A Witch flies over-Bridgend 2018 Taxi fares increase-Proposal 1 to go to a wicked public consultation-Licensing Team Manager-Yvonne Witchell loses grip of BCBC broom stick

Its Halloween time and a Witch is seen crossing the vale of Glamorgan, bound for Bridgend, Coity Castle, that was the report that came in after dark like a quiet mist slithering through the skies of South wales into the blacklisted art form called BCBC


Yvonne Witchell – Yvonne.Witchell@bridgend.gov.uk of Bridgend Taxi licences– nick named – The Witchell stick – appears to have lost the plot, and her long established stick, after being grounded by a watch dog taxi spell, picked up in England, against wayward taxi licensing spells that prohibit fares increase, a practice found here in this medieval part of Mid Glamorgan, Wales, called Angel Street, Bridgend


Team Manager licensing for head of regulatory services, sends a letter by recorded delivery folks, to BIT organisation Senior Partner ,and it reads angry and vexatious, folks, like a Witch applying an evil spell, that in the end fails to have any affect any more on the victim, using that old Witchell Stick routine coming from some where that looks over the moon


A team member of the BIT organisation reading the letter, reported it read like Yvonne Witchell, flew off the handle,

tenor (67).gif

A local Cabbie with a new 8 seater mini bus, was outraged when he heard that BIT that Daniel Cook under costed his 8 seater taxi, when the Policy officer reported costings to Cabinet for 4 seater taxis in the borough bought by the trade, to be no more than £17,000, including 5,6,7,8 seater Bridgend hackney carriage cabs


The cab driver was out walking his dog at the time, who said he wished to remain anonymous, said – How can they do that at the council- and before running off had a look of disgust, written all over this Bridgend cab drivers face

tenor (69).gif

Another Drive said Cook was having a tin bath Rodney, hasnt he got any ruddy GCSE’s, my car falls into 26,000 pounds bracket, the plonker, what a dip stick, is he mutton Jeff or something, the wally


giphy (43).gif

Following the report by Cook supplied to Cabinet, BIT Senior Partner tells Ombudsman services that BCBC taxi fare setting Method policy, is out dated,and flawed for sure, and there is the proof clearly in cooks latest offering, with no sums, just noises incomprehensible


Guessing is now out, and also sweeping taxi fare proposals under the desk for years, said Senior BIT Partner, as it proves too costly to the taxi trade in England and Wales


A gentleman from Northampton area, visiting relatives in Aberkenfig, commented to Mr Nelson whilst he was conducting a BIT survey at Bridgend Railway Station, that the BCBC chief executive Darren Mepham was allegedly caught describing his day at Civic offices..


The gentleman went on to say that the chief executive leaving BCBC in January next year, was no great loss, and apparently someone in the councils legal and complaints department, that originated from Hackney council in east London, was also leaving as they handed in their notice recently, after just 3 weeks on the job, allegedly

tenor (70).gif


BIT Senior Partner said recently in an interview,  that licensing team head Yvonne Witchell was invited to explain how they arrived at their calculations for the current fare setting, in an email way back at the beginning of 2017 and prior end 2016, and by what formula do they use


The public should note, the email was never replied to, as the Witchell Stick was probably busy as seen


As already reported on https://www.facebook.com/TAXIWATCHDOG/ in the last few days – Taxi insurance was never calculated or taken into account when fare setting by the democracy that is BCBC, thus seeing taxi drivers losing some £2,000 per annum each, as a result of an improper fare setting policy, said a spokesman for the Taxi Watch Dog Team in Wales

maxresdefault (8)

The rather angry letter in our opinion from team header Witchell, was full of discrimination content, and containment as usual from, aka -Witchell Stick

In fact the letter talks of, if BIT is mentioned in an email to them, they will not respond

A reply to Yvonne Witchell asked if Mr Nelson changed his name to BIT by deed poll would that be acceptable, Still waiting a reply on that one said Senior Partner for the organisation offering a free public service to Cabbies and the Taxi Trade


Here is an extract of the original letter dated 24-10-2018 – Our ref YW/319, from Yvonne Witchell, with the crucial BIT of news or words the majority want to hear, about bridgend taxis fares increase in 2018, for all those taxi drivers out there –

Page 5  – I would advise you that at the meeting on 23 October 2018, Cabinet approved Proposal 1 to go forward



In the 5 page document sent to Mr Nelson of the BIT organisation, as one read the response, you could see that BIT may well have, upset their spell in office, as it went down like this –


Page 5 – On 20 September 2018 you emailed the chief executive including a link to an external website. The council will not be accessing this site and no further response will be given



Page 3 – In addition , you have have admitted to recording and uploading telephone calls to Youtube


The public will be also interested to know that the Ombudsman service will access that link, as it has been forwarded as part of  further evidence, pertaining to that BIT, the learned Witchell stick talks about

tenor (71).gif

Ombudsman in fact in passing commented it was a good shout for her, during a phone conversation with BIT Senior Partner that BIT organisation news, was a very informative reference with gifs, whilst reviewing the Bridgend Taxi Trade Case

tenor (72).gif


tenor (73).gif

Yvonne Witchell goes on with her spell bounding words in the letter as seen below

images (14)

The council does not recognise the BIT organisation as a recognised trade organisation and will not action any further correspondence submitted by you on behalf of the BIT organisation

980x (1)

the-watch-dog-crime-blog-logo2 (1)




Yvonne Witchell <Yvonne.Witchell@bridgend.gov.uk>
22 Mar at 09:29

Dear Sir

I have made Mr Dave Holland aware of this latest email and can confirm that responses have been sent to BIT on 24/1/2018  and 23/2/2018 covering the content of the enquiry sent within this form.

BIT has been invited to submit an application to increase taxi fares in Bridgend but no application has been received.  As a consequence, the process to report to Cabinet will proceed without this information.

Yours faithfully

Yvonne Witchell

Adran Trwyddedu  | Licensing Section

Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol | Operational and Partnership Services

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Siriol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council Swyddfeydd Dinesig | Civic Offices

Stryd yr Angel | Angel Street

Pen-y-Bont  | Bridgend

CF31 4WB  | CF31 4WB

Ffôn/Phone: (01656) 643643

Ffacs / Fax: (01656)


E bost / Email: licensing@bridgend.gov.uk


Gwefan / Website: www.bridgend.gov.uk


This e-mail and any attachments transmitted with it represents the
views of the individual(s) who sent them and should not be regarded
as the official view of Bridgend County Borough Council. The contents
are confidential and intended solely for the use of the addressee. If
you have received it in error, please inform the system administrator
on (+44) 01656 642111.

This e-mail and any attachments have been scanned.

That is a clear knock down for that round, as licensing foreman hits the canvass after getting that BIT very wrong
BCBC taxi fares increase 2018, that is the punch too strong, as the BIT organisation puts scores on the score cards, putting them ahead on points, in this heavy weight fight scheduled to go all the way ladies and gentlemen
Chris Jones asks BIT NEWS will it be another 6 months before they select a date?
  • foi <foi@bridgend.gov.uk>
    26 Oct at 15:47

    Dear Sir/Madam

    FOI REQUEST X04-776

    We acknowledge your request for information received on 26 October 2018.

    We are considering your request and you should receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working days, unless the information is exempt or we require additional time to consider whether disclosure is in the public interest in accordance with section 2 of the Freedom of Information Act.

    We will try to supply information in electronic format by email, but if this is not possible we will let you know. If you have any special requirements e.g. language, audio, large print, etc. then please let us know.

    The Act defines a number of exemptions which may prevent release of the information you have requested. Before we provide the information we will consider whether it is proper to release it and if any of the exemption categories do apply then the information will not be released. We will tell you if this is the case, and you will have a right of appeal.

    If the information you request contains reference to a third party then they may be consulted prior to a decision being taken on whether or not to release the information to you. We will tell you if this is the case.

    You may have to pay a fee for this information. We will consider this and let you know. If so you will have to pay the fee before we process and release the information.

    If you have any queries or concerns, then please contact me directly. You can find out more about the Act from the Information Commissioner at:

    Information Commissioner’s Office – Wales 2nd Floor Churchill House Churchill Way Cardiff

    CF10 2HH

    Telephone: 02920 678400 Fax: 02920 678399

    Email: wales@ico.org.uk

    Website: https://ico.org.uk/

    Yours sincerely,

    Y Swyddfa Rhyddid Gwybodaeth Freedom of Information Office

    Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol | Operational and Partnership Services

    Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Pen-Y-Bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council

    Ffon / Phone: (01656) 643473

    Ffacs / Fax: (01656) 657899

    E-bost / E-Mail foi@bridgend.gov.uk

    Gwefan / Website: www.bridgend.gov.uk

    Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Rhowch wybod i ni os mai Cymraeg yw eich dewis iaith.

    We welcome correspondence in Welsh. Please let us know if your language choice is Welsh.




    From: Mr MoneyPenny [mailto:mrmoney.penny@ymail.com]
    Sent: 26 October 2018 05:41
    To: complaints
    Subject: FOI

    To whom it may concern

    On what date will the public consultation for taxi fares be published on the website as Yvonne Witchell states proposal 1 is to be advertised over the next 14 days

    How long will it take following the 14 day expiry period for Daniel Cook to provide Cabinet with the report, and then how long will it be before the report is published and then put on the Agenda for potential implementation?

    This is not vexatious communication as the taxi Watch Dog always works in the public interests as well as the taxi trade for free

    Given time is money, we suspect you can answer the FOI in 20 working days?

    Yours Sincerely

    D Nelson

    Senior BIT Partner

    BIT organisation

    For and on behalf of members of the taxi trade

    E-bost yn cael ei logio, ei monitro a/neu ei chofnodi yn awtomatig am resymau cyfreithiol
    Peidiwch ag argraffu’r neges e-bost hon oni bai fod hynny’n gwbl angenrheidiol.
    Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Rhowch wybod i ni os mai Cymraeg yw eich dewis iaith.
    E-mail may be automatically logged, monitored and/or recorded for legal purposes.
    Please do not print this email unless absolutely necessary.
    We welcome correspondence in Welsh. Please let us know if your language choice is Welsh.

    Mwy o wybodaeth am ymgynghoriad cyllideb 2018.  Find out more about the 2018 budget consultation.
    Ewch i'n gwefan newydd a chofrestrwch a gyfer Fy Nghyfrif heddiw.  Visit our new website and sign up to My Account today.

    Dilynwch ni ar
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    Mr MoneyPenny <mrmoney.penny@ymail.com>
    26 Oct at 16:01

    Hi Beth

    Copy for your file
    images (15)
    tenor (58)
    images (16)
the-watch-dog-crime-blog-logo2 (1)

Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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