Taxi Slavery-Shocking evidence-local ombudsman investigates case-Bridgend council found guilty July 16th 2018

In today news – local ombudsman gets a complaint that raises eyebrows, as Bridgend council are to be judged on the record as a slave master to the Bridgend taxi trade and the public of the county

Also in the news – Bridgend Taxi Trade shocked as they are now down a further 2 more places in the national hackney carriage fare chart, after only recently Cardiff, Swansea, Caerphilly see taxi fares increases. Many taxi drivers now fed up of the same old delays and poor excuses to prevent the trade from being economically sound, instead the trade continue in this case of losing money now 7 years on and paying the price with long hours and no income money on legal levels


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Taxi Watch Dog Wales reveals the true face of Bridgend council to the ombudsman after getting under the skin of Bridgend taxi licensing and shared regulatory services not forgetting the chief executive and Cabinet

in a report sent to the ombudsman service recently in an attempt to bring normality to the Bridgend taxi trade, as it should for a business that needs to adjust to economic changes, which is a factor Bridgend council factor out for this local town trade in Mid Glamorgan Wales says Senior Partner for the BIT organisation compiling the file in the public interest after getting under Bridgend council skin to expose a slave master in the flesh


Taxi Watch Dog complaint invites the ombudsman to go and examine the forensic evidence now before them, which includes all concerned in taxi matters at the council and shared regulatory services,


The supporting evidence includes voice recordings, and more highlighted already in BIT NEWS, with more undisclosed and disclosed emails sent to Christina Hill of shared regulatory as well as Darren Mepham and Bridgend legal department-Freedom of information request department in the last 4 months


Complaint made to the Ombudsman – Ref: 201803903
  • ask <>
    To:Mr MoneyPenny
    10 Oct at 14:19

    Dear Mr Nelson

    Thank you for your email dated 4 October 2018, I have today sent you a copy of the consent form in the post. I have also uploaded your emails dated 9 October to the case as requested.

    Yours sincerely

    Beth Owen

    Casework Officer / Swyddog Gwaith Achos

    Complaints Advice Team / Tîm Cyngor ar Gwynion

    Tel/ Ffon: 01656 641150


    Public Services Ombudsman for Wales/Ombwdsmon Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus Cymru
    1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae
    Bridgend/Pen-y-Bont ar Ogwr
    CF35 5LJ



Ironically the complaint sent in June to Christina Hill was never properly acknowledged as requested

In fact the ombudsman sees evidence it has been ignored thus far


The original email to Shared regulatory services stated the complaint was directed at BCBC and shared regulatory services combined, as the cost to the taxi trade today runs into 10s of thousands per financial year, and by the month as they continue with unhealthy practices that restrict the taxi trade in many different ways,even in communications or matters of economics that the trade cannot wait years to have addressed by them. Its just not viable in the real world said Mr Nelson Senior Partner for the BIT organisation – Taxi Watch Dog team who have been out to prove this case from the outset and told the ombudsman the same as part of the written complaint


Senior Partner for the BIT organisation stated this morning,that the BIT organisation will see matters to the end and will continue along the path so the ombudsman can see forensically how Bridgend council destroy the Bridgend Taxi trade with their inept practices in communication and administration with shared regulatory services

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Mr MoneyPenny <>
9 Oct at 15:21

Good afternoon

Reference my current complaint with Beth

Working off two systems. This email has had no written letter also now more than 3 months old.
Yours sincerely
For and on behalf of the BIT organisation
Taxi Watch Dog Wales
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—– Forwarded message —–
From: “Mr MoneyPenny” <>
To: “Christina Hill” <>
Sent: Mon, 4 Jun 2018 at 16:48
Subject: Post on bit News face book – edited again I am afraid
Stage one complaint points and taxi issues for the record to show costs and losses in delay per financial year and the implications as a result of such delays are unacceptable and far too costly
Bit News – BCBC complaints get a fly on the wall account?
Email edit update  just sent to Christine Hill from BIT Partner
16:15 hrs  wrote:
Further to my last forensic account on bit News I can confirm the chief executive is now again aware. I must therefore complain that these same practices of delay hurt the financial fabric of any Bridgend taxi driver subject to tariff issues.
A accountant opens and closes the financial book each year as costs and incomes are explained to HMRC. Yet BCBC go slow without ducare for the trade’s economic and moral values.
The BIT complaint can now confirm these delays affect even proposals delayed deliberately in time, which  the chief executive ignores. Not even the council budget in the way they force the taxi trade to budget and adopt economics such as working longer hours, but yet checked like a slAve master would to ensure his slaves are doing their work. In this case buying new tyres. Keeping up with vehicle repair costs, licensing and insurance, labour repair costs for experts, and the many associated costs that start and end in a financial year that can be subject to increase or market forces, the many changes in costs during that financial year or even in to the next. The trade is treated in such a manner that they must suffer the costs and wait far beyond sound business practices to have change implemented or even looked at in a viable time frame, as they should be in such circumstances given the importance of taxi trade needs, or when tariffs of all kinds go up,
Therefore factors are need to be accounted for and looked at sooner rather than later. The time frame set for the taxi trade to deal with matters has no boundaries, leaving always the trade subject to many costly and lengthy delays
One complains that the council always gives the talk and gives the impression they are doing something but the process overtime has a consistency of mal practice or excessive delays when you go compare departments linked across the shared area or those actioning for the taxi trade in Wales or Cardiff
Therefore those responsible for setting fares fail in a realistic time scale within a financial year to settle taxi matters. There is no implementation effective in place, as it takes far too long to action matters generally beyond any financial year. . As a result the taxi trade naturally incurs losses continually to naturally alarming proportions,with declines consistently in the national league table as a matter of course when such depravity is in flicked on the trade or hard working taxi driver of Bridgend 
The disregard applied to the taxi trade in Bridgend by even operations is far too costly and damaging each one potentially every financial year as demonstrated of late for the record to show even to this day. Taxi drivers are delayed with unjustifiable delays even in a simple complaint or a simple matter of financial matters during that financial year relating to issues fundamental to the correct income for a taxi driver in Bridgend or the understanding of costs for the public if they use a taxi. 
My our complaints is directed at BCBC and shared regulatory services combined as the cost to the taxi trade today runs into 10s of thousands per financial year, and by the month as they continue with unhealthy practices that restrict the taxi trade in many different ways even in communication or communications or matters of economics for fares the public should know about and comment on.
Please add this email as further evidence for the ombudsman where appropriate to examine the financial costs to the trade since 2011 or since the BIT organisation started it’s investigation into what many say are just plain constant lies from taxi licensing or those responsible for implementing change or reform or examine economic facts and costs for the Bridgend taxi trade,  when they go compare and challenge the doings and polices that affect the trade because of the time they take on it or go about shuffling it around going nowhere without a sound basis with real justification for being so bad administratively in order to progress issues economic and such like that are vital to the taxi trade in good time and within a financial year. 
Once again Bit News and BIT News725 is an historic and forensic account, to be used in evidence to support the costly practices of BCBC when dealing with the taxi trade.
THe constant delays are not viable for the taxi trade today and therefore I must complain and use this email as another example with further statements on the underlining costs that make the Bridgend taxi trade look neglected deliberately, and thus affect even the moral of the taxi driver in each financial year, past and on going, for a day to day taxi driver, with costs changing, and market indicators also an underlining factor or trend
BCBC and their operations do not consider the whole picture and effect go to sleep on the job when they are shown what the taxi driver needs as well as the public when they need a taxi.
This email will be published on line in due course on BITNEWS725 available on a Google search
Yours sincerely
BIT organisation

Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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