Bridgend Taxi Licensing-Yvonne Withchell BCBC’s Taxi head talks abusive A costly mistake for the Public & Cabinet!

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Yvonne Witchell reads and writes fairy tales for BCBC?
Have you read the latest fairy tale by Bridgend’s licensing head?

Get comfortable as you are never too old for fairy tales

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Following the release of BIT NEW’s first hard copy news letter delivered on the street addressed to Bridgend’s Cabinet leader and Secretary Karen Williams, and also for the public to read and pass on, as well as the same copy letter sent by email to Cabinet via,  BIT Partner Mr Nelson gets a rather unusual email from licensing head Yvonne Withchell, where effectively she confirms she has intercepted the email 03/10/17, which was not addressed to herself or her department. In that email we show an extract of power of writing after ignoring for months if not weeks delay & distraction for defenseless Drive.

Many Bridgend taxi drivers have been left defenseless over the years because of what many call; abusive ways for at least the last two years or even the last 10 Months of no change when change has been promised so many times it looks like deliberate abuse of power to shut the taxi driver up with the usual knock out punch you can see coming.

tenor (14)

On Friday afternoon Yvonne Witchell dispatches an email that many taxi drivers today say there is a lot wrong with it after dissecting the contents as team leader head had once again ignored BIT Partner’s last email,  for some 10 weeks in fact, even though the email was acknowledged 14 July this year by her department.wrong-gif

BIT partner/s have captured licensing communications by email including the shared regulatory services in order to show the public and local taxi drivers what is afoot.

Today we expose in a break down of the communication how abusive some practices can be for the poor hard working taxi driver of Bridgend that keeps being ignored, and how unhelpful that would be if you are a Cabinet member, or Councillor, attempting to make a clear decision whilst being assisted with a report to examine facts that could be in the taxi trade’s interest, and the public’s on balance, as a result of being tasked with looking at true facts relating to the Bridgend taxi trade, before making a decision with the potential for a public consultation, with all the costs associated with the same.

BITNEWS725 looks especially at the most recent minutes on the 5th of September this year, regarding the Bridgend taxi trade and their associated costs x 5 divided by 18,000 which does not get a mention in the SRS, as it was removed from the BIT proposal and stripped down even in to how the proposer/s names were to be publicly displayed, as that was displayed in the current format without their permission, as it turns out. With proof of acknowledgement of the request and no written reply of objection from BCBC licensing head. One has to consider ones data protection and public image always was the answer to Daniel Cook before he hung up after being told he lied when he said he did not get the email.

The head of Regulatory Services reported on gibberish, Drive and ladies and gentleman.

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An earlier telephone conversation with Daniel Cook – Policy officer for BCBC at SRS following  the meeting 05 Sep by Cabinet, we can reveal BIT Partner on discovering the missing information, with the late notice 4 hours before the original meeting, said to Mr Cook some 4 weeks ago during a telephone conversation ” How Dare You” It is believed at this time others near his desk may of over heard the same as licensing header wrote:

On Fri, 6 Oct 2017 at 16:06, Yvonne Witchell
<> wrote:

Dear Mr Nelson

I am advised that during your telephone conversations with one of our Officers you were abusive and this conversation was overheard by other members of staff. I cannot tolerate staff being subjected to phone calls from you of this nature and I have advised my team that should there be a recurrence they should terminate the phone call immediately. In the circumstances I would ask you adhere to the request to limit your contact to the generic email box above, which is always monitored.Image result for keeping it under wraps

Many now say “yet again abuse of power with diversionary tactics for the hard working taxi drivers in the public domain who rely on Cabinet to be given the correct information, for true honest to goodness integrity with democracy thrown in, with a touch of empathy, for all, including the local business taxi drivers of the borough

It’s because of this what many call; ignore or say anything or abusive power or anti local taxi business tactic, that Bridgend Independent Taxi Membership was born in 2016 in the first place, by request, from those in the Bridgend taxi trade

As someone needed to have the BIT between their teeth in the public interest and seek out reform and fair trading standards for local business of Bridgend Taxis with drivers.Beauty-Fades-Dumb-Is-Forever-Quote-By-Judge-Judy

We can reveal that although Yvonne Witchell & Taxi licensing were aware of the birth of BIT, they choose to ignore the BIT Partner’s and those local data protected Taxi Drivers that stand behind them as free members with data protection and no forms to fill as part of the norm now almost a year.

Many see BIT as their best hope given what they call the abusive tactics of the licensing officer or their departments in their opinion, that ignore the true feelings of local business of Bridgend taxis. Many feel it is an abusive to their earnings in point of fact, as a result of the tall demands put on them as local taxi drivers of the borough, forced to buy a new car for a Bridgend taxi, and also suffer below taxi fares, well below the national average, without justification for the same, given that the BIT Partner/s put forward a proposal asking for the true costs to run a taxi be calculated using a formula that was provided and recognised in the trade, which would then allow Cabinet to evaluate they were running at a loss, which would also take wages and all taxi costs into account including high empty mileage costs, as a result of working in a rural borough, with small urban areas.


Licensing head officer has been exposed of having a habit of disregarding even the simplest of requests from BIT Partner or Taxi driver/s with Taxi badge for Bridgend that need to know the news or how it rolls after waiting like a plonker as usual, for nothing to happen after being told in writing that by now it would have happened, if we exclude  current events regarding the current fare proposal recently


New applicants for a taxi badge should take note and so should the public and therefore you are so warned by Bridgend’s only honest and tidy taxi news in Wales.

We now move in close and examine the email exchange of words between Mr Nelson BIT Partner responsible for BITNEWS725 and the management of the Taxi Case – “about us”Conan-OBrien-This-Is-Gonna-Be-Good


Bridgend Licensing team leader – head has gone with no concentration

THIS IS A BITNEWS725 up close evidence special

Yvonne Witchell wrote yesterday:

You responded to this email on 14 July 2017 at 08:20. There is nothing within this email to suggest that you were seeking specific assistance other than confirmation of the date of the Cabinet meeting.

14/07/17 03:57 BIT Partner WROTE AND Later got an EMAIL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT –  on 14 July 2017 at 08:20. But never heard anything afterwards, until some 10 weeks later out the blue yesterday,  as prior we awaited answers to time frames for a report to be written, which was promised in November 2016 verbally, and later narrowed down on the record for all to see by email, as well as the many questions needed to narrow down what is afoot or happening or going to happen and when, or and how things work or could work, so taxi drivers could be told and understand the process of delay if applicable and how proposals work including time frames for them submitting a report of course to committee or Cabinet, or who ever is responsible for that action to complete the process.

The email contained such wording as used above, including extracts further below.

You should note before reading further: Yvonne Witchell- licensing head for taxis in Bridgend, Angel Street offices, may not have had stomach for it and so did not reply or assist at the time as a true professional would have working in public office? –



So BIT Partner had written 14 July 03:57:

I would be grateful if you would assist in this ask to the best of your ability to be fair and informative to all going forward.

For me this just makes life easier in the future should we need to start again with say another proposal in the future. If I can account the stages then it may save groups visiting your office. because they dont believe things are happening and want change.

I just want a clean slate so we can go forward on the route of change knowing that licensing understand we just want to communicate in such a way the taxi driver knows whats happening and how it should or could happen in the usual time frame of X +Y = Z

In reply to the Licensing head

On Fri, 6 Oct 2017 at 16:06,


BIT Partner wrote in one paragraph of many that afternoon:

My apologies but as I said to Daniel Cook – I am not impressed with the manner in which you do things to the trade’s detriment including myself in this case as a result of following your communication strategies as well as crossing the T’s so to speak and dotting the i’s


BIT NEWS725 ASKS TAXI DRIVERS & THE PUBLIC – Does team leader head know anything about the taxi business or how Cabinet roll and who writes the reports and also presents them to Cabinet, so Cabinet can consider things?

BIT NEWS725 is the organisation that Yvonne Witchell will not recognise, and so relies on Cabinet being fed the wrong or irrelevant information as she writes yesterday:

The applications to increase the taxi tariff were determined by Elected Members and not the Head of Shared Regulatory Services.

Yours sincerely

Yvonne Witchell

Bridgend’s only taxi news alive and coming to you direct
We reveal the direct response to licensing’s recent accusations out the blue after no contact by phone since the “HOW DARE YOU” telephone conversation with Daniel Cook some 4 weeks ago



On Fri, 6 Oct 2017 at 17:00, Mr MoneyPenny
<> wrote:
I acknowledge receipt of your email

Although it was not addressed to your department.

Therefore I am only replying to be professionaly minded. But I’m very sorry it was not for you unless your name is Karen.

I firmly dispute the accusation that I was abusIve, as that would serve no purpose.

However it is common when departments get things wrong to make me the problem. I suspected that would be the case and I would like to thank you for confirming the same. Now we are getting down to it. I can tick that box as well.

It’s obvious that my request for an apology has prompted this abusive accusation.

At 57 years of dealing with problems I have never been recorded on the record being abusive. Especially when dealing with a case.

My apologies but as I said to Daniel Cook – I am not impressed with the manner in which you do things to the trade’s detriment including myself in this case as a result of following your communication strategies as well as crossing the T’s so to speak and dotting the i’s.

A clear example of bad practices would be getting your proposal stripped of its assets. Is that abusive behaviour? I’m not sure.

Why was the formula stripped from my proposal? There is no mention of this in your email.

It was already established with Daniel Cook that I was not as you call it a trade organisation as your compliance does not fall within my remit.
Daniel Cook said it would make his job easier. I stated I was not entering into a formal relationship as a association would. But I remained an individual taxi driver and others can follow my lead.

My emails on my proposal are specific and prior we talked about a taxi formula and your department understood the same and I have emails on the record to confirm the same. You need to go and review everything.

At no time did I agree to the formula being removed or asset stripped. You were asked several times on the subject and it was mentioned in emails. A copy of the report showing the formula was to be shown me prior to it going public and that never happened.

I remain dissapointmented as an honest fair taxi driver that you have pulled the abusive card after not answering my last email based on assumptions?
I”m too long in the tooth to swallow that one.

It’s unprofessional in my book. Following recorded conversations and emails I still await a public apology.

May I recommend you provide clear proof in the future when you make wild accusations to satisfy your department stripping my proposal of the formula or alleged abuse. My last email remains unanswered and I have had no need to get abusive.

I believe my last email should be re read as you are very much mistaken.

Yours sincerely

Non abusive taxi driver

This email can or will be used in a court of law if deemed necessary.

CC: cabinet

BIT Taxi Driver could be invited to the guessing game if interested?


BIT Taxi Driver could be invited to the guessing game if interested?

What language we talking drive? Dollars and trade formulas, People?

On Fri, 6 Oct 2017 at 16:06, Yvonne Witchell
<> wrote:

Dear Mr Nelson

Re: Taxi fares in Bridgend and the recent fare proposals

Yvonne Withchell writes to BIT Partner Mr Nelson –

Finally, at their Meeting on 5 September 2017, Cabinet requested that officers make contact with the three applicants who had submitted applications to increase the taxi tariffs in Bridgend, and we will contact all interested parties shortly to arrange this.


Wait for it Drive, Are you ready to read on Judge?


Yvonne Withchell wrote yesterday:

You have been advised by email on a number of occasions that the current taxi policies are being reviewed and will go out to consultation with the trade. This will, of course, include meetings with trade representatives if requested, as part of the consultation.







You have been advised by email on a number of occasions that the current taxi policies are being reviewed and will go out to consultation with the trade. This will, of course, include meetings with trade representatives if requested, as part of the consultation.
Play it again SAM, its been since November 2016 in the Bridgend Taxi charts.. I know we are not talking the elusive Hackney Carriage report so you can buy a 2nd hand taxi. How convenient to talk double talk,drive


giphy (42).gif

cabinetoffice <>
To Mr Nelson’ 4 Oct at 2:40 PM

Good Afternoon Mr Nelson,

I confirm receipt of your e-mail below.

Kind regards,


Karen Williams
Ffôn/Phone: (01656) 643225
Swyddog Gwasanaethau Democrataidd – Arweinyddiaeth | Democratic Services Officer – Leadership
Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol | Operational and Partnership Services
Ffacs / Fax: (01656) 657899

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council

E bost / Email:

Gwefan / Website:

Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn y Gymraeg. Rhowch wybod I ni os yw eich dewis iaith yw’r Gymraeg.
We welcome correspondence in Welsh. Please let us know if your language choice is Welsh.


Today’s News is a truthiness production brought to you by the BIT organisation. The taxi news network Bridgend County borough Council licensing head tries desperately to ignore and now discredit, or simply keep under wraps and control




Author: BITNEWS725

Now a dedicated Watchdog service to the Bridgend Taxi Trade for real news for the taxi trade in Mid Glamorgan, Bridgend, Wales

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