Bridgend Council Cabinet get a vote of no confidence as the habitual lies discredit them and will not save Chief executive or licensing

In what has been billed a rumble in the jungle as The Watch Dogs come out fighting and discredit the lies or untruths that Bridgend cabs have had to put up with, with bulling to add sugar to it for licensing and Bridgend County borough Council Cabinet, and all those handling taxi matters. The BIT organisation hit back with a punch that sees licensing and Cabinet gasping for air after discrediting the process to administrate taxis and fairly or in good time

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Today in a decisive shuffle BIT Partners  Watch Dogs of the Taxi Trade in Wales serve Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet with a motion of no confidence and more. A no confidence vote for Bridgend Council Cabinet and leader, licensing and the chief executive. Never in the history of the council has there been such a decisive knock down in the opening rounds for a Cabinet responsible for the no confidence action motioned by the Watch Dogs after seeing enough at that point of their continuing investigation into Taxi matters for Bridgend Cabinet and Bridgend Drive

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This now sees the Watch Dogs complaints go forward to a new level to discredit and hang out the lies the local Bridgend taxi trade and driver’s have had to put up for years, but more importantly the recent years, months, days, and by the day or week in week out

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In  an email with voice files found on Bit News facebook today BIT organisation sets out to put in motion what many have hoped could be exposed once and for all to stop the rot in Bridgend for the local taxi trade and taxi drivers

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Lies – stae one complaint-unprofessional lying licensing department with vexious habits
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    13 Jun at 10:11

    Good morning

    Stage one complaint:

    Licensing department not fit for office or enforcement duties
    Following the BIT organisation’s investigation we have discovered over time that BCBC have a policy of lies to the public and the taxi trade.
    As a result we require a written undertaking from licensing including Andrew and Yvonne Witchell and the chief executive that the lies will stop. Over the last 18 months lies have been part of the norm.
    We have a no confidence today in the licensing department as a result of those habitual lies.
    Our investigation sights vexious behaviour and abuse of power.
    Enforcement officers are therefore prohibited to making contact physically with myself until their lying ways have been stopped by way of a written undertaking confirming the same
    It has been brought to my attention that unprofessional enforcement officers will smoke on the job whilst observing taxi drivers and then abuse their power by making unreasonable claims about the state of the vehicle inside. More lies when enforcing on the street as a way of either vexacious behaviour or abuse of power.
    Therefore the watch dogs of the taxi trade who have already blacklisted licencing move to give Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet and the leader and their taxi enforcement section a vote of no confidence
    This complaint and recording to be added to the list of complaints of mal administration.
    Therefore BCBC have been put on notice that your administration has corrupt practices unfortunately and BIT require a written undertaking that these practices will cease forthwith with confirmation of the same. .
    Yours sincerely
    D Nelson
    Senior BIT Partner
Re: Your complaints2
  • complaints <>
    To:‘Mr MoneyPenny’
    13 Jun at 13:43

    Dear Mr Nelson,

    I acknowledge receipt of your  e-mails dated 5 June, 11 June, 12 June and 13 June 2018.

    I note the contents of your emails some of which refer to matters you have already raised. I would refer you to the most recent email from Mr Lane and your response from Ms Witchell. I am advised that Mrs. Hill is responding to you regarding your Corporate Complaint and request that you allow that process to be completed before you make contact again.

    Yours sincerely,

    Charlotte Branford | Information and Data Protection Officer


  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    13 Jun at 13:54

    Thank you

    As matters are new if you check the forensic news you would see complaints are ongoing and amount to a practice/s that continue even since my last contact.
    I regret we are very busy accounting the for ever changing events with new information or evidence.
    Hopefully there will be no new developments
    However on the subject of Mr Lane when will we get an explanation regarding his statement regarding the 4 of May?
    I regret as licensing have been found to have little or no integrity if you are mentioning their name or even Will lane would hold little weight at this time. True as it maybe when lies are practices of maybe all departments involved including Bridgend County borough council Cabinet instructing the chief executive and others or other departments to act
    I look forward to all matters being resolveD.
    In the interim it would be helpful if Cabinet can provide the link that permit lies by a Body called BCBC as this will help the investigation so we may understand how these policies came about, that render many departments unhealthy to make contact with, as Will Lane would have you do.
    Yours sincerely
    BIT organisation
    This email will be exposed for the file on BITNEWS725.WORDPRESS.COM today
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    habitual vote of no confidence
    • Mr MoneyPenny <>
      Cc:Karen Williams (Leader’s PA)
      13 Jun at 15:48
       Earlier today on facebook the Watch Dogs continue to give taxi licensing a right hander
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      Bit News – jitter bug news report 4 hr

      After witnessing Bridgend taxi licensing in action, taxi driver says he’s a New man.

      BIT PARTNER’S carried out a survey recently and can account a story by a taxi driver that met a licensing enforcement officer, we call ” Fag ash lil” 
      The taxi driver accounts a Bridgend taxi licensing enforcement officer catches him whilst he catches her act. Fag ash lil or litter bug was seen puffing on the job and extinguishing her cigarette on the ground and leaving it there.
      Jitter bug, litter bug.
      The Licensing Enforcement officer then approached the learned taxi driver who had left his taxi Badge in his school run vehicle and so it was not displayed in his vehicle at the time, he confessed. A recent occurance, he tells the BIT researcher. The reacher noted the taxi driver was later called into civic offices in Angel Street, where Fag ash lil is based, to show he did actually have a taxi badge. All went well for the taxi driver. Although our researcher notes his satisfactions, they also noted his interesting comments about the event, here is one:
      When asked did they give you a new taxi tariff? He replied, no

      He commented the licensing officer criticised his interior as it was not to her satisfaction.
      We noted the vehicle was old and had Drive had a newer vehicle maybe the licensing officer would not of complained about just the drivers area of the cab.
      BIT PARTNER’S NOTED THESE EVENTS And COMMENTS. We are confident records will identify this New man story about a taxi badge.

      And there you have it ladies and gentleman, Drive was a New man in many ways or was he?

      Apparently the licensing officer is not permitted to litter or smoke on the job, allegedly or from what he was told when he was called in.

      More news as we get it. Coming to you live from Carmarthenshire where Bridgend taxi licensing would be fined for dropping their butts on the street.

      Today’s news is a don’t get SAssy with me production.

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      Taxi Trade Watch dogs now say you cannot have confidence in Cabinet and that is why they were blacklisted. The Vote of No confidence has been upheld by the The Taxi Trade Watch Dogs on the case

Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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