Taxi licences – Bridgend County Borough Council – Don’t get one or swap it for lies says taxi trade Watch Dogs investigation

In unbelievable response from Taxi licences department, taxi licensing reveals they will just plain lie to get out of a jam, and put the same in writing to the BIT organisation the watch dogs of the taxi trade, as if slap dash, dysfunctional, and any old how, reply,  is the norm for this taxi licences department , with a sense of ridiculous thrown in, when being dealt with or responding to complaints . A fearless response regardless of how inept it looks in black and white. Those are the findings recorded and captured by The BIT organisation after 18 months and still on the job to let the public know how it rolls

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A taxi licensing department that can achieve what they like if they write a bungling method,  as a bungling department with true habits of mal administration  amount to unreasonable delays always, for the Bridgend taxi driver or trade, that is the picture seen time and time again that shows strategy to get those time delays,  of all kinds in fare setting for Bridgend County Borough Council, showing how they operate or conduct themselves setting set fares and set rules and regulations for taxis with a badge or plate or both , including checking costs that may affect the public to avoid mal administration or bad handling of the matter in Bridgend county borough council area , if you are a taxi driver or an unsuspecting member of the public involved in taxis in the borough including the fare setting,


Read you will bungling stories on how Bridgend county borough council administrate the taxi trade and driver and regulate fares and vehicle age policies and vehicle testing policies. More importantly a unique form of enforcement when Drive says ” Hang on a minute Gov !  Not to mention the unique reports on communication that leaves drive in disbelief


Give them the run around and say anything to get out of it is the approach adopted by Bridgend cabinet, taxi licensing and others including taxi licences and staff at times, even if it is unreasonable or unethical or plain stupid, they will use it, and excuse it, Watch Dog forensic taxi news shows what proves the case, an exposure to follow events and mark them by as its not unusual to find that BIT

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Life as a taxi driver in Bridgend is an unusual life when the Bridgend taxi driver is subject to mal administration as part of the norm for the Bridgend Taxi trade

The Pain of being dead – Written entry facebook 07-10-17

Drive has been waiting so long he dead with pain?

Yvonne Withchell wrote yesterday:

You have been advised by email on a number of occasions that the current taxi policies are being reviewed and will go out to consultation with the trade. This will, of course, include meetings with trade representatives if requested, as part of the consultation.

Play it again SAM, its been since November 2016 we have been dealing with the pain of being dead and alive? If it was a train coming we would have walked

Image result for overall analysis

A string along of professional proportions that runs into years of unnecessary delays, costly to all concerned seems to be the trend and looks so. A bungling administration that wastes valuable and costly time as if it does not matter, That was the original charge by local drivers and operators at the time. The BIT organisations forensic journey tells and shows the difficulties faced by the trade that goes back many years when you factor in certain events over time and how the taxi is treated today in matters economic

Taxi news that is a forensic diary to look back on and cross reference emails and events. Taxi news forensic so you can get to that bit in time

Image result for overall analysis


The impact is a dysfunctional BCBC for the taxi trade or driver, and therefore costly for the taxi driver forced to buy new cars under the current regime with poor fare rejection excuses, that do not add up any time soon. That leave the taxi trade some 26% off the mark today if you go compare, again and still, the local taxi trade’s are facing more delays, over simple matters that keep getting bungled over the years or deliberately bungled some experts conclude, as in many cases there is no reasonable excuse for such lengthy delays, as there is just no reasonable excuse for this mal administration bungling over time or giving the appearance they are doing something but not actually doing any thing substantial enough to call real progress or movement towards a goal,


Two Taxi operator staff confirm that the content below is untrue and effectively were unaware of any new tariff being handed out or even existed, effectively the council lied is the opinion, after investigation by making a few calls.

Dragon taxis of Market street and others were called to get the truth or find out the truth. A challenge all to often BCBC fall down on

It is becoming more and more apparent how these dysfunctional  policies affect the taxi driver of Bridgend and even the public that use taxis.

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Dragon Taxis a Major Player in Bridgend Town and Wales was questioned by the BIT Partners research team this afternoon. Dragon taxi operators checked before confirming they knew nothing of a new tariff issued to drivers or handed in at their down town offices


The exposure of lies comes out and how, when BCBC say what they like even if it is ridiculous under the circumstances or ridiculous for the public and taxis even in taxi enforcement in the borough. licensing now have time to spend walking around the borough rather than mail shot the trade?


But enforcement or officers could not find Dragon Taxis? you decide by reading on, Are taxi licences department credible in your eyes? Do taxi licensing in Bridgend County Borough Council tell you lies in your opinion or could it be farcical communication from them which amount to mal administration for any thing to do with taxis or Taxi Driver complaints or issues ?


An the inbound email exposure below, shows why Bridgend is a no no for taxi drivers thinking about being a Bridgend taxi driver looking to get taxi licences and dealing with day to day matters as a Bridgend taxi driver, also subject to enforcement if you come onboard in Bridgend with Bridgend county borough council licensing complaints as part of the package

original (3)

licensing <>
11 Jun at 14:39

Dear Mr Nelson

I refer to your letter to the Ombudsman’s Office regarding Tariff Sheets which has been referred to the Council for a response through the Council’s complaints procedure.

On 15 January 2018, you were advised by email that the tariff sheets were being re-printed to remove the reference to credit card charges and that they would shortly be available.  Copies of the new tariff are being issued with licences, and have been left at taxi offices and with individual drivers.  It was felt that a proportionate response would be for the Council’s enforcement officers to inspect vehicles to ensure that the correct tariff sheet is being displayed and deal with any enquiries.  These checks continue.  The Licensing Section has not received any direct complaints from the public regarding a surcharge being applied to their taxi fare since the change in legislation,  but will continue to monitor vehicles and review our procedures if there is evidence of non-compliance.

On 2 May 2018, you contacted the Cabinet Office about this matter, and as a consequence you received a copy of the tariff sheet to confirm the changes had been implemented.

Should you be dissatisfied with the response to your complaint, you may complain to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. The Ombudsman is independent of all government bodies and deals with complaints of maladministration e.g. unfairness or delay. The Ombudsman can be contacted at:

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales,

1 Ffordd Yr Hen Gae,


CF35 5LJ

Tel: 01656-641150

Fax: 01656-641199



Adran Trwyddedu  | Licensing Section

giphy (94)

Mr MoneyPenny <>
11 Jun at 15:47

Thank you for coming on the record

I have just contacted the ombudsman’s office and therefore will take your response to the ombudsman in due course.
# As a cab driver licensed by the borough I do not feel I should be singled out. A matter that I will take to the ombudsman when I get your reply on that issue#
As a licensed borough taxi driver I find the content of your account regarding the availability of tariffs disturbing as well as irresponsible as updating the taxi trade by this method would take months if the conversation with Wendy today is anything to go by. A fact that I must relay to the public of Bridgend ,when they enter my taxi so they can be warned of what they might see displayed in a Bridgend taxi which is lawlessNess for those that don’t know or have different beliefs.
At this time I have a complaint of mal administration, as per emails. I will add today’s untruths to the complaint list. With evidence to suport the same.
In order to resolve the matter please advise how many people/cabs have currently been issued the correct tariff and how long you estimate it will take to update the Bridgend fleet based on Wendy telephone call recorded today, and your reply.
Please be sure I have evidence to support being singled out at this time.
The current tariff will remain on the windscreen until such time the council have concluded business like it’s really done and notified me of the same and BIT
tmhnks (1)
Fw: Printing of Cardiff tariff after fare increase 3
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    To:Licensing (Licensing, Regulatory) \\ Trwyddedu
    6 Apr at 13:21

    To whom it may concern

    I wonder if you can help me.
    I am currently carrying out a survey to discover how long it took Cardiff council to order and receive the new printed taxi tariff to be displayed in Cardiff hackney carriage taxis.
    Was it days? Weeks? Or months ?
    Does the council print the tariff themselves or do they out source it ?
    How did the process work given a new tariff was introduced last month.
    Many thanks
Daniel Cook your policy officer explains:
Cook, Daniel <>
10 Apr at 14:04

Good afternoon,

The Cardiff Council Byelaws require vehicle proprietors to display the current table of fares in their hackney carriage.

A copy of the table of fares (printed internally) is available for licence holders to collect from the Public Carriage Office on Sloper Road. Alternatively, proprietors may choose to print a copy which is available from the Cardiff Council website

Kind regards,

Daniel Cook |  Licensing Policy Officer

Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

Phone| Ffon: (029) 2087 1022

Mobile | Symudol: 07966235291

giphy (10)

If we take Mr Cook’s email response from his offices regarding the simplicity of issuing a new tariff amended, for public consumption and protection, especially if they are not aware of legislation then this is a no brainer for even an ombudsman to consider?
If you disagree with my actions of non segregation, until everyone is equaled please say so quickly, to save of costs
Does your departments get vexious in complaint and evoke the rule of enforcement to force the taxi driver to comply with segregation by way of mal administration?
If the council has a taxi segregation policy can you please supply the rules and documents to support the same.
Can the council explain the rational against the way it’s done in Cardiff when printing off new tariffs.
Will the council now come on the record by letter to provide new tariffs like Wendy said in her telephone call which was recorded today?
If not why not?
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    11 Jun at 19:32
    Further to your email today re mal administration
    I/We can now confirm another stage one complaint under the definition of setting fares and the table of fares
    This stage one complaint to be included under the heading of mal administration, is this:
    Miscellaneous provisions describes fares as a maximum.
    Bridgend county borough council are currently allowing the max fare table to be displayed in all borough taxis contrary to Miscellaneous provision act after a table of fares comes into effect. in this case 2011. The maximum fare is incorrect in all cases. Effectively the council are negligent in making sure the public understand Bridgend County Borough Council table of fares as at 11/06/18 and prior to Feb 2017
    Bridgend county borough council have a policy of mal administration in matters taxi. There is never a simple professional route. Delays and bungling can even amount to injustices for the public when a maximum fare is set.
    Currently Bridgend county borough council taxi licensing have increased the maximim fare by £1 in their table of fares. The public are unaware the maximum fare has been varied. Bridgend taxi licensing whom issue Bridgend licences are unaware the public are aware the maximum fare has been increased by £1, which is a direct result of their mal administration we talk about.  The email of todays date from licensing for Bridgend County Borough Council licences confirm the public can be reassured that the maximum fare increase is there because the council set the table of fares and has not varied it.
    Image result for overall analysis
    The public are now subject to a fare charge beyond the maximum fare in the fare table, and therefore this should be noted in every cab licensed to Bridgend. My stage one complaint is this table of fares exceeds the maximum at this time as the council issue the fare table and in doing so set the fares for the public to understand.  (edited line to original email)
    The mal administration effects even the the understanding of what the maximum fare table is, issued by Bridgend  county borough council who regulate the charges by way of a fare table with their logo on it as final approval and an assured draft for the public, regardlesss of what your name is or what you know. Fare Tables are set by the council and therefore all charges are a maximum fare, and to be charged that way until the fares have been reset by Cabinet or a fare table so not only do the trade know the correct fare setting, but also the public.
    Image result for overall analysis
    Fare tables have not been reset by Cabinet and therefore this is another example of mal administration or bungling your way through the setting of maximum fares so the public can be sure.
    Image result for overall analysis
    How can someone complain about a fare setting table if it bares the council logo, approved by Cabinet in 2011 and still displayed today, with evidence online that the fare setting remains the same and all subsequent charges for Bridgend taxi?
    Who would in their right mind under the circumstances think there was something wrong or even illegal unless reset of the table?
    Mal administration I say again
    A simple matter of making sure the public are aware there is a maximum fare or a revised setting from Gov.
    The current tariff exceeds the maximum fare by £1 due to mal administration. The public would be unaware that the taxi driver is within their right to charge the maximum fare if it is displayed in his cab as a fare table, the public could not argue the matter under the circumstances. Taxi fares are a fare table with a setting for a maximum with the subsequent fare table once set, is then issued to the public and the taxi driver
    Image result for overall analysis
    Bungling of simple matters forms part of this ongoing complaint of mal administration, a policy practiced and applied for the Bridgend taxi trade, even on maximum fares or fare table maximum charges, rubber stamped, after action by Cabinet, with a council logo applied as the official tariff calculation to a maximum,  after setting the fare table absolute, with charges contained for the learned taxi driver’s understanding and those looking at those charges he or she must have to display, with enforcement in place to ensure that tariff is used correctly as a maximum fare table or absolute guideline for the public, so they do not pay any more than the council permits whilst displaying a printed tariff valid, and so the council regulates the maximum fare and charges by way of Fare Table and calculations or additional charges there in, all of those charges remain until the council vary those charges officially
    Image result for overall analysis
    The council have a duty to act in the public interest and have procedures in place that show they are not running an administration that can be defined as an administration of mal administration for the taxi gtrade
    The advertised approved price or maximum fare table is part of fare setting, it is not for the public or taxi driver to assume the tariff or maximum charge is to be varied until the maximum fare table of fares is amended officially or by Cabinet approval where appropriate. Any deviation to the tariff should be reported to all taxi drivers in good time. There should be no doubt in the taxi drivers mind or the public of what the maximum cost can or should be,
    Related image
    I trust I clarify the stage one complaint regarding this maximum fare the public do not complain about because you wrote the table of fares and have not officially come on the record to reset the maximum fare or fare table. The mal practice is so deep that time is of no importance at all in this mal administration pattern we find to be consistent over time. A usual complaint that results in costs for the Bridgend taxi driver or much time spent or even embarrassment without apology
    The issue of not sending one out or working slowly is a whole different matter. The complaint is about fare table setting in the public domain, and the trade understanding the maximum fare table or maximum fare as a result of fare setting and costs included as maximum fare.
    I therefore must insist in the interim that taxi licensing immediately write to all borough taxi drivers to explain the maximum fare table and clarify any changes. We therefore look for a written undertaking that this table of fare maximum charge fare setting issue be dealt with immediately and effectively so the public and the taxi trade understand the fare setting and the fare table. Your actions to clarify the maximum fare table setting is slow and amounts to mal administration and a great deal of confusion for some given you are a body set up to manage and administrate the taxi trade
    Yours Sincerely
    BIT organisation .

Image result for local government ombudsman

Following a telephone conversation with the ombudsman and a voice conversation recorded with Bridgend Complaints, BITNEWS725 and Bit News – face book will be used as an eventual diary to review time lines and communications. It is understood that all correspondance be agreed on both sides so the ombudsman has an agreed complaint file by way of paper work and evidence. A copy of the voice file has been sent to Complaints as part of the mal administration complaint licensing so boldly invite

This is an earlier communication today after BCBC complaints could not grasp mal administration and asked for clarification so licenses Bridgend can come to terms with matters

Image may contain: text


Taxi Trade Watch Dogs always on the ball bringing the taxi trade that BIT


e-Petition: Allow Free Movement of Taxi Drivers to Carry Out Private Hire Work Anywhere in Wales

open quote / dyfyniad agored

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to allow Taxi Drivers carry out private hire work freely anywhere in Wales, regardless of which council the driver is licensed by.

We bring this petition in response to the actions of a group of taxi drivers based in one City. We call on the National Assembly to take into account the wishes and desires of taxi drivers and operators across Wales, as opposed to a small group of drivers from one city.

If you book a taxi either by phoning someone, or using an app that company is legally allowed to send a car to you, regardless of where you are, or where the company is based. If you were in Barry and phoned a Cardiff company for a taxi to go to Caerphilly, they could, and would send a car to come and pick you up in Barry, and take you to Caerphilly.

If you were in Swansea, and wanted to go to Llanelli and were unable to get a taxi, you could phone a company in Bridgend, and they could send a car to pick you up, if they had one available.

This gives taxi users a greater choice of which companies that can and can’t use. More choice, and more options meaning more competition drives companies to offer a better service to retain each person’s custom.

From a drivers point of view, if they are licenced in Cardiff, and they were taking someone to Cardiff Airport, and a Cardiff based operator has a booking from someone to be picked up at Cardiff Airport going to Merthyr, the Cardiff driver is allowed to do that job.

If a Vale of Glamorgan driver is taking someone from Cardiff Airport to Pontypridd, and there is someone who has pre-booked their company to take them from Pontypridd to Cardiff Airport, but there is a few hours wait, that driver can ask a Vale of Glamorgan operator to find them work.  This could be by the operator phoning Pontypridd based firms to see if there is any work the driver can do around the area whilst waiting for the return booking. This gives drivers a greater earning potential, as it increases the size of are they can work in, and opens up possible income streams. It is also more environmentally friendly and reduces congestion as the driver that went to Pontypridd, isn’t forced to go back to The Vale of Glamorgan empty, and the operator is not forced to send a second car to Pontypridd empty.

If a Newport based operator looked to expand their company, they could speak to Hotels in Caerphilly, and become that hotels preferred supplier to pick up guests from Airports. The operator can expand their company, and the hotel can provide a better service to potential customers, increasing their bookings, whilst still having a greater choice of companies to use to provide this service.

If a publican ran a pub in Merthyr Tydfil, and wanted to provide a pick up and drop off service to its customers, it would need an operators licence and would need to use licenced private hire drivers and vehicle, all from Merthyr. If then the same publican wanted to open a second pub in Llanbradach, and wanted to offer the same service, they could provide a pick up and drop off service from the same operators licence. This enables them to expand their business.

All this and more is possible thanks to Cross Bordering.

close quote / dyfyniad agos

Petition details

Petition Status:Collecting signatures
Petition Start Date:11/06/2018
Open until midday on:10/08/2018
Principal Petitioner(s)Taxis Without Borders

25 most recent signatures

Total signatures: 50

Name Constituency or Area of residence Date
Taxi Trade Watch Dogs Llanelli 11/06/2018
Anamaria Chiticaru Bridgend 11/06/2018
SAMIR KHAN Caerphilly 11/06/2018
Vanessa Becerra Sanchez Cardiff North 11/06/2018
Leanne Gassor-Jones Newport East 11/06/2018
Mahbub rashid Cardiff West 11/06/2018
Anonymous Cardiff West 11/06/2018
Jan Zalis Islwyn 11/06/2018
Hany diyab Cardiff 11/06/2018
mohammed Naeem Cardiff West 11/06/2018
Saad raza Cardiff West 11/06/2018
Ibrahim Ahmed abdalla Newport West 11/06/2018
Karen Brown Newport West 11/06/2018
Ray Thomas Cardiff Central 11/06/2018
Anonymous Cardiff Central 11/06/2018
IAN COX Cardiff South and Penarth 11/06/2018
adel rehman Cardiff West 11/06/2018
Shah uddin Cardiff South and Penarth 11/06/2018
Anonymous Newport West 11/06/2018
Anonymous Cardiff West 11/06/2018
Sergio Ariel Iglesias Amorin Cardiff North 11/06/2018
Anonymous Newport East 11/06/2018
Anonymous Cardiff Central 11/06/2018
Melanie Dex-Davies Newport East 11/06/2018
Allen williams Newport West

Click here to sign

giphy (72)

Mr MoneyPenny <>
11 Jun at 17:49

Thank you for your response.

What are the considerations for cross border hiring where vehicles from other boroughs enter Cardiff areas? Will this practice be stopped all together ?
What are the plans for reform facing taxis today covering the 3 boroughs. Do you get feed back from the transport minister on taxi changes that may even affect all of Wales.
Look forward to your feed back as policy officer that floats around.
Many thanks
facebook statement – council need open facebook account to access all for reference
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    12 Jun at 06:04
    Without Prejudice
    The delay in processing this bogus consultation ref fares is taking an unreasonable amount of time. Those that are responsible for the bungling are responsible for the delay, today.
    For the record it has taken 9 months for Cabinet to stall the fare proposal process and when you look on council notes the council have been stalling far too long. Dont be found guilty of holding up the fare process on my account. I am certainly waiting to add that as my next complaint if I find the same. In any case the council have bungled their way into this one. BIT have the right to continue the case regardless of what action the council will take. Please don’t be found wanting as I just want to tick that box and add it to the list
    The BIT organisation and it’s news network must congratulate the council in its efficiency in barking at the taxi driver in the news and delaying fare increases. Would the chief executive object if we asked the Guinness book of records if this shuffle scenario could be a record or made one
    Below link and emails published online as part of the diary going back to 2016
    By the time Christina gets back you can update her and she can update you. There is a clear message to all individuals involved in this complaint of mal practice:
    I will not be brushed under the table or bullied because I have a taxi badge subject to enforcement. Your departments stern practices do not intimidate me, when you should not be so bullish under the circumstances, as your practices are a calamity.
    Because council issue a taxi badge it does not mean I am your slave or should be treated like a prisoner subject to strict rules as an offender. Taxi drivers are not to be considered as stupid as a rule, Taxi drivers have enough stress dealing with runners
    Bit News and blog updates – The challenge to crack the case

    The show must go on as we act in a manner that calls in our legal team as a result of the disturbing email with reference to enforcement whilst others are not if they get slipped a mickey

    Licensing have been invited to discuss the matter with a magistrate if they push the button whilst the ombudsman is given time to consider the mal administration complaint and the file contents, which would include all communications with BIT and the council to date. That would be first off the bat. We must agree the file

    New serious questions have been raised as a result of the rather unique reply from licensing yesterday and a reply sent in
    I/we would not like to see another song and dance getting the information. Should be fresh in the minds if recent communications are anything to go by

    BIT Partner’s are satisfied that licensing have away about them, very much like Will Lane if you get down to the nitty gritty. Secounds out, round two, no biting or low blows.

    There is a pattern that is consistent to the core, we have come accustom to it.

    We have been working through the night to update and edit the news or forensic news called a diary of news going back to 2016 when BIT Partner’s knew they were going to be taken for a ride, and then a visit to a circus with fearless individuals

    We will continue to maintain consistency even in volume of communications with BCBC and taxi licensing and make the forensic facts be known. Feel free to message if you need sight of communication because you do not believe BIT organisation’s news to be true

    Following a call with Wendy in a bad signal area and a message left on licensing voice mail; that BIT Partner’s will not hesitate in calling in their legal representative under the circumstances, to take advice on any written communication relating to what could be abuse of power in office if you look at the most recent communications with enforcement. The actions expressed suggest mal administration said one onlooker

    Our remit is to understand the taxi problem, live it, see how it affects, and report back the same. in order to deliver forensic taxi news as a diary of events as they slowly unfold  BCBC are asked to account their strategies that amount to mal administration across the board including in enforcement,

    The tone in the most recent communication is unacceptable under the circumstances as the council have their ass hanging out on this one, commented one taxi driver…/taxi-licences-bridgend-c…

    No automatic alt text available.

Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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