More than 60 Car rage offences-Scared Taxi licensing head-Bottle Job-refuses Bridgend Cabs vital proof-Bully sufficient for ombudsman final evidence

For the first time ever we catch taxi licensing head Yvonne Witchell committing Car Rage, where Car Rage is rife, folks, in Bridgend Mid Glamorgan Wales, in jolly old Great Britain This is a world exclusive ladies and gentleman, for readers as far as Australia and Indonesia, and around the globe, coming to you from right back here, from the infamous blacklisted county

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Will lane shared regulatory services operations manager comes out in the open, on the record ladies and gentleman, and sends BIT Senior Partner an email regarding the most recent case advised the local ombudsman without the knowledge of Yvonne Witchell


Whilst under cover and reporting to the ombudsman service, this is how it goes down as we observe the suspect that drives by, as we follow the story


Mr Will Lane allegedly seen here, sticking his finger up at the BIT organisation, after a meeting was requested in writing in order to represent a local taxi driver, with his most urgent taxi issues, with licensing header Yvonne Witchell – –


Well BIT NEWS is glad to bring this exclusive showing of a Manager on the record


that makes you think when you think about it…..


Will lane shared regulatory services operations comes on the record to the TAXI WATCH DOG TEAMS surprise, by sending an email to the BIT organisation which is extraordinary in itself, if one reads, the previous news going back ways, about bully in the shared regulatory service play ground,
instead of Yvonne Witchell making email contact, as you would expect, instead, it was Mr fancy pants himself Will Lane is he fit
BIT Partner forwarded an evidentual email to the ombudsman service days ago, which was sent to Yvonne Witchell, asking her if she would be scared to turn up for the meeting which would be recorded. No answer to that folks
So if we read on ladies and gentleman, Yvonne Witchell must of sent the learned operations manager a message
Fw: Renewal fee for HC 555 – Otto Car Ltd7
  • Lane, William <>
    30 Oct at 16:11

    Dear Mr Nelson

    I refer to your email below.

    Otto Car Ltd has instructed the Licensing Section to contact you directly regarding payment of the renewal fee for HC 555 and a testing time.  I am advised a Licensing Support Officer has spoken to you about this and you have responded that you would not pay the fee over the phone, and would only pay the fee in cash to Yvonne Witchell.  Yvonne Witchell will not meet with you in relation to this matter.

    I am writing to advise you therefore that unless you pay the licence fee over the phone, or to one of the Licensing Support Officers in person at the Civic Offices, we will treat this as a refusal to pay the renewal fee and contact Otto Car Ltd for further instructions.

    Please contact 01656 643109 to make arrangements to pay the fee by one of the above methods.

    I have also sent a hard copy of this letter to your home address.


    Will Lane | Operational Manager Neighbourhood Services Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, Caerdydd ar Bro Morgannwg  e-mail / e-bost:


    We understand that the email was forwarded by our client, to the vehicle owners so they can pay the council directly without the involvement of our client at this stage, said Senior BIT Partner on the taxi case for the trade, regarding that BIT


    One drive reading the email, made this comment in her car rage taxi 352








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  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    30 Oct at 17:17
    Dear Mr Lane
    Thank you for coming on the record regarding 555.
    For avoidance of doubt it is already public knowledge that you have been deemed a bully, and that you should not contact Mr Nelson.
    However as you have confirmed the hackney carriage number in your email, we will give you a free pass this time, as it is news worthy, and I believe in the public interest to read your communications.
    The vehicle is registered to OTTO Car as you are aware, what you are not aware my learned friend it makes absolutely no difference to OTTO Car if the vehicle licence expires.
    I do however question shared regulatory services data protection compliance given the content of your email given the vehicle is owned by OTTO Car.  If I didn’t know better I would think you are having a winge and Yvonne Witchell is not qualified as head to deal with taxi matter as she did in the past, including talking to me on serious matters taxi licensing. But when the learned officer has to get you invloved we know you haven’t got the time to check things etc. So once again thank you for showing the same as operations manager
    As for the letter you are sending, please ensure you let Christina Hill know and Yvonne Wirchell and Dave holland and maybe cllr Patel too not forgetting Darren Mepham.
    In fact can you now come on the record and provide a written undertaking that you will also provide the chief executive a copy of your letter come email now firmly on the record for all to see.
    I await your written undertaking
    Yours Sincerely
    Senior Partner
    BIT organisation
    For and on behalf of the BIT organisation – Taxi Watch Dog Wales and our client – D Nelson

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1. Delay in issuing Hackney Carriage cetificate
2, Delay in processing proposals
3. Delay in dealing with complaints.
4 Delay in processing freedom of information requests
5. Delay in processing vehicle age policy
6. Delay in providing taxi byelaws in full to all taxi drivers not just proprietors
7, Delay in updating the taxi course
8. Delay in amending taxi badge application forms
9. Delay in providing enforcement rules
10. Delay in proving information to what qualifications shared regulatory services have in the field of taxi licensing and enforcement
11. Discrimination towards the taxi trade, and BIT Senior Partner and Mr Nelson
12. Maladministration in office
13. Complaint of a bullish and unethical practices by licensing officers
14. Complaint council have no proper taxi fare setting policy valid in 2018
15. Complaint BCBC and shared regulatory service cause unnecessary hardship to the taxi trade
16. Complaint, complaints are not responded with letters and individual complaints are ignored, and therefore do not support proper case management for resolution.
17. Complaint it is faster to write to the ombudsman than get caught up in shared regulatory services and BCBC Cabinet ways of losing correspondence consistently and replying when they feel like, if at all, Cabinet included
18. Complaint that BCBC and shared regulatory service lie to the public
19. Complaint BCBC and shared regulatory services block public complaints
20. Complaint BCBC and shared regulatory service breach their communications charter
21. Complaint that Complaints block FOI requests
22. Complaint complaints block email complaints and do not acknowledge them
23. Complaint of racist practices as the equality is not maintained by BCBC and shared regulatory service
24. Complaint Hackney Carriage Drivers have been forced to buy new cars as BCBC do not offer the public equality, and favor the private hire trade and therefore force hackney carriage to buy new and not 2nd hand, with costs to be considered as part of the claim.
25.BCBC have never calculated taxi insurance for the taxi trade in their fare setting calculations and have failed to monitor those rising costs.
26. Vexatious policies designed to victimize those that submit taxi fare proposals
27. Complaint of Bullying by heads of departments
28. Complaint of Chief executive failing to act on matters
29. Night Taxi fare setting formula not taken into account by Cabinet in the recent fare proposal choosing by them
30. Department heads forcing staff to act without equality and thus discriminating against individuals
31. Unethical practices causing unnecessary hardship to the taxi trade
32. Complaint operations manipulate the taxi trade in consultation matters
33.Recent trade consultation lacked proper democracy or even business sence as proposal information was not made available to the trade
34.Yvonne Witchell is vexatious and is Will Lane
35. BCBC attempted to cheat the taxi trade of democracy often, and do things behind the trades back
36. Failed to implement a much need MOT policy like other areas such as Cardiff for example
37.Complaint Cabinet have no proper training in taxi matters today in 2018, and ignore best guidance for licensing, and as a result affect the taxi trade always with BCBC ignorance going all the way to the top including Cabinet and below, including licensing and shared regulatory services
38, Complaint Yvonne Witchell is blind as a bat and in denial mode when the obvious is staring her in the face
39. Complaint BIT organisation singled out in the interest of containment from day one the BIT investigation started.
40. Complaint of gross negligence in office, and that the council have no regard for the taxi trade, and ineffect do not care how they are treated
41, Daniel Cook policy officer fails to make a recognised trade calculation divided by 18,000 miles and fails to recognise the average cost of the Bridgend fleet which is not up to £17,000
42, False accounting in reporting to the public on taxi fares and costs
43. Failing to be consistent in reporting to Cabinet with time delays unacceptable and costly to the taxi trade
44. A Disregard for rising costs, and time frames needed by the trade for economic change
45. Long delays costing the trade thousands of pounds each financial year now 7 years
46. Council do not have a policy to speed economic matters and policies vital tpo the taxi trade, unless it suits Yvonne Witchell and shared regulatory services or Cabinet
47. Will Lane and Yvonne Witchell forever complain they have not got the resources in order to brush the public off
48, licensing fail to deal with simple matters as a result of being in maladministration mode or because of a vexatious policy adopted by all at taxi licensing including Yvonne Witchell and staff, including shared regulatory staff or officers dealing with Bridgend Taxi matters, including complaints.
49. Failure to recognise legitimate trade organisations that are not taxi associations
50. Failure to deal with hackney carriage plate replacement issue simply
51, Failure to consult with the taxi trade on the £1 card fee
52. Deliberately tampering with proposal information supplied by Mr Nelson and omitting the proposal documentation on two occasions
53. Failure to provide the taxi rules on the BCBC website and lying to the public that it is there
54. taxi licensing staff have poor training
55.Attempting to exclude the taxi trade from consultation
56. Back dating an email to fool the public – date – 16/07/18
57, Failure to advise the progress of the age policy consultation process
58. Failure to provide or allow Mr Renwick’s proper and full disclosure, during a trade consultation on fares
59. Failure to provide proper notice of the hackney Carriage byelaws to would be proprietors at the point of sale/application process to plate their vehicle
Thats just a brief list covering most of the top complaints submitted by BIT organisation – Taxi Watch Dog service
A humungus undertaking said Senior BIT Partner.
Its all in the hands of the ombudsman service now. I have a dream that one day all taxis will be treated equal and not judged by the colour of their door skin or what shift they work
Yvonne Witchell Stick seen here , on the run, as she refuses to be available for comment
hqdefault (1).jpg
Senior Partner said following Will Lane coming on the record again – The evidence against the council and Will Lane shared regulatory services counsel in this case, so to speak, is overwhelming for even him now, as we are well up on points
We will have to see what the ombudsman service makes of it all, especially as Yvonne Witchell has done a bottle job, and bottled it by not meeting with the BIT organisation to sort out her trash


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