Cab Driver Blackout-Taxi Watch Dog investigates-Cardiff Council legal Policy-Discrimination and inequality claims-City Cab trade now no longer in the dark

We ask the public do you mind being kept in the dark? Could a local Councillor be paranoid ? Do you have phobias folks


Cardiff Cab drivers no longer see things through tinted glasses warns Taxi watch dog Wales, and so makes the public aware of unfair play for Cardiff Cab drivers in this capital City of Wales, where many International events are staged including sporting events


with celebs in and out like wild fire from across the globe and the country, used to being with tinted windows, with many members of the public liking it for a sense of privacy some what


Yet the Cardiff cab trade are banned from having such a winning relationship for their passengers, as part of a taxi trade service in Wales today in a capital City


We ask the public what sort of message is that sending off to the world, and what would you say to a person stopping you from being cool, would it be


BIT organisation have just a few words for this obviously alienated Cardiff Private hire cab service and street taxi service


Is it not cool to have blacked out rear windows for the modern day passenger today, that can also benefit from the sun block? Is that a $50,000 dollar question even you could answer Dowg?


This City in Wales that sees woman cover their faces with black, but Cabbies cant cover up their windows in black tint, just in the rear, so cabbie is still visible as the law dictates


Taxi watch dog takes up the Cardiff Taxi Driver challenge and orders an investigation into this matter hurting the modern day Cardiff Taxi Trade in this Capital City visited by many used to tinted windows in a cab of course


After seeing things through tinted glasses, said a member of the Taxi Watch Dog team, after considering their options earlier today, after local Cardiff Cabbie shows evidence of a disgruntled taxi trade, across the border in Cardiff, because local authority Councillor/s blew it again on the tinted cab window approval or policy making, The Taxi Watch Dog team are now keen to get down to the Cardiff cab case,in the public interest as well as in Cardiff City Taxi trade’s interest



BIT  Senior Partner said – lets get to that bit, even if it means going through the various stages, which could well end up at the ombudsman’s office, like the Bridgend Taxi Caseare-you-up-for-the-challenge

For those Cardiff Cabbies that have lost money over the recent reversal decision by the  Cardiff council, Should they be forced to change? Taxi Watch dog says no, if they have no CCTV fitted at this time

Cardiff taxi drivers are encouraged to read BIT NEWS for updates as the case gets going, and to comment on, where they feel it will assist the BIT organisation to aid in their current tinted window position


We intend to put Cardiff council and shared regulatory services to the task on this one, and see what turns up under the rock, once BIT Senior Partner has come on the record with those concerned, said a spokesman for the TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM



BIT Senior Partner also stated earlier, that he had security background experience on matters of CCTV, and understood that Cardiff Council would have always been under scrutiny, with their reasoning for requiring CCTV, because of seeing matters through tinted glasses


What is clear, is the matter seems very much a matter for questioning, given the recent reversal, and the poor decision to include CCTV in the equation unnecessarily, those being just a few questions out of many now on the table to put to Cardiff Council, in order that the Cardiff City taxi trade, and the public, can understand this obvious calamity or unnecessary blunder or simple injustice


One wonders if shared regulatory services are ill advising Cabinet, said Senior Partner now firmly on the Cardiff Cabbie Case


Given other cities and county borough councils in the UK allow tinted windows, which of course would include Bridgend, only down the road, so to speak, there are many reasons for taking on this case in the interests of equality for the Cardiff taxi trade in Wales today, so they do not feel they are being discriminated against in Wales, because they are in Cardiff, licensed by Cardiff Council


BIT organisation now at least intend in challenging the old fashion rules applied in Cardiff, supposedly a modern city today, where even vehicle manufacturers have moved on to tinted windows of darker shades, and supplying the public in Cardiff of the same


To think that cabbies need change their glass to clear glass, is simply forcing the Cardifff taxi trade with unnecessary hardship in this day and age, with costs as a result, thats too much, said Mr Nelson now opening the Cardiff taxi case file, for the public to recognise, and for Cardiff Council to come on the record and recognise too, so Taxi Watch Dog can establish how the Councillors are going to resolve their failings, with questions to be added, as part of the case handling

tenor (81).gif

Cardiff Cab drivers are being singled out, was the opinion of Senior Partner of the BIT organisation


With Private hire cabbies- taxi vehicles coming into Cardiff to collect passengers from neighboring boroughs that have tinted windows, this seems to be a slap in the face for both Hackney Carriage Taxis and Private hire cabbies licensed to Cardiff Council, with no way out of this one on the surface


There seems to be no real logic for the Cardiff taxi trade to be in this situation or position, over such a trivial matter, when you go compare other local boroughs that allow tinted windows, including the capital city of London, the home of Scotland Yard

images (21)

With South Wales Police not objecting for good reason, one has to feel for these guys-Cab drivers feeling unnecessarily singled out in the Capital of Wales – Cardiff City


Those Cardiff Cabbies that have already voiced the same  on social media are right to think so, its embarrassing said one Cardiff Cabbie, with a fairly new E class Mercedes in black




We will bring more news on this case as The Taxi Watch Dog team go to work on that BIT




New 125 pound Taxi Soil charge goes civil-Police will not attend warns taxi Watch dog-Cab Driver madness-Bridgend train Station hate crime

In today news, we bring you an astonishing fact that may well rock the world of many Cabbies across Wales today, including councils printing a taxi tariff with a soil charge on it  This ladies and gentleman is a BIT NEWS world exclusive, if you have ever been sick of a Cab Driver, then keep reading, if you hate hate crime keep reading


Do any of these councils in England and Wales read the law when they ask cab drivers to get a soiling fee of between £50 in some boroughs like Cardiff, Swansea, Carmarthenshire, or a wapping £125 to be introduced in Bridgend Mid Glamorgan, soon.


We ask the public who really knows about the real cab laws, when you travel in a taxi in South Wales or in England,  when you have a bit of a turn




So today we are going to take you through the basics in the event you are out for the night and find yourself in a civil dispute with your cabbie or passenger

You will find 2 sections with the latter getting to the heart of today’s news

Making off Without Payment, Obtaining Services Dishonestly and Civil Disputes
Cab Drivers who provide the service of transporting people around Wales and England area are always at risk of encountering awkward or dishonest people who will try to evade their duty to pay for the service by any means possible.

This information provided here today for the public to recognise, is intended to offer guidance as to whether an incident will be investigated as a criminal offence by the Police or whether the matter has to be dealt with by way of civil law by a solicitor. As in all cases the facts must be assessed individually by the Police, at the time of the incident to decide the correct course of action.


It should be noted that for the police to consider prosecution there has to be an element of dishonesty involved in the actions taken by the passenger(s).
Dishonesty has to pass two tests – Firstly, whether a person’s behaviour would be regarded as dishonest by the ordinary standards of reasonable and honest people. Secondly, if the person was dishonest by those standards then whether they were aware that what they were doing was dishonest.
Drunkenness is not a defence to dishonesty.

The following basic examples illustrate the possible criminal offences:-
1. A passenger who leaves the vehicle and makes off without paying the fare commits an offence under Section 3 of the Theft Act 1978 – Making off without payment
In simple terms a person who uses the taxi knowing that payment is required or DISHONESTLY makes off without payment, intending that payment shall not be made, commits the offence. The fact that the passenger has run off would satisfy the dishonesty aspect.
The service provided must be lawful therefore an offence cannot be committed if a private hire vehicle or hackney carriage operates outside their respective regulations.
2. A passenger who enters the vehicle and has no money in his possession but fails to inform the cab driver until the journey is complete commits an offence under Section 11 Fraud Act 2006 – Obtaining services dishonestly
It is an offence for any person, by any dishonest act, to obtain services for which payment is required, with intent to avoid payment.
A person is guilty of an offence under this section if he obtains services for himself or another providing;
The person must know that the services are made available on the basis that payment has been, is being, or will be made. It can be committed only where the dishonest act was done with the intent not to pay for the services as expected.
The fact the passenger knowingly uses the service without having the means to pay would satisfy the dishonesty requirement. It can be a defence if a person makes an honest mistake as to certain facts causing him/her to take a course of action which, on the surface, appears to be an offence, for example, the person thought they had the money to pay for the cab but had lost his wallet.
3. A Passenger who refuses to pay the fare at the end of the journey commits an offence under Section 11 Fraud Act 2006 – Obtaining services dishonestly
Provided there is evidence that the passenger entered the cab knowing a fee would be required for the provision of the service with the intent of not paying and it can be proved he acted in a dishonest manner then an offence contrary to section 11 of the Fraud Act 2006 would be committed.
If the passenger states that he was unhappy with the service and attempts to negotiate part payment and provides his details the matter would become a civil debt and would not be dealt with by police.


Civil Disputes
The boundary between the civil and criminal law will always be the subject to a degree of interpretation but the following are examples of civil matters that cannot be dealt with by the police:-
 Passenger disputes the fare but makes an offer of payment.
Passenger soils the vehicle agrees to paying the fare but refuses to pay the soiling charge.
 Passenger is dissatisfied with the service and refuses to pay the fare but provides their name and address and then leaves the scene.
 Passenger has disputed the fare but makes an offer of payment which is refused by the cab driver, but provides their name and address and then leaves the scene.
Where there is a dispute and the driver locks a passenger in the vehicle until payment is made or locks the vehicle and drives to a police station, the driver could leave themselves open to criminal proceedings for false imprisonment and/or counter action under civil law.

Taxi drivers have a duty of care to their customers and should not abandon them in potentially dangerous circumstances, even though it may become apparent during the journey that the passenger may not have the full fare. This is particularly relevant when the weather is bad or the passenger is vulnerable, whether through drink or other circumstances.


Below is a screen shot with south Wales Police for all the public to see for avoidance of doubt. Mr Nelson said he will be forwarding the content of the news for the ombudsman’s further assessment on the Bridgend Taxi case




Senior Partner conducting the taxi trade assessment on the soiling charge currently intended for Bridgend Council Cabinet to act on and so implement, is concerned that not only are Bridgend Council misleading the Cabbie as to their rights, but also many other boroughs across the country are doing the same. Cabbies are given the impression that the soil charge forms part of the table of fares, when in it’s current format, it most certainly does not. A serious concern says The Taxi Watch Dog – Senior Partner of the BIT organisation

tenor (79).gif

Also coming up Bridgend station taxi saga hots up as the Railway children get active after a warning was issued on BIT News in a recent blog,

Today we have more news, folks, as we unravel a cabbies life at the Bridgend Railway station rank which includes hate crimes


Following the release of the last blog the situation has heated up as transport Police receive complaints from station Cabbies. The officer dealing with the case known to many as Ian, had made contact with a couple of station cabbies following a number of incidents, as station cab drivers continue to complain of illegal activities at the station by rougue cab drivers without a permit, Ian responsible for a number of station locations including Swansea, said Ill be back


some cabbie are still not displaying a valid permit we can confirm

One Cabbie stopped another transport Police officer to make him aware of the same. We are advised Transport Police are most definitely on the look out


In a rather dramatic moment The Taxi Watch Dog team received a rather revealing email from one of the station cabbies, this week, who shall remain nameless at this time, complaining he is being regularly insulted, and bullied in effect over time at work on the station rank directly outside the station, the 4 spot rank.


We understand BIT Senior Partner contacted the bully by email to make the individual aware that they were breaking the law, and will face charges if they continue harassing the local cabbie

the-watch-dog-crime-blog-logo2 (1)

The same individual we cannot name at this time, was also found to be acting in a manner that was considered misuse of the NCP permit, as well as plying for hire illegally at the station without a valid permit, with a matching vehicle registration. Further evidence of the same was sent to the BIT organisation


It should be noted that one station cabbie disputed the NCP permit display terms and conditions by saying bleeep the terms and conditions, I thought we were all mates to help each other out. The Dragon Taxi Drivers’s identity has not been revealed in his own interests, said BIT Senior Partner that spoke to the driver at Bridgend station that held the system in contempt allegedly






More than 60 Car rage offences-Scared Taxi licensing head-Bottle Job-refuses Bridgend Cabs vital proof-Bully sufficient for ombudsman final evidence

For the first time ever we catch taxi licensing head Yvonne Witchell committing Car Rage, where Car Rage is rife, folks, in Bridgend Mid Glamorgan Wales, in jolly old Great Britain This is a world exclusive ladies and gentleman, for readers as far as Australia and Indonesia, and around the globe, coming to you from right back here, from the infamous blacklisted county

images (21)




Will lane shared regulatory services operations manager comes out in the open, on the record ladies and gentleman, and sends BIT Senior Partner an email regarding the most recent case advised the local ombudsman without the knowledge of Yvonne Witchell


Whilst under cover and reporting to the ombudsman service, this is how it goes down as we observe the suspect that drives by, as we follow the story


Mr Will Lane allegedly seen here, sticking his finger up at the BIT organisation, after a meeting was requested in writing in order to represent a local taxi driver, with his most urgent taxi issues, with licensing header Yvonne Witchell – –


Well BIT NEWS is glad to bring this exclusive showing of a Manager on the record


that makes you think when you think about it…..


Will lane shared regulatory services operations comes on the record to the TAXI WATCH DOG TEAMS surprise, by sending an email to the BIT organisation which is extraordinary in itself, if one reads, the previous news going back ways, about bully in the shared regulatory service play ground,
instead of Yvonne Witchell making email contact, as you would expect, instead, it was Mr fancy pants himself Will Lane is he fit
BIT Partner forwarded an evidentual email to the ombudsman service days ago, which was sent to Yvonne Witchell, asking her if she would be scared to turn up for the meeting which would be recorded. No answer to that folks
So if we read on ladies and gentleman, Yvonne Witchell must of sent the learned operations manager a message
Fw: Renewal fee for HC 555 – Otto Car Ltd7
  • Lane, William <>
    30 Oct at 16:11

    Dear Mr Nelson

    I refer to your email below.

    Otto Car Ltd has instructed the Licensing Section to contact you directly regarding payment of the renewal fee for HC 555 and a testing time.  I am advised a Licensing Support Officer has spoken to you about this and you have responded that you would not pay the fee over the phone, and would only pay the fee in cash to Yvonne Witchell.  Yvonne Witchell will not meet with you in relation to this matter.

    I am writing to advise you therefore that unless you pay the licence fee over the phone, or to one of the Licensing Support Officers in person at the Civic Offices, we will treat this as a refusal to pay the renewal fee and contact Otto Car Ltd for further instructions.

    Please contact 01656 643109 to make arrangements to pay the fee by one of the above methods.

    I have also sent a hard copy of this letter to your home address.


    Will Lane | Operational Manager Neighbourhood Services Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, Caerdydd ar Bro Morgannwg  e-mail / e-bost:


    We understand that the email was forwarded by our client, to the vehicle owners so they can pay the council directly without the involvement of our client at this stage, said Senior BIT Partner on the taxi case for the trade, regarding that BIT


    One drive reading the email, made this comment in her car rage taxi 352








tenor (78).gif



  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    30 Oct at 17:17
    Dear Mr Lane
    Thank you for coming on the record regarding 555.
    For avoidance of doubt it is already public knowledge that you have been deemed a bully, and that you should not contact Mr Nelson.
    However as you have confirmed the hackney carriage number in your email, we will give you a free pass this time, as it is news worthy, and I believe in the public interest to read your communications.
    The vehicle is registered to OTTO Car as you are aware, what you are not aware my learned friend it makes absolutely no difference to OTTO Car if the vehicle licence expires.
    I do however question shared regulatory services data protection compliance given the content of your email given the vehicle is owned by OTTO Car.  If I didn’t know better I would think you are having a winge and Yvonne Witchell is not qualified as head to deal with taxi matter as she did in the past, including talking to me on serious matters taxi licensing. But when the learned officer has to get you invloved we know you haven’t got the time to check things etc. So once again thank you for showing the same as operations manager
    As for the letter you are sending, please ensure you let Christina Hill know and Yvonne Wirchell and Dave holland and maybe cllr Patel too not forgetting Darren Mepham.
    In fact can you now come on the record and provide a written undertaking that you will also provide the chief executive a copy of your letter come email now firmly on the record for all to see.
    I await your written undertaking
    Yours Sincerely
    Senior Partner
    BIT organisation
    For and on behalf of the BIT organisation – Taxi Watch Dog Wales and our client – D Nelson

original (4).gif


tenor (72)






images (19)

1. Delay in issuing Hackney Carriage cetificate
2, Delay in processing proposals
3. Delay in dealing with complaints.
4 Delay in processing freedom of information requests
5. Delay in processing vehicle age policy
6. Delay in providing taxi byelaws in full to all taxi drivers not just proprietors
7, Delay in updating the taxi course
8. Delay in amending taxi badge application forms
9. Delay in providing enforcement rules
10. Delay in proving information to what qualifications shared regulatory services have in the field of taxi licensing and enforcement
11. Discrimination towards the taxi trade, and BIT Senior Partner and Mr Nelson
12. Maladministration in office
13. Complaint of a bullish and unethical practices by licensing officers
14. Complaint council have no proper taxi fare setting policy valid in 2018
15. Complaint BCBC and shared regulatory service cause unnecessary hardship to the taxi trade
16. Complaint, complaints are not responded with letters and individual complaints are ignored, and therefore do not support proper case management for resolution.
17. Complaint it is faster to write to the ombudsman than get caught up in shared regulatory services and BCBC Cabinet ways of losing correspondence consistently and replying when they feel like, if at all, Cabinet included
18. Complaint that BCBC and shared regulatory service lie to the public
19. Complaint BCBC and shared regulatory services block public complaints
20. Complaint BCBC and shared regulatory service breach their communications charter
21. Complaint that Complaints block FOI requests
22. Complaint complaints block email complaints and do not acknowledge them
23. Complaint of racist practices as the equality is not maintained by BCBC and shared regulatory service
24. Complaint Hackney Carriage Drivers have been forced to buy new cars as BCBC do not offer the public equality, and favor the private hire trade and therefore force hackney carriage to buy new and not 2nd hand, with costs to be considered as part of the claim.
25.BCBC have never calculated taxi insurance for the taxi trade in their fare setting calculations and have failed to monitor those rising costs.
26. Vexatious policies designed to victimize those that submit taxi fare proposals
27. Complaint of Bullying by heads of departments
28. Complaint of Chief executive failing to act on matters
29. Night Taxi fare setting formula not taken into account by Cabinet in the recent fare proposal choosing by them
30. Department heads forcing staff to act without equality and thus discriminating against individuals
31. Unethical practices causing unnecessary hardship to the taxi trade
32. Complaint operations manipulate the taxi trade in consultation matters
33.Recent trade consultation lacked proper democracy or even business sence as proposal information was not made available to the trade
34.Yvonne Witchell is vexatious and is Will Lane
35. BCBC attempted to cheat the taxi trade of democracy often, and do things behind the trades back
36. Failed to implement a much need MOT policy like other areas such as Cardiff for example
37.Complaint Cabinet have no proper training in taxi matters today in 2018, and ignore best guidance for licensing, and as a result affect the taxi trade always with BCBC ignorance going all the way to the top including Cabinet and below, including licensing and shared regulatory services
38, Complaint Yvonne Witchell is blind as a bat and in denial mode when the obvious is staring her in the face
39. Complaint BIT organisation singled out in the interest of containment from day one the BIT investigation started.
40. Complaint of gross negligence in office, and that the council have no regard for the taxi trade, and ineffect do not care how they are treated
41, Daniel Cook policy officer fails to make a recognised trade calculation divided by 18,000 miles and fails to recognise the average cost of the Bridgend fleet which is not up to £17,000
42, False accounting in reporting to the public on taxi fares and costs
43. Failing to be consistent in reporting to Cabinet with time delays unacceptable and costly to the taxi trade
44. A Disregard for rising costs, and time frames needed by the trade for economic change
45. Long delays costing the trade thousands of pounds each financial year now 7 years
46. Council do not have a policy to speed economic matters and policies vital tpo the taxi trade, unless it suits Yvonne Witchell and shared regulatory services or Cabinet
47. Will Lane and Yvonne Witchell forever complain they have not got the resources in order to brush the public off
48, licensing fail to deal with simple matters as a result of being in maladministration mode or because of a vexatious policy adopted by all at taxi licensing including Yvonne Witchell and staff, including shared regulatory staff or officers dealing with Bridgend Taxi matters, including complaints.
49. Failure to recognise legitimate trade organisations that are not taxi associations
50. Failure to deal with hackney carriage plate replacement issue simply
51, Failure to consult with the taxi trade on the £1 card fee
52. Deliberately tampering with proposal information supplied by Mr Nelson and omitting the proposal documentation on two occasions
53. Failure to provide the taxi rules on the BCBC website and lying to the public that it is there
54. taxi licensing staff have poor training
55.Attempting to exclude the taxi trade from consultation
56. Back dating an email to fool the public – date – 16/07/18
57, Failure to advise the progress of the age policy consultation process
58. Failure to provide or allow Mr Renwick’s proper and full disclosure, during a trade consultation on fares
59. Failure to provide proper notice of the hackney Carriage byelaws to would be proprietors at the point of sale/application process to plate their vehicle
Thats just a brief list covering most of the top complaints submitted by BIT organisation – Taxi Watch Dog service
A humungus undertaking said Senior BIT Partner.
Its all in the hands of the ombudsman service now. I have a dream that one day all taxis will be treated equal and not judged by the colour of their door skin or what shift they work
Yvonne Witchell Stick seen here , on the run, as she refuses to be available for comment
hqdefault (1).jpg
Senior Partner said following Will Lane coming on the record again – The evidence against the council and Will Lane shared regulatory services counsel in this case, so to speak, is overwhelming for even him now, as we are well up on points
We will have to see what the ombudsman service makes of it all, especially as Yvonne Witchell has done a bottle job, and bottled it by not meeting with the BIT organisation to sort out her trash


Get the latest news on facebook as the BIT organisation advises Cabbies to protect themselves on the record and more





Bridgend Taxi fares go to Public Consultation-economic starvation 7 years-Ombudsman Investigates equality-Cab trade case-unfair-shocking evidence- sufficient for assessment

We ask the public do you believe in miracles, Bridgend Drive gives thumbs up to the BIT organisation tonight, after witnessing a true miracle in this part of Wales


Taxi Watch Dog Wales team deliver Bridgend Taxi Trade like Moses, and awaits the parting of the sea, as Bridgend taxis fares finally go to public consultation, after being delayed by licensing head for years deliberately, an obstruction now out in the open and being assessed




Now over 7 years since the last fare increase, the day is near when Bridgend taxi drivers should finally see justice on the horizon, after an absolute nightmare of a delay, by all guilty at Bridgend Council, now part of a full blown investigation by the ombudsman service, as we reveal to the public the shocking facts today, in this continuing saga that is BCBC


With 4 proposals on the table Bridgend Cabinet did not stick to a trade formula, but instead played with the taxi trade without any real idea what they were doing, said Senior Partner during an interview tonight


The public can see below a number of factors, such as Bridgend night and weekend night Cabbies have been waiting for an increase, but have not been given equal pay in effect




Taxi Driver massive  have been shot in the economic taxi fare butt, because BCBC Cabinet and operations namely shared regulatory service, have no modern idea about the taxi trade, and have taken to choosing an impractical solution after pretending they all know best, and are well trained, said Senior Partner heading the massive investigation for the Bridgend massive


So they discard the department of transport best guidance which tells them how to do in the guidance, in relation to taxi fares, and how they should be set day and night, or during the peak times, including weekend nights, with a formula

liar (3).gif





Bridgend Council consultations –  states public notice of hackney carriage fairs, but we are not in a fair ground, but maybe BCBC are, commented a member of the TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM after a long investigation to show how poor the council are to the Bridgend Taxi Trade, here in Mid Glamorgan, Wales, as if it’s a fun fair at the office


tenor (76).gif



tenor (72)email
Re: Complaint made to the Ombudsman – Ref: 2018039032
  • Beth Owen <>
    31 Oct at 17:04

    Dear Mr Nelson

    Thank you for your emails, I have updated our records accordingly.  Your complaint has been passed to Ms Karen Edwards, an investigation officer, for further assessment, I must note that at this current stage we have all relevant information that we require to carry out an assessment.  We will be in contact in due course.

    Yours sincerely

    Beth Owen

    Casework Officer / Swyddog Gwaith Achos

    Complaints Advice Team / Tîm Cyngor ar Gwynion

    Tel/ Ffon: 01656 641150

    Public Services Ombudsman for Wales/Ombwdsmon Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus Cymru
    1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae
    Bridgend/Pen-y-Bont ar Ogwr
    CF35 5LJ

    Twitter Facebook

    This email is subject to the conditions on Confidentiality, Content and Viruses set out on the Ombudsman’s website.
    Mae’r e-bost hwn yn rhwym wrth yr amodau Cyfrinachedd, Cynnwys a Firysau a nodir ar wefan yr Ombwdsmon.

    All calls are recorded for training and reference purposes  / Bydd pob galwad yn cael ei recordio ar gyfer dibenion hyfforddi a chyfeirio
    Please consider the environment – do you really need to print this email?
    Ystyriwch yr amgylchedd – a oes wir angen i chi argraffu’r neges e-bost hon?






Taxi Licensing is Gods Gift-Man in the mirror-BIT organisation-win win no free-Bridgend Drive-whistle blows on council-Taxi Watch dog has Cabbies for clients

Taxi Watch Dog Wales takes on the Van helsing case in this world exclusive of vampires and ghouls visible in the light of day


There is a supernatural air in this case of blood suckers within, said BIT organisation senior Partner, which is spreading through to the Vale of Glamorgan, but emulating from the old civic building, with dark shadows that climb the steps every day, like dark angels going to their post.


After Yvonne Witchells taxi licensing head –  BRIDGEND COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL Postal Address. Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31, tells BIT senior Partner- That she will not respond to emails from the BIT organisation – Mr Nelson, Senior Partner says to hell with it, lets take on this drivers case



In flight a dark angel able to change form and become the Witchell Stick, the beast of taxi licensing out to suck your taxi blood out of you


A clash for any Van helsing if you are a taxi driver cursed by the Yvonne Witchell Stick


A monster bite has taxi licensing head in Bridgend, seen across the Vale of Glamorgan in true flight, mouth wide open to bite your taxi ass


A taxi licensing beast, able to change appearance to Janet Jackson, and keep you dancing around with her taxi issues and locked in


An emotional roller coaster if ever you have dealings with the beast that is taxi licensing head, in flight for that bite of you , but many now say


Will there ever be escape now from these monsters controlled by this head blood sucker, that sucks on taxi blood in Bridgend, in all places there is a Bridgend taxi badge or a taxi fare to meter


Is there a Van Helsing to save the Bridgend Taxi trade from the grave yard of taxi life because of their thirst for taxi meat

Controlled by these hungry monsters with attitude, as dark shadows contaminate the godly, including a taxi in the public domain licensed by ghouls in office today hungry to boss taxi meat, you, or the public thinking of going there after they woo you with their perfume










Mr MoneyPenny <>
To:Yvonne Witchell
28 Oct at 12:47
Good day madam
The BIT organisation writes to confirm our latest client is Taxi Driver 319, as a result of your letter date 24/10/2018 – your ref: YW/319
As you are aware our newest client has requested a meeting to discuss a few serious and personal issues in relation to his taxi badge and taxi license
A matter that must be dealt with face to face. There will be a need to provide a cash amount of £267.00. This meeting needs to take place no later than 2 weeks before the amount due is due as recommended by yourself 14 days before expiry, as per conversation with Wendy off the record last week
We wont no funny business on this matter  madam, no discrimination and certainly no delays, or time delays where its like if you want a reply, you have to name that tune – that sings about we will reply if it does not mention BIT organisation. I am afraid we are representing Mr Nelson.
For avoidance of doubt, this email is coming from the BIT organisation -Senior Partner Mr D Nelson – your ref: YW/319 –
You know Nelson like free – Nelson Mandella
BIT organisation giving reference to Martin Luther King and Moses and others when refering to what the organisation does for the taxi trade – – thats actually written by our client 319 Mr Nelson also, who has a double identity in more ways than one don’t you know, my learned head,
We are happy to come down to the Vale of Glamorgan if you like, but it is Bridgend Taxi Driver business, to do with that bit and that bit, and you too can get to that BIT
Please be sure and I must remind you about that BIT –
So recently the BIT organisation- Mr D Nelson 319 – Taxi Watch Dog Wales- your ref – YW/319, asked you to bring to the forth coming meeting, date still awaiting advice, in an email requesting BCBC equality/discrimination policy in relation to BIT or BIT organisation also known as Taxi Watch Dog a free service to the taxi trade in Bridgend and Mr Nelson  –  Taxi Driver 319 – MEMBERS of THE PUBLIC
I have attached a link which is an external link, which you may find helpful when you open it
Hopefully you will understand what doc is not displayed on your website allegedly, as I have attached the Cardiff example displayed on The BIT Organisation website by 319 Bridgend Taxi Driver also known as Mr D Nelson
You should note you can also find this link if you go to – and then the FACEBOOK LINK – 5. This Policy Statement supports the Council’s Equality Scheme, which outlines how we will comply with the Equality Act 2010
You will be aware that there was no link on the BCBC website as per call put through to the learned Nicola. That’s If you are unable to see evidence of that factor, when you listen to the call,
Please feel free to contact BIT organisation to obtain a free copy should you wish – Please be sure to mention that you made an invitation and later forgot about it – as shown –
You can contact BIT organisation Mr Nelson directly on the matter, as you have already been informed all calls are recorded in the taxi trade interest for which he is a Member, and so is the taxi watch dog Wales – BIT organisation as free trade organisation offering the taxi driver options to deal with that BIT, including written authorization to deal with that BIT as already demonstrated to your officer Daniel Cook on the subject of licensing fees, highlighted in 2017 in council minutes and emails firmly on the record. A subject that Cymru Cabs of Pencoed, asked us to deal with on their behalf, and was published by the BIT organisation on the old Bit News face book by Da Nelson
I have recently had a visit to spec savers, so I will be very able to read any documentation to you, confirming the same if you cannot see evidence of it.
Hopefully you will find that BIT
I trust that clarifies the matter for you going forward indefinitely until informed otherwise
Yours Sincerely
D Nelson
Senior Partner
For and on behalf of the BIT organisation
N.B – For the record
This email will be published in the public interest and will eventually be accessible on –
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A Witch flies over-Bridgend 2018 Taxi fares increase-Proposal 1 to go to a wicked public consultation-Licensing Team Manager-Yvonne Witchell loses grip of BCBC broom stick

Its Halloween time and a Witch is seen crossing the vale of Glamorgan, bound for Bridgend, Coity Castle, that was the report that came in after dark like a quiet mist slithering through the skies of South wales into the blacklisted art form called BCBC


Yvonne Witchell – of Bridgend Taxi licences– nick named – The Witchell stick – appears to have lost the plot, and her long established stick, after being grounded by a watch dog taxi spell, picked up in England, against wayward taxi licensing spells that prohibit fares increase, a practice found here in this medieval part of Mid Glamorgan, Wales, called Angel Street, Bridgend


Team Manager licensing for head of regulatory services, sends a letter by recorded delivery folks, to BIT organisation Senior Partner ,and it reads angry and vexatious, folks, like a Witch applying an evil spell, that in the end fails to have any affect any more on the victim, using that old Witchell Stick routine coming from some where that looks over the moon


A team member of the BIT organisation reading the letter, reported it read like Yvonne Witchell, flew off the handle,

tenor (67).gif

A local Cabbie with a new 8 seater mini bus, was outraged when he heard that BIT that Daniel Cook under costed his 8 seater taxi, when the Policy officer reported costings to Cabinet for 4 seater taxis in the borough bought by the trade, to be no more than £17,000, including 5,6,7,8 seater Bridgend hackney carriage cabs


The cab driver was out walking his dog at the time, who said he wished to remain anonymous, said – How can they do that at the council- and before running off had a look of disgust, written all over this Bridgend cab drivers face

tenor (69).gif

Another Drive said Cook was having a tin bath Rodney, hasnt he got any ruddy GCSE’s, my car falls into 26,000 pounds bracket, the plonker, what a dip stick, is he mutton Jeff or something, the wally


giphy (43).gif

Following the report by Cook supplied to Cabinet, BIT Senior Partner tells Ombudsman services that BCBC taxi fare setting Method policy, is out dated,and flawed for sure, and there is the proof clearly in cooks latest offering, with no sums, just noises incomprehensible


Guessing is now out, and also sweeping taxi fare proposals under the desk for years, said Senior BIT Partner, as it proves too costly to the taxi trade in England and Wales


A gentleman from Northampton area, visiting relatives in Aberkenfig, commented to Mr Nelson whilst he was conducting a BIT survey at Bridgend Railway Station, that the BCBC chief executive Darren Mepham was allegedly caught describing his day at Civic offices..


The gentleman went on to say that the chief executive leaving BCBC in January next year, was no great loss, and apparently someone in the councils legal and complaints department, that originated from Hackney council in east London, was also leaving as they handed in their notice recently, after just 3 weeks on the job, allegedly

tenor (70).gif


BIT Senior Partner said recently in an interview,  that licensing team head Yvonne Witchell was invited to explain how they arrived at their calculations for the current fare setting, in an email way back at the beginning of 2017 and prior end 2016, and by what formula do they use


The public should note, the email was never replied to, as the Witchell Stick was probably busy as seen


As already reported on in the last few days – Taxi insurance was never calculated or taken into account when fare setting by the democracy that is BCBC, thus seeing taxi drivers losing some £2,000 per annum each, as a result of an improper fare setting policy, said a spokesman for the Taxi Watch Dog Team in Wales

maxresdefault (8)

The rather angry letter in our opinion from team header Witchell, was full of discrimination content, and containment as usual from, aka -Witchell Stick

In fact the letter talks of, if BIT is mentioned in an email to them, they will not respond

A reply to Yvonne Witchell asked if Mr Nelson changed his name to BIT by deed poll would that be acceptable, Still waiting a reply on that one said Senior Partner for the organisation offering a free public service to Cabbies and the Taxi Trade


Here is an extract of the original letter dated 24-10-2018 – Our ref YW/319, from Yvonne Witchell, with the crucial BIT of news or words the majority want to hear, about bridgend taxis fares increase in 2018, for all those taxi drivers out there –

Page 5  – I would advise you that at the meeting on 23 October 2018, Cabinet approved Proposal 1 to go forward



In the 5 page document sent to Mr Nelson of the BIT organisation, as one read the response, you could see that BIT may well have, upset their spell in office, as it went down like this –


Page 5 – On 20 September 2018 you emailed the chief executive including a link to an external website. The council will not be accessing this site and no further response will be given



Page 3 – In addition , you have have admitted to recording and uploading telephone calls to Youtube


The public will be also interested to know that the Ombudsman service will access that link, as it has been forwarded as part of  further evidence, pertaining to that BIT, the learned Witchell stick talks about

tenor (71).gif

Ombudsman in fact in passing commented it was a good shout for her, during a phone conversation with BIT Senior Partner that BIT organisation news, was a very informative reference with gifs, whilst reviewing the Bridgend Taxi Trade Case

tenor (72).gif

tenor (73).gif

Yvonne Witchell goes on with her spell bounding words in the letter as seen below

images (14)

The council does not recognise the BIT organisation as a recognised trade organisation and will not action any further correspondence submitted by you on behalf of the BIT organisation

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Yvonne Witchell <>
22 Mar at 09:29

Dear Sir

I have made Mr Dave Holland aware of this latest email and can confirm that responses have been sent to BIT on 24/1/2018  and 23/2/2018 covering the content of the enquiry sent within this form.

BIT has been invited to submit an application to increase taxi fares in Bridgend but no application has been received.  As a consequence, the process to report to Cabinet will proceed without this information.

Yours faithfully

Yvonne Witchell

Adran Trwyddedu  | Licensing Section

Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol | Operational and Partnership Services

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Siriol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council Swyddfeydd Dinesig | Civic Offices

Stryd yr Angel | Angel Street

Pen-y-Bont  | Bridgend

CF31 4WB  | CF31 4WB

Ffôn/Phone: (01656) 643643

Ffacs / Fax: (01656)


E bost / Email:


Gwefan / Website:


This e-mail and any attachments transmitted with it represents the
views of the individual(s) who sent them and should not be regarded
as the official view of Bridgend County Borough Council. The contents
are confidential and intended solely for the use of the addressee. If
you have received it in error, please inform the system administrator
on (+44) 01656 642111.

This e-mail and any attachments have been scanned.

That is a clear knock down for that round, as licensing foreman hits the canvass after getting that BIT very wrong
BCBC taxi fares increase 2018, that is the punch too strong, as the BIT organisation puts scores on the score cards, putting them ahead on points, in this heavy weight fight scheduled to go all the way ladies and gentlemen
Chris Jones asks BIT NEWS will it be another 6 months before they select a date?
  • foi <>
    26 Oct at 15:47

    Dear Sir/Madam

    FOI REQUEST X04-776

    We acknowledge your request for information received on 26 October 2018.

    We are considering your request and you should receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working days, unless the information is exempt or we require additional time to consider whether disclosure is in the public interest in accordance with section 2 of the Freedom of Information Act.

    We will try to supply information in electronic format by email, but if this is not possible we will let you know. If you have any special requirements e.g. language, audio, large print, etc. then please let us know.

    The Act defines a number of exemptions which may prevent release of the information you have requested. Before we provide the information we will consider whether it is proper to release it and if any of the exemption categories do apply then the information will not be released. We will tell you if this is the case, and you will have a right of appeal.

    If the information you request contains reference to a third party then they may be consulted prior to a decision being taken on whether or not to release the information to you. We will tell you if this is the case.

    You may have to pay a fee for this information. We will consider this and let you know. If so you will have to pay the fee before we process and release the information.

    If you have any queries or concerns, then please contact me directly. You can find out more about the Act from the Information Commissioner at:

    Information Commissioner’s Office – Wales 2nd Floor Churchill House Churchill Way Cardiff

    CF10 2HH

    Telephone: 02920 678400 Fax: 02920 678399



    Yours sincerely,

    Y Swyddfa Rhyddid Gwybodaeth Freedom of Information Office

    Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol | Operational and Partnership Services

    Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Pen-Y-Bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council

    Ffon / Phone: (01656) 643473

    Ffacs / Fax: (01656) 657899

    E-bost / E-Mail

    Gwefan / Website:

    Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Rhowch wybod i ni os mai Cymraeg yw eich dewis iaith.

    We welcome correspondence in Welsh. Please let us know if your language choice is Welsh.




    From: Mr MoneyPenny []
    Sent: 26 October 2018 05:41
    To: complaints
    Subject: FOI

    To whom it may concern

    On what date will the public consultation for taxi fares be published on the website as Yvonne Witchell states proposal 1 is to be advertised over the next 14 days

    How long will it take following the 14 day expiry period for Daniel Cook to provide Cabinet with the report, and then how long will it be before the report is published and then put on the Agenda for potential implementation?

    This is not vexatious communication as the taxi Watch Dog always works in the public interests as well as the taxi trade for free

    Given time is money, we suspect you can answer the FOI in 20 working days?

    Yours Sincerely

    D Nelson

    Senior BIT Partner

    BIT organisation

    For and on behalf of members of the taxi trade

    E-bost yn cael ei logio, ei monitro a/neu ei chofnodi yn awtomatig am resymau cyfreithiol
    Peidiwch ag argraffu’r neges e-bost hon oni bai fod hynny’n gwbl angenrheidiol.
    Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Rhowch wybod i ni os mai Cymraeg yw eich dewis iaith.
    E-mail may be automatically logged, monitored and/or recorded for legal purposes.
    Please do not print this email unless absolutely necessary.
    We welcome correspondence in Welsh. Please let us know if your language choice is Welsh.

    Mwy o wybodaeth am ymgynghoriad cyllideb 2018.  Find out more about the 2018 budget consultation.
    Ewch i'n gwefan newydd a chofrestrwch a gyfer Fy Nghyfrif heddiw.  Visit our new website and sign up to My Account today.

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    Mr MoneyPenny <>
    26 Oct at 16:01

    Hi Beth

    Copy for your file
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Bridgend Train Station Taxi Driver Unfair-To lose NCP station permit for misusing-Driver Tangoed

Bridgend cabbie losses the plot at Bridgend Railway station,  Cabbies says Job has gone, and now his head gone too, and so we ask the public how do you cope with madness


The mature well seasoned taxi driver complained to BIT that certain taxi drivers were having a ramadamadingdong, as they were behaving like railway children, as they would not display a valid station permit on the station permit taxi rank

When one station driver was asked where his permit was, allegedly this taxi driver not displaying said – mind your own business bucko


The Bridgend driver known as Niggle who sent the complaint in, said the job had gone, and would BIT check the rules, as a free service to taxi drivers and this one


The public would be interested to know that only recently Mr Niggle of Bridgend Borough who some say his head has gone, was caught on the sofa using a social media  application called Tango


Apparently whilst drive sat on his sofa the application Camera was showing the public that Drive was too sexy for his shirt


As a result drive started to get comments via this application that interacted with the public

Drive could see his luck was finally in, as he could now count the public interest to at least some 20 babes


Soon Drive was interacting with these babes who were able to send him pictures too with comments



It was reported that when Drive went through all those who sent him pictures of their own


images (13)


Drive apparently once realising it was not his lucky night after being tangoed, he said


Going back to the Bridgend train station permit and cab driver story folks


Bridgend railway station Cab drivers pay some £400 per year for a station permit, for a taxi rank by the station entry and exit doors, last issued by NCP, with many cabbies on the much sort after waiting list, for such a permit to own to this day


BIT Senior Partner contacts NCP and discovers the real rules for Drive and those waiting to get a station permit on the look out


Sent: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 at 14:13
Subject: Bridgend Taxi Permits

Mr Nelson,

I hope your well,

Following on from our conversation I can inform you that’s any taxi on the rank MUST display there permit, The permit MUST have the correct VRN associated otherwise this is misusing the permit.

The transport police can remove the permit if the permit doesn’t match the VRN, After the conversation with yourself It is my duty to inform the car park manager that there may be drivers misusing the permits as we do have a waiting list for taxi permits its unfair for people to be misusing.

It is also stated in our T&C’s the permit MUST be displayed.

I hope the above its clear and if you do have any question please let me know.

Kind Regards


Chelsea Wall-Cain

Sales Administrator

National Car Parks Ltd

NML House, 61 High Street, Manchester, M4 1AZ


T:   + 44 03450507080