Bridgend Taxi fares go to Public Consultation-economic starvation 7 years-Ombudsman Investigates equality-Cab trade case-unfair-shocking evidence- sufficient for assessment

We ask the public do you believe in miracles, Bridgend Drive gives thumbs up to the BIT organisation tonight, after witnessing a true miracle in this part of Wales


Taxi Watch Dog Wales team deliver Bridgend Taxi Trade like Moses, and awaits the parting of the sea, as Bridgend taxis fares finally go to public consultation, after being delayed by licensing head for years deliberately, an obstruction now out in the open and being assessed




Now over 7 years since the last fare increase, the day is near when Bridgend taxi drivers should finally see justice on the horizon, after an absolute nightmare of a delay, by all guilty at Bridgend Council, now part of a full blown investigation by the ombudsman service, as we reveal to the public the shocking facts today, in this continuing saga that is BCBC


With 4 proposals on the table Bridgend Cabinet did not stick to a trade formula, but instead played with the taxi trade without any real idea what they were doing, said Senior Partner during an interview tonight


The public can see below a number of factors, such as Bridgend night and weekend night Cabbies have been waiting for an increase, but have not been given equal pay in effect




Taxi Driver massive  have been shot in the economic taxi fare butt, because BCBC Cabinet and operations namely shared regulatory service, have no modern idea about the taxi trade, and have taken to choosing an impractical solution after pretending they all know best, and are well trained, said Senior Partner heading the massive investigation for the Bridgend massive


So they discard the department of transport best guidance which tells them how to do in the guidance, in relation to taxi fares, and how they should be set day and night, or during the peak times, including weekend nights, with a formula

liar (3).gif





Bridgend Council consultations –  states public notice of hackney carriage fairs, but we are not in a fair ground, but maybe BCBC are, commented a member of the TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM after a long investigation to show how poor the council are to the Bridgend Taxi Trade, here in Mid Glamorgan, Wales, as if it’s a fun fair at the office


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tenor (72)email
Re: Complaint made to the Ombudsman – Ref: 2018039032
  • Beth Owen <>
    31 Oct at 17:04

    Dear Mr Nelson

    Thank you for your emails, I have updated our records accordingly.  Your complaint has been passed to Ms Karen Edwards, an investigation officer, for further assessment, I must note that at this current stage we have all relevant information that we require to carry out an assessment.  We will be in contact in due course.

    Yours sincerely

    Beth Owen

    Casework Officer / Swyddog Gwaith Achos

    Complaints Advice Team / Tîm Cyngor ar Gwynion

    Tel/ Ffon: 01656 641150

    Public Services Ombudsman for Wales/Ombwdsmon Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus Cymru
    1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae
    Bridgend/Pen-y-Bont ar Ogwr
    CF35 5LJ

    Twitter Facebook

    This email is subject to the conditions on Confidentiality, Content and Viruses set out on the Ombudsman’s website.
    Mae’r e-bost hwn yn rhwym wrth yr amodau Cyfrinachedd, Cynnwys a Firysau a nodir ar wefan yr Ombwdsmon.

    All calls are recorded for training and reference purposes  / Bydd pob galwad yn cael ei recordio ar gyfer dibenion hyfforddi a chyfeirio
    Please consider the environment – do you really need to print this email?
    Ystyriwch yr amgylchedd – a oes wir angen i chi argraffu’r neges e-bost hon?







Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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