Bridgend Council block complaints-delay-freedom of information requests stopped dead-disclosure laws-Monster breach Wales

So many out there will say you will have your hands full if you have any dealings with your local council. We wont disappoint you there. But how about if they have their hands full with you or a local taxi driver…

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The Taxi Watch Dog lives to tell the story, about if you go complain or put questions to this council in Bridgend Mid Glamorgan Wales, that controls their power by ignoring the public says Taxi Watch Dog investigation, when you examine the forensic facts over time for local taxis and people living in this now infamous area of Wales called Mid Glamorgan

In Today news we also look at what a lot are saying is probably the biggest burger you can order in Wales today. A real Man V Food challenge if you must have a harty snack. With chips on the menu for only £1, you can see how popular this is with the Kids and family out shopping, or making that local trip down town for that Mega Monster Bite Burger just off the A48 near Home Bargain


Bridgend’s mouth watering challenge is now open. You up for a challenge


You got to try this folks.  Say mmmmmmm and open wide – Fattys Burger Bar Bridgend makes your monster to order


The place of Fatty’s Burger BarMan V Food and cheap is chips Crowbridge Rd, Waterton Link Centre, Waterton CF31 3XX – Wicks Car park


BIT organisation- Taxi Watch Dog Team discover the council have their hands full with you and their BS, if you go investigate the taxi trade case in Bridgend Mid Glamorgan Wales or the councils complaint procedures or freedom of information request processing methods or their communication methods when you have serious complaints


A place you would not want to think – I could be a taxi or cab driver there, or even live there, some or many say, including those that live there

BIT NEWS reports from this area of Wales so you too can rightly understand how it goes down in this part of the world at times


Taxi Watch Dog team warns the public at this time you may well be right about Bridgend Council after a long investigation that appears to be breaking this local council wide open for the public to recognise


Readers should note the council has already been blacklisted on the Borough Council ratings  board for Wales, used by the Taxi Watch Dog – BIT Organisation when they get bad reports which have been confirmed


As a result are able to warn anyone thinking of parting with money to plate a taxi or get a taxi badge for Bridgend county borough council


Bridgend County borough council sit at the top of the TAXI WATCH DOG – trade red flag list

Bridgend council with partners shared regulatory services – Sitting firmly there now at the top position, for some time now, if you go back and read the  forensic taxi news facts, that you are able to share with others

tenor (62).gif

In today’s news we look at a significant freedom of information request that should have been answered after 20 days of the request


tenor (64)

Despite previous reminders featured in BIT NEWS,  BCBC have failed to process or answer why the have not processed the request. BIT Senior Partner said in an earlier statement that there is evidence that the council and shared regulatory services obstruct complaints and freedom of information requests when the public go asking


In many areas the council operations appear to be dysfunctional as a unit and operating on a low capacity, as a result of being in mal administration mode, warns the Senior Partner of the BIT organisation, heading the taxi watch dog Wales team investigation


As the request is more than 3 months old says BIT Senior Partner, it will be top of the list of the many stage one complaints staring the ombudsman service in the face, once the complaints are sent to them as time now expires on each matter put to Bridgend Council and shared regulatory services, who both still remain schtoom, and are not communicating at this time ,with the BIT organisation as they should, it is as if they have lots to hide.


A further example in the public domain of what the public are really staring down the barrel  at, if they take on this Bridgend council in complaint matters or freedom of information requests


tenor (63).gif

The public now get wiser to how even complaints and freedom of information requests are handled by Bridgend Council says the TAXI WATCH DOG team, as they expose via BIT NEWS, a Bridgend council administration only in it to win it, at any costs, even if it means their own demise, and a taxi trade under their control too, or you the public ,if you dare go ask for that bit, or complain about the same including staff and such like





Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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