BIT Organisation Junior Partner steps down from the job after complaining stress now visible-Bridgend Council destroy taxi driver lives

BIT organisation Junior Partner steps down from BIT organisation – Stress is a killer and so is money, as we uncover the fallen in today taxi news about people in Bridgend, in South Wales


TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM loses their junior Partner, and so he leaves the duties assigned to him, after admitting he had issues with this council going back many years, that leaves him unable to carry on assisting the Senior Partner of the BIT organisation, as the case has become too stressful, and elongated,  with the same old same old from Bridgend council, that he finds too costly and upsetting in many ways. One of the reasons he contacted Councillor Peter Foley, now 2 years ago, as he felt elected Cllr Foley at the time, could solve the problems for the taxi trade


As we know the Councillor was blocked by operations and later was not reelected, leaving BIT to search for order, or a way forward


In a statement from the BIT Senior Partner this morning – Mr Nelson understood that many have fallen by the wayside, as frustration and stress undoubtedly sets in, after taking on Bridgend council over the years on taxi matters
People have tried in the past just like  Paul Pride, himself a local taxi driver on the beat still today in Bridgend town, who also tried to bring some stability to this local taxi trade, He too was dominated by council stress in the end ,with low fares and high costs to buy a new car over a 5 year contract, we ask you what chance do any of these taxi drivers have on these stressful terms covered in our forensic news disclosures 
Something that was always going to be the case when you take on Bridgend council, and the council know it, and use communication strategies to frustrate you as we all now know, so you go away, said Senior BIT organisation Partner

Taxi Watch Dog Senior Partner stated – We will continue to press for change regardless how tough the process maybe, and thanked the junior Partner for his efforts todate.


The job is not finished and I will see it through regardless of the time, and cost to get there, said Mr Nelson pushing forward for the Bridgend Taxi Trade

With much progress under the BIT organisations belt, after getting to grips with how things go down under a Labour lead council and Bridgend county borough council, Mr Nelson stated the taxi show most certainly is still on track and will go on



Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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