Darren Mepham -Chief Executive -Bridgend Council Leader Councillor Huw David questioned on Taxi Fraud-Taxi Slavery-Both Judged to be slow, deliberately causing Mayhem in a cover up story

TAXI WATCH DOG WALES SERVES BRIDGEND COUNCIL CHIEF EXECUTIVE WITH A FRAUD NOTICE IN CONNECTION WITH THE FACT – THE LEADER OF THE COUNCIL CAN’T ADD UP AND IS SLOW – Mephem Mayhem sweeps Bridgend Taxis In an email sent by the BIT organisations this morning Darren Mephem chief executive is put on notice of the mayhem around him, and … Continue reading “Darren Mepham -Chief Executive -Bridgend Council Leader Councillor Huw David questioned on Taxi Fraud-Taxi Slavery-Both Judged to be slow, deliberately causing Mayhem in a cover up story”




In an email sent by the BIT organisations this morning Darren Mephem chief executive of Bridgend Council, is put on notice of the mayhem around him, and the results of the same for Bridgend Cabs and Bridgend Taxis in the borough today, as a result of simple practices being abused by BCBC says BIT Partner’s heading the investigation into fraud and more for the local taxi trade in Bridgend. which has seen the taxi trade starved of wages unusually or even unethically by those that make those distinctions

BIT Partner’s now task the chief executive to deal with his administration of mal administration and answer questions……

tenor (37)

Bridgend Cabbies effectively forced to work below minimum wage as a result of this fraud case the BIT organisation continue to expose in the public domain for all to see if you crunch numbers since the Leader of the council with a chief executive signed off on nothing for the trade, as nothing has happened as part of their taxi plan,


A strategy worked over time still crippling Bridgend taxis or Bridgend Cabs since 2012 and to this day, if you look at the upfront facts dished out by the executive and Bridgend Cabinet, with fraud in the mix at executive level. Does the Chief executive look bothered we ask the public


Not forgetting ones civic duty to pay the going rate for cabs or taxis if you regulate them. Know your taxis, something Bridgend Cabinet tell stories about or pretend they don’t understand but yet again they do, especially when it falls into the chief executive’s domain

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When you examine the facts and look at the numbers,the council leader we are sure makes sure he earns more than the minimum wage and so does the Bridgend council chief executive. But when it comes to taxis, don’t be surprised if they kick them in to touch with special blends of mal practices and mal administration, to keep Cabs on the bread line or below the bread line forcing many to work far beyond 55 hours a week to try and make a living after all the costs involved including taxi rental at some £220 per week and £115 to work with a cab firm locally on average. That is only one flip side for the industry with their vehicle costs, not only for drivers, but also vehicle proprietors

Image result for lets go 50 50

Image result for less fuel consumption cars

As for those drivers that go for  the 50 – 50 split cash scheme with the cab firm. i’ll let you do the maths on that one after fuel and time = Not a lot especially during the day at some 40 pence a mile adrift. You ever watched paint dry for free said one cab driver describing the economic depression for taxis in Bridgend borough on the rank going local or around town area and beyond


A huge task for even a member of the public to contemplate. And that is only one side of the taxi costs coin with many edges that equal costs to stay on the road

Image result for illegal to pay below minimum wage

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A minimum wage issue reported by the Burke proposal rejected last year by the council leader with his song and dance routine, which many call it so today, which has achieved absolutely nothing in common sense or foresight or wise decision making, under the circumstances,tells Senior BIT Partner after going through the file after a thorough investigation into the irregularities including fraud-regarding content received by chief executive and signed for by way of a stamp as received,used at the civic offices reception, delivered by the Senior BIT Partner, and then posted on Bit News facebook diary for public intelligence and recognition

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A year down the line and several years on, 7 years on chief executives and council leader just delivers death to taxi incomes for all those they collect licensing fees from gladly. A true killing by the council and taxi licensing all the way to the top


Again obstructing the Bridgend Taxi trade of getting their just pay which should move with the times or economic times. A knock out blow for any taxi trade in Wales to the death

giphy (72)

The BIT organisation as TAXI WATCH DOG send the following email to the Chief Executive of Bridgend Council 

09 May 16:19 – for the public record to show
  • Mr MoneyPenny <mrmoney.penny@ymail.com>
    6 Jul at 10:29
    Dear SIr
    I am to understand that the ombudsman’s office has been in contact with you regarding a complaint from the BIT organisation. A matter that will be referred back to the ombudsman in due course.
    However at this time we have a more pressing matter and therefore must come on the record in the public interests especially as you are the chief executive who thus far has ignored every communication sent you from the BIT organisation since 2017
    On the 09th May Will Lane came on the record for councillor Patel. We thank them both for coming on the record as it was very news worthy for the public and the ombudsman service
    An extract from the email:

    I note that you have recently raised separate issues in your email of the 4th May from (Mr MoneyPenny account) which will be responded to separately.

    I look forward to your co-operation with the above.

    Kind regards,

    Will Lane | Operational Manager Neighbourhood Services

    Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

    Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

    Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, Caerdydd ar Bro Morgannwg

    Mr Mepham as it is the 06/07/2018 now several weeks since the learned Will Lane came on the record, can we please have an explanation as to what is happening regarding the matter that Will Lane refers to.
    We also note our records show that a proposal document was handed in at civic offices addressed to the chief executive
    and signed for last year which was tampered later  with., Is it normal practice for documents sent you to be tampered with in what some call a fraudulent manner?
    We look forward to action from the Chief executive on this matter so we can understand that BIT
    Yours Sincerely
    For and on behalf of the Taxi Watch Dog in Wales – BIT organisation
    BIT organisation
    Tel: 0871 789 1234

    The Leader of the Council

    The Leader of the Council, Councillor Huw David

    The Leader of the Council is elected every year at the Annual Meeting of Council which normally takes place in May. The Leader is usually the group leader of the majority political party.

    Image result for i'm the leader cartoon

    This was the learned gentleman that was able to work out the Bridgend public needed to pay 4.5% more in council tax,but could not work out taxi facts or maths or the fact that the minimum wage went up some 24% since the last taxi fare increase in 2011 which he has been holding down obviously if you read the diary says TAXI WATCH DOG – BIT organisation. So far Huw David council leader and Darren Mepham have delivered nothing but a duck egg for Bridgend Taxis and the Bridgend Cabs trade


    As reported on the editors diary

    Bit Newscouncil leader Huw David only trained to work out tax maths but not taxi maths

    Bridgend council leader balances the council tax with a 4.5% increase but can’t work out taxi fares and trends in neighboring boroughs.

    We Catch that BIT from Wales online where the leader of the council spoke

    Speaking at a full council meeting, leader Huw David said: “Every one of the 22 councils in Wales is increasing, or proposing to increase, its council tax this year.

    “We’re not doing it because we want to, we’re doing it because there is no realistic, sustainable alternative


    The learned Council Leader has successfully stalled the taxi fares for now another almost a year with his nonsense, say many taxi drivers on the rank in Bridgend that have not been economically fit since 2012


    The Leader is the political head who often speaks on behalf of the council and provides clear leadership for the council’s strategies or in this case – the mal practices strategies for borough taxis by Bridgend county borough council directors and executives if you go look


    After being ignored by The Chief Executive whenever BIT organisation made email contact,the BIT organisation now goes public so all can catch that BIT of coming on the record to confirm the chief executive got that BIT out there in the public domain


    BIT organisation – A free service to the public and the now established TAXI WATCH DOG so even the public can catch that BIT

    Image result for shiver me timbers pirate

    The TAXI WATCH DOG in Wales Today investigating the Bridgend case in the public interests


    A local taxi trade forever not going through to the next round when economics dictate they should when you are dealing with headers says local Drive during a recent BIT survey -TAXI Watch DOG survey


    We bring you that recording that confirms the chief executive got that email today live and direct to a screen near you from the TAXI WATCH DOG right here in the green green grass of home, now on the record for even a would be ombudsman to catch or just you, to catch that BIT

    The current Leader of Bridgend County Borough Council is Councillor Huw David (External link – Opens in a new tab or window), who is supported in his role by the Deputy Leader, Councillor Hywel Williams (External link – Opens in a new tab or window).


    The Leader, Councillor Huw David
    Telephone: 01656 643225
    Address: Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31 4WB.

Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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