Catch the BIT-£10 sees Taxi meter Calibration-over two days in Bridgend by DHM-Is your meter up to scratch Drive

With only less than a week left before the big day when Bridgend Hackney Carriage fares officially go up. BIT Senior Partner continues to talk to DHM services – taxi meter calibration services. Especially when calibration has a cost of £15, the amount stated by Cabinet Cllr Patel in the last Cabinet meeting, £10 is to be the case today as it turns out


Following further communication, the TAXI WATCH DOG, is delighted to bring that BIT of news provided us, for those that do not have facebook, you too can have the info via BIT NEWS, that will make it easier for the local Bridgend taxi trade or Drive to grasp

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It will be easy for the local trade to get their meters set, to the new tariff, on Monday 14 of January, as DHM services comes on the record by telling others, including TAXI WATCH DOG WALES by facebook-messenger, that they will be around for more than 2 days in Bridgend, as stated below, copied from their facebook/messenger notification, in this hotly anticipated meter tariff change by calibration, that Bridgend taxi trade have been waiting for, for years






DHM – 15:27-08/01/2019 

BRIDGEND 2019 Hackney Carriage Updates


We will be situated behind the Co-op/Gym in Brackla (Triangle) at the following times;

Monday 14th through Wednesday 16th at 10am to 4pm

We will be updating the following meters
* Aquila T2, T2D and M12
* Cygnus MR300/320/350/400/500/500View
* Digitax F2, ET806, M1

We are unable to adjust Viking Meters – See Contact Comms in Newport or the Meter Man in Cardiff.

If you have the older Cygnus MR200 or 100 taximeter then you will need to buy a new meter as these cannot be changed anymore.

If you have any questions please message this page or leave a comment on this post.

To save time on the day, only call us if absolutely necessary on 01685 314028, preferably pop across to the car park to speak with us.

Please be aware there are a large number of hackneys in Bridgend and you should consider arriving mid morning or mid afternoon to avoid queues, but you can always return at a later time or day at your convenience.

There will be two members of staff updating meters at core times to speed up the process when it gets busy.

ALL meters carry the same cost of £10 and you will be given a certificate of compliance for Bridgend CBC.

If you have any questions, please post below. Otherwise please do pass this information onto any operators you know.


Richard, DHM









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Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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