The verdict-Uber ready mix concrete out of control-Supreme court v the Queen’s Realm and Cabbie App Sparrow-UK Cab trade make Parliamentary history in court

Like Hamlet, the scene is set before the audience and the world – Its a murderess case,


As we join the supreme court ladies and gentleman -The advocate picks up the argument for Uber Slaves by, addressing the court, in response to Uber’s Player Queen for legal argument in this appeal case, now in the highest court of appeal on English soil, ma ladies and ma lords

The Uber murderess Queen Gertrude’s business is at hand, as justice comes calling, opposition lawyers working for free, to rid this slavery and this queen from the realm, as we know it. in the year of 2020, in the month of July, near 4 years or so since judged as slavery in 2016 on sovereign soil


Despite Gertrude’s gift for making shrewd observations she appears content not to act upon them, and instead submits to the schemes of her husband and his councellors
In Act -III, Scene-II of the play, The murderess Queen Gertrude says, when speaking to her son,
“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”
She a the lady queen character of the play, she is insincere, as she repeats dramatically that she would never marry again because of her undying love 
Like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, we take you to the supreme courts virtual court chambers for your imagination to explore,  disruptive technology, come to the end of their play on sovereign soil, as would be pirates from the Caribbean

Arrrr the verdict – We set the scene, as if a gang called the Uber Pirates traveled from the America’s, and plundered the Queen’s sovereign land for supremacy, and gold bullion,

Arrrr me buccaneers, they finally came to court,

Be seated ladies and gentleman and call yourself a member of the Jury, as you continue on

courtinsessionUber pirates v British slaves before the crown’s only justice system


Case background – Charged with

  1. Trading unlawfully using concrete contracts, with ready mix cement
  2. Came to our shores to trade with unique control over slaves,  and rides
  3. Avoided the crown taxes with contractual ingenuity, is one of the submissions before the court today
  4. Parties in the matter have been sworn in, please take your seats



Ist mate Cock n Bull off the pirate ship Supreme Uber is accused with his outfit, of being masters at avoiding customs eventualities, if you look at previous cases in the law books, with the Queens taxation system factored in, including statute law, including sham contract inventions amounting to slavery, using clauses of “Control” Ma lords and Ma Lady, that is but a few submissions today before the supreme court, including members of the public jury that come before you in this session


Cabbie app sparrow off the Leigh-day flag ship. and others who were Uber slaves, were now anxious to see these pirates schemes buried with 1st mate Cock n Bull, once and for all, me cockers, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, arrrrrr me ship mates, let them walk the plank



The Uber pirates of San Fransisco with their ready mix concrete contractual terms, ladies and gentleman, were much to be desired under the scrutiny of statute law , in a controlled employment environment when you looked at other cases that had come before her Majesty’s courts


The slave’s advocate’s submissions had, good foundation, like a solid concrete building of law and case law spanning centuries, when he directed the court to the facts in law, rendering the Uber pirates that had sailed the Caribbean seas to become slave masters on British sovereign soil, slave masters in law in their trading of rides

The advocates for the Uber slaves were actually damning with their submissions to Ma Lord’s and Lady of the Supreme court that Wednesday, that you can rely on, ladies and gentleman of the Jury when you look close


Ironic as it maybe if you look at the ready mix cement case, where controls were in place, and therefore the workers were not contractors, as the Uber Pirates would have you believe, as the submission is that these Uber pirate contracts are a sham, ladies and gentleman of the public Jury, and therefore much is owed or to be calculated


If we apply statute law when we look at that case, the contract was not concrete and did not fit statute law, as the contract must fit statute law to be legally compliant if you want to mix concrete contracts and law, when taking on workers of any kind, subject to statute law on her Majesty’s soil if there are work related controls in place by the trader


Leigh day solicitors currently are reviewing the situation on a no win no fee basis if you are an Uber slave with a ready mix concrete contract which, you an Uber driver agreed to, with talk of much gold when you join the app, just like other ship mates recorded as slaves on the app that also agreed the terms of business as an Uber so called partner



Whilst we await the Supreme court’s verdict,  it could be said –  if you work for Uber at this moment they are paying your time in money,


should you fall below the minimum wage on your current shift, at any time in the near future, if not at this moment, with your app turned on, built by pirates for slaves who, have ready mix concrete contracts agreed by way of using the Uber appmixit+ready+mix+concrete

These slave traders take many a mindful soul with their ready mix concrete contractual practices, on British land today effecting, even the self employed cabbie on the street today in the industry working for Uber who, has effectively signed up for wages if he or she stands still or meets untidy payments that, do not meet the minimum wage level set in statute law or employment law today


Long live the Queen and her Majesty’s customs officers always on the job



These Uber slaves appear to be fine upstanding tax paying subjects, like all Cabbies throughout the Queen’s land, respecting her majesty’s sovereignty and customs, and the Prince of Wales, and of course statute law, especially if they should wish to employ someone and call them self employed


with her Majesty’s control protections put in place in statue law, should anyone write up a contract that does not fit her Majesty’s concrete laws or EU laws when they are in tandem with the realm, it would be a costly exercise over time for even a Uber agency should they try and beat sovereign enactment   

Morgan, John, 1823-1886; The Jury

one must ask the public, and you the jury to, consider the seriousness of the charges before the courts and employment tribunal in waiting, on the supreme court’s final decision on these San Francisco would be slaver traders, if the Uber slaves bro bono advocate’s submissions are deemed accurate again, in this final court of appeal process


The advocate for the slaves had shown many concrete case law cases for, many examples to follow, all of which was brought to her majesty’s supreme court’s attention for ma Lord and Lady to be sure, and in doing so worthy of the best parlay on sovereign soil that historic Wednesday, 22 July, of the year 2020, an event worthy for any horn blower or Ma Lord Admiral Nelson in attendance or the treasury 


Arrrr,  a great day for any slave traders to be hung by their own controls they put in place,  Ma lady, arrrr, shiver me timbers, a landing in sight for these pirate buggers, as history was in the making ma lords and Lady and people of the public jury


A shipping disaster for the Queens Lords to consider ladies and gentleman as the slaves rebel and seek knowledge from the queens customs officers,  Statute law, and case law, employment statute law, including cases and laws in Spain and France,and all the goings on, back hundreds of years Ma Lords and Ladies, oooowwww arrrrrr, it was quite a sight for even me ship mates


A Pirate crew that had already plundered France and Spain with their slave ready mix concrete control formula, which has allowed the Uber pirate gang to, disrupt the workers rights set out by enactment, and turn the nations people and me ship mates, into slaves for gold, ladies and gentleman people of the public jury here today


Arrrr a practice many fellow buccaneers feel they should hang for, if you pardon me ship mates, arrrrrrrr,  they is pirate beasts that came across the dark seas in the Black pearl, looking with their dead souls from Davy’s locker for a treasure on our Island in the name of slavery and rides


Ist mate Cock an Bull had a steady hand and a tint of rose coloured head of hair, as the Uber Queen explained Uber’s practices in slavery, that are no different to other cab firms across her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s British Island,

The Uber slave trader’s had 3 pieces to their business plan triangle, for gold, using their disruptive crew,  contracts for slavery with built in control clauses, a contract that the advocate for the Uber slaves said, resembled a Landlord of the 18 hundreds that thought his contract was concrete too, until he met her majesty’s statute laws head on, always improved or upgraded over the years and centuries

Contracts that in many cases fooled you, if you are self employed or looking to rent from a Landlord using but two examples used in the Supreme court this Wednesday hearing




Originating out of San Francisco dock, an unusual gang that were forever over looking customs and the Queens law and sovereignty, and always shooting off when you read witness statements from the slaves, including the pirates own ship log, and written replies back to customers, drivers, or licensing authorities such as TFL 



Supreme flagship Uber docked, courting the Queen and got caught by an employment act ma Lord, with a pirate from a dodgy agency set up, now running from customs officers also, said the advocate on behalf of the British cabbie’s turned contractual slaves, if Cabbie App Sparrow was anything to go by with his report on what went on, and in court that day


The witness statements reports many facts, ma Lords and ladies of the public jury here today,  as the advocate for the slaves, looked at what is normal in the cab industry, which is not what these Uber pirates do, if you look at Statute law in place, and what the law says when ready mix concrete slavery contracts are drawn up to fool the nation or Islanders of this sovereign soil


The Lords were told the Queen of England, and her parliament have, been putting in laws to stop controls written into app contracts, that workers are not being paid for, when they should be under statute law, especially if they are ever labelled self employed contractors at the same time


The Advocate for Uber slaves submission was, there is evidence of controls being used by the Pirates of San Francisco, especasilly when one examines their business communications to workers and customers


Something that 1st mate Cock an Bull off the Uber ship, seemed to over look in various cases, in her law book submissions, where contracts were found to be a sham as, they did not meet the legal standard passed by parliament, with many case law examples to show 1st mate Cock an Bull hasn’t checked enough case law, or got themselves out the stench wafting down her Majesty s streets and highways into the Supreme court of appeal

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”


The case broadcasting the fact that her majesty’s vat tax collectors could well be taking note of this partner of Uber called the London agency,  set up in the name of Uber, in London Town, as the Uber advocate tells Ma Lord’s and Lady. that they are a private hire minicab operator just like the others in town or in your village, and therefore they are not slave masters, but an Agency with no control of the customer, as they merely provide a means for drivers to earn


The agency is just that, and not a collector of funds for themselves directly, it is the driver that is in control, just like other private hire operators, including ratings to ensure drivers are justifiably working for Uber, as every other cab firm would have – you know ratings for workers, with controls and does and don’ts etc, as every Uber has total control as a self employed contractor, even over fares carried out awaiting the correct fare to be paid directly from the passenger, and not from Uber or it’s agency.


If the reader is confused then most definitely you should have been there to hear the fantasy being projected as their arguments as clear submissions for the Lord’s and lady to deliberate over, were ridiculous and shameful under the circumstances


The game looks like its up for the pirates of San Francisco, as, as usual they keep moving the goal posts to dodge the taxing eventualities for pirates landing in the Queen’s realm, where Uber state effectively that Uber drivers (slaves) are effectively their workers on the record in writing for all to see, should you wish to use it as evidence in court, which it was


Previous correspondence shows Uber referring to drivers as workers. The evidence is before the courts now members of the public jury


Ist Mate Cock and Bull sticks to his ready mix concrete argument as a minicab private hire operator who only takes a commission, and its all the same as any private hire firm. Just an agency with a principle called Uber too, plus the worker contract with “Controls” drawn up like a ready mix concrete outfit who, put controls on staff which did not meet workers rights in workers rights law or statute law that passed through the parliamentary processes to make statute





In short ladies and gentleman of the jury, there is not one Uber driver out there today that is not a worker for uber, if you look at Statute law, and Uber’s business practices financial and controlling, mixed in ready mix concrete app contracts, to agree, or, no slave work will be provided to them from the pirates app. Slaves are lured by clever contracts that do not meet the statute requirements even if they call you self employed in their contract terms


It is no wonder that these pirates from the America’s have been appealing every judgement they get on employment law that, shows them to be outside statute law or more importantly employment law for workers, who have gained protections for minimal wages and financial rights to pay and holiday on the job before Uber were even born



UK Uber drivers are taking the algorithm to court



A group of U.K. Uber  drivers has launched a legal challenge against the company’s subsidiary in the Netherlands. The complaints relate to access to personal data and algorithmic accountability.

Uber drivers and Uber Eats couriers are being invited to join the challenge, which targets Uber’s use of profiling and data-fueled algorithms to manage gig workers in Europe. Platform workers involved in the case are also seeking to exercise a broader suite of data access rights baked into EU data protection law.

It looks like a fascinating test of how far existing legal protections wrap around automated decisions at a time when regional lawmakers are busy drawing up a risk-based framework for regulating applications of artificial intelligence.

Many uses of AI technology look set to remain subject only to protections baked into the existing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). So determining how far existing protections extend in the context of modern data-driven platforms is important.

The European Commission is also working on rebooting liability rules for platforms, with a proposal for a Digital Services Act due by year’s end. As part of that work it’s actively consulting on related issues such as data portability and platform worker rights — so the case looks very timely.

Via the lawsuit, which has been filed in Amsterdam’s district court today, the group of Uber drivers from London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Glasgow will argue the tech giant is failing to comply with the GDPR and will ask the court to order immediate compliance — urging it be fined €10,000 for each day it fails to comply.

They will also ask the court to order Uber to comply with a request to enable them to port personal data held in the platform to a data trust they want to establish, administered by a union.

For its part, Uber U.K. said it works hard to comply with data access requests, further claiming it provides explanations when it’s unable to provide data.

Data rights to crack open an AI blackbox?

The GDPR gives EU citizens data access rights over personal information held on them, including a right to obtain a copy of data they have provided so that it can be reused elsewhere.

The regulation also provides some additional access rights for individuals who are subject to wholly automated decision making processes where there is a substantial legal or similar impact — which looks relevant here because Uber’s algorithms essentially determine the earning potential of a driver or courier based on how the platforms assigns (or withholds) jobs from the available pool.

As we wrote two years ago, Article 22 of the GDPR offers a potential route to put a check on the power of AI blackboxes to determine the trajectory of humankind — because it requires that data controllers provide some information about the logic of the processing to affected individuals. Although it’s unclear how much detail they have to give, hence the suit looks set to test the boundaries of Article 22, as well as making reference to more general transparency and data access rights baked into the regulation.

James Farrar,  an Uber driver who is supporting the action — and who was also one of the lead claimants in a landmark U.K. tribunal action over Uber driver employment rights (which is, in related news, due to reach the U.K. Supreme Court tomorrow, as Uber has continued appealing the 2016 ruling) — confirmed the latest challenge is “full spectrum” in the GDPR rights regard.

The drivers made subject access requests to Uber last year, asking the company for detailed data about how its algorithm profiles and performance manages them. “Multiple drivers have been provided access to little or no data despite making a comprehensive request and providing clear detail on the data requested,” they write in a press release today.

Farrar confirmed that Uber provided him with some data last year, after what he called “multiple and continuous requests,” but he flagged multiple gaps in the information — such as GPS data only being provided for a month out of two years of work; no information on the trip rating assigned to him by passengers; and no information on his profile nor the tags assigned to it.

“I know Uber maintain a profile on me but they have never revealed it,” he told TechCrunch, adding that the same is true of performance tags.

“Under GDPR Uber must explain the logic of processing, it never really has explained management algorithms and how they work to drivers. Uber has never explained to me how they process the electronic performance tags attached to my profile for instance.

“Many drivers have been deactivated with bogus claims of ‘fraudulent use’ being detected by Uber systems. This is another area of transparency required by law but which Uber does not uphold.”

The legal challenge is being supported by the App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU), which says it will argue Uber drivers are subject to performance monitoring at work.

It also says it will present evidence of how Uber has attached performance-related electronic tags to driver profiles with categories including: Late arrival/missed ETAs; Cancelled on rider; Attitude; Inappropriate behaviour.

“This runs contrary to Uber’s insistence in many employment misclassification legal challenges across multiple jurisdictions worldwide that drivers are self-employed and not subject to management control,” the drivers further note in their press release.

Commenting in a statement, their attorney, Anton Ekker of Ekker Advocatuur, added: “With Uber BV based in the Netherlands as operator of the Uber platform, the Dutch courts now have an important role to play in ensuring Uber’s compliance with the GDPR. This is a landmark case in the gig economy with workers asserting their digital rights for the purposes of advancing their worker rights.”

The legal action is being further supported by the International Alliance of App-based Transport (IAATW) workers in what the ADCU dubs an “unprecedented international collaboration.”

Reached for comment on the challenge, Uber emailed us the following statement:

Our privacy team works hard to provide any requested personal data that individuals are entitled to. We will give explanations when we cannot provide certain data, such as when it doesn’t exist or disclosing it would infringe on the rights of another person under GDPR. Under the law, individuals have the right to escalate their concerns by contacting Uber’s Data Protection Officer or their national data protection authority for additional review.

The company also told us it responded to the drivers’ subject access requests last year, saying it had not received any further correspondence since.

It added that it’s waiting to see the substance of the claims in court.

The unions backing the case are pushing for Uber to hand over driver data to a trust they want to administer.

Farrar’s not-for-profit, Worker Info Exchange (WIE), wants to establish a data trust for drivers for the purposes of collective bargaining.

“Our union wants to establish a data trust but we are blocked in doing so long as Uber do not disclose in a consistent way and not obstruct the process. API would be best,” he said on that, adding: “But the big issue here is that 99.99% of drivers are fobbed off with little or no proper access to data or explanation of algorithm.”

In a note about WIE on the drivers’ attorney’s website the law firm says other Uber drivers can participate by providing their permission for the not-for-profit to put in a data request on their behalf, writing:

Worker Info Exchange aims to tilt the balance away from big platforms in favour of the people who make these companies so successful every day – the workers.

Uber drivers can participate by giving Worker Info Exchange their mandate to send a GDPR-request on their behalf.

The drivers have also launched a Crowdjustice campaign to help raise £30,000 to fund the case.

Discussing the legal challenge and its implications for Uber, Newcastle University law professor Lilian Edwards suggested the tech giant will have to show it has “suitable safeguards” in place around its algorithm, assuming the challenge focuses on Article 22







Public Warning Bridgend council admit data breaches-Daniel Cook Policy officer leaves-Council Corruption to be ousted by no win no fee lawyers for compensation-Taxi Drivers and the public should claim

Local council caught with their trousers down after falsifying council minutes for their unscrupulousness in public office as elected members with heads of operations


Mr John Spain speaking for the BIT organisation and the Cab Watchdog service, said this morning there will be a number of legal actions taken against Bridgend County Borough Council after what Mr Spain called falsifying the facts, and statements in the council minutes, with the council going against the grain in the process, in their attempt to bully the taxi trade as usual, and members of the public


I am satisfied after reviewing the document published online,


that sub committee chair (Councillor DRW Lewis – Chairperson)


and Will Lane (left of picture with Dave Dave Holland) of Shared regulatory service, including Yvonne Witchell are not fit and proper in my opinion to,  conduct disciplinary hearings relating to taxi drivers in the borough, especially as Councillor David Lewis appears to condone the poor treatment of borough taxi drivers as chair


Councillor David Lewis

Title: Chairperson Licensing Committee

Party: Labour

Political grouping: Labour

Ward: Sarn

Town and Community Council: St Brides Minor Community Council


With taxi drivers reporting they have be banned for 7 years, I must question the integrity of this council, who have failed to account their actions when freedom of information requests are put in in writing to them, including what appears to be a sub committee hell bent on getting their own way even, if it is not in the public interests or the Bridgend taxi trade’s


Following notification from United Private Hire Drivers union representing drivers in Bridgend and across the country 


and other third parties, an email was sent to Daniel Cook licensing policy officer for Bridgend County Borough Council with, a complaint message regarding the data breaches, and the false information compiled in the council’s minutes which Councillor David Lewis is chairperson on the councils sub committee


CEO for the Cab Watchdog Service was of the opinion it was deliberate and extraordinary act by this, corrupt council sub committee process with shared regulatory services heads who, have been known for bullying taxi drivers and making


unreasonable demands and irrelevant and unjustifiable determinations against the trade in their policy settings behind closed doors, not forgetting their policy of forcing cabbies tobuy new hackney carriage taxis, unlike Cardiff council, and many other councils across the UK


The inbound email from Daniel cook confirms he has finally been able to detach himself from the corrupt team leader head Yvonne Witchell that disrupted his attempt to change policies and speak on the record about the delays to the policy changes needed by the trade, or any matters regarding the unusual practices deemed corrupt by shared regulatory services heads, said Mr Spain, when he read Mr Cook’s reply to the councils data breach, shown below-

Cook, Daniel <daniel.cook2@cardiff.gov.uk>
Thu, 16 Apr at 13:28

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write in reference to your email of 16 April 2020. Please note that I no longer work for Bridgend CBC; however, I have forwarded your email to them.



Daniel Cook | Team Manager, Licensing (Cardiff)

Rheolwr Tîm, Trwyddedu (Caerdydd)

Licensing Section / Adran Drwyddedu

Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, Caerdydd ar Bro Morgannwg

Phone | Ffôn: 029 2087 1852

Mobile | Symudol: 07855273752

Email: dan.cook@cardiff.gov.uk

Follow us on Twitter / Dilynwch ni ar Twitter

The Council welcomes correspondence in English and Welsh and we will ensure that we communicate with you in the language of your choice, whether that’s English, Welsh or bilingual as long as you let us know which you prefer. Corresponding in Welsh will not lead to any delay.

Mae’r Cyngor yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg a Saesneg a byddwn yn sicrhau ein bod yn cyfathrebu â chi yn eich dewis iaith boed yn Gymraeg, yn Saesneg neu’n ddwyieithog dim ond i chi roi gwybod i ni pa un sydd well gennych. Ni fydd gohebu yn Gymraeg yn creu unrhyw oedi.

Following the email an email was received from BCBC’s freedom of Information department, the same department that still has ignored at least two freedom of information requests since,  the council were questioned on their handling of the Bridgend taxi fare consultation where, shared regulatory services ignored Cabinet’s orders to consult with the taxi trade, and tried to force a taxi driver to ignore Cabinet’s request to consult all, a subject covered in the news prior to the last fare increase for the Bridgend taxi trade


It was also recorded during the consultation process that shared regulatory services head Yvonne Witchell who sits on sub committee meetings, left out proposal information once again, supplied by trade parties mentioned in the tariff proposals x 4, a further example of corrupt practices Mr Spain CEO for the Cab Watchdog service said


We show an email where Cabinet Leaders Pa handles the freedom of information request, which remains unanswered in almost a year says Mr Spain after he contacted the taxi driver for confirmation of the same


  • Karen Williams (Leader’s PA) <karen.williams2@bridgend.gov.uk>
    Thu, 9 May 2019 at 11:56

    Good Morning Mr Nelson,

    Thank you for your e-mail below, which I have forwarded to Cabinet and the Chief Executive, as requested.

    I understand that your e-mail is being processed as a Freedom of Information (FOI) request and, as such, will be managed and responded to accordingly through the FOI system.

    Kindest regards,



    Karen Williams

    Leader’s PA & Cabinet Support / Cymorth PA a Chadeirydd yr Arweinydd

    Ffôn/Phone: (01656) 643225                                                                                                                            

    Swyddog Gwasanaethau Democrataidd – Arweinyddiaeth | Democratic Services Officer – Leadership

    Chief Executive’s Directorate / Cyfarwyddiaeth y Prif Weithredwr

    Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council                         

    E bost / Email: Karen.williams2@bridgend.gov.uk

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    From: Mr MoneyPenny <mrmoney.penny@ymail.com>
    Sent: 09 May 2019 10:15
    To: Karen Williams (Leader’s PA) <Karen.Williams2@bridgend.gov.uk>
    Subject: Fw: Freedom of information request – legendary games

    For the chief executive and Cabinet

    What is discrimination and delays

    —– Forwarded message —–

    From: “Mr MoneyPenny” <mrmoney.penny@ymail.com>


    Sent: Thu, 9 May 2019 at 10:11

    Subject: RE: Freedom of information request – legendary games

    Renewed foi

    Noting that proposals were delayed because Yvonne Witchell was waiting to tell members for several years, as she stated in an email to Mr Nelson in 2017.

    How long should the trade expect fare proposals to go in front of Cabinet in the future once submitted to licensing?

    1, a few months

    2.more than 6 months

    3.more than one year

    4. In excess of 18 months but no more than 2 years

    5. More than 2 years

    In the last fare proposal Cabinet asked for the trade to be consulted in September 2017. What was the reason for not going back to all trade members at the time?

    And why did it take in excess of a year to finally send out some 600 letters to the trade asking them to choose one of the tariffs?

    Why did operations – licensing initially only ask Mr Nelson to alter his proposal, but did not consult the rest of the trade as Cabinet requested.

    Why did operations not send out letters immediately to the trade asking them to choose one of the fare proposals on the table at the time, as Cabinet stated in the minutes.

    As we have seem – Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan are able to process taxi fare proposals far faster than BCBC. In the case of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan taxi fare proposals were processed and implemented within 8 months. What was the reason for delaying the Bridgend taxi fare proposals for several years. At least 2 years +

    What is the expected time frame for a single email reply currently:

    Is it up to 3 months

    Is it more than 3 months

    Is it in excess of 5 months


    When the council write you should leave a message on their answering machine;  is that to be ignored by taxi drivers in the borough or  is the council singling out Mr Nelson and BIT organisation, and therefore it only applies to Mr Nelson and Cab watchdog service.

    Does this singling out include omitting any  proposals with particulars submitted by Mr Nelson or BIT organisation.

    Given that the Premier fare proposal information and particulars were not sent out to the trade in the BCBC letter requesting taxi drivers choose a tariff, are we to take it the process lacks integrity as it did not include the full proposal particulars. Is it therefore to be understood by the public and the trade that particulars are taken out as part of the norm?

    Are these reply policies also available to the rest of the trade or is it just Mr Nelson, as well as the BIT Organisation?

    Does the council when asked, provide their discrimination policy, and why has it been more than 6 months that a taxi driver named Mr Nelson has not been provided the same?

    Will the council provide their policies that explain why the taxi trade suffers long delays, in many cases for years on simple matters such as, fare consultations, mot testing consultations, taxi age policy consultation as well as the time frame for actioning such matters.

    Are consultations and changes that Yvonne Witchell wrote about since 2017, being delayed because of the same policy used to stifle Mr Nelson and the BIT organisation, and as a result the taxi trade too? As no action has been taken to effect change, only delay change if we look at the age policy consultation which included Taxi vehicle testing/MOT

    If Mr Nelson sends an email and it is not responded to by licensing I’m more than 5 months on a regular basis, is this policy applied to other members of the trade, including those that put in fare proposals?

    I look forward to much understanding with a comprehensive reply

    Many thanks

    D Nelson

    Taxi driver subject to discrimination for flushing out the truth of the matter as we the trade know it in Bridgend

Bridgend’s Freedom of information department have come on the record below and confirmed their data breach, opening the door for the public and taxi drivers to sue the council by lawyers offering a data breach no win no fee legal service in England and Wales

  • foi <foi@bridgend.gov.uk>
    Fri, 17 Apr at 09:20


Thank you for your email of 15 April 2020 reporting a data breach involving XXXX personal data and the personal data of XXXXX.

You are correct that the minutes of the Licensing Sub-Committee held on XXXXX contained information which is exempt under the Local Government Act 1972 and should not have been made public.

Once I received your email yesterday morning I asked the Democratic Services Manager to remove the exempt information from the Authority’s website.

I received confirmation yesterday that this action was taken.

On behalf of the Authority I offer an apology to you and your xxxx for this data breach.

I can advise you that I reported the data breach to the Information Commissioner’s Office yesterday and can assure you that the Authority will co-operate fully with any investigation carried out by the Information Commissioner.

I have asked the Democratic Services Manager to reinforce with staff the correct procedure for publishing minutes on the website in order to ensure that exempt information is not made public.

I have asked the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Again, I offer an apology to you xxxxxxxxxx for this breach of your personal data.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte Branford | Information and Data Protection Officer
Chief Executive’s Directorate | Bridgend County Borough Council | Civic Offices | Angel Street | Bridgend | CF31 4WB
Tel :    (01656) 643565|  Email: Charlotte.Branford@bridgend.gov.uk| Websitewww.bridgend.gov.uk

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Corporate Negligence says UPHD-Cab Watchdog Service cry how bloody dare you, amidst death of Ayub Akthar, Uber and others kill for fame and profit, Whilst Gov busy on the front line

UPHD – United Private Hire Drivers association, launches emergency legal action to force government to introduce Covid-19 safety standards for Uber and other private hire operators. 
Cab Watchdog service executive accuses trade firms including Uber of killing drivers, and acting in a manor that should be legislated against in England and Wales,and now, to stop more unethical, dangerous, irresponsible, and deadly profiteering on deaths door
· UPHD calls on Matt Hancock to act after death of one Uber driver and serious illness of two others due to Covid-19. Deadline set for April 17
· Operators offer free or discounted travel to NHS staff but fail to implement basic precautions to reduce risk
· Department for Health, Department for Transport for London and other licensing authorities failing in their duty to protect drivers and the travelling public
· Corporate negligence on part of Uber and others regarding Covid-19 an inevitable consequence of government and regulatory failure to tackle industry wide problem of worker rights abuse
United Private Hire Drivers, the leading representative body for UK private hire drivers, has initiated a legal challenge against central and local government for, their failure to protect licensed private hire drivers and their passengers from Covid-19 infection.
The organisation has launched an emergency Crowdjustice campaign to raise the funds necessary to apply for a judicial review at the High Court as soon as possible https://www.crowdjustice.com/%E2%80%A6/government-must-act-to-prot%E2%80%A6/
The exterior of Royal Courts of Justice in London
The action comes after one UPHD member lost his life to Covid-19, with another two have become seriously ill.
Ayub Akthar a great servant of the people, and to the many cabbies he campaigned for, seen here in the middle, who sadly passed away last week due to complications relating to Covid-19,
An eventuality the Cab Watchdog service said should have never happened if. these firms including those that work closely with Uber, followed a practice of health and safety which is embedded in their common sense, or responsibilities as a business when lives are at stake
there is no excuse for ignoring the obvious high risk for profit or business fame, the death of Ayub Akthar is on their watch, and is a stain on the basic fundamentals of safety and due care, a shocking display of a total disregard for many lives already lost, and the fundamental situation explained by Gov and broadcast-ed in the media at the expense of the public purse and others
Please click on the image below in memory of Ayub, thank you
Ayub Akthar will be missed by far too many in the trade today,
A moments silence please ladies and gentleman, for such a fantastic gentleman many had good times with on the road to solidarity
We say to you Ayub Akthar – You will never walk alone
Come join me and click on the image or link below for our Ayub Akthar to celebrate his life now passed, as we play a video in his memory
Ladies and gentleman Abdurzak Hadi, also became seriously ill but is now recovering
Mr. Hadi is one of the original claimants in the 2016 Employment Tribunal win against Uber which the company will now appeal to the Supreme Court in July this year.


For weeks, Uber and other private hire operators have promised to distribute sanitising fluids and personal protection equipment to drivers but have largely failed to do so. Industry efforts to manage risk responsibly have been woefully inadequate and amount to little more than lip service


Transport for London and other licensing authorities have failed in their primary duty to protect passengers by not insisting upon separation distance requirements, personal protection equipment, detailed safety protocols and driver training. In contrast, the Dutch authorities have introduced emergency regulations to control the risk of Covid-19 infection in cabs by enforcing a 1.5 metre separation, mandatory use of personal protection equipment, sanitation routines and limiting service to one passenger at a time


Private hire operators such as Uber and Addison Lee have targeted NHS staff with free and discounted journeys during this time of pandemic. Welcome as this may be, this presents significant mutual risk for passengers and drivers. We owe it to drivers and to our front line NHS staff to take regulatory action to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus in licensed private hire vehicles


James Farrar, Chair of UPHD said:

In an industry rife with worker rights abuse, Uber cannot be trusted to self-regulate for the protection of drivers and passengers from Covid-19 infection. The government must act quickly to put appropriate controls in place and if they do not, we will take legal action. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure no driver dies because of corporate greed and regulatory inaction


Yaseen Aslam, General Secretary of UPHD said:

With 94% of the workforce identified as BAME, discrimination is a factor in the failure of the industry to adequately protect workers and in the failure of the government to regulate to ensure they do. How can it be that the government believes it is too dangerous for barbers to work but that its perfectly safe for minicab drivers to do so without any protection?


Simon Cox, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers said:

Key workers and members of the public making necessary journeys need private hire drivers. The Health Secretary has made draconian regulations against shops and members of the public, to protect the right to life. But no regulations have been made against private hire operators like Uber. They operate without any laws requiring them to protect their passengers and drivers from Covid-19. The Government must urgently use its powers to regulate private hire operators.
United Private Hire Drivers is the leading representative body in the UK for private hire drivers. We are fighting for life saving worker protections for Uber and other private hire drivers



We say to the private hire firms and other trade firms ignoring death
Farewell my learned friend we the trade will never forget you
Please click on the picture below for a Song for the trades Guy
Don’t take chances choose life – Apply Now for universal credit it could be the difference between life and death. Can you afford to take the chance?

Virus spreads for Uber profits, as death defiant firms and Cabbies, undermine saving the NHS in favour of profit and Rent to Buy Cab rental fees

The Taxi trade has shut down in many areas of the country including in Scotland, Where in one area/city the entire fleet has been grounded owing to Covid-19,  but Uber and Cab rental firms fight on as, if death or covid 19 has no boundaries, by drawing drivers to take NHS staff for profit, and others, and in doing so, putting money in cabbies pockets to pay rent to buy cab fees, thus potentially encouraging the spread of the virus

Many Cabbies cannot afford to pay their rent to buy fees anymore, because they have downed tools, following the gov’s message of – Stay at home – To save and protect the NHS – save lives


We asked a renowned chemist, working for group of chemist outlets today, what they thought of this business strategy practiced by Uber Cabbies, and taxi rent to buy firms, and their reply was….


No, surprise there then ladies and gentleman


Whilst more and more black cab drivers with cabs with partitions, come to the aid of the NHS with free rides, and others outside the trade with food contributions for the NHS staff, Uber ignore the stay at home message in England and Wales, by offering limited discounts to NHS staff, which some in the trade say is, a profiteering strategy, meaning that potentially Uber are making money to pay drivers or keep them active. and their business despite the risks of spreading the virus

What ever Uber’s strategy is, there is a limit to the amount of free journeys offered by Uber, which is enticing drivers to be out there, and service non NHS workers, rather than stay at home, preventing the spreading of the virus. We call it – breaking lock down


Recently in a trade forum, Cabbies that have entered into a 3 + year contract to rent to buy their car to use as a private hire vehicle/Taxi, have been complaining that the reduced rate by 50%, introduced 3 weeks ago, does not help them, after the stay at home message issued by Boris Johnson PM to all across England and Wales, including cabbies


Many of these rent to buy Cabbies are being told by this renown rent to buy firm in London, also covering England and Wales that, they will review the situation every two weeks, but they should go out there and take the money, many understandably disagree for safety reasons, as they wish to take heed and stay at home, as they see the risk as too high if they go out and so break the lock down in place, so to speak


Many Cabbies signed up in the past for example 1 or 2 or years ago to a rent to buy scheme, with their contracts publicly varied 3 weeks ago, as the rent to buy firm reduced the weekly fees by 50% thus varying their original contracts in recognition of Covid -19, with payments now averaging £125 pw, after the reduction put in place 3 weeks ago, which was to be looked at after two weeks the firm indicated,

However those rent to buy cabbies caught up in this unfortunate situation, are saying to the rent to buy firm, two weeks has passed, and nothing has changed, not even a reduction in the fee again or a freeze, as from a Gov perspective, England and Wales are still on lock down, and nothing will be changing in two weeks time, or the next couple of months if the current progress by the Gov is anything to go by, including what is being said in the daily news briefings/updates by the Gov and health ministry, as well as the BBC and such like

So prolonging these high payments when there is little or no trade because of covid – 19, appears a bit much under the circumstances, as many are not working for absolutely the right reasons and taking heed, regardless if gov allows them to go to work at this time

Word Disabled On Keyboard

but the firm are ignoring the rent to buy drivers by, continuing to not renegotiate a sensible solution or fee,  now that they have clearly varied the contract based on Covid-19, thus attracting arguments, that if drivers can pay less or offer less than the current payment demand on the table, then their vehicles should not be disabled by the rent to buy firm who, have fitted a tracking system, which will shut down the vehicle in the event a driver/s do not pay the amount due or a revised amount due, which many are saying they cannot afford if they are to be safe and take heed


Some cabbies have been asking for a freeze in payments via the firms facebook page, some have made other offers to show willing, some have sent in emails without replies, but payments continue to be requested from their bank accounts, as if Covid -19 is going away in 2 weeks, a factor a number of individuals complained about, as the firm once again have said they will review the matters in 2 weeks time, as if Covid -19 will be gone by then


One Uber driver who thinks hes invincible, after being brain washed by Uber and his rent to buy firm, who tell him there is money out there, who we think must be going to work looking like this, folks, if you read his replies to the many cabbies on the rent to buy facebook page, where he says – its OK, and why


  1. Guys I fully understand your frustration. This has has an impact upon all of us. Whilst the 50% is in place until further notice with an on going review I’m going out taking key workers only essential trips only. I go out for few hrs a day to cover the cost of rental so far 2 weeks it’s been ok. Not earning big money but as the weeks go by it gets less and I think then xxx will review. I understand all have different issues and circumstances. Stay safe and well to you all

2. everyone is entitled to their opinion be it you or Boris…..as I said everyone has different opinions and circumstances. Stay safe and well….!


3. nothing is free Uber is offering all NHS services free rides up to £15 and £10 on uber eats….I’m not sure what platform app you are working for. It’s not anyone business elsewhere of how much money I make. 4 hrs a day for 5 days covers my car and puts food on the table….you obviously not understanding my concept….best leave it there……its xxx post. There are options available to you it’s up to you and nobody can force you……best of luck


4. I live in a catchment area of 5 hospitals and I’m please to do my bit for the NHS and promote the free ride. I’m not greedy doing 10 hrs if you think im some greedy money driver…no far from it. I do upto 4hrs a day my passengers are key workers 80% NHS. ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY


With Uber and their partners not passing through a deep clean zone or testing zone for them, if this Uber driver is anything to go by, 20% of his Uber rides, to pay his rent to buy fees, will see him not stay at home, and infect 20% of his passengers every day in his lucrative catchment area


Its obvious that these complaining rent to buy Cabbies feel, they are being strung along if a firm knows the trade is following gov guidelines, but turn their backs on what gov says, because they are in the rent to buy business


There appears to be a difference of opinion as to if cabbies should be out there, potentially spreading the virus between jobs if, they do not have a partition for example and are in a catchment area that keeps them busy, sending them from one job to the next with little or no time to spare, a factor which a chemist raised as a recipe for disaster


Cathrine Zita speaking for the BIT organisation said this afternoon after hearing the story, it was her opinion – Gov should step in to stop these practices, as its one thing offering free rides, but to be enticing cabbies to break lock down to earn money, is going against the message of staying home- protect the NHS – and stop the spread of the virus


After examining the situation, as many cabbies have opted to observe the lock down, rather than go out, surely they should be protected for doing the right thing

Whilst we understand these are troubling times, what we don’t understand is, how are these cabbies supposed to pay out these large amounts when even rents, and mortgages are being talked about being frozen or payment holidays to facilitate the lack of incomes


Should there be any guarantees for these guys today, we ask the public, unions and MP’s to consider? Especially if these firms that rent to buy, end up closing down, like many firms have, and if such an eventuality did take place, the result would be many have wasted monies paid already, and what little money they may have even paid out recently

Cabbies could end up being evicted from their vehicles after paying out virtually the price of the car for example or most of it, like one Cabbie that says they have paid £24,000 so far


Is gov giving us good advice by saying stay at home, and are those in the trade that are doing it fake news?

Should Cabbies just die for the cause, and infect others with their vehicles or infect themselves to earn money during the lock down? Is there a better Judgement call when the medical profession say stay at home, its serious out there? Is it really up for debate at this time?




Evidence found of Uber compiling detrimental data to pass to licensing authorities deeming Cabbies not fit and proper, data return policy danger

Following an urgent meeting called by Cathrine Zita with the CEO of the Cab Watchdog Service, Mr Spain warns the trade of false data being compiled by Uber which, Uber will pass on to licensing authorities rendering, Cabbies not fit and proper, and they will have little or no defense, based on forensic evidence obtained today, following a notice from Uber sent, to an Uber partner asking, them to delete app data and app


CEO for the Cab Watchdog Service said today – We have identified a number of issues as a result of Uber’s detrimental disclosure today, which shows quite clearly Uber are compiling false data, which will deem cabbies not fit and proper as licensed drivers, including a clause which demands drivers delete their app should they leave Uber or, be terminated by Uber, a scenario which Uber call – return of data


if the app sits on drivers phones unused, or that data is accessed by third parties, there are serious consequences for licensed drivers under Uber’s identified actions today of, warning the driver to delete their history including, any evidence of communication with Uber via the app, in a complaint scenario


Uber wants drivers to uninstall the app, so there is no trace or evidence or data, as part of their terms and conditions, which could or would have serious implications,  based on how Uber communicate their data, especially if you look at their actions when communicating with the Police, covered in an earlier story recently – criminal law act and false Police complaints by Uber


Cathrine Zita said this evening after the video link meeting with the team, said-


We have shared some forensic evidence with United Private Hire Drivers, to give them a taste of where we are now with the Uber complaint case, after speaking to good old Barry of UPHD putting drivers first at his home in Glasgow today, working hard for Cabbies in the UK, dealing with all sorts of problems Cabbies are having, including financial problems with banks, he saiduphd

Cathrine Zita went on to say – we have been impressed at the efforts James and his team are putting in, and can only wish them well with their endeavors by, putting drivers first in England and Wales at the very least, in these troubling times for the trade at this time


Stay tuned for Uber’s latest brain storm – Driving your taxi in bed, as the BIT organisation continue to uncover this Uber that many talk of, some love and some hate

armedand dangerous

We will be publishing more info in time of our findings for all to see, including the proof Mr Spain instructed be sent by a photo shot to UPHD for their considerations,  and for their members safety,


as well as their members reputations of being fit and proper, as the Uber evidence shows false data being compiled by Uber, which could well result in that data being passed to an Uber drivers licensing authority, deeming them not fit and proper if, Uber’s written wording is to be taken seriously, where they say they will make contact with the licensing authority directly


Be safe out there where ever you are and, when ever you are out there – https://www.uphd.org/join-us


Follow and like the BIT organisation on facebook should you wish to follow updates to our case files, including international taxi news and more


Boris Johnson finds Mars-PM provides olive branch-Gov resources immobilised in England,Wales,UK, for Cabbies and others applying for universal credit Pay

Winston Churchill once said “Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.”

Boris Johnson Campaigns In The North West Of England

Boris Johnson once said – My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive


Today Boris can say, as Winston Churchill did, I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. as he self isolates at number 10 during the battle of Covid 19


He will know doubt be thinking of Winston Churchill in Britain’s now Covid -19 hour of lock down. and consider what Winston Churchill said ” The UK knows how to make the best of things. Their so-called muddling through is simply skill at dealing with the inevitable.”


This morning a Cabbie in Carmarthenshire in west Wales, reports that they were quite surprised to get a call from the local town job centre, regarding their online application made, 5 days ago for universal credit, as at the time, the online system did not process their application, as it said – You do not exist on our system – error. Which was a factor covered only recently by one of the media tv news outlets,


as an individual reported he too couldn’t get any satisfaction from the Dutch firms website, when he applied to be verified, and for days he could not get through to phone support, missed his requeue on the verify section after falling asleep at 3 am


The operator from the Job centre said it was not her normal job, but she had been recruited to process or assist process the many applications. It would therefore follow, that if you too got an email whilst trying to be verified, awhile after being told you did not exist, saying we have added you. Then you can take it you will get a call from the Job Centre in a few days, or in the near future.

Payment Due rubber stamp


During the call the Job Centre operative told the Cabbie she was entitled to £317, and asked if she needed an immediate payment, which cabbie replied, yes


Cabbie was advised the £317 would be issued as an emergency payment which is a loan, until their payments commence in 5 weeks. Cabbie opted to pay back £26 over 12 months, deducted from the next payments thereafter. Cabbie was advised the payment will hit her bank account within 7 days


In addition as many Cabbies will already know, the chancellor is offering self employed Cabbies a grant amounting to 80% of their net profits after expenses. Which is estimated to be between £575 to £700 per month for the lower end of profits, after expenses, based on having 3 years accounts submitted with HMRC , after paying little or no tax

Be safe out there ladies and gentleman – check this guy out from Florida and how he deals with covid 19. Follow and like BIT organisation – facebook page

Arms around Initiative for self employed Cabbies in the UK-Treasury to give pow pow documents to Boris within hours, to kill off fears

Chancellor to release his arms around initiative for, the self employed taxi trade too, after government issued operation text message yesterday, telling people to stay at home


At last it looks like the government are moving up the gears to bring some sanity for the masses in the Cab trade, shut out from financial support after, the Prime Minster brings in lock down, as part of the government’s strategy whilst at war with Covid – 19


Only moments ago the PM puts minds at rest whilst they completed the terms for the self employed, as part of the chancellors documentation we call POW POW FOR THE CAB TRADE, AND FOR THE MANY SELF EMPLOYED WITH SELF ASSESSMENT RECORDS WITH HMRC ALREADY TODAY, COVERING A YEARS WORTH AT LEAST, IN A LOT OF CASES


Cathrine Zita speaking for the BIT organisation, stated we will have to see what the document explains, and how this will affect companies that have cab rent to buy contracts outstanding,or active with rent to buy payments from some £245 per week during lock down, as many Cabbies have been stopped dead in their financial tracks, wondering where money is coming from to pay food bills etc, never mind rent to buy costs, during the stay at home message from GOV


Many Cabbies with families must keep their families safe too, not only from a health perspective, but also financial



The cab trade waits for that final moment of relief

You can follow more stories and the latest stories recently on the BIT ORGANISATION facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/TAXIWATCHDOG/


If you are experiencing difficulties, such as licensing difficulties, or difficulties in the Job, feel free to check out or join UPHD for UK support in the job






Uber laugh at Wasting valuable Police Time, in line with jail time for all united private hire Drivers-Uber specialist teams ignores Criminal Law act, at tax payers expense, the Police, and justice system, as a policy


We ask the public today, would you like to go to jail and get off free with an advantage

You ever thought that going to jail was no big deal?


Ever phoned a friend when you were in serious trouble?


You ever thought of working for Uber? Well if the answer is no, we show you, you have, made an excellent choice and a wise one at that


Don’t get us wrong here, everyone is entitled to work for Uber at their own risk, because that what it is, our evaluation over two years to this day shows Uber, unless they change are a high risk to thousands of Uber drivers across the UK


Can I ask you? Have you got a good law firm behind you, or are you a member of an organisation that can protect you as a Cab Driver if you work for Uber or anyone else, you know like say UHPD that have good experience in dealing with the Police, the justice system, and their own law firms in order to help Cab drivers in the job?

giphy - 2019-07-18T145653.974

Now don’t get us wrong, we are not trying to sell you protection or a union or association to help you when you have problems with your licensing authority or magistrate for example because you worked for Uber, if you are a private hire driver or thinking about being one, you should consider carefully what peril you put yourself in, based on the current Uber policies that disregard the law and criminal law


So, the Cab watchdog service bring you a message and a serious message about, a firm that will do anything including, disregarding the public purse, and the police, to make money,  to be a monopoly in the cab market, even if it means using your local police force to get rid of you or jail you or cause you to have your private hire licensed revoked whilst Uber stay silent, as to why you are in that situation, because of a report they gave the Police about you


Maybe you have complained to them about health and safety issues at work, or whilst on the job, whilst being a partner for Uber, as in this case, we aim to tell you about this case so you understand how dangerous it is to work for this technology firm that operates above the law in quite a few cases if London is anything to go by


Ever been arrested? Want to be? If you do then by all means go work for Uber, as they make arresting you easy today with, their inline policies, according to Connor of Uber’s Critical safety team available via the Uber app


Maybe you should join up with organisations like United Private Hire Drivers first, just to be on the safer side of life, if you are going to hook up with Uber as, a cab driver/private hire driver, and a united one at that with a license to do so which no doubt you don’t want to lose because you have no legal protection


Our research shows you will need legal protection and good advice, its a must ladies and gentleman in this day and age, especially after you read a review put on Uber Amsterdam’s website today, which is based on facts, and actual events, so they can come on the record for all Uber drivers out there, or united private hire drivers on the road everywhere in this country, and why not for the Police and the crime prosecution service too, whilst they are at it



According to James Farrar of UPHD – United Private Hire Drivers, seen here with his co founder Yaseen aslam who recently visited Uber’s Amsterdam offices on his own time and cost, James pointed out in his UPHD recent video last week, Uber’s Amsterdam office is where they hold all the data, or your would be data


So you should note if you want to complain all legal like, thats your port of call, Yes, Amsterdam, thats what Uber support tell a researcher in writing only hours ago


The same premises that Uber specialised team, also known as the critical safety team, we call, the dead end team, as they know nothing, and get plenty shirty when doing it, if you ask what is going on with your case or complaint after several weeks of waiting, if you are in that unique situation where Uber have suspended you, and so keep telling you they know nothing, and its with the other team that have no email address, phone number etc, not even an address they know of

As a Police force was told recently when they asked if Uber had a complaints department or Policy, the answer was of course NO,


giphy (2)

At one point Uber’s critical team advised, Uber drivers cannot write to their offices in Amsterdam, according to a Jane or a Hanny or Simon and others, You must instead book yourself a plane ride, or train or boat ride to Amsterdam, where you will then be allowed to hand in any correspondence you want them to look at so, they can eventually acknowledge your complaint if, you should be suspended at the time. No, no posing it from the UK, No, you must turn up and hand it over, at least that was the information collected from this specialised team, also known as the critical safety team that, asks you not to phone up to inquire how their so called investigation is going whilst, they have you on suspension 


Uber’s business policies allow them to break the law if they want to suspend an Uber driver, ladies and gentleman, criminal law acts meaning nothing to this Uber app technology company


A Connor of the critical safety team would be testimony to that we tell Uber today as we have the evidence, and are happy to share that with organisations representing Uber Drivers


During a conversation on file with Connor ladies and gentleman, Connor said it was OK to call him an idiot, well there is a surprise ladies and gentleman, maybe to you, but not us, this specialised team are very under trained, when you go investigate as we did


Cab watchdog service, now has firm proof, and so can warn drivers they must protect themselves, by having an organisation that will represent them legally if, they are to keep their licence once they down load the Uber app, as Uber business policies are fraught with dangers for private hire drivers if they are not tooled up


After a near 2 year investigation into Uber a disruptive technology company, we must warn drivers, taxi rental firms, that unless they have protections in place, they face losing their drivers, and the drivers face losing their licenses, as Uber have little restraint when it comes to issues surrounding breaking criminal laws, or highway laws, or driving laws, to further their business policies for profit


Cab watchdog service warns the public that it recognised, and located active Uber illegal policies in place, with other unethical policies that, can or do result in Uber breaking the law as a private hire operator which, will effectively result in partners, uber drivers being suspended if, they should stumble on unfit practices by Uber as private hire operator, licensed in this country



So below you will see the review posted on Uber’s google local business listing in Amsterdam by Cab Watchdog which, is based on actual events that can be verified by two Police forces in the UK today, that show Uber are a bandit cab firm by ignoring the law and criminal law

It should be noted that Uber’s critical team were told to read the same, in the interests of them being better trained, and Uber stop breaking laws to get their way in policy setting, which would certainly save valuable Police time


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Uber ignore critical public concerns in this world. When the cab watchdog service researcher pointed out serious public concerns, uber’s safety team made a false complaint to south Wales police claiming that the researcher made threats to kill during the telephone call. Police in Wales tried to get proof of the call from Uber. Later the police contacted the driver/researcher. Fortunetly the researcher had a copy of the call as Uber failed to respond to the police request for a copy. Transport for London also had a copy as it was sent them on the same day of the call as further evidence. When the Welsh police listened to the call,they found no threats to kill. After several weeks uber have failed to contact the researcher/uber driver and lift the suspension they put on drivers account.
The Cab watchdog service in their recent public notice informs Uber, that their practices are dangerous as their business model expects drivers to answer text messages immediately, and also to receive calls from customers whilst they are driving. If the driver does not deal with the calls he or she will be putting themselves in direct conflict with irate customers. Ironically the uber system will degrade the driver for not dealing with the calls, and if he or she compares other instances that affect drivers as a result of these practices, uber will suspend the driver indefinetly by making a false police complaint to justify the suspension, as in this case. That is what to expect from Uber. When you contact Uber’s safety team or critical safety line, they will tell you they have no records of any critical safety issues raised by this researcher driver. Simply they don’t liase with any reputable department in our experience. Since this critical issues has been raised neither, Taskus or uber support, have any record of such issues on their system.
Uber were sent proof that the police were taking no action as, there were no threats to kill by their good driver/researcher, but as I say after more than 3 weeks the driver/researcher remains suspended based on illegal practices by Uber’s critical safety team working inline with Uber’s policy according to a Connor in that department
Uber will abuse the justice system, and the police to hang on to uber business policies. In effect Uber are a danger to licensed cab drivers or newbies coming into the business.
Our independent researcher could have had their license suspended if they had not recorded the call. Libel Uber have committed.
Uber are an inexperienced company putting earnings, above safety and common sense, and act as if they can abuse you and the law to stay in business. What is clear, if the police listened to the call and heard no threats to kill, then, why did uber not supply the police with a copy of the call from the start? Uber stated the threats were made during the call.
We certainly challenge Uber to explain to the public why they would jeopardise a partners licence by abusing public safety and the police. There are a number of issues that have come about as a result of this case, including a new complaint regarding Uber’s viability as a cab firm working with licensed drivers who cannot be subject to vexatious complaints left open ended as an obvious policy. More and more people and drivers, get beaten up so to speak by dishonest policies by this technology company pretending to be acting in the public interests, but our files show they are forever not. This post is based on factual events that can be proven for those wishing proof. The post is based on our opinions after investigating Uber’s unsafe or not fit and proper practices for 2 years

For those that do not know uk law –
Wasting Police Time
The offence of wasting police time (section 5(2) of the Criminal Law Act 1967) is committed when a person:
Causes wasteful employment of the police by knowingly making to any person, a false report orally or in writing tending to:
show that an offence has been committed;
give rise to apprehension for the safety of any persons or property; or
show that he has information material to any police inquiry




Public Notice by Cab Watchdog Service-Uber under new investigation over safety-Transport for London step in

Transport for London launch high priority complaint citing, dangerous practices with harassment when they hear Uber’s business practices
The Uber app flaw that makes Uber look like they are living on a fantasy Island as they tell a member of the public, that they are not a cab firm, during a recorded call passed TFL
Cab Watchdog service gives firm evidence to Transport for London that, shows Uber Drivers are expected to deal with customer phone calls whilst at work, and they will be ridiculed if they do not, using but one fatal flaw presented to TFL in a special summary report regarding the many flaws that cause conflict to those involved in this cab app software
Customerservice@tfl.gov.uk> wrote:
Transport for London


Ref: 14577160

3 February 2020


Thank you for your phone call received on 28 January to enquire about Uber drivers not liaising with customers (on the phone) whilst working. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to bring this to our attention.

You’ll be pleased to know that your complaint has now been allocated to a Correspondence & Investigations Officer and the enquiry is currently being reviewed by one of our specialists. Once we’ve completed our investigations, we will notify you once an outcome has been reached.

Thanks again for contacting us. If you wish to discuss this matter any further, please reply to this email. Alternatively, please call us on 0343 222 4000 to speak to a member of our customer service team.

Kind regards

Ladi Oguntoye
Customer Service Adviser
Transport for London Customer Services

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We will be bringing you more on this story, as this is just a wee bit of the overall situation at this time, as Uber deal with the fall out of a whistle blower on their door step


Uber Warned to cease and desist-safety issue evidence found and identified by Uber Drivers harassed-Dispatch system danger to road users including Uber riders


In the latest twist on Uber’s viability over safety, Cab Watchdog Service have identified a key reasoning for Uber drivers being harassed into being unsafe


With a common cry from many including Transport for London that Uber is unsafe, Cab Watchdog service is now able to prove another safety issue, which affects Uber’s dispatch system, which is coupled with their rating the driver system, followed up with feedback from the rider/passenger


As many will know Uber is not the conventional Cab firm as we know it.


As a general rule private hire drivers work for a company that take calls from customers. as a general practice, the office does office communication with the customer, and the cabbie drives, in a lot of cases information with notes are sent to the cabbie via app or data head unit, so the Cabbie may get to the pick up and destination. Customers telephone numbers are invariably withheld from the Cabbie, and so the cab firm withholds the drivers number too from the customer


Uber on the other hand require the driver to communicate directly with the passenger. The passenger is able to contact the driver in two ways, either by phone, or by a short text message which the Uber driver may or may not see, as it shows on the drivers phone screen for a few moments. If the driver is unable to repond to the message, which could be a specific location the customer has requested, the Uber driver could then be subject to phone calls directly from the passenger, resulting in humiliation, demotion, stress and anxiety and more


If the Uber driver is unable to deal with the passenger’s communications, as he or she is driving safely, the Uber Driver will then be subject to a number of complaints from the Uber system, which will include telling the Uber driver they should use their phone. and communicate with the customer. which follows a degrading of the drivers status on the app, which is indicated by Ubers demotion statistics


In a lot of cases the Uber system will demote the driver, by low scoring him or her, followed by what has been described as waffle from Uber’s support telling the Uber driver to work harder to reclaim his or her demoted status shown on the app for the public to see, thus inviting or potentially forcing Uber drivers to become cab office telephonists whilst on the road, in any situation, because of a call from the customer at that key moment


Cathrine Zita speaking for the Cab Watchdog Service, said, We have had 3 telephone conversations with Uber Support on the record, after Uber replied 3 times with the same written waffle, but did not address the health and safety issues identified by us, or the points raised as a result of their written reply


We are satisfied that Uber drivers must be focused on the road, as safety is paramount, it is not for Uber to compromise safety by harassing drivers on the road, who are clearly subject to licensing conditions, and road safety as licensed taxi or private hire professionals


There are a number of questions as a result of our findings, and we have advised Uber that we intend to raise a complaint with Transport for London, but will allow Ireland the opportunity to come on the record on the matter in the interests of public safety and health and safety for Uber drivers being obviously pressured to be office telephonists, rather than safe drivers on the road

Uber need to be more accountable to the public as a private hire operator, as Uber Drivers are drivers, and not private hire operators behind a steering wheel on the road in the public domain. When you see Uber drivers crashing all over the country, one has to factor in Uber drivers are being asked to be telephonists and are being ridiculed and degraded for not doing the same by Uber’s control system