Consumer duped-Uber London clean air initiative scandal-fake profits practices-Uber driver comes clean-financial scamming for the poor

We ask the public today, should financial incentives offered to taxi drivers be regulated to avoid what may or could appear to be scams or business practices misleading over revenues collected and passed on to cab drivers

Do you ever think a promotion was a scam in its presentation

Are Uber working hard

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In 2018 Uber introduced a clean air initiative in London, and stated –  From early next year, a ‘clean air fee’ of 15p per mile will be included on every trip booked through the Uber app in London – every penny of which will go towards helping drivers to upgrade into an electric vehicle as well as other clean air initiatives. On an average trip in London, this will mean a clean air fee of around 45p

What is the clean Air fee

The Clean Air Fee is 15p per mile and will be included in the recommended fare for all trips booked through the app and picked up in London (within the M25). This includes pick ups at Heathrow airport. There will also be an increase in the service fee of the same amount. The Clean Air Fee will be applied across all products in London (ie. UberX, XL, EXEC, LUX, Assist, Access, POOL). It will not apply to cancellation fees. It will not be subject to surge.


Following an open complaint by an Uber driver in a facebook forum for Uber drivers UK recently, calling the Uber deal a scam in their opinion, Cab watchdog service contacted one of only two suppliers offering Uber drivers hire purchase deals or rent to buy deals, on electric vehicles-EV vehicles in London, under the Uber –  clean air initiative


Drover was one firm named, a rental firm named by Uber in the clean air Initiative deal for Uber partner- drivers, to spend monies they had accumulated to buy electric

Are Uber working hard

The public would be surprised to learn one of the firms called Drover, confirmed that they do not offer purchase deals-rent to by deals, if an Uber driver wishes to spend the money with them under Uber’s clean air initiative, to own an electric car, which the consumer-rider-passenger has apparently contributed to, according to Uber’s disclosure on the matter called the clean air fee


So consumers booking via the Uber app today are paying a higher charge, but many Uber drivers may never get to spend the money accumulated or thousands of pounds they have accumulated so far, as part of the consumer paying more for their Uber ride, as per the announcement made by Uber still visible today, so Uber drivers can buy an electric vehicle from the proceeds collected over time if you take Uber’s initial statement as the real deal, and thus meet TFL standards going forward to clean the air in London, with the costed complements of joe public helping the Uber driver to buy, with 15 pence per mile,  thrown into the pot, according to Uber, because of the good old clean air fee?

Rules apply.

Below we show an example of what the public have paid out to a driver to help make London a clean air zone going forward, but the Uber driver claims he will never get to spend it, under the deal offered by Uber, which he describes as a scam, under the circumstances in its current format, proclaims the Uber driver



Uber claim on the record ladies and gentleman – every penny of which will go towards helping drivers to upgrade into an electric vehicle. However if Uber drivers find the purchase deal on offer too expensive, compared to other firms like Cab Direct for example, using but one example, who are offering electric cabs to the trade also, then Uber under the current terms of their initiative, will pocket thousands and more thousands of pounds by not paying off the UBer driver, and therefore as the Uber driver stated – its a scam for all involved in his opinion, as their is no real fair initiative that he sees tangible given the costs for many, and so every penny will not be used in a clean air initiative for London to help him and many others, but instead will be transformed into profit for Uber and not the Uber driver partner, in reality if you are an Uber driver or a passenger that has not read up on how it really works

Are Uber working hard


With Cab direct offering a Nissan leaf for some £90 plus VAT per week, Uber drivers say having to pay near £300 per week makes no sense economically for many, and therefore Uber will just pocket their money, and therefore every penny will not go to Uber drivers, but instead Uber’s purse

Are Uber working hard

Money turns to a currency many Uber drivers do not understand, and potentially the public are not aware of this condition or fact, that apparently they are paying 15 pence on a journey to their faithful Uber driver, but he or she wont get it or may not get it, even though the passenger would quite rightly be thinking, the Uber driver will get the money without strings attached


Cathrine Zita speaking for the Cab Watchdog service said this deal has been misrepresented by Uber, something that TFL and trading standards may well be interested in going forward potentially or advertising standards, or a local Councillor, or MP on the side lines or even you if you want to consider – Are Uber working hard


Cathrine Zita went on to say – I would urge Uber drivers to start complaining via their app that the whole deal is flawed, misrepresented, and no way at this stage, can Uber claim as they have on the record – every penny of which will go towards helping drivers to upgrade into an electric vehicle


Are Uber working hard

Its a fake claim that this is a clean air initiative with two firms to contact helping Uber drivers buy, seems to be an opinion floating around Uber Drivers in the forums, that we are certain. We do commend companies-operators that offer services that make it easier for drivers to obtain a vehicle, especially those that make it very easy, and for those with bad credit for example also, Uber are not completely off the pulse on that one to be fair


But putting together a deal with a huge purse being collected, and saying so, should be professionally put together in the public interests under the circumstances, and paid out if you are serious in spending the said amount, don’t say it if you don’t mean it, and then move the goal posts so the consumer is not aware, because they generally would not go looking

Are Uber working hard

Uber Drivers should at least have a cash back deal once they have bought their EV car or a cheque supplied to the retailer or seller. The Uber CEO and Ireland need to rethink this deal, and be completely transparent and fairer if they are collecting and saving 15 pence as they say

Why not take into account Uber drivers should be able to shop for their vehicle how they see fit, in order to get that electric vehicle with Uber help by way of the passenger, with that funding Uber talked about that is charged to the customer – ‘clean air fee’ of 15p per mile will be included on every trip booked through the Uber app in London


Uber have failed miserably at this juncture, and have a huge pot of money they owe honest hard working drivers, seems to be a growing opinion, 15 pence per mile Uber obtained from the public, and have stated so, and continue to collect. But their business practices on this one particular selling point come across shambolic it appears or as one Uber driver put it o dodgy


A fact confirmed by the Cab watchdog service today after written communication from Drover where they state on their online chat –



Cathrine Zita said – Uber really need to be responsible when holding monies on a promise or statement to made about passenger revenue, which is unrealistic for thousands of Uber drivers out there in the capital its starting to look like


Its a dirty initiative for many, and far from clean, in its current format, that raises serious questions about how incentives are offered or announced in the private hire trade to hard working drivers in London

Uber drivers should never have the impression the public are being scammed or they are being scammed, especially when there are other EV suppliers in the trade, which they can use to bring pollution down in the capital, as Uber allegedly intended one would think

We see Uber as irresponsible, and unreasonable at this time. Its a farce in more ways than one for many Uber drivers. These are not good trading standards in their opinion, this money must be spent for cars and not sitting in Uber’s purse, is the cry coming from Uber drivers looking at it from all sides of the coin

Are Uber taking unethical advantage of monies coming their way,  Should their be more regulation on incentives, or money offers pre launch, that affect the public perception on where their money actually ends up, after the launch announced which talked numbers

Is it fair play to give the impression you are collecting money, for Uber drivers to buy electric, but come up with a plan so a lot cannot cash in, but the public get the impression the last Uber fare increase was to help their Uber drivers go electric in London


I would like to thank the Uber driver for bringing this to our attention, its shocking business practices for an operator in London at this time, in our opinion, based on basic evidence, of how this is clean deal has turned dirty for many Uber drivers, and passengers in the London capital getting the impression that Uber partner is doing something for the planet and London by getting their cash @ 15 pence per mile. Does TFL – Transport for London know the deal falls very short from a consumer perspective, in other words the riders – passengers

Do passengers read Uber driver terms and conditions Do you



Case files declassified, hand stamping seal on folder with important documents

Gary Boy the lawless Bridgend Taxi driver crowned-NCP terms and conditions explored-rules for taxi permit holders shock-Ganging up annoyance stopped-Dai hard

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In Today’s news we ask the public – What do you think about taxi drivers and their driving habits, or parking habits,are they all a law unto themselves

Are taxi drivers kings of the road, wearing a worthy crown in their taxis in South Wales, and such like places across the country – Have you ever been to Bridgend


You ever been so desperate that you broke the rules of the highway code, or were you ever a nuisance on the highway, or street, or taxi rank

Have you ever met a desperate Cabbie in Bridgend, or in your area, illegally driving or parking, with a total disregard for what even taxi licensing tell them on the taxi induction course


In the picture below we ask Bridgend Taxi Licensing and Transport Police, as well as the public, to a look at this taxi driver in the public interests, as Taxi drivers are supposed to uphold the highway code, as a taxi badge holder of the borough of Bridgend – Lets go look at vehicle index – NJ13 FNG – situated dangerously, and on Station property illegally parked also, plying for hire.- A two for the price of one exposure folks, just to Crown it off


The above picture was sent in by a member of the public on the 8th of November last year at 20:54, according to our server, after they read Bridgend’s only taxi news, and were made aware of the Cab Watchdog service

download (23).jpg

We understand the vehicle in the picture above, is or was rented by a local firm called Peyton Travel, and driven by the Proprietor of Crown Travel Wales – Gary Boyes, at the time, a taxi driver that wrote a complaint recently to taxi licensing, complaining of illegal parking at Bridgend station, folks

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32399268_452612898504364_4078420044277612544_o (1)

Double yellow lines indicate a prohibition of waiting at any time even if there are no upright signs. You MUST NOT wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers

images (40).jpg


Contravention of traffic regulation order.

(1)A person who contravenes a traffic regulation order, or who uses a vehicle, or causes or permits a vehicle to be used in contravention of a traffic regulation order, shall be guilty of an offence

images (40)

As you can see from the picture below,  if a taxi driver parks illegally, they will be able to cheat, as at night they will be around the bend, on station property, facing paying passengers coming out the station side gate, just out of shot, on the other side of the crossing to the right



Cathrine Zita, speaking for the BIT organisation today, stated – I have come to understand that some taxi drivers are lawless at the station, when it comes to rules, provided them at the Bridgend taxi course, by attending licensing officers, when referring to the highway code, or parking on a taxi rank, or parking in general, as licensing would have them do, or Transport Police would, for that matter

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What is clear said Cathrine Zita – Some Taxi drivers have a cheat the system, and cheat others mentality, in order to earn a living, as a Bridgend Taxi driver, licensed by the borough

giphy - 2019-07-18T145653.974.gif

Some will say, and do anything, to get their way, especially if money is involved, or obtaining a fare. or containing the situation to get their way, including at Bridgend station, Cathrine Zita, said

giphy - 2019-07-18T135252.269.gif

Some taxi drivers of Bridgend, would describe the taxi driver parking example shown above, as –  parking 6 inches over the line, if one was to consider Mr David Newman’s statement, supplied as a witness statement to taxi licensing, recently


We show a simple illustration that shows what happens when a vehicle crosses the line of a parking bay or rank, as you will be able to see, it is impossible for a vehicle to be 6 inches over the line, when you take into account the fact, the vehicle length, Tyre size – diameter,  once the wheel crosses the line, or is over the line, and therefore given the length of the vehicle, it would be way way more, than 6 inches over the line, as shown, if you reversed back a little, using the example to the right of the diagram and stopping where the vehicle wheel goes over the line


Mr Dai Newman recently sent a complaint to taxi licensing, that he was being harassed, when his taxi was parked OVER THE LINE OF THE RANK, or shall we say 6 inches over the line, as described by the licensing officer during the interview with Mr Nelson


An unusual and fishy claim by this Dragon Taxi Driver, usually in his hackney Carriage 300 – Skoda, with a reputation for breaking, or challenging the rules, and getting in your face, was the opinion of Cathrine Zita, after listening to what goes on, at Bridgend railway station, including, reading Mr Newman’s impossible untruths on parking enforcement, in his written statement to Bridgend taxi licensing authority recently, on the matter of parking over the line, with his gang of colleagues also being harassed, which Ironically, included Mr Gary Boyes, and his Gotham city gang including the Joker

tenor - 2019-07-18T143423.402.gif

Cathrine Zita, said- after considering the events of 2015, where Mr Newman was told to tow the line, including others, when Transport Police officer visited the station one night, and discovered lawless practices in taxi parking at Bridgend Station, one has to ask what is Mr Dai Newman playing at, with his ridiculous calculations in distance


local Bridgend taxi driver Dai – identified by taxi licensing to the BIT organisation as Mr David Newman, recently came on the record in a BIT NEWS facebook exposure, where he described BIT NEWS comparison with the Penguin, as silly, and why don’t we name the person we are referring to



Bridgend_Railway_Station,_Sept_2018 (1).jpg

Coming up – You ever felt insanely adventurous


Also in today’s news we reveal how old practices die hard for certain taxi drivers or members of a gang, at this station, on an adventure, when they sent written communication to the Cab Watchdog service, stating – They get their way, and there are more ways to skin cats

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Senior Partner for the Cab Watchdog Service recently wrote to NCP who issue station permits, to clarify, if Station Drivers on the station rank, should not be pestered by any Joker with a taxi badge ranked on the station looking for an adventure, by demanding Cabbies get out of their cars, every time a train comes in, even if there are no potential passengers


Senior Partner for the Cab Watchdog service, Mr Nelson, spoke this evening. saying,certainly drivers should pass on the passenger, if it is not their turn, rather than make up gang rules, that amount to a potential breach, or theft of a fare at the station, something that has been attempted or encouraged by a Joker and his gang, at the station this year, said Mr Nelson


images (41)

To:Mr MoneyPenny
15 Jul at 13:26

Hi Mr Nelson,

I’ve heard back from the car park manager and he’s stated in the T&C’s it doesn’t state you have to stand outside the taxi,

There is nothing more they have said regarding the email below,

Kind Regards.

Chelsea Wall-Cain

Sales Administrator

National Car Parks Ltd

NML House, 61 High Street, Manchester, M4 1AZ

T:   + 44 (0) 345 050 7080 (option 2)


  • Mr MoneyPenny – 28 Jun at 11:35
    Good afternoon
    Hope you are well
    Last year you were very helpful and effectively assisted in stopping Drivers at Bridgend from not displaying their permits, once they read your email on misuse. Thank you again for that. So today we have a new issue, which I am hoping you can clarify.
    Obviously drivers have a permit and they rank on Bridgend station, and await their turn.
    As you can imagine trains come and go, and not all trains provide fares to each and every individual on the station permit rank.
    Recently we have had certain individuals that have been pestering drivers to get out of their taxi when each and every train comes in and remain outside their vehicle until the train has left or their are no visible passengers wanting a taxi.
    Do the terms and conditions provide for such a demand, or can we tell these few drivers to not pester us as there are no such stipulations in the terms and conditions.
    Although it is common place to be friendly and harmonious at the station, there appears to be those that have introduced their own rules, and so pester those that are on their phone speaking to their customers, or families, or going about their business whilst waiting for a fare.
    Generally speaking drivers pass on the fare, if the passenger comes to their taxi, if it is not their turn. However others have ideas. I would be grateful if you could clarify this point so we can be clear. Look forward to your usual guidance on this matter, so I can inform those concerned or being affected
    Many thanks
    D Nelson
    Wall-Cain, Chelsea <>

Cathrine Zita stated, I am considering the various options available for civil action at this time, in view of the evidence we have uncovered concerning this taxi driver parked illegally, with malicious ideas, in respect to what Mr Gary Boyes of Crown Travel Wales, has put to taxi licensing in a witness statement, where he says he would testify in magistrates court, that he was distressed when he figured, he was being called Batman in the news, since late last year


A case of Fake and Fraud-Taxi Enforcement Bridgend-Devious Taxi Drivers-Malicious hate campaign-Cab Watchdog 25 page report-licensing authority exhibits-law firm to step in

We bring you a Public exposure, have you ever been told call the Police – A gang of Four rogue Bridgend taxi drivers lose the plot and are potentially perverting the course of justice, after Police were called, as they now submit a malicious and vexatious complaints to Bridgend County borough council-shared regulatory services enforcement

Law concept: newspaper headline Pervert the course Of Justice

A complaint targeted at the BIT organisation news, and Cab Watchdog service, after Cab Watchdog service exposed, in their news late last year, and this year,  unusual practices by some taxi drivers on a hate campaign, as Bridgend taxi drivers, licensed by Bridgend county borough council, taxi licensing, in Mid Glamorgan Wales

download (1)

BIT organisation- senior Partner, took time out to make 2 visits recently to Bridgend licensing enforcement, to update them on the forensic case file, BIT organisation had on the matter, after reading witness statements from the 4 taxi drivers, called the fanastic 4 recently on BIT NEWS


Cathrine Zita – executive partner for the BIT organisation, described the 4 complaint statements in her opinion as, vexatious, and malicious, by these 4 Bridgend taxi drivers, with a mission to discredit, and vary NCP rules at Bridgend station, she said, or to cover up their failings, by pulling the wool over Bridgend county borough council eyes, and shared regulatory services, with their bogus and malicious complaints


One of the vital exhibits, is an inbound email from NCP, who issue hackney carriage station rank parking permits, where they realise at the time, the permit is very wrong, as the vehicle identification tag or license plate does not exist

giphy - 2019-07-14T112241.508.gif

Wall-Cain, Chelsea <>

21 Nov 2018 at 11:50


I have forward the below over to the contact our side who deals with Taxi permits,

Also please inform the transport police.

Kind Regards 

Chelsea Wall-Cain

Sales Administrator

National Car Parks Ltd

NML House, 61 High Street, Manchester, M4 1AZ

T:   + 44 03450507080



200 (5)

Get vehicle information from DVLA

giphy - 2019-07-14T110608.658.gif

One of BIT organisation’s team members in London, contacted a firm of Solicitors regarding the unfounded malicious allegations made by these, what he called a gang of 4 rogue Bridgend taxi drivers in Gotham City


Subsequently a message was sent to Mr Nelson senior Partner of the Cab Watchdog service, from the individual, advising that he had secured an agreement from a London firm of solicitors, to tackle those making the false allegations, without any supporting proof


Pro bono publico (English: for the public good; usually shortened to pro bono) is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. Unlike traditional volunteerism, it is service that uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.


Cathrine Zita executive Junior Partner, and responsible for the BIT NEWS network said earlier this morning – I am considering what legal action to take after securing pro bono solicitors, and going through the 4 statements of the rogue Bridgend Taxi Drivers that in my opinion are harassing individuals with their malicious ideas, and statement, in their complaint to Bridgend taxi licensingevidence

Cathrine Zita went on to say -We have compiled an extensive report for Bridgend county borough council, after being instructed by NCP from the outset to contact the Police, after we had received complaints from taxi drivers at Bridgend station late last year, and in February this year, which was covered in the news


More on this story coming soon – Do you know who Batman is? How about the Joker, What about the Penguin or Harvey Dent ?

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Catch up on our previous stories – Bridgend Twinned with Gotham City, Uber Complaints case files, with Transport for London in the Mix, or how to get your taxi medical for 50 pounds thanks to Bridgend County borough council’s taxi licensing

Inside Job-Uber support massive let slip-no real complaints-procedures-Driver Partners Die Hard-Nakatomi business practices report by Cab Watchdog

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Coming up, we ask the public is Uber CEO Dara khosrowshahi thinking like a Hans Grubber in the Nakatomi building, after a massive capture, that many simply do not know about, who are in the public domain thinking about ordering a cab or investing


Do you think die hard when you think of an Uber like boss or Hans Grubber, Do you think your boss acts like Hans Grubber at times or Uber’s support


Extraordinarily, today Uber telephone support in the Philippines, confirm thousands of Uber Drivers may well have been captured by Uber, and held up in their Terms and conditions building, which Cab Watchdog service now calls, their – Nakatomi investigation file, as a result of what seems to be a take over of choice for Uber drivers, providing Uber, with a highly rated star services, by many partner drivers, if not all in most cases,


Today, after a 1 hour, 3 minute call this morning with TASK US, Uber telephone support Philippines, who today, confirmed, which BIT organisation suspected – Uber have no real complaints procedures on the record, for Uber Partner Drivers, when riders make complaints or vexatious complaints, or malicious ones


Another factor mentioned in Uber’s section 7 L of their new terms and conditions – Ratings may affect the drivers ability to get a ride


A rating system the Cab watchdog tells Dessiree of Uber support TaskUs phillipines, in a recent call today this afternoon, that Section 7 L is fraught with unfair and indefensible actions, by Uber, under the circumstance, as drivers partners cannot control how people will rate, and therefore 7 L cannot be fair under the circumstances or even correct, for a partners sanity in the work place, or a taxi app business, under scrutiny by even an MP or Parliament


Deseree agreed to raise section 7 L as a further complaint, and gave the reference of 980553050, folks, Do Uber drivers take pride in what they do, yes, is the answer by many driven mad by Uber ratings feedback, which they cannot delete

Does any taxi driver or Private hire driver have the right to take pride in his-her Cab job

Would the public, like being kicked in the butt, for no reason, or a bad one, just for fun or stars and comments, every day in the work place


Partner – drivers facing any complaint, or false or malicious or even misguided star ratings from riders-Uber passengers, are given no guidance, which has been proven for at least 28 days by the BIT organisation and Cab Watchdog Service, Uber have bad habits and unfair business practices for those they transact monies with, will an Ombudsman look at Uber in such matters we ask Dara CEO for Uber Does he treat his staff that way, we think not if the reports are true, however the CEO currently fails Uber Partners miserably, after lifting the low ratings policy of deactivation, sacking for Uber partner drivers


Basically anything goes, said Mr Nelson heading the new complaints file -Nakatomi -investigation file, opened this morning, after it was apparent that Uber block out, and so hold hostage many Uber Partners that have selected-agree-in order to get back to work



What was clear-those that do not accept their new terms and conditions issued yesterday, simply cannot log in, unless they accept the new terms and conditions by clicking AGREE, whilst they wait for Uber Ireland or Uber CEO to come on the record on this vital matter, that may well go to Parliament members if not resolved, in-light of the new terms and conditions issued by Uber yesterday


Cab Watchdog goes after Uber again this morning, after yet again further delays without even a written undertaking from Uber, they they will address the complaint properly, now 7 days without response, not to mention a total of 5 months, as previously stated, on the subject of Uber complaints processes and procedures


Paul at Uber Support follows up the complaint again, as there is no record on TASK US system of Uber CEO addressing the matter, or putting a hold on the new terms and conditions, as many Uber drivers are now aware of course



During the call with Cab Watchdog and Task US Paul – Paul, stated there were no written procedures in complaint for partner drivers, when dealing with Rider Complaints, so no complaints procedures, folks, any thing goes it would appear at this time, said Mr Nelson, Senior Partner for the BIT organisation


Uber Ireland support dont give a rats ass about their work force, said one Uber driver recently


Thus confirming that Uber wing it when it comes to Uber rider complaints against Uber Partner Drivers, which leaves many Uber partner – drivers stranded, if not sacked, as a result of these failings in complaint procedures, by not only Uber, but other platform taxi app firms, as it turns out, a story covered in a previous blog, where even MP’s look concerned

giphy - 2019-06-25T104505.613

Uber’s complaint procedures, for Uber partner-drivers are simply non existent folks, leaving many doomed to no earnings on the app, as a matter of course, ladies and gentleman, something that has been reported across the world, and especially in the United States and Britain

giphy - 2019-06-25T112117.510.gif


Cab Watchdog once again asked Uber to address their failings, as even Paul of Task Us agreed, he would not like to be sacked or suspended in such a circumstance/s or Uber partner circumstances, was the conclusion during the call


More news as Cab Watchdog continues with the Nakatomi case file investigation, as Cab Watchdog service asks Uber support again….


giphy - 2019-06-05T000024.772banner-tfl


Re: Your ref: 12890365 – Our reference and Case file- Nakatomi



Uber New unfair-unsafe business practices-Drivers-Partners affected-MP to address Parliament-Uber bad policies-terms and Conditions-red flag complaints procedures


Are you easily shocked, In the case file news today, we look at the reaction the public may well have, after reading what an MP has to say on businesses like Uber, or taxi app businesses that appear to have shocking ruthless business practices, like slave mastersillgetback

We expose the public to the thought or question – Is Uber CEO ruthless in business, and is Uber Ireland support the puppet for that ruthlessness,  as many Uber partner-drivers complain of fears, they will be sacked or suspended unfairly, sooner or later, like others before them


Cab Watchdog was back on Uber support heels this morning, as 3 days have passed, not to mention 5 months since BIT organisation requested Uber’s complaint policies for riders and partners, from the Uber CEO, as many in the trade complain of unfair sacking policies, and unfair suspensions, without pay or compensation. Cab Watchdog calls it poor practices in business, that they deem unsafe, for even an MP, and potentially Parliament


Cab Watchdog tells Taskus today, to go check the document on BIT NEWS FACEBOOK page from a Kensington MP judging the matter, of deactivation by a platform businesses or taxi app


A factor already pointed out to Uber Support 3 days ago, without resolution as yet, given these factors were raised with Uber Janey, in January, without response , with more communication after, with others, which was covered in previous blogs, since the Uber complaints file was opened by the now infamous, Cab Watchdog Service

download (21)

BIT Senior Partner whilst talking to TaskUs in the Philippines this morning, advised again that although TASKUS are – Ridiculously good, there are serious delays, not justified under the circumstances


If Uber drivers agree the new terms and conditions in the interim, that does not excuse or take away from the fact – that Uber CEO has not been forthcoming with their complaints policy, since it was requested in January 2019, by the Cab Watchdog service, so they too could get to that BIT


After all it was Janey that said during the call in January, which was passed to TFL – That she- Uber, would deal with the concerns, including safety concerns immediately


Therefore the outcome thus far is unfair, as well as an unreasonable business practices, under the circumstances, when Uber do not deal with a real complaint being made public, by the Cab Watchdog Service, in the interests of thousands of Uber drivers, or potential Uber drivers thinking of joining Uber, via a Greenlight hub in the UK, any time soon4cc

Why would any business not want to set out their complaints procedures, showing fair play practices in complaints



Cathrine Zita, Junior Partner for the Cab Watchdog service, stated – This matter should have been dealt with prior by Uber CEO, before putting out the new terms and conditions, as they had ample time to deal with the matter before asking drivers to agree new T & C’s. Its simply not cricket said one BIT team member


In the real business world based on the circumstances, this is a no brainer, as Uber CEO has had far too many months to address the issue, of unfair dismissal, or unfair deactivation, with reinstatement often far too late, without compensation from Uber, if it is a bogus complaint by a rider


After all these guys have, Cab-Car leases, costs, families to feed etc

The popular message from the trade or Uber Partner driver, is….

tenor - 2019-06-21T090322.169.gif

A factor that will be raised with Kensington MP sooner or later, on matters that are appropriate, as these matters must be brought to those that seek to take action in Parliament or debate it in Parliament , if Uber will not be fair in any cab work place in the UK

giphy - 2019-06-21T090634.844.gif

Apparently according to Mary at TaskUs today,  the original ticket raised 3 days ago, is in the pipe line to be addressed by Uber – re bogus sacking or deactivation, because of a bogus complaint or a vexatious Uber rider passenger

giphy - 2019-06-21T090828.072.gif

Cab Watchdog Service invited Uber support Ireland and TASKUS, to check out the MP’S letter re a taxi app business just like Uber, yet another Uber type taxi app copy cat, posted here in todays article further below

giphy - 2019-06-21T095806.407.gif

Cab Watchdog asks Uber  again, what are your complaint procedures, and processes, after reviewing the document below published by United Private Hire Drivers – Social media news outlet


Basically Uber seem to think  or thought- Cab watchdog service would go away after resolving their  – Uber driver low rating case file, of Uber partner – driver deactivation for low star ratings, as subject covered in a previous blog


Unfortunately our complaint case files only close when all the issues raised are addressed. said Cathrine Zita, administrating BIT complaint case files


Cathrine Zita went on to say – BIT organisation – Cab Watchdog service, is here so we all can get to that BIT, in the public interest


During the call today with Mary of TaskUs, Mary was unable to confirm if the new T & C’s addressed these issues, or policy issues, or compliant procedural issues, folks



In fact Mary stated she was also unable to confirm what date the new Uber Partner Terms and conditions would come into force


Ladies and gentleman out there, should note, 3 days ago Senior Partner for the BIT organization asked Uber support to request a stay on the new Uber terms and conditions coming into force, if they concerned partners-drivers


Following the 27 minute recorded call, TaskUs Uber telephone support in Philippines, take up the invitation to go check out the Cab Watchdog Service, as TASKUS are Known to be – Ridiculously Good – a some what awarded business slogan

giphy - 2019-06-21T153421.604.gif

The screen shot capture shows TASKUS did check again, a factor that also happened 3 days ago, when BIT announced their actions on the matter on BIT NEWS – Facebook, by telling the Cab trade


That’s the latest on what the Cab watchdog called – it’s almost like blackmail asking Uber drivers to agree terms and conditions, when they have delayed dealing with the complaints issue, now 5 months delayed, if you were to check previous communications with Uber Jany covered in previous blogs.




Bridgend twinned with Gotham City-Station Camera crew member goes missing-News on the rise for licensing authority and Gotham city Joker

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In todays news we can report that a member of the public wearing a Body cam at Bridgend raliway station has gone missing, just like in Gotham city, the person also believed to be a taxi driver


After a brief investigation, Bridgend Station staff, which would include the Station Manager, have just not seen this elusive security guard, on surveillance with a Bodycam, at Bridgend Station


We spoke to Justin believed to frequent the Station regularly over the years, and he too had not seen this camera crew member, that apparently has been been there for years displaying his tools, and intimidating certain station taxi drivers, whilst in the process


Also in todays news – Cab Watchdog service assists Bridgend taxi licensing, regarding a complaint the BIT organisation received from a member of the public last year, regarding 7 Bridgend station drivers that were not displaying the correct station permit particulars or not displaying at all7+green+bottles+sitting+on+a+wall

The numbers fell or were whittled down to the Gotham City Dynamic Trio, in the end, as 4 other drivers complied by displaying their permits shortly after, leaving what was on the BIT file as- the dynamic trio, who in the end were non compliant as time went on, but eventually became compliant, like 3 green bottles that eventually fell off the wall, after Transport Police updated their station permit holders records, and so were able to carry out further checks, with enforcement where appropriate, in order to deal with the matter thoroughly, and efficiently, as a Commissioner Gordon would do in Gotham

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The officer in charge of several stations including Swansea, later visited the station and checked quite a few taxi vehicles that day, including one parked on a double yellow line, and one or two on the station hill rank, as if they needed a station permit or had one

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The officer also pointed out that other drivers may drive a permit holders vehicle, provided they were – being paid a wage by the permit holder/vehicle proprietor


It should be noted that if a permit holder rented the vehicle instead of paying a wage. then they would be in breach of the terms and conditions

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Some or many will recall seeing Batman, seen here driving his one headlight vehicle in Gotham, owing to electrical failure, witnessed by many including Superman, and the entire metropolis at the time, over many many weeks, including the Christmas period of 2018- we understand batman did not want to get his electrical problem fixed, as he preferred to crash and burn, than give up his taxi vehicle, with just got new station permit ,showing the new vehicle registration number- An understandable dilemma in anyones book, as if he gave up the vehicle, he would not have a valid permit for the temporary replacement taxi

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In fact BIT organisation assisted Batman, as he needed a permission letter, to get a revised station permit, to allow him not to break the rules, or be accused of misuse, as he was not the owner of his Batmobile, folks, but instead it was an organisation in Peyton Place, Gotham City, who where known for being tidy

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As Batman was provided with a template of a taxi permission letter, which he gladly received, after requesting the same, a copy of the same email was sent to licensing as it was in BIT organisation case file as evidence


A copy of that communication in the Cab watchdog case file, was among others that were also forwarded to licensing, to assist them with their investigation, into what some may well call today – The Gotham City Station case file



Spokesman for the BIT organisation stated this morning – We were instructed by NCP to contact the Police at the time, as NCP Chelsea stated, she will intern also notify their administration department of the irregularities, which where highlighted in the news, with findings


Spokesman for the BIT organisation went on to say – We did not make the public aware at the time, as Senior Partner deemed the email, now passed onto taxi licensing to assist with their investigation, as sensitive information, given the circumstances

Rules apply.

A number of communications were also passed onto Licensing including contact from and to the Dynamic trio, which including a message from one on the dynamic trio, after receiving a message advising they did not have a valid permit, under the, at the time rules, advised by NCP, which were then published in the Cab watchdog service news


Taxi driver, one of the trio, Harvey Dent, who was in discussion about that BIT, regarding the NCP station permit rules, as his VRN did not match the permit issued,

Harvey Dent replied using his mobile phone, saying – Ok my sweet friend rules are rules

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Then of course we had the Joker the final member of the trio

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His communication was very clear he hated the rules and BIT organisation

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Cathrine Zita who searched for communication from the Joker in BIT organisation- Gotham City Station case file, forwarded the forensic evidence they held on the Joker, who apparently had a visit from the Police, after a conversation with BIT organisation Senior Partner Mr Nelson

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A statement by BIT Senior Partner was reported on facebook around 7 Feb this year, on the subject

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A full account of the forensic conversations was also forwarded to Licensing to assist them with their case file, which included the Joker writing – I told you to your face what I thought, not writing it on the book 

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The Joker was referring to a story covered, regarding the story of a Joker not displaying their permit at Bridgend railway station, on BIT NEWS – Facebook, in Late January this year, which prompted contact from the Joker on the record on 6th Feb, according to file records, said Cathrine Zita, Junior Partner of the BIT organisation – She said it was a simple case of tracking down the events of the Joker, to establish an attitude towards BIT organisation news coverage on Bridgend railway station stories

The evidence was deemed appropriate to assist the council’s investigation

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Cathrine Zita who collated the information to assist in the investigation, stated the council appear to be conducting a professional investigation, and the BIT organisation was happy to assist in the public interests, which would include those living in Gotham City


More news coming soon as the Cab Watchdog case files are still ongoing on Uber and other trade issues, including the Bridgend case, including a recent meeting with Daniel Cook Policer officer, who’s looking well, folks

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source (16)


Uber Driver partners low rating deactivation policy change-Transport For London public report by Cab Watchdog service-Every journey matters and risks


Coming up on today’s special case file report –  Uber ignore, and so dismiss safety concerns in vulnerable passenger situations, is the opinion – Have Uber poor policies stopped


We look at how Uber safety may well have stopped on potential rape cases, following an investigation by Cab Watchdog Service into how Uber support really works



Also in todays report we allow the public to consider the growing trend of rape cases by private hire cabs, with allegations of rape, pointed at those that take to being a cab driver predator, a subject licensing authorities are trying to tackle to screen out these predators, and prevent them from getting taxi badges or private hire badges

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We also look at – Should Uber encourage Uber drivers to trade water, for 5 star ratings


Cab watchdog raises serious concerns over passenger safety, and the potential for rape cases, when water is on offer or left about, for those that maybe even drunk at the time


Uber drivers report passengers can expect water to be available, and some drivers can receive a low rating for not making it available, and others say it helps get 5 star ratings and compliments



Also in today’s special report – Uber changes policy on Uber Partner ratings, or low ratings, a policy which prior could result in an Uber driver facing deactivation, being sacked, for no good reason, because the public had the power to end a Uber partner-drivers job, by providing a rating that would push the driver over a threshold, a threshold that was in fact, too high already, with Uber drivers being compared to Gladiators, fighting it out with other gladiators, called Uber riders or Uber passengers,  in a world with Emperor Uber




A policy change that now sees low ratings immaterial, said Senior Partner for the BIT organisation. Uber drivers can simply disregard the unfair or one sided rating system, that many drivers describe as doing their heads in

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Uber Grace of Ireland, stated in April, during a phone call, that the call was recorded. and Cab Watchdog could get a copy of the call recording, which stated, that the new policy was introduced as of October 3rd

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A date that took much time to get written clarification of from Uber, as Uber at first would not state on the record, the year this new low rating policy for partners – Uber drivers started

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source (14)


Grace of Uber Ireland support, was asked by Mr Nelson Senior Partner of the BIT organisation, why Uber Ireland had not told Uber drivers-partners of the new policy sooner or prior

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The response from Grace during the call, was this basically – Uber is not obliged to tell Uber drivers/partners of all new policies or policies introduced at Uber Ireland


Further below in this article we will show an inbound email from Uber Ireland support, Grace, regarding the recorded call Mr Nelson requested a copy of, during the telephone conversation, so all the issues raised could be brought out into the open, and in the public domain, for the public to take note of, or scrutinize , especially Uber drivers, as well as potential new Uber drivers signing up for the first time, or have just signed up at any Uber green light hub in the UK, for example

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Finally after Uber ignore Cab watchdog service, Senior Partner for the BIT organisation forces the issue, after allowing Uber at least 3 months to come on the record, an offering that was made to Uber in January this year, when Mr Nelson raised the complaint with TASKUS – UBER support, for the first time, when the Uber complaint case file was first opened in the public interest, as well as Uber partner/drivers

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Further below we will show an email – forensic exposure- from Uber Grace in Ireland, confirming time and date, and the call, and the request for a copy of the call conversation



Uber Logo
|   Support
A message from Uber

I never included how to get the recording of the call in my previous message.
You can request a copy of your data here (login required). The process usually takes a couple of days, and you can learn more here about the type of data that is included.
Sent by Grace on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 5:47:58 PM


However, later after the Cab Watchdog requested the recording, Uber’s data department came back and said, in so many words – the recording was not available, as part of their data disclosure rules


Cab Watchdog service continued to press Uber, to come on the record fully, and confirm the issues they had raised in January, with Janey, and again with Grace, were, or were not being dealt with

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Like in January, where Uber stated these matters needed to be dealt with immediately, an email was requested from Uber support Ireland once again, requesting full clarification, that all the matters in hand, were being dealt with immediately, and they would be responded to fully, by Uber Ireland or Uber CEO


However ladies and gentleman, that too never materialised


Once again a call was made to TaskUs-Uber initial phone support, who claim to be ridiculously good

This time Garret from Uber Ireland made contact with The Cab Watchdog

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During the conversation Garret was reluctant to state when he would confirm in writing, the actual year Uber introduced the no more deactivation policy-sacking policy, for low rated Uber partner drivers, that many, on both sides of the fence, maintain they are rated unfairly – passengers and drivers, a fact pointed out to Garret during the call, on matters of perfume or smells, and people like choices


At one point the learned Garret said – Who are you….

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Later Garret responded via app communication, and not by email as requested, but most of it did not deal with the clarification requested, further delays as a result, folks

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As a result Cab watchdog went back to TaskUs after hitting dead ends again


This time the call was recorded by Cab Watchdog service, the conversation took around the hour mark, and was forwarded to Transport for London immediately, and taskus was advised of the same,  only days ago, as enough was enough, said Mr Nelson, Senior BIT Partner, as Uber kept dropping the ball, which made TaskUs look ridiculous in the end

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The results came back ladies and gentleman, as shown below, so you all can get to that BIT, including Transport for London complaints ref -12890365 – email –


Assessing_the_role_of_a_confoundergiphy - 2019-06-04T131834.878

tenor - 2019-06-04T135846.232

Case files declassified, hand stamping seal on folder with important documents
Uber Logo
|   Support
A message from Uber

Thanks for taking the time to write in. We are currently experiencing high levels of contact which may cause a delay in response to partners.
I appreciate you have some concerns with the possibility of being deactivated because of your rating.
You will not lose access to the Uber app if you have a low rating, however, please know it is best maintain a good rating (above 4.6) as this reflects the quality of service that you’re providing to your riders.
Please note that a rider may submit a trip rating at any time. When a new rating is added to your account, it may be for a trip that was taken hours or weeks ago. Furthermore, we know that certain issues (fare price, app issues, pool problems, etc.) are not your fault, so if a rider selects any of those options when rating a trip less than 5 stars, the rating will not count towards your overall rating.
I understand that you are concerned with the suggestion that it can be helpful to improve ratings when partners offer riders bottles of water and other food and drinks stuffs.
I appreciate that you may feel that there is a potential safety concern here. Please know as advised previously we have extensive safety teams whom are trained to respond swiftly and competently if a safety alert is raised.
However messages like this are suggestions based on rider feedback. In no way does Uber expect drivers to carry water for their Riders – from review of rider feedback we know that Riders like an extra step like this on trip and can result in a higher rating for partner drivers.
We appreciate your patience.
Sent by Luke on Monday, June 3, 2019 at 10:02:35 AM




This is a Cab watchdog service report – Uber complaint Case file – Passenger safety never stops – The Transport for London report in the public domain – re Uber Ireland – UK

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We ask the public  – have Cab ratings systems run their course


Is rape in a taxi getting easier – Are Uber practices part of the problem

source (13)

We ask the public-Do you too think Uber safety has stopped


Are innocent Uber drivers carrying water, exposing themselves to…




A spokesman for the Cab Watchdog service said hours ago, that they intend to keep the Uber complaints file open, in view of Uber’s most recent communications, now in the public domain, for even Uber driver partners to consider and challenge, not forgetting the public and licensing authorities across the UK, if not the world