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BIT organisation was formed originally in November 2016, prior to a meeting with licensing head -licensing@bridgend.gov.uk – Yvonne Witchell and Policy Officer Daniel Cook of shared regulatory services in Mid Glamorgan Wales


Since then the organisation has evolved into TAXI WATCH DOG WALES – UK.  A free service in the public domain brought to you by the BIT organisation




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kisspng-cold-case-television-show-evidence-text-flu-5ac32a6fe72905.1637957815227398239469Back in the day in 2016 Bridgend taxi trade, was BIT organisation’s first case

Senior Partner for the BIT organisation took up the challenge, and effected change with the help of the team, and so BIT organisation was established over time


A meeting was set up with the then Councillor- Councillor Peter Foley, who set up a meeting with licensing, after a meeting with the Morfa Ward gentleman at the time. He said – I could not just afford to buy a new car just like that – in a meeting at Angel St offices, set up by the 2 BIT Watch Dogs – Mr Chowdhudry (today no longer acting as a Partner of the BIT organisation) and Mr Nelson who has decades of experience looking at the taxi trade as a whole, including in London, were both in attendance that day, to start the ball rolling once and for all for Bridgend Taxis and the Bridgend Taxi Trade, in order to resolve their problems/complaints experienced over decades

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Prior Madeline Moon MP for Bridgend, in an email to Mr Nelson in 2016, confirmed she had checked out for herself the policy of a new car at first plating, was still in place, after confirming the same in an email to Mr Nelson which was later forwarded to the now former Councillor Peter Foley who served Bridgend – BCBC for some 20 years, but lost his position in the local council election by just a few votes in 2017. That ladies and gentleman was how BIT was born.

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The motto still stands to this day, as told to taxi licensing head for Bridgend Taxi licensing – Yvonne Withchell – http://www.bridgend.gov.uk/services/licencing.aspx – in that first meeting in 2016 – “We have the BIT between our teeth”


BIT-The now established – Taxi Watch Dog Taxi service in Wales-UK for the trade and the public, with automatic membership or entitlements for Bridgend taxi drivers and Cabbies across the UK, with a current valid taxi badge or private hire badge. A now free dedicated service for even Uber Cab Drivers in need of support with their Uber complaints

We are the peoples champion in the public interest – TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM


BIT organisation is available today to send its message to even an Uber Driver, in any part of the world, to receive that vital feedback from Cabbie, or the public, or to give that vital BIT of news to Cabbie, and the public via google search or facebook


All Bridgend Borough Cab drivers and Cabbies in England and Wales, including Cardiff, Newport and Vale of Glamorgan, as members/followers enjoy data protection for their ease with no forms to fill, If you are across the pond in the states or elsewhere, join in too


The organisation now extends its hand to the Cab trade in general across the UK and the globe, including in all UK cities like London, Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool, and so on


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We will communicate with licensing authorities where we feel it is in the public interest to raise licensing concerns or public safety concerns

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We now also look at world transport organisations with platforms, and the plight of Cabbies across the globe signed into a Cab platform

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It is as simple as that, and you are always entitled to your opinion in Bridgend Borough, or London, Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan, Newport, Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool  and so on, as a taxi driver or Cabbie or a member of the public, from anywhere in the world


Your opinions are always valuable on public consultations conducted by BCBC Cabinet for example or transport consultations in your part of the world concerning the cab or taxi trade


Are you concerned about laws that affect the taxi trade in your country or Uber competition in your country or city


Maybe you are a Cabbie in Spain or Washington or DC or in Edinburgh, Scotland


A Bridgend Cab driver or Cardiff Cabbie or a London PCO – mini Cab driver, or a Brighton Cab driver for example, can always provide direct feedback at will anytime because of the BIT organisation set up, on consultation issues, or taxi issues affecting you, and any such like matters relating members of a taxi trade, in their own town or city or country

We look at it all



One can simply ask for assistance with a cab problem, in their town or City or seek advice from us


We are here to help or connect you to trade members or groups so you can see or comment on what is going on in your Cab world


The BIT organisation – we are here to help you with that BIT you need sorted or looked into, and we attempt the task for free if it is in the public interest


We are the now established -Taxi Watch Dog Wales- UK – for the Taxi trade today, including the public, so all can catch evidence, and so be provided with special reports for the public, concerning them or you, or the taxi trade as a whole, as we do when we take on a case in the public interest

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A free trade Taxi help service for the BIT follower, as long as you have a valid taxi badge or private hire license or can google – BIT organisation – TAXI WATCH DOG WALES

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We will research your problem or problems and look for solutions or resolutions in the public interests


We are your data protected ” Taxi Watch Dog ” Service, that some describe as a TAXI association on and off the record for simple ease for you at any time.

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Maybe you think your licensing fee is too high? or the price to upgrade your taxi is too high or the fare you get paid on the meter is too low? Or maybe you feel you are working for free in the taxi you drive or lease in Bridgend or elsewhere


BIT organisation – BIT- deals with all those issues you have, for you and for free. A dedicated service as long as you are with a valid taxi badge or private hire license for your city or town, providing we feel your case should be taken on in the public interest


Has your Bridgend taxi or cab killed you off with high repair bills?

Can you afford to buy a new car?

Have you been off the road and faced high repair bills?

Do you think your private hire operator has unfair practices?

Did you go bust in a taxi after low fares and high costs?

Do you think it’s too much to pay for 2 taxi tests in advance?

Maybe you are an Uber Cabbie that thinks Uber are not up to the mark or pay too little in your city?

Are you an Uber driver that thinks the rating system is unfair or flawed in your city, town or country?

Are you a member of the public that has issues with the Uber Service or Uber rider support?

Have you ever had Uber complaints about the Uber UK contact us service?

Maybe you are in France or Peru and have issues with Uber,

Maybe you are in London and have complaints over money not refunded as an Uber rider?

Maybe you are a Uber rider that was charged unfairly?

Are you not happy with the Uber app, Do you have issues with it?

Are the multi tasking Uber partners-drivers low rated unfairly?

Does your Uber app talk back to you or show you red?

Are you in fear of being terminated by Uber?

Is Uber probationary period in London long enough or short enough under the current circumstances?


Is maybe Uber mandatory watering down your taxi income ?

Are you getting 3 stars or less, on the 5 pre-trip questions for drivers – partners ?


Maybe you got this email wording from Uber and were unhappy or felt insulted




Uber email read- Some riders might not want to chat, but if they do, there are a few simple questions you can ask.

Uber wrote – Would you like water?

Maybe you thought after reading what Uber wrote, the passenger might think……


Maybe you got 2 stars and were one step away from being deactivated, or lost your valued rating so hard to achieve or obtain?


Uber further wrote – While it’s certainly not mandatory to keep snacks, and water in the car for riders, many drivers offer these to make the rider’s experience even better



Maybe you think the water experience is toxic or would be toxic if you are pouring it out yourself in bulk, and told to do so in so many words, as we illustrate in the screen shot below of an email received from Uber, with the wording already given above?


These are but a few issues THE TAXI WATCH DOG looks at today, and continues to investigate or act upon in 2019



BIT NEWS is now an established news network for Bridgend Taxi drivers and Bridgend Cabinet to recognise as active, and for any licensing authority to follow online, so the – BIT Partner/s – Taxi Watch Dog team- can update-followers in Bridgend borough, of news of any change to taxi policies, that are key to the taxi trade’s survival in Bridgend borough today in 2019. A useful forensic account of communications with any Council or licensing authority, or potentially a private hire operator or platform, over a time line


BIT Partner and TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM, are probably the only true Taxi Watch Dog in the taxi trade in Wales today, as well as in the UK today,  working for free in the public interest, by keeping the trade up to date on news vital to their economics, as a taxi driver, or Cabbie in the UK or in the world, as we take up the taxi cases, and spread the word


The mission is to continue to notify the taxi trade of any news that maybe important or relevant to them as a Cabbie in Wales or in the UK, or in the World.

We act where we see fit, by providing the public with forensic news – evidence that may well be taxi news not to miss


Have you heard of the face book group Cabbies World that links Cabbies across the seas


We may well be forced to expose practices the public may not know about, as part of our remit as BIT organisation – TAXI WATCH DOG

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We are currently dealing, and continue to deal with the Bridgend Taxi case in Mid Glamorgan Wales

We have recently taken on the Uber  complaints Case as of January 2019 in the public interest – A fact covered on BIT NEWS facebook during the opening weeks of 2019


Keeping Bridgend Cabbies informed and Uber Cabbies –


There are currently several issues on the table to be fully addressed, as the Taxi Watch dog team continue their awareness reports, for the taxi trade in Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan Wales and others across the UK, as we move into 2019, with new cases as we go forward

  1. Remove the new car policy for a hackney carriage policy at first plating,  for a more economically sound and fair solution for owner drivers in Bridgend, Mid glamorgan.
  2. Increase fares by way of a formula which would at least bring the Bridgend taxi trade in line with national trends; with rural costs of empty mileage taken into account, as well as dead hours between 3am and 6am, including the weekend troubled hours between 3am and 6 am, as well taking into account the growing and varied costs today to keep a taxi on the road, and earnings needed to make a living also as a borough taxi driver or cab driver in Bridgend Borough
  3. MOT – to allow taxis to be MOT’d at any testing station
  4. To seek a proper committee/Cabinet review so communications with the taxi trade is drawn up by way of a “Taxi Charter” and so abolish long delays for change when needed, as time is money for taxis in Wales of course
  5.  Prime Directive: Establish a working relationship with licensing or and Cabinet on the written record via BIT Partners – Watch Dogs, in order that 1 2 3 4 can be achieved one way or the other over time – talktous@bridgend.gov.uk and so rid the taxi trade of the consistent injustices revealed and faced today as a result of the BIT Partner’s – Watch Dogs testing practices by : Contact Officer: Yvonne Witchell
    Team Manager Licensing
    Telephone: (01656) 643105
    E-mail: Yvonne.Witchell@bridgend.gov.uk
    Postal Address Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31 4WB
  6. To seek fair play for taxis and drivers on the issue of cab bilking – doing a runner – as South Wales Police have a bad habit of saying it is a civil matter although the 2006 fraud laws are currently relative to the Bridgend and South Wales Hackney Taxi. The Chief constable to write on the subject after an email was sent to his offices and acknowledged as received, See Facebook for more on the story in 2017. One should note the Police constable was to retire shortly, and as of February 2018 he has not replied in good faith or to a professional standard fitting of a senior Police officer in that position. Looks like he too is doing a runner
  7. Today we look to resolve issues, and so look at standards for Cabbies when working for private hire operators, and platforms such as Uber
  8. We also look at the fact – Uber’s lawyers told a court that after wholesale changes, and the appointment of new management in the UK to ensure full compliance with regulations, it had fully passed TfL’s three latest inspections.
  9. runningman-edit.gif
  10. Do you feel like a running man in an Uber Game of stars?
  11. Have you had bad experiences with Uber complaints or Uber feedback or Uber customers?
  12. Do you think Uber are unfair?


The BIT organisation – TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM acts without prejudice, and only takes on cases that are in the public interest. We are proud of our achievements so far in dealing with the Bridgend case after democracy was served over taxi fares in the borough recently, along with other issues some what