Taxi enforcement Scam-Taxis harassed-Drivers bullied over laws not found-Bridgend council threaten taxi earnings-anxiety over injustices says local Cabbie

BRIDGEND COUNCIL TAXI BYELAWS SCAM – Bridgend Taxis being scammed by a cowboy enforcement department in borough council- taxi licensing and enforcement
Bridgend county borough council Mid Glamorgan WalesChief Executive Darren Mepham’s Mayhem, continues ladies and gentleman.We ask the public and you – should it be detected and stopped if it’s all a scam or a real scam?
A disturbing fact that is exposed in the news today causing many anxiety with unjustifiable fines if drivers don’t comply is the attitude of this taxi licensing
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The current Bye laws state –
17. Every person who shall offend against any of these byelaws shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding one hundred pounds and in the case of a continuing offence to a further fine not exceeding five pounds for each day during which the offence continues after conviction therefor.
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18. The byelaws relating to hackney carriage which were made by Council of the borough of Ogwr on the 13th day of September 1978 and which were confirmed by one of Her Majesty’s Assistant under secretaries of state on 2nd day of Novemeber, 1978 are hereby repealed.
The forgoing byelaw is herby confirmed by the secretary of State and shall come into operation on the 2nd day of September 1985
Bridgend taxi enforcement SET OUT TO ENFORCE LAWS NOT WRITTEN UP with drivers complaining of harassment, including the BIT organisation after reading inbound email from Christina Hill only last week, covered in a recent blog
We ask the public do they have the power to do that if we show you the proof of no power to do that? An arrogant licensing department that the BIT Partners now deem unsafe in office
After a complaint to the ombudsman service recently about the Bridgend Taxi Tariff -Ms Ellie Lewis of the local government ombudsman service referred the complaint to Bridgend council chief executive Darren Mepham, and the response is shown below from Bridgend Taxi licensing , a rather revealing statement if you examine what some describe as an outright scam if you read the bit in red and take note

images (10)

On Mon, 11 Jun 2018 at 14:39, licensing
<> wrote:

Dear Mr Nelson

I refer to your letter to the Ombudsman’s Office regarding Tariff Sheets which has been referred to the Council for a response through the Council’s complaints procedure.

On 15 January 2018, you were advised by email that the tariff sheets were being re-printed to remove the reference to credit card charges and that they would shortly be available.  Copies of the new tariff are being issued with licences, and have been left at taxi offices and with individual drivers.  It was felt that a proportionate response would be for the Council’s enforcement officers to inspect vehicles to ensure that the correct tariff sheet is being displayed and deal with any enquiries.  These checks continue.  The Licensing Section has not received any direct complaints from the public regarding a surcharge being applied to their taxi fare since the change in legislation,  but will continue to monitor vehicles and review our procedures if there is evidence of non-compliance.

On 2 May 2018, you contacted the Cabinet Office about this matter, and as a consequence you received a copy of the tariff sheet to confirm the changes had been implemented.

Should you be dissatisfied with the response to your complaint, you may complain to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. The Ombudsman is independent of all government bodies and deals with complaints of maladministration e.g. unfairness or delay. The Ombudsman can be contacted at:

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales,

1 Ffordd Yr Hen Gae,


CF35 5LJ

Tel: 01656-641150

Fax: 01656-641199



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This e-mail and any attachments have been scanned.

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Mae’r e-bost hwn ac unrhyw atodiadau wedi cael eu sganio.
Now lets examine a rather extraordinary fact or bungle
Lets look at Cardiff – taxi byelaws page 1 and 9,  and then Bridgend’s byelaws for taxis and go compare who has made the blunder my dear Watson
Related imageImage may contain: text
Now we compare the front cover to Bridgend County borough Council Taxi Byelaws with Cardiff taxi byelaws and you can see both have the same wording
Image may contain: text
Related image
Now we see below Cardiff Taxi Byelaws which mention table of fares
14. Mentions table of fares
15.Mentions Table of fares to be exhibited inside
16. Mentions table of fares should not be concealed or rendered illegible
No automatic alt text available.
Here is the interesting discovery my dear watson
tenor (49).gif
Licensing wrote –


“but will continue to monitor vehicles and review our procedures if there is evidence of non-compliance”



Those words of non compliance-amount to harassment as there is nothing written in the byelaws that state there is a case for non compliance by local taxi drivers if they do not display the taxi fare table, which appears to be another clear example of an inept administration called BCBC in office, where the mal administration can easily be recognized by the public by just looking at the particulars. A further example also of abuse of power as reported prior in Bridgend’s only forensic taxi news for even an ombudsman or you to read and realise


Coming up is the Bridgend Taxi Byelaws containing no reference to the table of fares having to be displayed in a Bridgend Taxi what so ever, and therefore Bridgend Taxi licensing and enforcement have no right to write the following in the email displayed also above unless it is an enforcement scam –

“but will continue to monitor vehicles and review our procedures if there is evidence of non-compliance”

Related image

On close up you will see the byelaws have a big flaw for those in the public domain

No automatic alt text available.
We have a live recording with taxi licensing just for you and for the record to show on the matter or subject. We invite you to take the taxi driver perspective as if it was you
The above recording seems to indicate BIT have a full time job checking on scams and mal administration for the Bridgend Taxi trade, a justifiable investigation ongoing says BIT Senior Partner, especially if we can make the public aware as the TAXI WATCH DOG WALES, of any potential scams facing taxi drivers subject to enforcement officers in the borough.
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Drivers are advised to tell licensing they are harassing them if they are approached by the licensing officers in the interim.
BIT Partners have stated they will be recording any enforcement officers that approach them that think they are above the law or bye laws given out. The advice also goes out to all taxi drivers to do the same as taxi enforcement and licensing heads are not fit for office when you examine the evidence.
Image result for cease and desist
Although Bridgend Taxi enforcement were told to cease their enforcement until the various complaint matters were resolved, they have not. Many drivers have no trust in getting fair or legal treatment from licensing anymore. Now that is a stage one complaint if ever the public saw one
Only last week,  Christina Hill vale of Glamorgan officer of Shared regulatory services came on the record confirming they have continued their illegal enforcement despite being told to cease
What do you think of that people of Bridgend?
BIT organisation continue their efforts to expose the despicable, and the inept administration that is BCBC, that faces the Bridgend taxi driver if he obtains or has a valid taxi badge. A heavy weight contest with many challenges for the TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM in Wales today on this unusual case  –  of a borough that just do things any old how even if it  means they can be defined as scam in enforcement and shown to be so.
Related image
Image result for stage one complaint
Stage one complain – Taxi enforcement not fit to enforce even byelaws as harassing drivers
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    To:Christina Hill
    20 Jul at 01:07
    Good morning
    The BIT organisation and the TAXI WATCH DOG team continue to work around the clock whilst Bridgend taxi licensing hold Borough Taxi drivers in contempt.
    As part of another mal administration complaint – Stage one complaint – Taxi enforcement not fit to enforce byelaws as harassing taxi drivers
    Once again we have uploaded the file in the public interests after being subjected to what we deem as harassment at this time firmly on the record.
    I note the BIT organisation has still not had written confirmation todate of all the complaints received nor have we seen sight of the freedom of informmation request to see the rule book enforcement officers rely on. We must therefore protest at the lack of compliance
    I trust the current complaint is clarified by the link supplied
    We also note that licensing have not complied with our request and therefore we must insist that enforcement cease and decease as a result of our continuing findings of gross incompetence as a result of what we call mal administration
    Yours Sincerely
    For and on behalf of the BIT organisation – TAXI WATCH DOG WALES TEAM

Bridgend Taxi licensing and chief executive to face legal claim for being Slap dash and pig headed over maximum fare table negligence says Taxi Watch Dog Law firm

Bridgend Council bungle could cost the council hundreds of pounds per week after 7 months of gibberish says Taxi Watch Dog Wales after their lawyer looked at the recent reply from Christina Hill dealing with Bridgend complaints from her home in the Vale of Glamorgan says BIT Partner. The learned complaints officer seems to deal … Continue reading “Bridgend Taxi licensing and chief executive to face legal claim for being Slap dash and pig headed over maximum fare table negligence says Taxi Watch Dog Law firm”

Bridgend Council bungle could cost the council hundreds of pounds per week after 7 months of gibberish says Taxi Watch Dog Wales after their lawyer looked at the recent reply from Christina Hill of shared regulatory services, dealing with Bridgend complaints from her home in the Vale of Glamorgan says BIT Partner. The learned complaints officer seems to deal with complaints any old how says BIT organisation Taxi Watch Dog in Wales investigating what they call a very unusual council, who forever create their own mess


Already the Briudgend council complaints are in avoidance, including the chief executive in respect to the first complaint of lies – maladministration, put to them in May this year. But instead jump to a complaint 21 June 2018. A complaint issue new put to Christina Hill in writing also yesterday

Image result for another fine mess you got me into gif


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01D0B8A3.D8EB1750

In an email from Christina Hill yesterday the council have come on the record and out in the open and created another mess for themselves which would be very costly over 7 months says Taxi Watch Dog law firm, when they looked at the learned council’s response from Taxi Enforcement Bridgend council – Taxi licensing

Image result for Watch dog

  1.  The current tariff that is in possession by some including the BIT organisation does not state the tariff has been amended as at January 2018. There are no minutes visible to support the same on the council website 

 Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01D0B8A3.D8EB1750

I am advised that the information provided on the current tariff sheet is correct in relation to taxi fares.  The Legislation governing credit card surcharges was national legislation, removing the ability to charge in addition to the approved fare and was removed from the tariff sheet.  I have been advised  that the issue surrounding credit card surcharges is not deemed a variation  and therefore did not  required a Cabinet decision and Public Consultation to remove. This would further explain why you are unable to retrieve any minutes in connection with this matter.

  1. Currently it gives the idea that the current table was in force since 2011. The table of fares is a fraudulent representation of the facts in 2018. 

 Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01D0B8A3.D8EB1750

Please see response above in relation to this issue.


Following receipt of the email from Christina Hill, BIT Partner’s – TAXI WATCH DOG WALES put it to their judge, to look at the reply closely, especially the highlighted wording in red


The response from the BIT organisation law firm was clear

9c72c3ad839e790c30b08d17e40b0df45faa6e77d8ed0352bd4545c30a2a81a0 (1).gif


Subsequently an email was sent back to Christina Hill yesterday


Image result for the horse has bolted

Mr MoneyPenny <>
13 Jul at 15:30
The council are very late coming on the record after the horse has bolted. They have not done their home work

What about business credit cards?

The new law only applies to consumers and so businesses CAN still be charged fees, but as is the case currently, this should only be the amount it costs to process the transaction.

The current tariff does not make matters clear for card payments still.
You can take this reply as a new complaint if you like as we go around the bush
Yours sincerely
D Nelson
Senior Partner
BIT organisation
The learned Christina representing the council in this complaint stage one, wrote
Image result for ending an email gif
The Licensing Enforcement Team, as part of their routine enforcement work are carrying out spot checks throughout the County Borough on vehicles to ensure that they are displaying the correct tariff. I am able to confirm an officer visited Station Hill some weeks ago, however I would like to highlight a number of other locations were also visited within the Bridgend area.  This action is in line with routine enforcement officers duties undertaken by the section. Please be advised the Licensing department has not instructed taxi drivers to assemble at station hill at a certain time.
Mr MoneyPenny <>
13 Jul at 14:55

When practices need to be clarified then there is no need for authorisation.

If 319 badge number asks questions that relate to taxi drivers as a whoLe then there is no need for authorisation. You can deny the events took place or you can comment accordingly.
That’s not to say we won’t collect letters of authority where we deem necessary.

Carrying out a spot check to make sure –

The Licensing Enforcement Team, as part of their routine enforcement work are carrying out spot checks throughout the County Borough on vehicles to ensure that they are displaying the correct tariff
tenor (39)
If they weren’t sent out it can hardly be described as a spot check
I still await reply regarding the main issues for the trade still being delibretly delayed.
Yours sincerely
D Nelson
Senior Partner
BIT organisation

Yahoo – copy sent to Bridgend council legal and taxi licensing also

Mr MoneyPenny <>
Christina Hill

14 Jul at 10:53

Good morning

Following your reply yesterday which still leaves the public unclear I have a new STAGE ONE complaint/S

1. The table of fares printed by the council which is an amendment, which does not state the same, now allows for merchants to be unable to charge for credit card transactions when it is a business credit card.

2. Previously the council identified card charges but now does not. Thus allowing for confusion and justifiable argument by the public to not pay credit card charges as the current tariff is a maximum fare and gives no notification that it was amended since its first issue in 2011 thus confusing the public at the point of payment due or by business credit card payment method which is subject to charges, but not if the current maximum tariff is displayed

3. As the tariff is incorrect drivers that take cards are being advised to remove the tariff until such time the council get their act together and clarify the maximum that can be charged on the table of fares. Therefore BIT and 319 will not be displaying the current tariff as previously advised. The situation has not changed.

4. The council have a slap dash attitude in dealing with administration to the point of pig headedNess that allows them to ignore the maximum fare rule or tariff thus affecting taxi drivers with the facility to take business cards or those thinking of becoming merchants.

5. The assumption by the council is they do not need to make matters clear for the public and taxi drivers when it comes to the maximum fare tariff, as demonstrated in the last 7 months.

I trust that clarifies the matter.

Yours sincerely

D Nelson

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text
Image may contain: one or more people and text
Mr MoneyPenny <>
To:Christina Hill
14 Jul at 18:19 sent
Image result for game over team
Diary copy email of emails in full for the public record and an ombudsman
Image result for bridgend taxi tariff table image
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text
Stage 1 complaint, 21st June 20183
  • Hill, Christina <>
    13 Jul at 14:26

    Dear Mr Nelson,

    I write to you in relation to your email dated 21st June 2018 concerning the practices and issues concerning a gentleman employed by the Licensing Enforcement section.  As previously advised, in order to provide full details of action taken against specific taxi drivers I will require written authorisation from the taxi drivers concerned. I have however provided details of my findings below.

    1. At no time did the council make the trade aware that they should assemble at station hill at a given time to get this new notification of a varied table of fares  

    The Licensing Enforcement Team, as part of their routine enforcement work are carrying out spot checks throughout the County Borough on vehicles to ensure that they are displaying the correct tariff. I am able to confirm an officer visited Station Hill some weeks ago, however I would like to highlight a number of other locations were also visited within the Bridgend area.  This action is in line with routine enforcement officers duties undertaken by the section. Please be advised the Licensing department has not instructed taxi drivers to assemble at station hill at a certain time.

    1.  The current tariff that is in possession by some including the BIT organisation does not state the tariff has been amended as at January 2018. There are no minutes visible to support the same on the council website  

    I am advised that the information provided on the current tariff sheet is correct in relation to taxi fares.  The Legislation governing credit card surcharges was national legislation, removing the ability to charge in addition to the approved fare and was removed from the tariff sheet.  I have been advised  that the issue surrounding credit card surcharges is not deemed a variation  and therefore did not  required a Cabinet decision and Public Consultation to remove. This would further explain why you are unable to retrieve any minutes in connection with this matter.

    1. Currently it gives the idea that the current table was in force since 2011. The table of fares is a fraudulent representation of the facts in 2018. 

    Please see response above in relation to this issue.

    Having investigated your concerns highlighted above, based on the information submitted I have found no evidence to indicate any misconduct in relation to the above matters raised. If you have any further evidence from the taxi drivers in question please provide me with the detail along with the appropriate authorisation as advised previously.

    Kind regards


    Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01D0B8A3.D8EB1750

    Christina Hill |  Operational Manager Commercial Services

    Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

    Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

    Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, Caerdydd a Bro Morgannwg

    Phone/ Ffon : 01446 709344

    Mobile phone | Ffôn symudol: 07966550947

    Email / E-bost:

    Website / Gwefan

    The Council welcomes correspondence in English or Welsh and we will ensure that we communicate with you in the language of your choice, whether that’s English, Welsh or in Bilingual format as long as we know which you prefer. Please to register your language choice. If we do not receive your language choice, we will continue to correspond with you in accordance with current procedure. Corresponding in Welsh will not lead to any delay.

    Mae’r Cyngor yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg a Saesneg a byddwn yn sicrhau ein bod yn cyfathrebu â chi yn yr iaith o’ch dewis, boed yn Saesneg, yn Gymraeg neu’n ddwyieithog cyhyd â’n bod yn ymwybodol o’ch dewis. Cysylltwch â i nodi dewis iaith. Os na fyddwn yn derbyn eich dewis iaith, byddwn yn parhau i gyfathrebu â chi yn unol â’r weithdrefn bresennol. Ni fydd gohebu yn Gymraeg yn creu unrhyw oedi

    200 (5)

    Stage one complaint
    • Mr MoneyPenny <>
      To:Christina Hill
      13 Jul at 16:35


      After phoning your mobile number which did not pick up I phoned the office number. They gave me 01446 709 344 which diverts back to council offices. How can you discuss a complaint if the phone diverts away from your location?
      So that would be my first stage one complaint
      My 2nd complaint would be you are jumping from a serious complaint in May to a spot check ridiculous in late June. Although I appreciate the replies,  I must question why you have jumped to a complaint further down the line given the council have had more than 8 weeks to look at it given they wrote they already were or at least Will Lane did.
      So stage one complaint today – council is delaying the issue Will Lane wrote about. Beyond resonable time.
      My complaints are being delayed and I am not getting proper notification that you have received the complaints. Thus far I have had only one letter in the post.
      I have had no letters confirming you have mal administration complaint/s
      After another week even the chief executive allows you this ridiculousness?
      Yours sincerely
      Senior Partner
      BIT organisation
    • BEFORE TARIFF – Recently taken picture
      No automatic alt text available.
      AS AT 18 JAN 2018
No automatic alt text available.
TAXI DRIVERS AND TAXI FIRMS SHOULD QUOTE BIT NEWS FORENSIC EXPOSURE TO CLAIM £1 per transaction from Bridgend chief executive’s offfice

Biblical Miracle unfolds-Ogmore by sea to Bridgend Wales-Local Taxi Driver sees parting of sea just like Moses did it

Taxi Watch Dog – calls out like Moses – for Bridgend Taxis to be lead to freedom and out of bondage, a miracle for the Bridgend public to witness on your screen and across the borough – Wales too. Pull up that screen, catch that taxi driver miracle scene, with a thriller, and a knock out punch at the end, like Mike Tyson is in Town for some real heavy weight action


Christina hill of Vale of Glamorgan corporate complaints, gets an email message that goes back to Mosses and the Bible, and the parting of the sea, a true miracle today uncovered. Taxi Watch Dog takes the sign from God like Moses, and looks over Ogmore by sea from Angel St, to free Bridgend Taxis  – Get the real story in today’s news as it ripples its way to Porthcawl Mid Glamorgan Wales

Do you get taxis? Have you read a biblical story? It’s a Bridgend first right here


Go Catch that BIT, of a biblical story to remember, and so it was written in Bridgend for you to witness


Is this the wrath of Moses and God’s Will, we ask the public, after many years under a slave master will they go free – Bridgend county borough council administration the pharaoh

Related image

Bridgend Taxis or Drive, is locked in, and we show you how, so maybe you too can unpick the lock we call a Bridgend council scandal, now out there, for you to realise, next time you see a Bridgend borough Cabbie

Image result for egyptian slaves gif

Cabbies need and want freedom, and a parting of the sea, as taxis must come home to the promise land they call – Bridgend their taxi economic survival, with all depending on that income, and so, it has been written just for you. They are shackled ladies and gentleman

A life in chains for all who dare to be a taxi drive in this Bridgend council land

Image result for spartacus in chains

Taxis and Bridgend Cabs need escape the evil policies. Is Bridgend County borough Council maladministration beliefs or pagan like taxi policies good today, we ask the public?

Let the public see the truth and the biblical proportions of it all

tenor (41).gif

The struggle goes on to lead the Bridgend Taxi Trade into new pastures, even if it means new commandments for the trade, and a better way of life for taxi driver people or taxi trade people, to escape from the old ways under a Council leadership seen as a dictatorship and not democratic at all, with strange beliefs or pagan policies for the trade


The BIT organisation expose the complaint of biblical proportions that Christina Hill is now faced with, in an opening email in short, of the many complaints now on the tablet for all Bridgend council heads to consider including shared regulatory services.


Image result for file copy images

tenor (42).gif

We go live now with Bridgend county borough council legal department – Charlotte Branford, whilst Christina Hill Vale of Glamorgan complaints, has run silent or is still looking for Da Plane or on it to fantasy Island Bridgend borough one Cab driver said


This is a BIT NEWS Taxi News forensic Exposure for the file, in the public domain so you too can catch that BIT of action, even if you think, you think like an ombudsman or a Sherlock Holmes or a law man or law woman

We go back prior to an email which was triggered following lies from Bridgend Cabinet and Will Lane in writing to the BIT Senior Partner previously exposed on BIT NEWS

Image result for going back in time

images (3)

Mr MoneyPenny <>

14 May at 03:30

Re: Stage 1 Complaint – constant delays and irregularities (public copy version)

Without prejudice

Good day morning

I am astonished on how fast this complaint has been picked up after an email to Karen Williams that I will not tolerate any further communication from Will Lane after his unprofessional rant with irrelevance, given we are further down the line since my last stage one complaint where matters were supposed to be resolved going forward, For avoidance of doubt they have not

It is obvious to me now that both Will lane and Dave Holland have split standard’s, coupled with cllr Patel. At least that’s what we call it after investigating this unusual case


On doing some further research it is obvious to me that their are split standards as part of the way the taxi trade is treated and those standards are now obvious. One rule for one borough but a total contradiction when it comes to the other 2 even though the same personnel are involved. A clear case of denial if ever it was recorded

tenor (44).gif

How the trade are expected to see a fair complaint process is beyond me under the circumstances as both parties are guilty of mal practice – Shared regulatory services, Bridgend county borough council-Cabinet and chief executive

The brief email complaint does not cover the slow and constant delay strategy applied by Bridgend Cabinet and Council operations.

download (7)

It’s a farce. Not even Dave Holland can come on the record after writing to me in February this year, even though I asked for an explanation to the wording in his letter, which to date I have had no response now some 3 months down the road. A subject recorded on BITNEWS725


Cllr Patel is aware and so is licensing. The practices of the 3 are not only unfair but illogical under the circumstances if you take their own contradictions into account.
BIT was set up to investigate the irregularities that many have been complaining about and I have experienced over the years.


The trade is constantly manipulated. Shared regulatory service are part of that manipulation, all of which has been covered in Bridgend”s only taxi news. When a council is super busy and that little BIT extra

As a Bridgend taxi driver myself, I now fall foul of the same inconsistencies and it would appear licensing expect me to follow their mal practices and comply with it as part of having a Bridgend taxi badge even if it means – I must be singled out inappropriately.


Dave Holland himself ignores communication or even written communication sent to him directly. Yvonne Witchell taxi licensing the same and Cabinet, including complaints. There is a strong pattern which has occurred time and time again which has been reported in BIT News even recently and over the facebook time line


Will lane of shared regulatory services will state he hasn’t got the time to address the issues and will fabricate the truth of the matter and not even base his replies on real research, instead he will aid the problem by stating untruths or irrelevant comments as if he has a prejudice against the taxi trade. Which from his replies suggests he does otherwise we the trade would not face delays and inconsistencies that even amount to misrepresentation on how communications are dealt with or breaching the councils own charter or the wording stated on their website. All of which has been reported in Bridgend”s only taxi news.

The many complaint issues are detailed in the news and go back to the day BIT started compiling the events and subsequent irregularities that many have told us about which I have now experienced for myself and uncovered the same for the public to see.

Related image

It’s been an all to familiar pattern for cabinet to write something publicly, but act completely differently in practice when you either talk to licensing or read minutes relating to the taxi trade. Delays are the norm that goes far beyond reasonable, the tactics are effectively despicable if affecting a business or trade


What is clear – when the Bridgend county borough council want to act quickly they do.

Image result for bridgend council offices

When the Bridgend county borough council want to string you along and keep it under wraps with shared regulatory services involvement also, as they do, one can be waiting years for nothing to happen.


Only false promises by Bridgend county borough council’s administration or mal administration with Bridgend Cabinet firmly up for bat, that can adopt devilish strategies to see fare proposal delayed, fare proposals tampered with, consultations delayed, communications delayed, or just not replied to, or poor excuses to manipulate mal practices, that leave many taxis, Bridgend Cab driver’s and firms, not knowing what is going on if you are part of the local Bridgend taxi trade.

tenor (48).gif

Not to mention special treatment for some, if they, the Bridgend Cabinet, licensing, Policy officer, shared regulatory services, see fit. Corrupt ways think many taxi drivers hardened to their borough’s taxi policy ways, over many years, and at the very least the last 7 years.


All you have to do is check the true account by the BIT Partner’s, compiled by the BIT organisation as part of their remit still today

In September last year if the process was fair or the administration not inept, a tariff would have been chosen, and put out for consultation for all to comment on. By now the matter would have been resolved

If we take the Cardiff example or an efficient example, which is not really needed, but required in this case, we would not be where we or the trade are today – Zip, nada, nothing accomplished, only lies as it turns out by the administration that is BCBC all the way to Cabinet and councillors if you go check the news file we call BIT NEWS since the lies started in 2016 as the BIT organisation see it since they set up shop. The first lies stick out since the BIT organisation met with Yvonne Witchell team head licensing. An episode we would love Yvonne Witchell to make a witness statement on given the chance

Image result for you're having a tin bath only fools and horses

The string along and the revisiting is evident, even the request to submit a formula should you wish. Well we did that in 2017 and the document was tampered with and the formula removed – fraud I say. Why take the contents out a re word it and then quote someone as saying those things, unless you intent to tamper with the process and hide the facts, of which there were many hidden as a result


What 2nd time around you though we would not notice and so cancel out the first fraud. Well Bridgend Cabinet have had the first document, I suggest you resurrect it as stated in an email previously whilst we deal with this pass the buck game to delay a taxi fare increase for as long as you like. Never mind Cabinet Agenda’s and the BIT Agenda

200 (4).gif

It appears the council and Cabinet strategies even expose themselves as ridiculous 2nd time around or in general. When you ask will a revisited proposal be tampered with again, you get no reply.


However Premier cars can submit a proposal and it is not tampered with? I note the document is not available online.

Image result for ai am as mad AS HELL BUT I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE

Cabinet leader ordered that there should be a trade consultation after rejecting 3 fare proposals from the trade. The header – head of department, decided to waste time by only asking the same 3 people the same question, that being if they agreed with their proposal, or would they like to put in a new one, as the BIT investigation uncovered.


There was never a real consultation with the trade as the council leader would have it go down or the chief executive for that matter, not forgetting licensing and officers, with shared regulatory service headers in the mix too, all pretending there is this integral consultation going on with the trade that is taking much time to achieve or not achieve


Unusually no one else – Taxi firm or Taxi drivers were given the opportunity to submit a proposal or a new one, or give their view, You know, like in a public consultation, or given drive a dealing to do so. Not even BIT were given a deadline on when this Micky mouse process was to end . But yet on more than one occasion we were advised the proposal submission period had closed. That’s what is written in the file as evidence obtained from this administration in mal administration


But yet, others were really not even advised the consultation was opened or even closed. What would the public make of that?


We asked are all the current fare proposals live including the Burke proposal and what was said given licensing were instructed to contact those that submitted a fare proposal that was rejected by Cabinet. No answer to that question either.

Image result for back to the future

Our investigation found that at least one of the people that had submitted a proposal was no longer a taxi driver working in the trade and therefore we saw the proposal as dead. As usual when it suits licensing or shared regulatory services or Cabinet they get inventive to slow matters down or ignore matters or just plain manipulate the trade or just get plain unprofessional or unreasonable.

Your letter states it will take you 10 days to investigate.

It”s amazing how when people that are responsible for taXi policies, they can go hide when they are asked to account the irregularities, and can also become bullish as a result if they feel cornered because they are used to messing the taxi trade about as if they don’t matter or the taxi trades economic survival does not matter.

But yet you can conclude an investigation within a few days of an email being sent in.

Dave HOLLAND is head of shared regulatory services, and also part of the problem and therefore cannot possibly be involved in dealing with any complaint stage and nor can Will Lane. In reality neither can shared regulatory service if the past problems for the taxi trade are anything to go by.

Image result for negotiation of settlement

My last complaint touched on the irregularities, which continue, and more. When you ask simple questions there is a habit of ignoring, the delays or the poor practices continue to show ongoing, and so we are forced to revisit all as the council’s administration dupes the taxi trade over time and over much time to the point no progress has been achieved or even implemented in good or efficient time frames deemed practical under the taxi trade’s circumstances

tenor (47).gif

As a result of the now obvious failings, and poor excuses, BIT found it necessary to visit or revisit these issues that keep rearing their ugly head time and time again as the Bridgend administration shows no mercy or sign or change . It’s apparent Cardiff don’t suffer the same problems. We have taken an objective comparison given shared regulatory services and licensing are involved not forgetting cllr Patel and the policy officer for the vale of glamorgan, Cardiff and Bridgend – Daniel Cook


You are a 3 borough unit and a management system for the 3 with a committee for the 3. But there are split standards for the taxi trade and false accounting and reporting which does not balance out if you look at taxi economics today, and taxi policies, and the actions taken as a 3 borough unit, or even separately. There is no excuse for what we call foul play by way of mal administration practices of inept delays and as much as BCBC can throw into the mix of delay dictating the automatic economic demise of the taxi trade because of an administration across the board that fails the cab driver with it’s policies causing unnecessary hardship to far to many licensed by the borough

tenor (43).gif

One would have to complain when matters of change are not implemented in good time, but pushed back or just left. A problem Cardiff taxi trade do not have..Fact.!

Our investigation shows Bridgend council refuse to look at the facts and so refuse to answer relevant questions when you go compare other taxi trades and borough actions which include boroughs under shared regulatory jurisdiction/s with heads responsible for the same boroughs

For example the taxi age and testing policy consultation:


This consultation is to invite views on proposals to change the age policy guidelines and hackney carriage and private hire vehicle testing regime.  It also seeks views on the provision for disabled taxi services in Bridgend.

Background and information

The current age policy requires all hackney carriage and private hire vehicles to be new when first licensed.  There are some exceptions currently which relate to private hire vehicles, wheelchair accessible vehicles or specialist vehicles.

The Council currently issues MOT exemption certificates following each test.

The proposal

This proposal will primarily affect applicants for new hackney carriage and private hire vehicle licences.  The Council is proposing that the existing age policy be changed as follows:

Two classes of vehicles will be introduced, Class 1 being a standard saloon, multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) or wheelchair accessible vehicle not fitted with an automated wheelchair lift, and Class 2 being a wheelchair accessible vehicle that has been fitted with an automated wheelchair lift.

It is proposed to amend the current age policy for both hackney carriage and private hire vehicles so that Class 1 vehicles, when presented for their first licence, will be under 5 years old and Class 2 vehicles, when presented for their first licence, will be under 10 years old.

In addition it is proposed to change the frequency of testing as follows:

It is proposed to amend the policy so that vehicles up to 10 years old will be tested twice per year and vehicles 10 years or older will be tested 3 times per year.

In addition it is proposed that the current testing regime be revised so that:

hackney carriage and private hire vehicles will be tested in accordance with the MOT regime administered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Alongside the MOT test, it is also proposed that vehicles will be required to undertake an additional compliance test, in accordance with the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles National Inspection Standards, produced by the Freight Transport Association, that includes items that would not be covered by an MOT test (such as a taxi roof-light).

A full copy of the proposal to consult on changes to the age policy guidelines and testing regime for hackney carriage and private hire vehicles, can be found here.

How to respond

Consultation questionnaire.

This consultation period will begin on the 18th December and close on the 31 January 2018.

In Nov 2016 we were told a report will be written up by shared regulatory services policy officer Daniel Cook, so like Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan the Bridgend taxi trade would have the same taxi vehicle age policy, or in this case a used car,  if you buy one car for taxi use.

Related image

To date that has not been implemented although the consultation has now been put out and ended without any rigmarole. But nothing else, no action

tenor (46).gif

There was no we need to talk to the trade at the time, and so it was put out for consultation for everyone to comment on including the Bridgend taxi trade. As in the case of the Intended use policy it was action-ed without the need to play games or choose unethical routes of delay that are effectively inept practices now witnessed and confirmed as the same

But since the consultation the process was or has been put on the back burner: Drivers being told we just need to do the paper work, said one licensing officer when asked what is going on.

tenor (40)

A delay that is something that does not happen in Cardiff if you examine trends or good practices for the taxi trade. The practice adopted by BCBC is unjustifiable to many in the trade including BIT. What 18 months to delay the implementation and counting? Is that not irresponsible and unreasonable? Thus forcing guys to buy new cars as a result. That would be a complaint matter to be included.

It was BIT that demanded Parity as a result of unfair bias to private hire vehicles which prompted the council’s surge to produce the elusive report finally be written up quickly, and the consultation be put into action. After that it stopped. yet again, another example of how licensing and the council’s administration manipulate the taxi trade: by as usual delaying the process without good sensible reason, other than the consistent pattern of delay even if it means years to the taxi driver in costs with their ultimate costs implications.

tenor (45).gif

Then you have the taxi fare rigmarole which again Cardiff do not have that problem. CARDIFF Proposal is put out for consultation quickly and universal taxi costs are taken into account and subsequently Cardiff jump 100 places in the national fare table. Within months, WITHOUT THE NEED TO FOLLOW THE SAME RIDICULOUS STRATEGY THAT BRIDGEND WITH SHARED REGULATORY SERVICES INVOLVEMENT have adopted as if we are on another planet a few miles down the road that does not have the same costs implications including taxi insurance. In the last fare proposal taxi insurance costs and repair costs were not taken into account when Dave Holland’s department manipulated the proposal or facts including taxi costs, nor was the minimum wage increase above 23%.


Again this issue was covered in the BIT NEWS diary file of events and facts over a time line, with so much to chew on

Image result for the three amigos

One would have to complain that shared regulatory services not only hinder the process but Bridgend Cabinet also not forgetting the 3rd Amigo called licensing. The direct result is fare proposals are manipulated by both parties and the trade suffers as a result over many years, and as a result drop 47 places in the national hackney carriage fare chart

Cardiff can put out a fare consultation the same way Bridgend can put out an age policy consultation, but Bridgend won’t put out a fare proposal consultation in the same way they did the age policy consultation thus complicating the process and leaving the trade out of pocket for years if we take the current practices into account. – A definite serious matter for a complaint or this complaint stage one complaint

When you ask Cabinet questions based on the unusual methods of contradiction, they eventually get bullish as in the case of Will Lane (shared regulatory services) and Councillor Dhanisha Patel; as only recently claimed that the document – THE BIG TAXI ISSUE- which formed part of  – BIT NEWS diary – exposure, which highlight the wasting of time which is detrimental to the trade had already been answered, when they had not.

Image result for your telling porky pies cartoon

A clear lie for even the public or an ombudsman to recognise if they go check the NEWS DIARY or Bridgend’s only Taxi News


Overall the current questions relevant now have not been answered and that is clear given the response. BIT Partner’s were of the opinion given the content Cabinet would avid answering the questions at any cost if they were playing games.

The communication from Will Lane is disturbing under the circumstances and therefore unprofessional. A fact described in the latest BIT NEWS diary and to Karen Williams also.

The method used by both parties involved in the process is hindering the taxi trade and their economic survival. In comparison the council’s strategy with licensing is inconsistent and now shown to be unfair in comparison to how even Cardiff work recently. It’s just not good business for the taxi driver or the taxi trade or even for a council who regulate the taxi trade


The trade are being manipulated to their detriment and that is apparent and clear. BIT set out to establish that was the case and have discovered after going through the motions; the trade are in a bad place as a result of the bullish and unusual practices that give not only BIT reason to complain but many others that do not have the time to complain, because they know what they are up against after suffering these poor practices by BCBC and personnel in high places; like shared Regulatory services, including Cabinet and cllr Patel in this case as it turns out.


When Cabinet and others breach their own communication charter that is a serious matter. When licensing ignore emails or fail to answer them that is a serious matter.

All these matters are a serious matter of complaint or stage one complaints, especially when there is a pattern over time.

We can no longer stand by and tolerate the consistent abuse of the taxi trade for years when we go compare shared regulatory services in action with licensing and Cabinet decisions involved.


The BIT organisation was set up to target the problems, so they can be exposed, and become a genuine case for complaint.

Image result for without prejudice

We have never set out to target people personally but their conduct has been in question as a result of either their remit in office or their behaviour in office or the lack of professionalism as a result or the constant delays by an administration called BCBC

It has been common place for licensing to try and either ignore the problem or just try and manipulate the problem that overall is not only unfair, but also undemocratic but yet evident as a practice or policy or standard procedure


Taxi drivers have a say and those bodies responsible should not make it look like they have a say and then deny them of it or force those that do have a say to turn the other cheek. Certainly delays costly to the taxi trade should not be a benefit to the BCBC administration or Bridgend Cabinet

Again BIT was set up to seek out those bits of unfair play and expose them and all those that participate in ensuring fair play is not exercised.

Image result for shiver me timbers

Our news may not be to everyone’s liking but it does serve as a warning to those that think there is democracy for taxi drivers, who are thinking of applying for a taxi badge. It is a warning for those that think Parity is exercised by licensing.  It’s a warning to those that think fair play is common place. It’s a warning to those that think they will be dealt with fairly by taxi licensing and Cabinet. It’s a warning to those that submit proposals or are thinking of them. It’s a warning of what to expect from individuals in office as part of a BCBC administration in mal administration, if you are a taxi driver. It shows the facts to the best of its ability in the public interests in the public domain for even you to understand


It’s a fair way of getting to the problem and exposing the same. It shows the poor practices of an organisation/s and their administration connected to the potential well being of a taxi driver. It is a account of who, what, when and why. It shows the irregularities and unfair practices of BCBC and shared regulatory services day by day, that have affected taxi drivers for years, if not decades under BCBC administration, including council leaders and Cabinet leaders, chief executives and those heads of departments responsible for taxi matters or decisions that affect the industry ot local taxi trade

The news shows a forensic account of the difficulties the Bridgend taxi driver and trade must endure unfairly and the injustices as a result.


I hope you will investigate it all and find a resolution for the trade that will correct the many failures we have uncovered during our almost 2 year investigation that brought us to the most recent communication which has not been addressed, because that would not sit right with an unprofessional of shared regulatory services, and any others that aid the poor practices today that hinder the well being of the Bridgend taxi trade, compared to others under the same 3 boroughs.

We don’t live in a bubble in Bridgend and therefore must speak out as we are no different to Cardiff as we have costs and expenses, but have found it impossible to get any sense from those that dictate our business demise.

I trust this clarifies the matter.

I trust you will dig deep and report what else has not been rectified which is covered in BITNEWS725.





SA17 4LD

Tel: 0871 789 1234

A live recording with Bridgend county borough council telling them the BIT organisation have been compiling the forensic file for the ombudsman to catch the council in the act

Martin Luther king had a dream and got shot for it.


Nelson Mandela had a dream and got jailed for it. 

Related image

Who was it that said – let my people go

Related image
Hill, Christina <>
8 Jun at 16:29

Dear Mr Nelson,

 My apologies for the delay in respect of the completion of  my  investigation of your complaint, you will appreciate that you have brought a number of significant matters to my attention which has required thorough investigation along with meetings of officers involved.

 My email is to advise that I am yet to conclude my findings and due to pre-planned leave arrangements I am unlikely to be in a position to provide a response until Friday 29th June.

 I can assure you I am looking into the matters you have raised and hope you will find my conclusion helpful.

Many thanks


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01D0B8A3.D8EB1750

Christina Hill |  Operational Manager Commercial Services

Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan



The public and you should take special note – the full stage one complaint/s of mal administration with the examples for the same will be reported or and published in the taxi news- file Diary, for the public to see and the ombudsman, as we release the facts into the public domain for the hard cold truth of it all as Bridgend county bourogh council fiddle the taxi driver for years and much more. Fact, ladies and gentleman. Is it a case of the games that people play? That is the message that goes out to you

There is no missing that one if you look back 7 years and in between or check BIT NEWS by TAXI WATCH DOG Wales – BIT organisation, for the file facts on the Bridgend taxis Case by The Taxi Watch Dog team



download (6)

Related image

Darren Mepham -Chief Executive -Bridgend Council Leader Councillor Huw David questioned on Taxi Fraud-Taxi Slavery-Both Judged to be slow, deliberately causing Mayhem in a cover up story

TAXI WATCH DOG WALES SERVES BRIDGEND COUNCIL CHIEF EXECUTIVE WITH A FRAUD NOTICE IN CONNECTION WITH THE FACT – THE LEADER OF THE COUNCIL CAN’T ADD UP AND IS SLOW – Mephem Mayhem sweeps Bridgend Taxis In an email sent by the BIT organisations this morning Darren Mephem chief executive is put on notice of the mayhem around him, and … Continue reading “Darren Mepham -Chief Executive -Bridgend Council Leader Councillor Huw David questioned on Taxi Fraud-Taxi Slavery-Both Judged to be slow, deliberately causing Mayhem in a cover up story”



In an email sent by the BIT organisations this morning Darren Mephem chief executive of Bridgend Council, is put on notice of the mayhem around him, and the results of the same for Bridgend Cabs and Bridgend Taxis in the borough today, as a result of simple practices being abused by BCBC says BIT Partner’s heading the investigation into fraud and more for the local taxi trade in Bridgend. which has seen the taxi trade starved of wages unusually or even unethically by those that make those distinctions

BIT Partner’s now task the chief executive to deal with his administration of mal administration and answer questions……

tenor (37)

Bridgend Cabbies effectively forced to work below minimum wage as a result of this fraud case the BIT organisation continue to expose in the public domain for all to see if you crunch numbers since the Leader of the council with a chief executive signed off on nothing for the trade, as nothing has happened as part of their taxi plan,


A strategy worked over time still crippling Bridgend taxis or Bridgend Cabs since 2012 and to this day, if you look at the upfront facts dished out by the executive and Bridgend Cabinet, with fraud in the mix at executive level. Does the Chief executive look bothered we ask the public


Not forgetting ones civic duty to pay the going rate for cabs or taxis if you regulate them. Know your taxis, something Bridgend Cabinet tell stories about or pretend they don’t understand but yet again they do, especially when it falls into the chief executive’s domain

Related image

When you examine the facts and look at the numbers,the council leader we are sure makes sure he earns more than the minimum wage and so does the Bridgend council chief executive. But when it comes to taxis, don’t be surprised if they kick them in to touch with special blends of mal practices and mal administration, to keep Cabs on the bread line or below the bread line forcing many to work far beyond 55 hours a week to try and make a living after all the costs involved including taxi rental at some £220 per week and £115 to work with a cab firm locally on average. That is only one flip side for the industry with their vehicle costs, not only for drivers, but also vehicle proprietors

Image result for lets go 50 50

Image result for less fuel consumption cars

As for those drivers that go for  the 50 – 50 split cash scheme with the cab firm. i’ll let you do the maths on that one after fuel and time = Not a lot especially during the day at some 40 pence a mile adrift. You ever watched paint dry for free said one cab driver describing the economic depression for taxis in Bridgend borough on the rank going local or around town area and beyond


A huge task for even a member of the public to contemplate. And that is only one side of the taxi costs coin with many edges that equal costs to stay on the road

Image result for illegal to pay below minimum wage

Image result for i get a kick out of you

A minimum wage issue reported by the Burke proposal rejected last year by the council leader with his song and dance routine, which many call it so today, which has achieved absolutely nothing in common sense or foresight or wise decision making, under the circumstances,tells Senior BIT Partner after going through the file after a thorough investigation into the irregularities including fraud-regarding content received by chief executive and signed for by way of a stamp as received,used at the civic offices reception, delivered by the Senior BIT Partner, and then posted on Bit News facebook diary for public intelligence and recognition

Image result for taxi licensing image

A year down the line and several years on, 7 years on chief executives and council leader just delivers death to taxi incomes for all those they collect licensing fees from gladly. A true killing by the council and taxi licensing all the way to the top


Again obstructing the Bridgend Taxi trade of getting their just pay which should move with the times or economic times. A knock out blow for any taxi trade in Wales to the death

giphy (72)

The BIT organisation as TAXI WATCH DOG send the following email to the Chief Executive of Bridgend Council 

09 May 16:19 – for the public record to show
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    6 Jul at 10:29
    Dear SIr
    I am to understand that the ombudsman’s office has been in contact with you regarding a complaint from the BIT organisation. A matter that will be referred back to the ombudsman in due course.
    However at this time we have a more pressing matter and therefore must come on the record in the public interests especially as you are the chief executive who thus far has ignored every communication sent you from the BIT organisation since 2017
    On the 09th May Will Lane came on the record for councillor Patel. We thank them both for coming on the record as it was very news worthy for the public and the ombudsman service
    An extract from the email:

    I note that you have recently raised separate issues in your email of the 4th May from (Mr MoneyPenny account) which will be responded to separately.

    I look forward to your co-operation with the above.

    Kind regards,

    Will Lane | Operational Manager Neighbourhood Services

    Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

    Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

    Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, Caerdydd ar Bro Morgannwg

    Mr Mepham as it is the 06/07/2018 now several weeks since the learned Will Lane came on the record, can we please have an explanation as to what is happening regarding the matter that Will Lane refers to.
    We also note our records show that a proposal document was handed in at civic offices addressed to the chief executive
    and signed for last year which was tampered later  with., Is it normal practice for documents sent you to be tampered with in what some call a fraudulent manner?
    We look forward to action from the Chief executive on this matter so we can understand that BIT
    Yours Sincerely
    For and on behalf of the Taxi Watch Dog in Wales – BIT organisation
    BIT organisation
    Tel: 0871 789 1234

    The Leader of the Council

    The Leader of the Council, Councillor Huw David

    The Leader of the Council is elected every year at the Annual Meeting of Council which normally takes place in May. The Leader is usually the group leader of the majority political party.

    Image result for i'm the leader cartoon

    This was the learned gentleman that was able to work out the Bridgend public needed to pay 4.5% more in council tax,but could not work out taxi facts or maths or the fact that the minimum wage went up some 24% since the last taxi fare increase in 2011 which he has been holding down obviously if you read the diary says TAXI WATCH DOG – BIT organisation. So far Huw David council leader and Darren Mepham have delivered nothing but a duck egg for Bridgend Taxis and the Bridgend Cabs trade


    As reported on the editors diary

    Bit Newscouncil leader Huw David only trained to work out tax maths but not taxi maths

    Bridgend council leader balances the council tax with a 4.5% increase but can’t work out taxi fares and trends in neighboring boroughs.

    We Catch that BIT from Wales online where the leader of the council spoke

    Speaking at a full council meeting, leader Huw David said: “Every one of the 22 councils in Wales is increasing, or proposing to increase, its council tax this year.

    “We’re not doing it because we want to, we’re doing it because there is no realistic, sustainable alternative


    The learned Council Leader has successfully stalled the taxi fares for now another almost a year with his nonsense, say many taxi drivers on the rank in Bridgend that have not been economically fit since 2012


    The Leader is the political head who often speaks on behalf of the council and provides clear leadership for the council’s strategies or in this case – the mal practices strategies for borough taxis by Bridgend county borough council directors and executives if you go look


    After being ignored by The Chief Executive whenever BIT organisation made email contact,the BIT organisation now goes public so all can catch that BIT of coming on the record to confirm the chief executive got that BIT out there in the public domain


    BIT organisation – A free service to the public and the now established TAXI WATCH DOG so even the public can catch that BIT

    Image result for shiver me timbers pirate

    The TAXI WATCH DOG in Wales Today investigating the Bridgend case in the public interests


    A local taxi trade forever not going through to the next round when economics dictate they should when you are dealing with headers says local Drive during a recent BIT survey -TAXI Watch DOG survey


    We bring you that recording that confirms the chief executive got that email today live and direct to a screen near you from the TAXI WATCH DOG right here in the green green grass of home, now on the record for even a would be ombudsman to catch or just you, to catch that BIT

    The current Leader of Bridgend County Borough Council is Councillor Huw David (External link – Opens in a new tab or window), who is supported in his role by the Deputy Leader, Councillor Hywel Williams (External link – Opens in a new tab or window).


    The Leader, Councillor Huw David
    Telephone: 01656 643225
    Address: Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31 4WB.

Bridgend Taxi leasing Cab rental firms and Cabs-Complain of sleeping scrutiny committee council members Angel St, licensing mistakes, antiquated procedures, granny processes like 1847


Image result for artificial intelligence cartoon

Overview and Scrutiny Committees – Bridgend County Borough Council report –
Let the Public – See the Bridgend council asleep and snore in taxi department with council leader  apparently a labour of love fan

Image result for UB40 Signing Off

The BIT organisation – Public awareness special report
Bad News-Bridgend County Borough Council-

The manager with many years in the taxi trade in Wales voiced his complaints after dealing with Bridgend Taxi licensing and their BCBC committee scrutiny meetings Agenda process at Angel Street Civic offices for taxis and private hire vehicles, when you go contact us for complaints Bridgend licensing or license complaints Bridgend County Borough Council contact details. Cab rental firm with Cab sales outlet said –  If I was to describe the whole affair with time and costs and as a looker on, I can say it was…..


A subject that the Taxi Watch Dog – BIT organisation have been pointing out to Bridgend county borough council Cabinet leader, now many months on,



Image result for uncle albert during the war gif

Councillor Dhanisha Patel of the same Bridgend Cabinet or labour controlled Cabinet Council gets involved too as mentioned in those minutes rejecting taxi fare prpopals x 3 showing again why everyone that gets hooked by the BCBC system ends up saying to Bridgend Council leaders or taxi licensing…


The recent BIT report after review stated one Bridgend Cab driver went through the Bridgend committee system for taxis which you have to sit and wait potentially weeks before the next committee meeting, whilst the vehicle is insured. As Bridgend committee meetings of scrutiny with Agendas are every month if you wish to go down the groveller process, one Bridgend Cab driver called it

tenor (40).gif

Bridgend and Porthcawl Cab firms and cab rental firms need to wait and bare the costs – license fees of an already expensive process compared to other boroughs, who can do the same process in a day without all the old time process. or out of date browse Bridgend Council committee meetings processes adopted by Bridgend Council and their meetings with Agendas and much scrutiny as they walk around the car saying…


So you must have a car go up in front of Bridgend council committee scrutiny, which is costly because the Bridgend committee only meet once a month and therefore your woud be taxi vehicle would have to be insured whilst you wait for approval.


When you get there be prepared for some Bridgend Council committee members to be actually asleep on Bridgend Agendas, and meetings for scrutiny. The job process in this important Bridgend taxi licensing application process, looks absolutely ridiculous in today’s world.


Then look forward to your granny walking around the car saying what a lovely car it is said one Bridgend private hire cab driver. Yes folks that is how this ancient parliamentary process goes down for the Bridgend taxi trade that is so slow people catch colds in the cold and grow old with a labour tradition if you look at Wiki

Related image

A Bridgend Taxis or Porthcawl Cabs process that does not happen like this in any other part of Taxi Wales, the experienced trade outfit explained

Related image

Matter of fact a taxi licensing committee for Bridgend Taxis or Porthcawl Cabs and Cab rental firms for Bridgend – is some kind of wonderful if you look at surrounding boroughs, and deep into other areas of the country including Wales of course, and England as things are a lot faster and straight forward without needless losses for the taxi trade dealing with Bridgend Council scrutiny committees and Bridgend Taxi licensing fees


Many Taxi drivers and taxi rental firms get fooled into thinking Bridgend taxi licensing and their – Overview and Scrutiny Committees – Bridgend County Borough Council will not be costly and a waste of time especially when Bridgend Taxi licensing end up bungling the license application process for taxis and taxi rental firms or Bridgend taxi leasing firms as a matter of course



Bridgend county borough Council Cabinet and the Leader of the Cabinet now put BIT organisation email in the spam categories communication folder, to avoid dealing with the matter or accounting the slow needless processes, and costly delays for all that come into contact with taxi licensing policies and inept 1847 processes, with all those at Bridgend council involved in taxis and decisions


Who is responsible for these practices and taxi factors for applications taxis Bridgend Council that go back to 1847?

The chief executive, councillors, the leader of the Bridgend Cabinet, Bridgend council committee members meetings and scrutiny chairs included, with any documented minutes published by those involved in council meeting minutes that confirm the ancient processes that hinder Bridgend Taxis  – Bridgend Cabs or Bridgend taxi rental firms or Bridgend Cab rental firms –Bridgend Cab firms or Bridgend Taxi firms or Bridgend taxi leasing firms, is alive and stinking at it as if it is 1847 and they have not got real in 2018 or any time sooner

kidding blind.gif

Bridgend borough County Council Cabinet once accepted communication as part of the effort of change for Bridgend Cabs, but now they spam category their own voters, or those they regulate like taxis and Bridgend Cab fares. In the words of the TV comedian….


Bridgend Cabinet leader under Labour don’t even bother to take it any further or take that BIT further, as if they were elected for office with the idea they have integrity in mind when serving the public

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Yet Bridgend Cabinet and Cabinet leader now reject communications to cover up lies told by Cllr Patel and Will Lane of shared regulatory services, because or inept decisions by The elected Council Leader in 2018, relating to Bridgend Taxi fares proposals rejected again and again over the years, with consultations delayed regarding a change that would see licensing enforcement officers not pick on taxi drivers in the borough because they have old taxis/cabs

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Consultation and fare proposals, you name it, Bridgend Committees block it and generally stall any processes which they can control or stall indefinitely – Bridgend Council do it because it suits them to do so, said Senior BIT Partner, if you go look at our ongoing forensic investigation for the public to see, what they vote or do not vote for, or envisage is actually happening to the deprived Bridgend Taxi Trade, says the TAXI WATCH DOG in Wales today as a result

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The BIT organisation brings you another live recording of two telephone calls – one with Bridgend Complaints-legal department, another with contact with The leader of Bridgend county borough council Cabinet office, so you too can catch that BIT in the public domain from The BIT organisation live and direct to a screen near you now



The BIT Partner’s complete investigation when having to deal with lies from Bridgend Cabinet Council or Cabinet leader’s office in 2018 , still in hiding or blocking you out when it gets too hot dealing with that BIT in the public domain for the Bridgend public to know about as the Bridgend Taxi trade have had enough of the pretence even when you browse council Cabinet and committee meetings minutes relating to the Bridgend Taxi trade, Mid Glamorgan Wales.

News that Bridgend council don’t put out when you go check

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After an email was sent to Bridgend Cabinet leaders office as usual, suddenly the Cabinet leader’s PA Karen Williams has put in a new mechanism for that BIT organisation


Automatic reply: [SUSPECTED SPAM] habitual vote of no confidence
  • Karen Williams (Leader’s PA) <>
    To:Mr MoneyPenny
    18 Jun at 09:27

    I am away from the office and will return on 18/06/18.

    Please e-mail or contact

    Ext 3225 if you require further assistance.

    Rwyf i ffwrdd o’r swyddfa a bydd yn dychwelyd ar 18/06/18.  Anfonwch e-bost neu gysylltu Ext 3225 os oes angen rhagor o gymorth arnoch

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cabinetoffice <>
12 Sep 2017 at 16:32

Hi Mr Nelson,

As requested, I confirm that I have received a telephone call from you today, putting forward your views on a number of Licensing issues.

I also confirm that I will pass on your concerns the Leader and Cabinet.

Kindest regards,



Karen Williams

Ffôn/Phone: (01656) 643225       

Karen Williams (Leader’s PA) <>
Cc:Cllr Dhanisha Patel,licensing
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10 May at 12:22

Hi Mr Nelson,

I acknowledge your e-mail below.

Kind regards,



Karen Williams

Ffôn/Phone: (01656) 643225  

Karen Williams (Leader’s PA) <>
To:Mr MoneyPenny
6 Dec 2017 at 00:16

I am away from the office and will return on 6th December 2017.

Please e-mail or contact

Louise on Ext 3225 if you require further assistance.

Rwyf i ffwrdd o’r swyddfa a bydd yn dychwelyd ar 6th

Rhagfyr 2017.  Anfonwch e-bost

uk neu gysylltu â Louise ar Ext 3225 os oes angen rhagor o gymorth arnoch.

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Welcome to Bridgend County Borough Council’s media centre. These pages feature latest news from the county borough, and you can also keep up to date by following us on social media.


The BIT organisation via BITNEWS725 continue their TAXI WATCH DOG BIT NEWS facebook campaign to allow the Bridgend Public to know how Bridgend Council leader- leader of the council democracy treats Bridgend Cabbie or Bridgend Drive – ridiculously, as well as unfairly, with shamefully woefully inept policies, on democratic matters that affect Bridgend Taxi fares and taxi economics as well as Porthcawl Cabs and Bridgend Cabs,  with strategies that deliberately slow down the taxis in Bridgend and starve them of income, and make it extremely difficult for Bridgend and Porthcawl Cab taxi leasing firms and others as far as Maesteg or located in the county borough

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The forensic facts you can follow, at the very least since this Bridgend council Cabinet leader was elected, and since the BIT organisations formation which is designed to expose the shocking story of it all for many a poor taxi drive in Bridgend borough today under a labour part grip

The BIT organisation and it’s TAXI WATCH DOG team tell the Bridgend public


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Taxi Watch Dog Talks to South Wales Police and Madeline Moon MP for Labour about getting a runner from Bridgend council cabinet members scrutiny chairs as if it is not unusual

Be a fly on the wall as South Wales Police to look into and learn lessons in the way they handle Cab Bilking in Bridgend borough – doing a runner – Get the story with audio right here folks, learn something new about South Wales Police and their progressive ways, as in many cases South Wales Police turn Cab bilking into a civil matter for local Cabbies when it is not, and as a result  local borough Cab drivers or Bridgend Cab drivers fall victim to Police poor professional standards in their borough or your Town or City for the South Wales Police area, is the claim by cab drivers working their beat in a taxi in parts of Wales including West Wales when you network the problem

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An all too familiar story for Bridgend borough Cabbies regulated by the Bridgend Borough Council at their civic offices in Angel street, Bridgend

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See The video exposure in Porthcawl with Porthcawl in the wallet.

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Catch a Bridgend Taxi Driver with a bunny boiler, short of wonga, with plenty of attitude, a Sweet Charity even for the South Wales Police, who too can see and get that live experience or BIT, right here for facebook hackers or police investigators, up for training in Cab bilking which of course is the legal term for doing a runner and not wanting to pay for services by taxi or Bridgend Cabs or Bridgend Taxis going about their shifts taking them from a to b for free in many occurances


The South Wales Police and the public see it today on how to best do it if you are thinking Cab Bilking. and all civil like with fraud potentially in mind and how to beat it –tenor (39).gif

See the Video Exclusive available only to BIT NEWS – TAXI WATCH DOG- THE FIGHT IS ON –

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A recent recording of a 999 call and another about a female Aberkenfig Police officer in Mid Glamorgan, Wales, which was released this week to the trade and Bridgend council Complaints or legal department,  which confirms during the recorded interview with Jason Wilcox of South Wales police, stationed at Aberkenfig Police station, that a discussion went on as part of a real complaint for the Welsh Taxi Trade/s today- On how the Police turn Cab bilking – doing a runner, into a civil matter for a Cab driver most times, allowing the runners to continue their old tricks time and time again. listen in to the live recording after the South Wales Police officer was advised calls are recorded


Let the public hear the case for the cab driver right here


WHAT A TAXI TRADE WATCH DOG DOES – Take A Look at the ass they call a runner with South Wales Police 

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In this case the Bridgend taxi driver asks South Wales Police or the CPS – crime prosecution service to pay the fare as they keep turning Cab bilking into a civil matter for Bridgend Drive. So now a real investigation by Police professional Standards continues after the Aberkenfig Police dropped the ball in August last year by saying it was a civil matter after they turned it into one themselves and failed to collect on it. Let the truth be out the Police system stated 4 days to pay when Drive checked a week later to find out what was going on.

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It back fired you all after South Wales Police even took a statement of the offense, from the Bridgend taxi driver, and said the Rabbit will be caged for a BIT, in so many words, tells the Bridged Taxi driver. The Officer that took the statement said he would be pulled in now.


Then another officer, as reported last year, went civil on Drive and it became a nonsense case for the Police until now, as they now investigate the unusual case for them, but a common case for Bridgend Cabs or Bridgend Taxis or plain old Cab Drive on a night shift to earn a living when already subject to below fares in Bridgend Wales, as our report covers in previous blogs including the online diary of Bit News FaceBook the editors uncut file version in short on the time line in the cloud


In areas like Maesteg and others in the borough it is common for a Cabbie to be called a robbing bleep and then the runner makes off without payment.

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Many people are reported to just go in their homes and shut the door leaving Drive outside. In a lot of cases Drive gets put off when making a 999 cal for Cab bilking as taxi drivers are often told it is a civil matter, as the Police have a habit of getting it wrong when it comes to Cab bilking in Wales we are told


The BIT organisation seek to have the support of the Welsh Police in this matter along with Bridgend council and others in Wales


Are there lessons to be learnt in the case of the Rabbit of Sarn – an exposed runner in Bridgend last summer

The Rabbit of Sarn (aka Smooth Criminal) talks Cardiff Solicitor ?after Bit News exposes the runner (seen in pictures below) to Bridgend Borough Taxi Drivers before a member also shared his picture on face book earlier this week.
Taxi driver who made BIT members aware, wonders how Steven Jenkins 21 can fund a solicitor if he cannot pay his taxi fare in full?
One BIT member after seeing The Rabbit‘s cards found in his wallet believes the Rabbit of Sarn of Bakers Way in Sarn

See more

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Then there was the case of Sweet Charity a civil case of potential cab bilking if the Police get involved one driver thought when he saw this video

The recent phone call was exposed to a selected few regarding a Police complaint that could now see the Chief Police constable get involved in, as the last Chief Constable has retired since the smooth criminal and sweet charity did their thing,

tenor (32)

The Police learn from their mistakes as Jason Wilcox stated in the very revealing complaint for professional Standards South Wales Police as they contact us, BIT Partner’s are in the mix, and for South Wales Cab drivers ,and Taxi Drivers of Bridgend county borough council, with their scrutiny chairs, with members to who can also catch up on the BIT organistation investigation, into their taxi trade serving the public ,licensed and regulated by Bridgend County borough council members and scrutiny chairs, and of course the chief executive as part of the so called democracy Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet offer the taxis and the public alledgedly

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Today the BIT organisation contacted the local MP for the borough on a Laboring matter or Labour matter

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Say No More, Say No More, Bob’s yer uncle, Go on my son, Lovely Jubbly

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Councillor Dhanisha Patel –

Title: Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Future Generations

Party: Labour

Political grouping: Labour

Ward: Ogmore Vale

Town and Community Council: Ogmore Valley Community Council

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Bridgend public awareness grows as The BIT organisation boost their news to Bridgend Public for the undeniably shocking truth of it all when you look back over the last 25 blogs on how Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet can be under scrutiny if you pull up chairs and explore the facts

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Only yesterday as part of what the TAXI WATCH DOG does, an email was sent to Christina Hill dealing with the massive complaint from the TAXI TRADE WATCH DOG here in Wales
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Image result for ali rumble in the jungle


Uber taxi hailing app- strike back as Magistrate shuffles the process along and grants world giant a 15 month probation period in London
The decision sees many private hire Uber driver’s saved in the choose and follow your taxi in the way to you, now

Related image
London Black cabs talking of legal action against TFL as a show of disgust over the ruling and their handling of the matter…/uber-london-ban-wins-court-…

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Enforcement Taxi head gets frisky and Mandy Dirty on Bridgend Streets with white taxi driver

Do you ever get a taxi?
Are you aware Bridgend Council Cabinet force Bridgend taxi drivers to buy new cars, if they want to put a taxi on the road in Bridgend borough?
Are you aware Bridgend Council treat taxis very badly and tell them untruths and hold them back economically so they do run at a loss, now many years on?
Image result for and our survey said
Do you think Bridgend is not the place to go out for a night out
Do you think your Bridgend town is dead? or would you have another name for it?
Is it the town it used to be for a Bridgend Cabbie or you? Do you hail Bridgend Cabs?
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7 years be it this August of 2018 me ship mates, since Bridgend Cabbies got a fare increase so their car costs were covered and their wages, but yet still get beaten into shape by enforcers with old habits, a bit like pirates of the high seas said one Bridgend Cab driver
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The Taxi Watch Dog in Wales today, uncovers the shocking forensic truth of what its like to be a Bridgend Taxi driver dealing with a taxi licensing department and Bridgend Cabinet members all with some kind of attitude as you dig deeper to investigate
You too can discover the injustices faced by the Bridgend Taxi trade, that a local taxi driver described as – randy like a Mandy, on a mandy, hooked on an enforcement administration in mal administration, to satisfy urges profound, that are shocking in Bridgend for a council, which holds Drive down for many many years if not decades
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Taxi Watch Dog is proud to bring even the government ombudsman to the page where you too can discover and investigate that BIT and discover how shocking the injustices are today for these local cab drivers. A news story based on facts for the public to discover, when they look at life for a Bridgend Taxi Driver starved of income and held down by unfair policies not fit for a taxi trade in Wales never mind Bridgend or you
This is a forensic live report telling you of what is going on now, so you the public too can comprehend what you did not know was going on,  so you too can get to that BIT in Wales for taxis and taxi drivers or cab drivers with a Bridgend taxi badge valid under an administration called BCBC.
An administration many see as an unreasonable dictatorship or elected democracy for Bridgend Taxis by Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet scrutiny departments, not forgetting the chief executive, and all those committees under the jurisdiction of taxi licensing, with their associated policies of compliance for the taxi trade, including those responsible for fare setting and fare table printing, and amendments official relating to the administration of taxis, even in taxi enforcement matters too. How can we be sure this is not the case when we go look for evidence or irregularities and find an argument for Fraud allegations as a result of fraudulent practices or just plain lies to cover up what they do, which could be described as fraudulent in some circles when you look at some of the discrepancies for any sherlock to see with full disclosure at times
Related image
The BIT investigation uncovers fraud and more over it’s now 19th Month on the go investigation, to catch that BIT.
Get the facts and read the past blogs on BITNEWS725 and we will pimp this ride in Taxi News for that BIT
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Bridgend Taxi enforcement get down right dirty with the public looking on in front of Drive to his amazement, say Bridgend Cabbies at times, We went out and asked questions and got astonishing accounts by Cabbies
The BIT organisation as the Taxi Watch Dog expose that BIT for the first time in the history of Bridgend Taxi Licensing, so the public can learn how Bridgend taxi enforcemnt get rand mandy ideas in so many words and much more if you look back at previous blogs
Read on as you will be shocked if you are thinking of applying for a Bridgend Taxi Badge or want to discover the truth behind the scenes for a Bridgend Taxi Driver
Another forensic report compiled by the BIT organisation for public record in this contraversial case that conitiues to unfold and expose Bridgend taxi life, that some call – za father land
Subject – Enforcement standards and rules Stage one complaint x 2
BIT organisation as part of the set up of the now established Taxi Watch Dog of the taxi trade found online for real forensic news to follow on how Bridgend Council Cabinet with Councillors destroy Bridgend Drive without the public always getting the true picture of what is going on, for a taxi driver in Bridgend today in 2018.
The BIT Partner’s send an email message to Bridgend Taxi licensing and Bridgend Cabinet.  A notification of facts for absolute clarification when a council has been deemed in a bungling state, following the current investigation into taxi enforcement from Bridgend to Barry in Wales by The Watch Dogs of the taxi trade and the BIT organistation after they deemed Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet be blacklisted with a vote of no confidence under the circumstances
 put my boner_zpsn7tzpscu.gif
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    To:Christina Hill
    25 Jun at 09:17


    Stage one complaint:
    Appalling standards in enforcement and abuse of power by licensing officer Mandy amountng to potential loss of earnings, as a result of harassment or and mal administration or mal practices.
    This is the reality for Taxi Drivers in Bridgend today, the BIT survey indicates, and therefore we are forced to complain as the Watch Dogs of the taxi trade today
    Good day
    We note again that the vehicle age policy has delibretly been delayed since the formation of the BIT organisation in 2016.
    The BIT organisation investigation continues
    The BIT organisation has noted two Hackney carriage numbers of 281 and 290 in their recent survey as part of their enforcement investigation into Bridgend taxi licensing enforcement attotudes, as a result of recent communications from Bridgend taxi licensing, and their enforcement methods applied and potentially applied to the Bridgend taxi driver on the street whilst the public look on.

    It has been brought to the attention of the BIT organisation and it’s Partner’s that a licensing officer is acting in a manner that adds to our mal administration complaints or further mal practice/s complaints by a bungling administration that amounts to mal administration across the board for the Bridgend taxi trade as we look closer at the goings on and report on the same.

    The officer in question answers to the name of Mandy we are advised. An enforecement officer from Barry some have suggested, and head of taxi enforcement.

    As a result of what we see as unprofessional practices when inspecting Bridgend taxis, we must come on the record on these practices and complain about the same. Including the standards surrounding the same as there appears to be injustices also and bungling practices that render enforcement actions inept on closer examination after fuether investigations at this stage.
    As there are a number of complaints that have come about as a result of the practices now discovered ,  we must also request sight of the rules or rule book that dictates when a driver is to be suspended or sent off to polish his or her vehicle for example, as carried out by Mandy to date or enforcement.
    For avoidance of doubt we need sight of all contraventions sighted in the council rule book used by enforcement heads or enforcement officers when inspecting taxis in the borough in a public space to avoid any further costs or embarrassing moments when faced with Mandy for example or any other officers carrying out enforcement practices on the street.
    It is possible after further anaylisis that further information may well be requested as part of a freedom of information request, as we continue to investigate enforcement practices of Bridgend council when dealing with Bridgend taxis and taxi drivers, and therefore need total disclosure on the council’s taxi enforcement procedures and practices.
    In order to persue these complaints further  we must see sight of that rule book Mandy is using when she affects taxi drivers going about their day;  that have already been subject to a taxi test, and tested by those with certification for such a test,  that have approved the state of the vehicle as a result of its age and gov guidelines of safety including of course the same guidelines already used by the test centre in Brackla when assessing the vehicle for safety and competence or compliance. Please also supply the rule book that the test centre apply when passing vehicles as they have done to date as the taxi drivers report to us including individual BIT Partner’s.
    We would also need to asertain what vehicle inspection training Mandy has along with any certification for the same.
    Please therefore provide the same as part of this freedom of information request for competence when issuing suspensions for vehicle defects that may or may not be relevant when a taxi is tested or leaves the testing centre several times in the same format or same way prior which was a pass by the Brackla testing centre.
    HAs the learned officer been trained to the same level as the tester/s in Brackla?
    Does the learned officer follow the same safety guidelines as the Brackla testing centre?
    What training has been given so the officer is aware of what is acceptable by the test centre when passing or failing a Bridgend  taxi vehicle?
    We have a number of questions going forward and are still examining this particular issue of enforcement and pass acceptance by the test centre v Mandy or enforcement officers on the street in public view. ,
    However in the interim we also ask the following in order to clarify what is what for a taxi driver of Bridgend and therefore look to the coucil to come on the record on the matters detailed in this complaint
    in detail:
    1.What depth of shine should a taxi expect to produce on a 8 year plus vehicle that Mandy will find acceptable when she inspects a vehicle?
    2. As all taxis have different colour codes as the vehicles are updated over the years, please explain what the rational was in comparing vehicles that are not of the same age when making a judgement that they should all look the same in polished or unpolished white?
    3. Has the learned Mandy be given any training on vehicle specifications when it comes to colour codes used by vehicle manufacturers?
    4. What are the guidelines Mandy uses when comparing a new car with an old car as she did with Hackney carriage 290 which is some 9 years old? It was noted when she compared old car against 2 new and then ordered the learned taxi driver to go and polish his vehicle so it matched the two new cars she used as a comparison.
    10. Does rust become a non safety issue for the officer if it is visible on the car?
    10a. Or is polishing more important to the enforcement officer?
    11. Should rust be polished to avoid the public being scratcheD by a rusty car?
    12. How many taxis have been passed by the test centre with either visible rust or visible dents in the last shall we say 18 months?
    13. If the vehicle has rust do licensing ignore the tetanus injection factor if a member of the public were to receive an injury?
    14. What guidelines have the council’s lawyers given for approving vehicles for public service with visible rust? Or and dents to the doors or body?
    15 Do dents not matter on a vehicle if Mandy inspects the vehicle?
    Why does Mandy ignore dents but not polishing or colour coding?
    16. is the polish finish to a taxi more important than the denT or rust?
    17. How much dirt is acceptable when Mandy inspects a taxi?
    18. What are the guidelines used by licensing when it comes to dirt on a car or and door shuts etc?
    19. Does the officer named Mandy cancel out any previously approved road worthiness tests, and safety checks done year in and year out by Brackla test centre when she inspects a vehicle,  fresh from the test centre?
    20. Does the enforcement officer recognise vehicles in white come in different shades of white?
    21. Are we to take Mandy as the safety expert in the future and consider the test centre not acting in the public interests or the council’s given what she states when suspending a vehicle as a – IN HER WORDS-  safety risk to the public?
    22. Our complaint would also include  there appears to be a discrepancy between the two departments as to what is fit for the road and safe and what Mandy has in mind.
    This area needs absolute clarification for avoidance of doubt, given the comments the learned enforcement officer makes in public to taxi drivers whilst the public stand by and watch also.
    It is important the council come on the record on this matter as there appears to be a discrepancy in how the test centre works and passes vehicles, compared to Mandys practices of potential discrimination or potential abuse of office or even harassment of taxi drivers going about their day, if we look at the circumstances, which we have and now do and point out the same.
    Thus far we have a number of inconsistencies when we talk to Taxi drivers that have been subject to shall we say Mandy’s ways v the test centre ways
    One driver had his vehicle tested and all body parts were a pass rate as they sat, several times over after attending the council’s MOT test equivalent.  Yet in the case of Hackney carriage 281 in around September 2017, when the vehicle was suspended, this was overlooked and the vehicle was suspended by way of what appears to be a petty action not covered by the council’s testing centre or a consideration by the test centre for testing Bridgend taxis for road worthiness.
    Can the council now provide a true copy of that suspension certificate issued by way of Magic to 281 last year so the public can be sure of Mandys safety standards so we can all learn from them and that experience?
    We would need to ask complain about these experiences, as it leaves taxis in the borough unsure of the veracity of the council’s testing regime.
    Will Mandy now arrange that every vehicle that is tested, she be there to check so there is continuity going forward?
    Can we have a written undertaking that from now on the enforcement officer will over see every vehicle tested so drivers are not longer inconvenienced by the current poor practices as the current system shows as a result of Mandys current enforcement practices that appear to be separate to what is acceptable for passing at the taxi test centre in Brackla that also checks police vehicles for safety.
    Why were taxi drivers not told in writting that the test centre does not stand up to licensing rules or standards of how a vehicle should be after it leaves the testING centre on a pass certificated process?
    I note previously we warned Bridgend licensing from making contact with BIT Partner’s whilst in their vehicles, until these matters or complaints are addressed. That too would apply to this rather zealous officer named Mandy until such time the enforecement practices are investigated as part of the ongoing stage one complaints of mal administration and mal practices.
    As taxi drivers one would not want to be subject to unreasonable enforcement practices or abuse of power or bungling practices that see the taxi test centre pass taxis as safe and then moments later Mandy pass them as unsafe, on the grounds of public safety or depth of shine or the brightness of the colour white for example.
    Again we refer to the case of Hackney carriage 281 who was suspended for a slight pretrution which was accepted and passed as safe over and over again and the Brackla testing centre.
    We will need to see a white colour chart of what a vehicle should like from ages 2005 to 2018 also.
    In the case of hackney carriage 290 the learned licencing enforcemnt officer compares the colour and white shade of two cars not of the same manufacturing year of the taxi she claimed needed a polish and sent the taxi driver off to achieve the impossible.
    Please include all vehicle manufacturer types and show the required shade that is within a non enforceable action or not subject to enforcement action, as thus far all shades new and old have been passed by the testing centre for at least 12 years. On close examination most skoda taxis of a certain era all have the same shade and shine or lacor finish
    Has the learned licensing officer had training on the normal lacor process for cars when they are prepared at the manufacturers factory?
    Will council now provide officers with body cams so they may prove their actions in the event the taxi driver disputes the charge which forces he or she off the road as a result of being suspended?
    Will council now accept that taxi drivers should video every contact made with council officers as a result of the current discrepancies in the council’s administrative processes that affect local taxi drivers and there income if they are needlessly suspended or suspended because of failures by the testing centre and enforcement practices of licensing?
    Will council now provide a written undertaking that they will now provide video evidence so taxi drivers can challenge any enforcement actions that they deem to be discriminative or practices not deemed safe if the vehicle was previously passed by the testing centre in Brackla as it is or was at the time of the test? .
    Will council now document the testing so licensing enforcement officers are aware of what was safe and already passed as safe.
    So that like in the case of 281there is a rule for all involved to understand.
    All though records show the council require a high safety standards, we are very much confused at their disjointed policies demonstrated by the issuing of suspensions which appear to have been issued as a result of mal administration in policy setting or safety policy setting in enforcement
    The mal administration is rife and therefore we must complain about these inconsistencies that can see taxi drivers picked on as a result or even harassed, or a loss of income at short notice if Mandy’s record is anything to go by to date.
    Therefore we request and demand sight of the guidelines and written rules followed and applied when inspecting and suspending a taxi drivers vehicle for what ever reason, thus showing the rules for all to see and understand going forward by way of scrutiny.
    That does not take away from the fact that the BIT organisation is of the opinion that Mandy is being unreasonable and potentially harassing taxi drivers because she can.
    Our opinion is based on our feed back, which is;  she is harassing the taxi driver without proper or correct reason as a direct result of an administration in mal administration status because of mal practices set in stone over time or many decades
    Therefore you have been so warned and therefore these actions of mal practice should cease forthwith with a written undertaking to the trade confirming the same until the entire matter can be reviewed in the public interests, especially as the council is open for new taxi licenses and taxi badge applications at this time.
    We await a response so we may understand what we see again as irregular practices or unreasonable practices. Although we understand enforcement is needed, we cannot condone mal practice as a result of a council deep in mal administration aT this time.
    At this time we require a written undertaking from the learned licensing enforcement officer that she will cease her vehicle inspections until such time the council consult their testing centre and look at yet again another mal administration complaint.
    Therefore you are put on notice by the BIT organisation and Partner’s to cease unprofessional practices that are detrimental to the well being of the taxi trade or taxi drivers or BIT Partner’s. And provide a written undertaking that these practices will cease and inform all those that are in the trade of the same.
    Your mal administration practices are causing distress and anxiety to some as a result of a lack of comprehension of what is lawful or a recognised standard in enforcement.
    We now move to make another stage one complaint as detailed below:
    Our ref: AI
    It has been brought to our attention that licensing officers feel they can hang up rather than answer sensitive questions.
    Therefore the BIT organisation must come on the record and complain and also ask the same question again in order to get a professional response,  rather than a responge of hanging up because licensing have an unprofessional agenda or an agenda of mal practice as a result of mal administrative attitudes or practices set in stone over time.
    The BIT organisation has taxi badge hoLoders and of course BIT Partner’s are Bridgend taxi badge holders with a least one having a taxi badge issued for more than one year.
    So the question goes out again for the record to show, and in the public interests for the public to recognise :
    In the event of an unforseen event which results in the death of a taxi driver with lets say 2 years remaining on his or her license does the council offer a refund of the remaining period to those responsible for the estate of the individual involved, for example: wife or whoever is named in a Will?
    Our complaint is this:
    We note Yvonne Witchell is head team leader
    Yvonne Witchell appears to have no professional standards and as such Bridgend taxi licensING adopt poor professional standards when dealING with taxi drivers when it comes to simple communication.
    It apears the licensing department snub the taxi trade as part of their administrative process even in matters relating to finance and sensitive issues of bereavement also.
    A taxi driver was not afforded a reply but was afforded the option of being left out or just plain disrespected along with potential family members of the badge holder also, as the report states the licensing head stated “you’re winding me up” and then hung up and did not have the professional standards to give the taxi driver a reply after phoning him as others in taxi licensing were unable to answer the simple question relating to a taxi badge issues for 3 years
    We continue to.compile as we have been doing for the last 18 months. Please add these further complaints to the mal administration complaint and comply with any notices to cease. Therefore BCBC have been advised with a stage one complaint detailing the seriousness of the position.
    Yours sincerely
    BIT organisation
    For and on behalf of the BIT Partner’s
    We attach an exhibit for the learned Mandy to consider when she issues suspensions on the basis of public safety and protruding panels.

    This email is the final draft complaint and will be posted on for public consumption. Please ignore the previous draft sent in error to Christina Hill and complaints Bridgend email address entitled…….not from this email account

    The Taxi Trade Watch Dogs continue to do their BIT for the taxi trade today to expose the truth so the public can get to that taxil licensing BIT, even when dealing with taxi enforcement in Wales including Mid Glamorgan the home of a so called democracy called Bridgend county borough council with a Chief executive and policy officers and more all with a legal department attached or with access to
    File update – Re enforcement and attitudes to taxi drivers and professional standards
    • Mr MoneyPenny <>
      To:Christina Hill
      25 Jun at 13:38
      Good afternoon
      Just to confirm I have updated the file and you have the link in this email
      You should note – BIT NEWS has been granted that ID by facebook and is a new foresnic page currently used on the subject of enforcement matters and Cab bilking and the police. Another official forensic diary for you and the ombudsman to gather facts from as part of the ongoing case being compiled by way of forensic diary
      I trust that clarifies the matter going forward.
      Yours Sincerely
      BIT organisation
      for and on behalf of the Watch Dogs of the taxi trade in the mix in Wales today – BIT partner’s
      Cab bilking confidential
      Image result for cab bilking
      • Mr MoneyPenny <>
        To:Charlotte Branford
        25 Jun at 10:46

        Dear Charlotte

        A complaint regarding the handling of CAB bilking has been sent to Christina.
        The position is clear and this confidentail example is provided so Christina can understand thaT BIT
        I have not sent the file which is a 999 call regarding Cab bilking to Christina as her settings reject attachments.
        Please confirm you have passed the sound audio file to her and inform her that the current table of fares displayed does not allow for cab bilking
        A single scenario would be the driver is permitted to take sufficient funds to meet his estimate of the fare with any over payments refunded where applicable or by law as the meter would show.
        Maybe your lawyers could start looking at that now please. As cab bilking is a problem in Bridgend borough and especially to areas like Maesteg and others.
        Yours sincerely
        BIT organisation
        For and on behalf of the BIT Partner’s