Labour Cabinet lethal weapon-Deception to increase Taxi fares-Cabbie Strike Force Festive Bridgend-Freedom of Information response fake-Ombudsman gets total proof from Watch Dog

Breaking news today – Taxi fare strike force, looks likely to rear its ugly head over festive season

We also look at – Deception by fake news planted by labour local media online over public consultation

You ever bought food thats going off, folks, keep reading and get the catch of the day


Do you think your local council are plain dishonest, some do. have you proof or heard of such a thing, dont go away we have some real forensic news for your eyes only


Once again in an extraordinary account the taxi watch dog team catch Bridgend Council with an out right whopper, and on the record, about that bit, when they go in for a freedom of information request to investigate the true goings on of this council, with its connections, including media and political connections, in this woeful story, that gives one food for thought, even if you ride in a cab


A true story of a labour run council in Mid Glamorgan Wales, that appears power hungry and unprofessional,with a reputation for the same, if you keep your ear to the local ground


The Taxi Watch Dog team continues to monitor, as well as report over every dodgy aspect of this two organisation council, with their operations and practices, so not only are the taxi trade aware in Bridgend Wales, but also the unfortunate local public across the globe thinking of Bridgend in Wales, the home of UK MP Madeleine Moon elected President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly


Then in the same home, we have another member for Labour in the hot seat for TAXI WATCH DOG TEAMS scrutiny and the publics at this time, over some time now if you look back

Watch Dog Team found wording on the public consultation page and sent it to –



Subject: You two want to try this some time-found on consultation page
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    Cc:William Lane
    16 Nov at 16:36

    BCBC website states-

    Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales (External link – Opens in a new tab or window) champions equality and human rights for all. It works to end discrimination, reduce inequality, protect human rights, and build good relations. The aim is to ensure everyone has a fair chance to participate in society.

    EvenHeartfeltCub-max-1mb.gif – Cabinet Member – Labour- has been spinning it large in the local press online recently over Bridgend Taxi Fares, on how they would be cheaper than Vale of Glamorgan, with further mention on the labour website, like a tasty samosa everyone should eat for their wellbeing, says Taxi Watch Dog Wales , even though it was clearly off, or way past the sell by date, and most certainly sold by a dancing joker with a lethal weapon called Labour , if 3 December 2018 was to be a date for any consideration, regarding giving Cabinet the consultation report in the normal way, so to speak

images (23).jpg

So lets take a look at Labour spin and shared regulatory services spin, and more folks, and see if you can spot false information, lies, deception, a dodgy public consultation in poor practices, in order to delay the process, past the sell by date, as long as you can, and make it sound good, even though you know full well its plain lies

original (5).gif

Taxi Watch Dog says the council are definitely not only fooling the public, but deliberate in fooling the taxi trade with constant fake news, they will do anything to fool the public

images (25)

Another anything is seen today folks, as a clear attempt to avert the current taxi HIT and Run strike like an Uber surge, which may way well effect the festive season now, once trade members get wind of the facts, regarding the fake news and impossible date set


images (1)


Telling lies to the local media to make themselves look good is despicable do you not think folks, when is 14 days 28, and more importantly when is 14 days 20 days


Taxi fare consultation listed as open



Whilst we await more information for the public, we can reveal our investigation into the next scheduled Cabinet meeting which could well take matters into the new year and beyond, folks

Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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