Catch the BIT-£10 sees Taxi meter Calibration-over two days in Bridgend by DHM-Is your meter up to scratch Drive

With only less than a week left before the big day when Bridgend Hackney Carriage fares officially go up. BIT Senior Partner continues to talk to DHM services – taxi meter calibration services. Especially when calibration has a cost of £15, the amount stated by Cabinet Cllr Patel in the last Cabinet meeting, £10 is to be the case today as it turns out


Following further communication, the TAXI WATCH DOG, is delighted to bring that BIT of news provided us, for those that do not have facebook, you too can have the info via BIT NEWS, that will make it easier for the local Bridgend taxi trade or Drive to grasp

tenor (94).gif

It will be easy for the local trade to get their meters set, to the new tariff, on Monday 14 of January, as DHM services comes on the record by telling others, including TAXI WATCH DOG WALES by facebook-messenger, that they will be around for more than 2 days in Bridgend, as stated below, copied from their facebook/messenger notification, in this hotly anticipated meter tariff change by calibration, that Bridgend taxi trade have been waiting for, for years






DHM – 15:27-08/01/2019 

BRIDGEND 2019 Hackney Carriage Updates


We will be situated behind the Co-op/Gym in Brackla (Triangle) at the following times;

Monday 14th through Wednesday 16th at 10am to 4pm

We will be updating the following meters
* Aquila T2, T2D and M12
* Cygnus MR300/320/350/400/500/500View
* Digitax F2, ET806, M1

We are unable to adjust Viking Meters – See Contact Comms in Newport or the Meter Man in Cardiff.

If you have the older Cygnus MR200 or 100 taximeter then you will need to buy a new meter as these cannot be changed anymore.

If you have any questions please message this page or leave a comment on this post.

To save time on the day, only call us if absolutely necessary on 01685 314028, preferably pop across to the car park to speak with us.

Please be aware there are a large number of hackneys in Bridgend and you should consider arriving mid morning or mid afternoon to avoid queues, but you can always return at a later time or day at your convenience.

There will be two members of staff updating meters at core times to speed up the process when it gets busy.

ALL meters carry the same cost of £10 and you will be given a certificate of compliance for Bridgend CBC.

If you have any questions, please post below. Otherwise please do pass this information onto any operators you know.


Richard, DHM









tenor (93).gif




Hackney Carriage Taxi fares in Bridgend to increase 14 January 2019 tells Daniel Cook Policy officer to BIT Senior Partner

In the much awaited news release for the Bridgend Hackney Carriage Taxi trade,  the BIT organisation- Taxi Watch Dog Wales, has pleasure in announcing that Bridgend Hackney Carriage fares are to increase on the 14 of January 2019, which is the official implementation date, folks


After almost 8 years, and a 2 year fight to push for an increase in fares to bring Bridgend back to the real world of Hackney Carriage fares, BIT Senior Partner gets the signal the hackney carriage trade have been waiting for



Re: Bridgend Hackney Carriage Fare Tariff – Implementation Date2
  • Cook, Daniel <>
    3 Jan at 11:03

    Good morning,

    I am writing to advise that the amended hackney carriage tariff, approved by Bridgend Cabinet on 18 December, will be implemented on 14 January 2019.

    I have attached a copy of the tariff sheet.

    Kind regards,


    Daniel Cook Licensing Policy Officer

    Licensing Section / Adran Drwyddedu

    Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

    Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

    Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, Caerdydd ar Bro Morgannwg

    Phone | Ffôn: 029 2087 1022

    Mobile | Symudol: 07966235291





In a statement from Mr Nelson Senior Partner for the BIT organisation only moments ago, Mr Nelson said, we can safely say that Bridgend Cabinet did the right thing and chose a tariff that brought the trade up to a tariff level during the day, that the BIT organisation fought to push that point across, during our campaign to get Cabinet to listen to the trades needs. Our work is not finished as the vehicle age policy and MOT testing, is still on the table to be resolved.


RE: Hackney carriage age and MOT consultation – X04-936
  • foi <>
    To:‘Mr MoneyPenny’
    3 Jan at 11:47

    Dear Sir/Madam

    FOI REQUEST X04-936

    We acknowledge your request for information received on 24th December 2018.

    We are considering your request and you should receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working days, unless the information is exempt or we require additional time to consider whether disclosure is in the public interest in accordance with section 2 of the Freedom of Information Act.

    We will try to supply information in electronic format by email, but if this is not possible we will let you know. If you have any special requirements e.g. language, audio, large print, etc. then please let us know.

    The Act defines a number of exemptions which may prevent release of the information you have requested. Before we provide the information we will consider whether it is proper to release it and if any of the exemption categories do apply then the information will not be released. We will tell you if this is the case, and you will have a right of appeal.

    If the information you request contains reference to a third party then they may be consulted prior to a decision being taken on whether or not to release the information to you. We will tell you if this is the case.

    You may have to pay a fee for this information. We will consider this and let you know. If so you will have to pay the fee before we process and release the information.

    If you have any queries or concerns, then please contact me directly. You can find out more about the Act from the Information Commissioner at:

    Information Commissioner’s Office – Wales 2nd Floor Churchill House Churchill Way Cardiff

    CF10 2HH

    Telephone: 02920 678400 Fax: 02920 678399



    tenor (88)1_0kpmTXPWxSspolqS962sRA

    From: Mr MoneyPenny <>
    Sent: 23 December 2018 12:12
    To: complaints <>
    Cc: foi <>
    Subject: Fw: Hackney carriage age and MOT consultation

    copy to complaints also

    —– Forwarded message —–

    From: Mr MoneyPenny <>

    To: Foi <>

    Sent: Sunday, 23 December 2018, 10:44:17 GMT

    Subject: Hackney carriage age and MOT consultation

    To whom it may concern

    It is a year since the hackney carriage age policy consultation and MOT

    It has been established during the taxi fare consultations for the public and the trade, that the 2 consultation reports can be written up in a matter of days and not one year or years

    Therefore we must now ask when the report will be written up by Daniel Cook Policy officer so it may go in front of Cabinet, and on what date will it be on the Agenda for Cabinet to consider.

    We are looking for factual replies with factual dates so we arE not left gazing at the council’s meetings agenda till the cows come home.

    This freedom of information request is sent in the public and the taxi trade interest, as this matter has been on going now more than two years. A time frame that is unacceptable given it has already been proven there was no need for the matter to remain unreported for a year since the original public consultation in 2017

    We await a comprehensive reply with factual dates and times frames.

    Yours sincerely

    Senior Partner

    BIT organisation – Taxi Watch Dog Wales

    This email will be published in the public domain



Bridgend Taxi fares-GO for a Hike-Cabinet approval-Taxi Meter calibration-call in period-implementation hold-Witchell Stick comes on the record quick

This is a special late edition news from the BIT organisation coming to you in Mid Glamorgan in Wales, in a constitutional special edition for your thoughts, where ever you are in the World

You ever been caught by surprise, folks



Earlier today in a historic moment for local Cabbies, Bridgend Taxi Fares were announced as approved by Bridgend Cabinet, and of course well before Christmas day


But later of course we learn, cab fares now delayed until 2 Feb 2019 potentially, because the decision by Cabinet is subject to the councils constitutional process – call in period – on page 99 section 18, where all Councillors must be given notice of the Cabinet decision, before any implementation, folks


There is mention of a 3 day notice period by email or notice in council offices for those that need to be involved in the constitutional process


Basically all the Councillors, all need to be officially served notice of the proceedings outcome, with the option to ask for the matter to be put under further scrutiny for whatever reason they may have


The Tariff approved once implemented, a feeling given the process thus far, will leave local cabbies counting their pennies at the end of their shifts


Another serious dilemma, is if the new mentioned contamination fee is asked for by a cabbie, a subject covered in a previous blog, where the police will not attend, putting cabbies under even more pressure in such a circumstance, with legal complications with civil court fees, and time out to cover the charge in court time,if defended by the passenger


It should be noted the contamination fee currently stands at ONE HUNDRED POUNDS

On the council website it read recently as part of a link found on google-

Taxi fares flagged for first rise since 2011 – Bridgend County Borough …

1 Nov 2018 – Drivers were also keen for the soiling charge to increase to £125. … 

Court fees

You must pay a court fee when you make your claim.

The fee for making a money claim online is cheaper than the fee for sending a paper claim form.

If you know the claim amount

The court fee is based on the amount you’re claiming, plus interest.

Claim amount Paper form fee Online claim fee
Up to £300 £35 £25


Policy officer – legal ramifications
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    To:Daniel Cook
    14 Dec at 08:58

    Good morning

    The legal facts for shared regulatory services and Cabinet

    Is £125 enforceable because it’s written on a taxi tariff?
    Answer not by the Police
    In fact it has been proven that the charge exceeds the byelaws for street soiling
    The story is available with factual comments from South Wales Police
    We would recommend you do not ignore.
    It is already irresponsible to not inform the public this is a civil matter.
    When you have 60+issues, this is just another.
    This email may form part of an ombudsman’s assessment.
    Yours sincerely
    Senior Partner
    BIT organisation – Taxi Watch Dog Wales

As you can see Taxi Watch dog has warned the council that the contamination fee if implemented, had legal ramifications for the council as the charge is excessive, as a Judge may argue Drive is asking for too much if he/she were to take civil action against a passenger, who did not have the money to pay such a large amount at the time

tenor (91).gif

In court the passenger could argue the charge was excessive and crazy, in a counter claim or counter argument, using Cardiff Taxi trade as an example, after all Dave Holland is shared regulatory services, and there are others like Swansea, as well as others, when you go look at their charges for contamination displayed on their tariffs, which has no real legal footing for the police to get involved we must remind you


Earlier on our – we had these comments from a member of the public

Gareth Long – What I can see ….. Who come up with the proposal ideas ???
Honest to God u need to rethink…
T2-3+4 u got 22p per click where we on 25p click now…(where’s the sense) And putting up the contamination fee to £125. You can’t get £50 out of a drunk person let alone £125


As you will see further below, the new potential tariff has that 2 pence factor, and the £125 contamination fee coming the publics way any time soon



Listen in to the way this consultation process has been approved, and what will be needed going forward for the trade, along with the objections raised, which were few


The Taxi Watch Dog team did their home work on this one, and the outcome was what was expected, contrary to those out of touch in the trade for years, and to this day, that said the Bridgend public would object to a hike in taxi fares, or would simply walk 5 miles instead of getting in a cab

We now listen in, with a running commentary from TAXI WATCH DOG all tidy like

calibration – no later than 02 Feb – ill do the jokes as meter will be calibrated 19/12/18 and so you have been advised3
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    To:Yvonne Witchell
    Cc:Daniel Cook
    18 Dec at 18:15
    Without prejudice
    The parting of the sea
    Good day
    I must come on the record in the public interests and the trade at this time
    I note previous contact has been ignored by licensing header, although I note Daniel Cook coming on the record in good faith, as he should in such circumstances
    Calibration is now taking place, effectively Hackney 555 will be calibrated forthwith, to reflect the decision of Cabinet today. I note cllr Patel confirms the cost of £15 to calibrate a TAXI METER
    The Taxi Watch Dog is here to stay, and the sooner licensing and shared regulatory services get used to it the better off they will be in Bridgend OR THE SHARED REGULATORY SERVICES DOMAIN
    The public have spoken and confirmed the BIT survey over 2 years WAS RIGHT.     The Taxi Trade of Bridgend can now reflect on this fact
    This email may be used as evidence in a matter of law or fare setting
    Yours Sincerely
    Senior Partner
    Taxi Watch Dog Wales


  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    To:Daniel Cook
    Cc:Beth Owen
    18 Dec at 21:13
    Good morning
    This email is a public notice
    As time is of the essence
    Can Daniel Cook now come on the record and confirm to DHM services the calibration settings so DHM services may adjust hackney carriage 555 and all Bridgend Hackney Carriages at will effective immediate
    We await your response without fail in view of the festive season, and closing times
    Yours Sincerely
    D Nelson
    Senior Partner
    Taxi Watch Dog Wales
    BIT organisation – free public service in the interests of saving costs
    tenor (89).gif
    An in bound email is received from Yvonne Witchell licensing header, aka – Witchell Stick, who has been ignoring key questions put to her recently in an email regarding – unreasonable testing appointments for the trade
    Thus leaving many cabs going in for test just before their expiry as one example
    With more questions relating to their procedures in place or not in place surrounding the admin applied by the council in processing and issuing paper work to the trade
    such as the issue of a hackney certificate, in good time, so drive can have them when he or she should, to upload to private hire operators systems, and insurance company systems
    Yvonne Witchell -header for licensing, comes on the record rather quickly, on this one folks, there was no sticking on this one for a long while as you will see, after an email sent flushed out the learned licensing officer caught cherry picking her emails to reply to, at the same time
    tenor (90).gif
    Meter calibration 2
    • licensing <>
      19 Dec at 15:04

      Dear Mr Nelson,

      I write in reference to your email to Daniel Cook advising that you intend to calibrate your meter on 19 December 2018, following Cabinet’s decision to approve the new table of fares.

      As with all Cabinet decisions, it is subject to a call-in period whereby a Councillor may call-in the decision for further scrutiny. As a result, the new tariff cannot be implemented during the call-in period. Further information regarding the call-in process can be found within the Council’s constitution available at

      We will be in contact in due course and provided the decision is not called in, the tariff will be implemented no later than 2 February 2019.

      Please note that until the new tariff has been implemented, the current tariff remains in effect and it is an offence to charge more than the legal fare.

      Kind regards,

      Yvonne Witchell

      Rheolydd Tîm, Trwyddedu (Pen-y-Bont a’r Fro) | Team Manager, Licensing (Bridgend and Vale)                               


      Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol | Operational and Partnership Services

      Cyngor Bwrdeistref Siriol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council

      Ffôn/Phone: (01656) 643643

      E bost / Email:


      Gwefan / Website:


    What this means of course the trade must wait till all the Councillors are to be updated on Cabinets decision making by electronic communication, and or on a notice board at civic offices
    They will then have an opportunity within 3 days of the notification, to voice their objections-opinions as it were, and then the matter must be put under further scrutiny or go forward as …
    Mr MoneyPenny <>
    19 Dec at 15:07

    I note my previous email regarding taxis has nor been replied to

    A message was left on licensing voice mail.
    When will I get a reply ?
    Yours sincerely
    D Nelson
    Taxi Watch Dog
    BIT organisation
    Taxi test – anxiety attack – HC5552
    • Mr MoneyPenny <>
      6 Dec at 12:27

      Good afternoon

      Wendy should note I did not refuse to renew the license. As my body like all taxi drivers require food etc, it would be stupid for any would be professional at licensing to jump to a conclusion that I am refusing to renew or pay for my license.

      Following a visit to the Brackla testing station some 40 miles from my home rather than an MOT centre, I found I was unable to book my test date in 6 months time.
      As it is unacceptable as a taxi driver to have a test date one date prior to expiry, which causes unnecessary anxiety, what dates are available two weeks or more before the new expiry of the licence for HC555?
      I look forward to your department coming on the record on this matter in good time.
      This email may form part of an ombudsman investigation
      Yours sincerely
      D NELSON

Council worker stunned-You know what I mean-Dramatic Christmas office party-Latest News on Delayed Bridgend Taxi Fares

Bridgend council staff stunned after gay Christmas party, its a knock out

We ask the public, do you have a gay time at office parties at Christmas


A member of staff working at civic street offices in the freedom of information department, jumped into a Hackney Carriage cab near the infamous Railway Pub, some few hundred yards down station hill,from Bridgend railway station , and was challenged by a local Cabbie last end night, to find out more of the shocking facts about BCBC that they had no knowledge of,apparently

Facts so shocking for any part of the world you are in, especially if you were a non believer working for BCBC, that rushed home to check the news once you got out the cab

download (11)

You ever been hit by a knock out punch or seen one coming , folks


You ever been surprised when you thought you knew it all

Do you keep your ears near to the ground, what is suprising at Christmas


Senior Partner for the BIT organisation via the TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM, tells Bridgend Council and shared regulatory services, in a freedom of information request last week by email…

tenor (86).gif



RE: Unanswered foi3
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    6 Dec at 12:18

    It has been several weeks since I asked the question when will Daniel Cook publish the objections report. The next scheduled meeting would suggest the 18th is a window.

    Beyond this period will demonstrate further negligence. The consultation if it was closed on the 16th, would suggest that there is still time for the matter to go in front of Cabinet given the previous report on the consultation. So I ask again when will the report be out on the public hackney carriage fare consultation and on what date will it be in front of Cabinet.
    We’ve already had phony dates put out in the press that were never going to happen.
    May I remind you that it is Christmas and many taxi families depend on thE response and action on this matter
    Therefore it is appropriate to answer the request properly rather than suggest one should go an gaze at a agenda for years if BCBC previous negligence is anything to go by
    This email foi request is sent in the public interests as the council have failed to provide the information requested prior. They have already demonstrated to the BIT organisation that they can supply the information.
    This email may form part of an ombudsman’s investigation
    Yours sincerely
    Catherine Zita
    For and on behalf of the Taxi Watch Dog Wales – BIT organisation
    tenor (87).gif
    tenor (88).gif
    In a dramatic move Bridgend council gives the public and the taxi trade,the show they have been waiting for, as we look in on the latest performance, with
    only days to go before Christmas is in and then gone
    Have you got the tree up yet, are you ready to go
    original (6).gif
    giphy (43)
  • foi <>
    10 Dec at 13:18

    Dear Mr Nelson,

    The report is scheduled to be presented at the 18 December Cabinet meeting.

    The agenda for the meeting will be available on our website from Wednesday:

    Yours sincerely,

    Y Swyddfa Rhyddid Gwybodaeth Freedom of Information Office

    Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol  |  Operational and Partnership Services

    Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Pen-Y-Bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council

    Ffon / Phone: (01656) 643473

    Ffacs / Fax: (01656) 657899

    E-bost / E-Mail

    Gwefan / Website:

    Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Rhowch wybod i ni os mai Cymraeg yw eich dewis iaith.

    We welcome correspondence in Welsh. Please let us know if your language choice is Welsh.

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    you have received it in error, please inform the system administrator
    on (+44) 01656 642111.

    This e-mail and any attachments have been scanned.

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    Mae’r e-bost hwn ac unrhyw atodiadau wedi cael eu sganio.



I dare you to open
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    To:Yvonne Witchell
    10 Dec at 20:12
    Good day
    MP gets info on FOI, and so does licensing headers
    We thank you for your input thus far and look forward to your every which way moves as usual.
    Lets face it, without your help, how would we ever get to that Labour BIT
    It was a pleasure arriving at civic offices
    I await your fall out
    Maybe you will require certification in the press
    Yours Sincerely
    Senior Partner
    BIT organisation
    You to me are everything – the real thing
    • Mr MoneyPenny <>
      Cc:Madeleine Moon MP
      10 Dec at 20:16
      I dare you to open
      • Mr MoneyPenny <>
        To:Yvonne Witchell
        10 Dec at 20:12
        Good day
        MP gets info on FOI, and so does licensing headers
        We thank you for your input thus far and look forward to your every which way moves as usual.
        Lets face it, without your help, how would we ever get to that Labour BIT
        It was a pleasure arriving at civic offices
        I await your fall out
        Maybe you will require certification in the press
        Yours Sincerely
        Senior Partner
        BIT organisation
        good byeee
        • Mr MoneyPenny <>

          10 Dec at 20:15
          I dare you to open
          • Mr MoneyPenny <>
            To:Yvonne Witchell
            10 Dec at 20:12
            Good day
            MP gets info on FOI, and so does licensing headers
            We thank you for your input thus far and look forward to your every which way moves as usual.
            Lets face it, without your help, how would we ever get to that Labour BIT
            It was a pleasure arriving at civic offices
            I await your fall out
            Maybe you will require certification in the press
            Yours Sincerely
            Senior Partner
            BIT organisation
            For your eyes only Laura
            • Mr MoneyPenny <>
              10 Dec at 20:19
              I dare you to open
              • Mr MoneyPenny <>
                To:Yvonne Witchell
                10 Dec at 20:12
                Good day
                MP gets info on FOI, and so does licensing headers
                We thank you for your input thus far and look forward to your every which way moves as usual.
                Lets face it, without your help, how would we ever get to that Labour BIT
                It was a pleasure arriving at civic offices
                I await your fall out
                Maybe you will require certification in the press
                Yours Sincerely
                Senior Partner
                BIT organisation
                TAXI WATCH DOG WALES
                Attention Dave Holland
                • Mr MoneyPenny <>
                  10 Dec at 20:17
                  I dare you to open
                Happy xmas
                • Mr MoneyPenny <>
                  10 Dec at 20:20
                  I dare you to open


Bridgend Taxi trade Xmas blues-Rock bottom in Wales-Cabinet-shared regulatory services-bummer fall out and depression

We ask the public do you ever get depressed at Christmas

Get the forensic facts in this little town called Bridgend,  famous for suicide incidents, unfortunately


We also ask the public, how do you cope with depression at Christmas

Does your boss give you a fair pay deal for Christmas, do you know how to get a bonus to stay Merry


In todays news we find the extraordinary for Christmas, as Bridgend Cabbies in Wales are reduced to low levels, never seen before by this little town taxi trade, now 3rd lowest for hackney carriage fares in Wales for Xmas 2018, a Christmas first for real

We will look at a brief table drawn up by the BIT organisation showing out of 22 taxi trades in Wales how low you really can be under a democracy that does not care even at Christmas, that would leave even you far from Merry


The opinion is now that Bridgend Cabbies, are at rock bottom and sunk this Christmas



Bridgend taxi trade depression is it justified after another drop in the hackney Carriage table in Wales, as more and more show depression, as a result of the poor demise deliberately inflicted, by what some call a unfair democracy out of control, that is BCBC even at Christmas time, now facing many Cabbies in thier thoughts this Christmas time
We account out of 22 counties/borough councils in Wales only,  that shows potentially the Bridgend Taxi Trade have hit rock bottom in the Hackney Carriage Taxi fare chart in Wales, with Cardiff taxi trade sitting at the highest spot, being number one at the other end of the scale in 124th position this xmas
Looking at Bridgend now 225 places down the chart from Cardiff, with 2 others in Wales, including Flintshire who currently charge £222 for an annual hackney carriage license compared to Bridgend @ £267 for a taxi vehicle up to 3 years old
Following a call to Flintshire council today pre xmas, they confirm that there are mainly private hire cabs in Flintshire owing to the rural areas, and therefore there has been no movement to request a higher hackney carriage fare, as private hire vehicles mainly operate in Flintshire, so there is no need for the taxi trade to request an increase of fares
tenor (82).gif
In fact Flintshire licensing said they ask those few hackney carriage if they want an increase, and not the other way around, because there are almost no hackney carriage taxis in flintshire compared to places like Bridgend, the Vale of Glamorgan, Carmarthenshire, and Pembrokeshire for example
We show the bottom 3 in Wales below, down 225 places for Bridgend, from the Welsh leader Cardiff, out of 359 taxi trades in England and Wales combined –
1. 329 BRIDGEND £4.90 – 2 miles
2, 332 FLINTSHIRE – Not relevant 
Like Flintshire, Merthyr do not require a new car – taxi unlike Bridgend taxi licensing when first plating or first registering as a taxi vehicle with the council
Merthyr have a limit of 4 years at first registering, so you can buy a car up to 4 years old, rather than new in the case of Bridgend
Many local cabbies complaing that the trade have been told lies regarding the consultation on the taxi vehicle age policy now closed almost one year, as Cllr Patel offers no assistance for the Trades wellbeing
Flintshire in fact set no age limit at first plating, wow
We spoke to licensing in Flintshire today, they said as long as the vehicle passes their test regime – MOT, then that is fine if you turn up with a 20 year old car or more
It should be noted that the average price of a house in Bridgend is more than Merthyr tydfil, with much more sales
As part of BIT organisation remit we continue to update the ombudsman on developments as part of the many complaints for the Bridgend Taxi Trade facing another Christmas at a further unfair loss under a Scrooge policy, says Senior Partner
Yvonne Witchell, as well as Will Lane, continue to not come on the record, including the chief executive, to answer simple questions, or confirm simple matters, which would include their usual desperate attempts to block any complaints, or questions put in the taxi trades interest, or delay them, when Bridgend Drive looks for assurances of change, and when things are going to happen, including when is this soon that Daniel Cook mentioned in his email, covered in a previous blog, relating to objections going in front of Cabinet
Complaint made to the Ombudsman – Ref: 201803903
  • Beth Owen <>
    To:Mr MoneyPenny
    30 Nov at 15:47

    Dear Mr Nelson

    Thank you for your email, the content of which has been noted and has been passed to Ms Karen Edwards for her attention.

    Yours sincerely

    Beth Owen

    Casework Officer / Swyddog Gwaith Achos

    Complaints Advice Team / Tîm Cyngor ar Gwynion

    Tel/ Ffon: 01656 641150

    Public Services Ombudsman for Wales/Ombwdsmon Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus Cymru
    1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae
    Bridgend/Pen-y-Bont ar Ogwr
    CF35 5LJ


    News in moments ago from Justin our facebook reporter –  Taxi Watch Dog to visit Bridgend council offices, and sends a greeting before hand via the Taxi Watch Dog team

    tenor (84).gif

    Subject – the time is near and so is xmas fact
    Mr MoneyPenny <>
    Christina Hill
    3 Dec at 20:08
    Greetings from the Taxi Watch Dog team here in Wales
    Christmas is around the corner
    We sincerely hope it will be a Merry Xmas for you
    As part of the Watch Dog Teams official capacity, we first wish you all Happy Xmas
    We would also like to inform all that the Taxi Watch Dog will be making an official visit, if we are to use the words of Daniel Cook policy officer shared regulatory services – SOON
    Some taxi drivers say he is like Santa
    If you can pass on this link so taxi licensing may understand depression at Christmas and being Merry at Christmas that would serve the public well,
    as it may not only help them,but others this Christmas if they knew you got this massage.
    This email will be published in the public domain and may form part of any ombudsman investigation
    I trust it will be acknowledged
    Yours Sincerely
    Cathrine Zita
    For and on behalf of the Taxi Watch Dog Team
    BIT organisation
    A free public service licensing would like to ignore, including Yvonne Withchell when she cherry picks sentences to get out of jail, or is too scared to meet with the taxi watch dog too
    talktous <>
    ‘Mr MoneyPenny’
    3 Dec at 20:52
    Thank you for your email, we have forwarded it onto the relevant department for their attention.
    Kind regards
    The Talktous Team (ME)
    Diolch i chi am eich e-bost, rydym wedi anfon ei ymlaen i’r adran berthnasol ar gyfer eu sylw.
    Cofion cynnes tîm Talktous (ME)



Labour Cabinet lethal weapon-Deception to increase Taxi fares-Cabbie Strike Force Festive Bridgend-Freedom of Information response fake-Ombudsman gets total proof from Watch Dog

Breaking news today – Taxi fare strike force, looks likely to rear its ugly head over festive season

We also look at – Deception by fake news planted by labour local media online over public consultation

You ever bought food thats going off, folks, keep reading and get the catch of the day


Do you think your local council are plain dishonest, some do. have you proof or heard of such a thing, dont go away we have some real forensic news for your eyes only


Once again in an extraordinary account the taxi watch dog team catch Bridgend Council with an out right whopper, and on the record, about that bit, when they go in for a freedom of information request to investigate the true goings on of this council, with its connections, including media and political connections, in this woeful story, that gives one food for thought, even if you ride in a cab


A true story of a labour run council in Mid Glamorgan Wales, that appears power hungry and unprofessional,with a reputation for the same, if you keep your ear to the local ground


The Taxi Watch Dog team continues to monitor, as well as report over every dodgy aspect of this two organisation council, with their operations and practices, so not only are the taxi trade aware in Bridgend Wales, but also the unfortunate local public across the globe thinking of Bridgend in Wales, the home of UK MP Madeleine Moon elected President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly


Then in the same home, we have another member for Labour in the hot seat for TAXI WATCH DOG TEAMS scrutiny and the publics at this time, over some time now if you look back

Watch Dog Team found wording on the public consultation page and sent it to –



Subject: You two want to try this some time-found on consultation page
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    Cc:William Lane
    16 Nov at 16:36

    BCBC website states-

    Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales (External link – Opens in a new tab or window) champions equality and human rights for all. It works to end discrimination, reduce inequality, protect human rights, and build good relations. The aim is to ensure everyone has a fair chance to participate in society.

    EvenHeartfeltCub-max-1mb.gif – Cabinet Member – Labour- has been spinning it large in the local press online recently over Bridgend Taxi Fares, on how they would be cheaper than Vale of Glamorgan, with further mention on the labour website, like a tasty samosa everyone should eat for their wellbeing, says Taxi Watch Dog Wales , even though it was clearly off, or way past the sell by date, and most certainly sold by a dancing joker with a lethal weapon called Labour , if 3 December 2018 was to be a date for any consideration, regarding giving Cabinet the consultation report in the normal way, so to speak

images (23).jpg

So lets take a look at Labour spin and shared regulatory services spin, and more folks, and see if you can spot false information, lies, deception, a dodgy public consultation in poor practices, in order to delay the process, past the sell by date, as long as you can, and make it sound good, even though you know full well its plain lies

original (5).gif

Taxi Watch Dog says the council are definitely not only fooling the public, but deliberate in fooling the taxi trade with constant fake news, they will do anything to fool the public

images (25)

Another anything is seen today folks, as a clear attempt to avert the current taxi HIT and Run strike like an Uber surge, which may way well effect the festive season now, once trade members get wind of the facts, regarding the fake news and impossible date set


images (1)


Telling lies to the local media to make themselves look good is despicable do you not think folks, when is 14 days 28, and more importantly when is 14 days 20 days


Taxi fare consultation listed as open



Whilst we await more information for the public, we can reveal our investigation into the next scheduled Cabinet meeting which could well take matters into the new year and beyond, folks

Bridgend train station anomaly-NCP Investigate-2 Pair bluff-Objections to Bridgend Taxi fare increase to come

In todays news we bring you an update on the Bridgend public taxi fare consultation

We also look at what some say is not a riddle but a clear case of intentional deception if you are like the ice man


Are we today looking at another fraud case at Bridgend station, over taxi station permits, issued by NCP, has the NCP system been compromised again, you decide

It has been reported that some years ago a dynamic duo were able to manipulate the NCP system, it was only until station cabbies became suspicious that the fraud was uncovered


In an unusual twist Bridgend station taxi permit holders look dodgy again, says local Cabbie, after sending the TAXI WATCH DOG TEAM evidence that suggests some thing is not quite right here, an anomaly, that prompts an investigation by NCP and potentially transport police we are informed, as they too become part of the process when NCP have concerns, according to an in bound email from NCP as they look over the stability of the application process, said a member of the Taxi Watch Dog team, after reading the inbound email from NCP yesterday morning


In this rather unusual case we uncover and so expose two separate Bridgend railway station taxi permits, issued to two separate individuals/vehicles, cab drivers, that make you wonder if this is a matter of deception or convenient mistake

We will let you decide by letting you in on this rather interesting occurrence over time from the point of application through to renewal, and to this day


This story may well make an interesting pair, for those that like a yarn or a potential crime story of deception, if you want to stretch your imagination that way, and play the jury, to consider the evidence, and come to your own verdict, in what does seem like a game of poker for two

giphy (73)

We ask the public are you a good gambler or poker player, do you like to bluff

You ever had an ace up your sleeve

hqdefault (2)

So this dynamic duo – taxi driver one of two, applies for an NCP permit after moving to the top of the waiting list for a Bridgend station permit, and supplies the vehicle details and so receives the much coveted station taxi permit, on the condition that this is the vehicle he or she is using, and therefore the two should always match.


Failure to display can result in a £100 fine if caught by Transport Police we are advised


Among other options available to those concerned, would include misuse, and if deemed so by NCP administration, Drive would be at a loss, as the right to have the most coveted permit would be removed


It was reported one smart Station Cabbie who considers himself a fast one, and a local business man, removed his permit when transport police were in proximity, as he felt a bit hooky, one might think

maxresdefault (10).jpg


Then there was the taxi driver that had been away for months, that return with the wrong vehicle registration, just to work weekends, and so is advised to contact NCP as he is not in the same cab he used to use

Apparently this drive thought of himself as a bit of a star, that twinkled in everyone’s eyes, when he mentioned on his return a week later, that he had contacted Bridgend Police station, and they said it was ok for him to rank, as his station permit was soon to run out


One taxi driver commented – When they were handing out brains, he got left behind at the hand out because he was on another planet, and he most certainly was way past the moon

So below we expose this unusual case of identity as exhibit A- belonging to a member of this dynamic duo, who made an application as seen, and as a result was issued with a NCP permit to rank on Bridgend train station property for a annual fee



Now we will have a look at another application from another one of this dynamic duo, for a totally different taxi vehicle, as observed by the Cabbie that recorded the events on the day, with these two different vehicles, both not with the correct vehicle registration to match the permit, a factor covered in recent blogs, where these taxi drivers decided it was better to leave their permits in the draw at home,  and now we expose those permits1pu4lp.jpg



We understand NCP are checking their system and are potentially passing on the intel to transport Police officer based at Swansea railway station who is responsible for investigating any potential acts of fraud at any of the 3 railway stations under his jurisdiction


If anyone out there recognises any of the registrations it may well be a soap opera

But after checking the DVLA data base only one registration actually exists – a fact pointed out to NCP

The other vehicle registration quite possibly could be from a 1975 SKODA Cab based on the permit already shown


Daniel Cook of shared regulatory services, who is currently facing a racist charge from the Senior Partner of the BIT organisation, comes on the record as if all is normal after BIT complained of a prolonged consultation period beyond 14 days, only this morning in a conversation with BCBC by phone recording, in the event the record needed to be shown to the ombudsman service
giphy (43).gif
Cook, Daniel <>
21 Nov at 16:40

Good afternoon Mr Nelson,

I write to inform you that there have been objections to the public notice of the proposal to amend the table of fares in Bridgend County Borough, which must be considered by Cabinet.

I am currently in the process of putting together the Cabinet report, I can’t provide a copy of the objections at this stage but they will be available in due course.

Kind regards,


Daniel Cook Licensing Policy Officer

Licensing Section / Adran Drwyddedu

Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

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  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    To:Daniel Cook
    Cc:William Lane
    22 Nov at 01:38
    Good day
    I think Jesus said – forgive them father for they know not what they do

    In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads:

    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;[1]

    The World English Bible translates the passage as:

    But I tell you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you

    You will find you have made today’s news with your communication
    I would also recommend you contact complaints as your reply does not cover my original FOI request.
    Be sure to listen to the youtube links if you have memory loss at shared regulatory services.
    I note Will Lane has not provided the written undertaking requested, after he boldly went where Yvonne Witchell was too scared to go
    Yours sincerely
    Senior Partner
    BIT organisation
    Taxi Watch Dog Wales
    A free trade service, also available to the public