Bridgend Taxi trade Xmas blues-Rock bottom in Wales-Cabinet-shared regulatory services-bummer fall out and depression

We ask the public do you ever get depressed at Christmas

Get the forensic facts in this little town called Bridgend,  famous for suicide incidents, unfortunately


We also ask the public, how do you cope with depression at Christmas

Does your boss give you a fair pay deal for Christmas, do you know how to get a bonus to stay Merry


In todays news we find the extraordinary for Christmas, as Bridgend Cabbies in Wales are reduced to low levels, never seen before by this little town taxi trade, now 3rd lowest for hackney carriage fares in Wales for Xmas 2018, a Christmas first for real

We will look at a brief table drawn up by the BIT organisation showing out of 22 taxi trades in Wales how low you really can be under a democracy that does not care even at Christmas, that would leave even you far from Merry


The opinion is now that Bridgend Cabbies, are at rock bottom and sunk this Christmas



Bridgend taxi trade depression is it justified after another drop in the hackney Carriage table in Wales, as more and more show depression, as a result of the poor demise deliberately inflicted, by what some call a unfair democracy out of control, that is BCBC even at Christmas time, now facing many Cabbies in thier thoughts this Christmas time
We account out of 22 counties/borough councils in Wales only,  that shows potentially the Bridgend Taxi Trade have hit rock bottom in the Hackney Carriage Taxi fare chart in Wales, with Cardiff taxi trade sitting at the highest spot, being number one at the other end of the scale in 124th position this xmas
Looking at Bridgend now 225 places down the chart from Cardiff, with 2 others in Wales, including Flintshire who currently charge £222 for an annual hackney carriage license compared to Bridgend @ £267 for a taxi vehicle up to 3 years old
Following a call to Flintshire council today pre xmas, they confirm that there are mainly private hire cabs in Flintshire owing to the rural areas, and therefore there has been no movement to request a higher hackney carriage fare, as private hire vehicles mainly operate in Flintshire, so there is no need for the taxi trade to request an increase of fares
tenor (82).gif
In fact Flintshire licensing said they ask those few hackney carriage if they want an increase, and not the other way around, because there are almost no hackney carriage taxis in flintshire compared to places like Bridgend, the Vale of Glamorgan, Carmarthenshire, and Pembrokeshire for example
We show the bottom 3 in Wales below, down 225 places for Bridgend, from the Welsh leader Cardiff, out of 359 taxi trades in England and Wales combined –
1. 329 BRIDGEND £4.90 – 2 miles
2, 332 FLINTSHIRE – Not relevant 
Like Flintshire, Merthyr do not require a new car – taxi unlike Bridgend taxi licensing when first plating or first registering as a taxi vehicle with the council
Merthyr have a limit of 4 years at first registering, so you can buy a car up to 4 years old, rather than new in the case of Bridgend
Many local cabbies complaing that the trade have been told lies regarding the consultation on the taxi vehicle age policy now closed almost one year, as Cllr Patel offers no assistance for the Trades wellbeing
Flintshire in fact set no age limit at first plating, wow
We spoke to licensing in Flintshire today, they said as long as the vehicle passes their test regime – MOT, then that is fine if you turn up with a 20 year old car or more
It should be noted that the average price of a house in Bridgend is more than Merthyr tydfil, with much more sales
As part of BIT organisation remit we continue to update the ombudsman on developments as part of the many complaints for the Bridgend Taxi Trade facing another Christmas at a further unfair loss under a Scrooge policy, says Senior Partner
Yvonne Witchell, as well as Will Lane, continue to not come on the record, including the chief executive, to answer simple questions, or confirm simple matters, which would include their usual desperate attempts to block any complaints, or questions put in the taxi trades interest, or delay them, when Bridgend Drive looks for assurances of change, and when things are going to happen, including when is this soon that Daniel Cook mentioned in his email, covered in a previous blog, relating to objections going in front of Cabinet
Complaint made to the Ombudsman – Ref: 201803903
  • Beth Owen <>
    To:Mr MoneyPenny
    30 Nov at 15:47

    Dear Mr Nelson

    Thank you for your email, the content of which has been noted and has been passed to Ms Karen Edwards for her attention.

    Yours sincerely

    Beth Owen

    Casework Officer / Swyddog Gwaith Achos

    Complaints Advice Team / Tîm Cyngor ar Gwynion

    Tel/ Ffon: 01656 641150

    Public Services Ombudsman for Wales/Ombwdsmon Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus Cymru
    1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae
    Bridgend/Pen-y-Bont ar Ogwr
    CF35 5LJ


    News in moments ago from Justin our facebook reporter –  Taxi Watch Dog to visit Bridgend council offices, and sends a greeting before hand via the Taxi Watch Dog team

    tenor (84).gif

    Subject – the time is near and so is xmas fact
    Mr MoneyPenny <>
    Christina Hill
    3 Dec at 20:08
    Greetings from the Taxi Watch Dog team here in Wales
    Christmas is around the corner
    We sincerely hope it will be a Merry Xmas for you
    As part of the Watch Dog Teams official capacity, we first wish you all Happy Xmas
    We would also like to inform all that the Taxi Watch Dog will be making an official visit, if we are to use the words of Daniel Cook policy officer shared regulatory services – SOON
    Some taxi drivers say he is like Santa
    If you can pass on this link so taxi licensing may understand depression at Christmas and being Merry at Christmas that would serve the public well,
    as it may not only help them,but others this Christmas if they knew you got this massage.
    This email will be published in the public domain and may form part of any ombudsman investigation
    I trust it will be acknowledged
    Yours Sincerely
    Cathrine Zita
    For and on behalf of the Taxi Watch Dog Team
    BIT organisation
    A free public service licensing would like to ignore, including Yvonne Withchell when she cherry picks sentences to get out of jail, or is too scared to meet with the taxi watch dog too
    talktous <>
    ‘Mr MoneyPenny’
    3 Dec at 20:52
    Thank you for your email, we have forwarded it onto the relevant department for their attention.
    Kind regards
    The Talktous Team (ME)
    Diolch i chi am eich e-bost, rydym wedi anfon ei ymlaen i’r adran berthnasol ar gyfer eu sylw.
    Cofion cynnes tîm Talktous (ME)



Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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