yvonne Witchell licensing head for Bridgend Borough in today’s taxi news special for those taxi drivers left in the dark by low fares and out of date Bridgend Taxi polices.

Upon contacting Charlotte @ Bridgend complaints asking what are the true time frames BCBC give for answering emails and letters, she sends this page showing 5 days, although during the conversation she tal

See more

No automatic alt text available.

Image result for rewind and come again selector

Rewind and come again selector, as we look also back into the murky path as a Bridgend taxi driver with a taxi badge in Bridgend Borough, and the lenghts one has to go to over time to route out the indiscretions of those employed in public office that effectively control the taxi trade as a business and how much the lose as an income to be a Bridgend Taxi driver controlled by damaging policies introduced by BCBC from at least the managing director down if you take consideration for Cabinet and how things are run!!

Earlier post on facebook this week:

Related image

Thanks goes out to Alex Williams for actioning an email – regarding shared regulatory services and taxi licensing, which promoted a response very late, and showed we have a Councillor that doesn’t walk around with his eyes shut, and his brain turned off. He does read between the lines for you and offer advice too.

A man of intelligence with principles, and a knack of knowing where trouble brews and thinking his way through it, to get to it.


Like it or not he’s our man, when you’re in a jam.

Image result for ball and chain

Bit News exclusive – shared regulatory services operational manager feels Targeted?

He then targeted drive with a skeleton argument with no meat on it.

Related image

The learned gentleman had the will and took the narrow lane,  and so shot himself in the foot, by forgetting he was sent news copy and not a report compiled by both BIT Partner’s as an official complaint for the Ombudsman to also read given such circumstances, as BIT Partner’s were still compiling with the view to test, with the view to resolve and settle BCBC mistakes, once proven for all to recognise the now obvious failures, in communication especially.

Instead the deranged officer did not uphold the news he was sent and wrote this news had gone to stage 2 complaints.

The obviously stressed and deranged Mr Will Lane lost his will and basically lost the plot of the seriousness of the matter.
The learned gentleman was told to rewind and come again selector.

Bridgend Taxi drivers now members, initialy informed the Senior BIT Partner, there was a case to answer for as previously mentioned, but they just had not done their home work in the past to expose the problems, as they were all too busy running at a loss working very hard to survive, at the levels imposed by BCBC policies, with no success in getting out of the specificly targeted ball and chain policies or ways in communication, that many experienced by Taxi Licensing for Bridgend Mid Glamorgan

Obviously, BIT Partner’s follow the policy of resolution and settlement in the interests of the public and the taxi trade. Obviously it is up to BCBC to show they too want to settle and also play the game.

Bridgend Independent taxi membership senior partner tells Operational Manager in so many words he is moaning far too late as well as coming up short, and quite frankly……

BIT Partner’s Tell Bridgend County Borough Council to clean up their act and stop selling Miracle cures damaging the taxi trade, whilst they wait again, for the next miracle cure shortly? some where in writing on the wall over time it normaly would be if you are lucky.

BIT is intervention, for busy Bridgend Taxi drivers that havent got time to play games with BCBC, especially when it comes to miracle cures or treating taxi like bad little children in the play ground they are trying to contain like a would be bully spinning you a yarn of a cure from the play ground, as if you are a clueless young child born yesterday named Bart Simpleton

Image result for bart simpson i must not sell miracle cures gif



When is the next Bridgend taxi consultation,  is today’s real thought as we click for consultations past and ongoing right here on BITNEWS725 for Bridgend Taxis