Taxi Licensing is Gods Gift-Man in the mirror-BIT organisation-win win no free-Bridgend Drive-whistle blows on council-Taxi Watch dog has Cabbies for clients

Taxi Watch Dog Wales takes on the Van helsing case in this world exclusive of vampires and ghouls visible in the light of day


There is a supernatural air in this case of blood suckers within, said BIT organisation senior Partner, which is spreading through to the Vale of Glamorgan, but emulating from the old civic building, with dark shadows that climb the steps every day, like dark angels going to their post.


After Yvonne Witchells taxi licensing head –  BRIDGEND COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL Postal Address. Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31, tells BIT senior Partner- That she will not respond to emails from the BIT organisation – Mr Nelson, Senior Partner says to hell with it, lets take on this drivers case



In flight a dark angel able to change form and become the Witchell Stick, the beast of taxi licensing out to suck your taxi blood out of you


A clash for any Van helsing if you are a taxi driver cursed by the Yvonne Witchell Stick


A monster bite has taxi licensing head in Bridgend, seen across the Vale of Glamorgan in true flight, mouth wide open to bite your taxi ass


A taxi licensing beast, able to change appearance to Janet Jackson, and keep you dancing around with her taxi issues and locked in


An emotional roller coaster if ever you have dealings with the beast that is taxi licensing head, in flight for that bite of you , but many now say


Will there ever be escape now from these monsters controlled by this head blood sucker, that sucks on taxi blood in Bridgend, in all places there is a Bridgend taxi badge or a taxi fare to meter


Is there a Van Helsing to save the Bridgend Taxi trade from the grave yard of taxi life because of their thirst for taxi meat

Controlled by these hungry monsters with attitude, as dark shadows contaminate the godly, including a taxi in the public domain licensed by ghouls in office today hungry to boss taxi meat, you, or the public thinking of going there after they woo you with their perfume










Mr MoneyPenny <>
To:Yvonne Witchell
28 Oct at 12:47
Good day madam
The BIT organisation writes to confirm our latest client is Taxi Driver 319, as a result of your letter date 24/10/2018 – your ref: YW/319
As you are aware our newest client has requested a meeting to discuss a few serious and personal issues in relation to his taxi badge and taxi license
A matter that must be dealt with face to face. There will be a need to provide a cash amount of £267.00. This meeting needs to take place no later than 2 weeks before the amount due is due as recommended by yourself 14 days before expiry, as per conversation with Wendy off the record last week
We wont no funny business on this matter  madam, no discrimination and certainly no delays, or time delays where its like if you want a reply, you have to name that tune – that sings about we will reply if it does not mention BIT organisation. I am afraid we are representing Mr Nelson.
For avoidance of doubt, this email is coming from the BIT organisation -Senior Partner Mr D Nelson – your ref: YW/319 –
You know Nelson like free – Nelson Mandella
BIT organisation giving reference to Martin Luther King and Moses and others when refering to what the organisation does for the taxi trade – – thats actually written by our client 319 Mr Nelson also, who has a double identity in more ways than one don’t you know, my learned head,
We are happy to come down to the Vale of Glamorgan if you like, but it is Bridgend Taxi Driver business, to do with that bit and that bit, and you too can get to that BIT
Please be sure and I must remind you about that BIT –
So recently the BIT organisation- Mr D Nelson 319 – Taxi Watch Dog Wales- your ref – YW/319, asked you to bring to the forth coming meeting, date still awaiting advice, in an email requesting BCBC equality/discrimination policy in relation to BIT or BIT organisation also known as Taxi Watch Dog a free service to the taxi trade in Bridgend and Mr Nelson  –  Taxi Driver 319 – MEMBERS of THE PUBLIC
I have attached a link which is an external link, which you may find helpful when you open it
Hopefully you will understand what doc is not displayed on your website allegedly, as I have attached the Cardiff example displayed on The BIT Organisation website by 319 Bridgend Taxi Driver also known as Mr D Nelson
You should note you can also find this link if you go to – and then the FACEBOOK LINK – 5. This Policy Statement supports the Council’s Equality Scheme, which outlines how we will comply with the Equality Act 2010
You will be aware that there was no link on the BCBC website as per call put through to the learned Nicola. That’s If you are unable to see evidence of that factor, when you listen to the call,
Please feel free to contact BIT organisation to obtain a free copy should you wish – Please be sure to mention that you made an invitation and later forgot about it – as shown –
You can contact BIT organisation Mr Nelson directly on the matter, as you have already been informed all calls are recorded in the taxi trade interest for which he is a Member, and so is the taxi watch dog Wales – BIT organisation as free trade organisation offering the taxi driver options to deal with that BIT, including written authorization to deal with that BIT as already demonstrated to your officer Daniel Cook on the subject of licensing fees, highlighted in 2017 in council minutes and emails firmly on the record. A subject that Cymru Cabs of Pencoed, asked us to deal with on their behalf, and was published by the BIT organisation on the old Bit News face book by Da Nelson
I have recently had a visit to spec savers, so I will be very able to read any documentation to you, confirming the same if you cannot see evidence of it.
Hopefully you will find that BIT
I trust that clarifies the matter for you going forward indefinitely until informed otherwise
Yours Sincerely
D Nelson
Senior Partner
For and on behalf of the BIT organisation
N.B – For the record
This email will be published in the public interest and will eventually be accessible on –
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Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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