Bridgend Taxis -Trade drop 47 places in Cab fare league table – Cabinet negligence slaughters Cabs and Drivers 2012 – 2018

Local Government – Miscellaneous Provisions- Act 1976

In a shocking report by The Taxis Trade Watch Dogs Team it is revealed after countless rejections of fare increases in the last 7 years by Bridgend Cabinet has resulted in Bridgend taxis dropping a massive 47 economic places in the national fare table for Cabs.


Today the Bridgend Cab driver is 10 places worse off and much lower than they were in March 2011 when licensing Yvonne Witchell wrote the report pre taxi fare increase which happened in August 2011. The current maximum tariff still displayed today in Bridgend Cabs with the one pound charge for card payments displayed baring the council’s logo

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In March 2011 the Bridgend Taxi driver was placed 318 which is still 10 places higher than The Bridgend Taxi driver or Bridgend Taxi trade sit today. A downward trend like a bad football team$089882.doc.pdf

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In August 2011 the taxi trade saw themselves move to 271 place in the table even though the proposal was grossly under valued at the time when you go compare tariff one in other boroughs like Cardiff current taxi tariff signed off by Dave Holland ,and the Vale of Glamorgan including Carmarthenshire

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The Watch Dog Partner’s accountants team said these drops prove Bridgend Cabinet are slaughtering the local taxi trade with their bungling

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On pages 74 – 75 you will find the proof as Bridgend sit 271 as at Jan 2012

Information gathered from Archives of – Private Hire Taxi Monthly

Bridgend Cab drivers fall out the sky fast dropping 10 places in a downward trend  never seen the likes of

A drop velocity never seen before down to 328 in the taxi fare chart,  in the official taxi trade table used to report to Bridgend Cabinet by operations and or Bridgend taxi licensing

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In October 2011 onwards we saw several wage increases in Britain, not reflected in todays Taxi Tariff set by Bridgend Cabinet in August 2011 and looked at several times over the period to today, without change, absolutely nothing has changed

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Year                          25 and over        21 to 24

1 Oct 2011 £6.08 £4.98
1 Oct 2012 £6.19 £4.98
1 Oct 2013 £6.31 £5.03
1 Oct 2014 £6.50 £5.13
1 Oct 2015 £6.70 £5.30

Previous rates for the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage

Year 25 and over 21 to 24
1 Apr 2016 £7.20 £6.70
1 Oct 2016 £7.20 £6.95
1 Apr 2017 £7.50 £7.05

Looking at other boroughs the Watch Dogs conclude Bridgend Cabinet and Bridgend licensing cannot justify their decisions to-date when you look at the whole picture of which there are many. In the above case minimum wage has gone up some 23.4 percent

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Take a look at Pembrokeshire a taxi trade that shows what a rural taxi needs if not a small town rural taxi. There are many examples that show Bridgend Cabinet is killing the idea of taxi drivers earning the minimum wage or more to cover their many expenses that run into £400+ per week, before they start earning for themselves

But yet, Bridgend Cab drivers have the pleasure of sitting 328 and well behind the times and economic times, for one good reason. Bridgend Cabinet with their operations and administration have the power to hold off Drive when he know he/she/they/them needs an increase of the HACKNEY CARRIAGE TARIFF BRIDGEND MID GLAMORGAN WALES
Local Government – Miscellaneous Provisions- Act 1976

Go compare many boroughs that know what they are talking about in the taxi trade and gather the info that shows it in black and white. Why can’t Bridgend Cabinet play the game many ask in the public domain

tenor (33)

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This sees a 26% increase in taxi fares as realistic for the borough when you go compare that BIT

The BIT organisation thanks for their help enabling us to update the trade on the facts or ombudsman looking for facts whilst in their offices in Pencoed near Bridgend Cabinet or the public of Bridgend County Borough Mid Glamorgan in Wales


Dave Holland 12 March 2018 -Reported economics to Bridgend Cabinet in 2017
Head of Regulatory Services after the Watch Dogs paper work was tampered with and removed from the fare proposal process that had been stalled since 2014 -20017 and rejected prior.

What we do know is when Bridgend County Borough Council taxi licensing want something done fast it can be proved fast:

You want proof of speed and accuracy, we can give you that evidence as that is the BIT we like to come up with just for you:

The Intended use policy, that probably broke all the taxi records when it came to getting something implemented fast that YVONNE WITCHELL wanted to happen, and so did shared regulatory services and concluded immediately or ASAP

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Bridgend Council Cabinet get a vote of no confidence as the habitual lies discredit them and will not save Chief executive or licensing

In what has been billed a rumble in the jungle as The Watch Dogs come out fighting and discredit the lies or untruths that Bridgend cabs have had to put up with, with bulling to add sugar to it for licensing and Bridgend County borough Council Cabinet, and all those handling taxi matters. The BIT organisation hit back with a punch that sees licensing and Cabinet gasping for air after discrediting the process to administrate taxis and fairly or in good time

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Today in a decisive shuffle BIT Partners  Watch Dogs of the Taxi Trade in Wales serve Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet with a motion of no confidence and more. A no confidence vote for Bridgend Council Cabinet and leader, licensing and the chief executive. Never in the history of the council has there been such a decisive knock down in the opening rounds for a Cabinet responsible for the no confidence action motioned by the Watch Dogs after seeing enough at that point of their continuing investigation into Taxi matters for Bridgend Cabinet and Bridgend Drive

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This now sees the Watch Dogs complaints go forward to a new level to discredit and hang out the lies the local Bridgend taxi trade and driver’s have had to put up for years, but more importantly the recent years, months, days, and by the day or week in week out

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In  an email with voice files found on Bit News facebook today BIT organisation sets out to put in motion what many have hoped could be exposed once and for all to stop the rot in Bridgend for the local taxi trade and taxi drivers

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Lies – stae one complaint-unprofessional lying licensing department with vexious habits
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    13 Jun at 10:11

    Good morning

    Stage one complaint:

    Licensing department not fit for office or enforcement duties
    Following the BIT organisation’s investigation we have discovered over time that BCBC have a policy of lies to the public and the taxi trade.
    As a result we require a written undertaking from licensing including Andrew and Yvonne Witchell and the chief executive that the lies will stop. Over the last 18 months lies have been part of the norm.
    We have a no confidence today in the licensing department as a result of those habitual lies.
    Our investigation sights vexious behaviour and abuse of power.
    Enforcement officers are therefore prohibited to making contact physically with myself until their lying ways have been stopped by way of a written undertaking confirming the same
    It has been brought to my attention that unprofessional enforcement officers will smoke on the job whilst observing taxi drivers and then abuse their power by making unreasonable claims about the state of the vehicle inside. More lies when enforcing on the street as a way of either vexacious behaviour or abuse of power.
    Therefore the watch dogs of the taxi trade who have already blacklisted licencing move to give Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet and the leader and their taxi enforcement section a vote of no confidence
    This complaint and recording to be added to the list of complaints of mal administration.
    Therefore BCBC have been put on notice that your administration has corrupt practices unfortunately and BIT require a written undertaking that these practices will cease forthwith with confirmation of the same. .
    Yours sincerely
    D Nelson
    Senior BIT Partner
Re: Your complaints2
  • complaints <>
    To:‘Mr MoneyPenny’
    13 Jun at 13:43

    Dear Mr Nelson,

    I acknowledge receipt of your  e-mails dated 5 June, 11 June, 12 June and 13 June 2018.

    I note the contents of your emails some of which refer to matters you have already raised. I would refer you to the most recent email from Mr Lane and your response from Ms Witchell. I am advised that Mrs. Hill is responding to you regarding your Corporate Complaint and request that you allow that process to be completed before you make contact again.

    Yours sincerely,

    Charlotte Branford | Information and Data Protection Officer


  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    13 Jun at 13:54

    Thank you

    As matters are new if you check the forensic news you would see complaints are ongoing and amount to a practice/s that continue even since my last contact.
    I regret we are very busy accounting the for ever changing events with new information or evidence.
    Hopefully there will be no new developments
    However on the subject of Mr Lane when will we get an explanation regarding his statement regarding the 4 of May?
    I regret as licensing have been found to have little or no integrity if you are mentioning their name or even Will lane would hold little weight at this time. True as it maybe when lies are practices of maybe all departments involved including Bridgend County borough council Cabinet instructing the chief executive and others or other departments to act
    I look forward to all matters being resolveD.
    In the interim it would be helpful if Cabinet can provide the link that permit lies by a Body called BCBC as this will help the investigation so we may understand how these policies came about, that render many departments unhealthy to make contact with, as Will Lane would have you do.
    Yours sincerely
    BIT organisation
    This email will be exposed for the file on BITNEWS725.WORDPRESS.COM today
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    habitual vote of no confidence
    • Mr MoneyPenny <>
      Cc:Karen Williams (Leader’s PA)
      13 Jun at 15:48
       Earlier today on facebook the Watch Dogs continue to give taxi licensing a right hander
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      Bit News – jitter bug news report 4 hr

      After witnessing Bridgend taxi licensing in action, taxi driver says he’s a New man.

      BIT PARTNER’S carried out a survey recently and can account a story by a taxi driver that met a licensing enforcement officer, we call ” Fag ash lil” 
      The taxi driver accounts a Bridgend taxi licensing enforcement officer catches him whilst he catches her act. Fag ash lil or litter bug was seen puffing on the job and extinguishing her cigarette on the ground and leaving it there.
      Jitter bug, litter bug.
      The Licensing Enforcement officer then approached the learned taxi driver who had left his taxi Badge in his school run vehicle and so it was not displayed in his vehicle at the time, he confessed. A recent occurance, he tells the BIT researcher. The reacher noted the taxi driver was later called into civic offices in Angel Street, where Fag ash lil is based, to show he did actually have a taxi badge. All went well for the taxi driver. Although our researcher notes his satisfactions, they also noted his interesting comments about the event, here is one:
      When asked did they give you a new taxi tariff? He replied, no

      He commented the licensing officer criticised his interior as it was not to her satisfaction.
      We noted the vehicle was old and had Drive had a newer vehicle maybe the licensing officer would not of complained about just the drivers area of the cab.
      BIT PARTNER’S NOTED THESE EVENTS And COMMENTS. We are confident records will identify this New man story about a taxi badge.

      And there you have it ladies and gentleman, Drive was a New man in many ways or was he?

      Apparently the licensing officer is not permitted to litter or smoke on the job, allegedly or from what he was told when he was called in.

      More news as we get it. Coming to you live from Carmarthenshire where Bridgend taxi licensing would be fined for dropping their butts on the street.

      Today’s news is a don’t get SAssy with me production.

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      Taxi Trade Watch dogs now say you cannot have confidence in Cabinet and that is why they were blacklisted. The Vote of No confidence has been upheld by the The Taxi Trade Watch Dogs on the case

Taxi licences – Bridgend County Borough Council – Don’t get one or swap it for lies says taxi trade Watch Dogs investigation

In unbelievable response from Taxi licences department, taxi licensing reveals they will just plain lie to get out of a jam, and put the same in writing to the BIT organisation the watch dogs of the taxi trade, as if slap dash, dysfunctional, and any old how, reply,  is the norm for this taxi licences department , with a sense of ridiculous thrown in, when being dealt with or responding to complaints . A fearless response regardless of how inept it looks in black and white. Those are the findings recorded and captured by The BIT organisation after 18 months and still on the job to let the public know how it rolls

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A taxi licensing department that can achieve what they like if they write a bungling method,  as a bungling department with true habits of mal administration  amount to unreasonable delays always, for the Bridgend taxi driver or trade, that is the picture seen time and time again that shows strategy to get those time delays,  of all kinds in fare setting for Bridgend County Borough Council, showing how they operate or conduct themselves setting set fares and set rules and regulations for taxis with a badge or plate or both , including checking costs that may affect the public to avoid mal administration or bad handling of the matter in Bridgend county borough council area , if you are a taxi driver or an unsuspecting member of the public involved in taxis in the borough including the fare setting,


Read you will bungling stories on how Bridgend county borough council administrate the taxi trade and driver and regulate fares and vehicle age policies and vehicle testing policies. More importantly a unique form of enforcement when Drive says ” Hang on a minute Gov !  Not to mention the unique reports on communication that leaves drive in disbelief


Give them the run around and say anything to get out of it is the approach adopted by Bridgend cabinet, taxi licensing and others including taxi licences and staff at times, even if it is unreasonable or unethical or plain stupid, they will use it, and excuse it, Watch Dog forensic taxi news shows what proves the case, an exposure to follow events and mark them by as its not unusual to find that BIT

Image result for tom jones it's not unusual

Life as a taxi driver in Bridgend is an unusual life when the Bridgend taxi driver is subject to mal administration as part of the norm for the Bridgend Taxi trade

The Pain of being dead – Written entry facebook 07-10-17

Drive has been waiting so long he dead with pain?

Yvonne Withchell wrote yesterday:

You have been advised by email on a number of occasions that the current taxi policies are being reviewed and will go out to consultation with the trade. This will, of course, include meetings with trade representatives if requested, as part of the consultation.

Play it again SAM, its been since November 2016 we have been dealing with the pain of being dead and alive? If it was a train coming we would have walked

Image result for overall analysis

A string along of professional proportions that runs into years of unnecessary delays, costly to all concerned seems to be the trend and looks so. A bungling administration that wastes valuable and costly time as if it does not matter, That was the original charge by local drivers and operators at the time. The BIT organisations forensic journey tells and shows the difficulties faced by the trade that goes back many years when you factor in certain events over time and how the taxi is treated today in matters economic

Taxi news that is a forensic diary to look back on and cross reference emails and events. Taxi news forensic so you can get to that bit in time

Image result for overall analysis


The impact is a dysfunctional BCBC for the taxi trade or driver, and therefore costly for the taxi driver forced to buy new cars under the current regime with poor fare rejection excuses, that do not add up any time soon. That leave the taxi trade some 26% off the mark today if you go compare, again and still, the local taxi trade’s are facing more delays, over simple matters that keep getting bungled over the years or deliberately bungled some experts conclude, as in many cases there is no reasonable excuse for such lengthy delays, as there is just no reasonable excuse for this mal administration bungling over time or giving the appearance they are doing something but not actually doing any thing substantial enough to call real progress or movement towards a goal,


Two Taxi operator staff confirm that the content below is untrue and effectively were unaware of any new tariff being handed out or even existed, effectively the council lied is the opinion, after investigation by making a few calls.

Dragon taxis of Market street and others were called to get the truth or find out the truth. A challenge all to often BCBC fall down on

It is becoming more and more apparent how these dysfunctional  policies affect the taxi driver of Bridgend and even the public that use taxis.

Image result for dragon taxis bridgend

Dragon Taxis a Major Player in Bridgend Town and Wales was questioned by the BIT Partners research team this afternoon. Dragon taxi operators checked before confirming they knew nothing of a new tariff issued to drivers or handed in at their down town offices


The exposure of lies comes out and how, when BCBC say what they like even if it is ridiculous under the circumstances or ridiculous for the public and taxis even in taxi enforcement in the borough. licensing now have time to spend walking around the borough rather than mail shot the trade?


But enforcement or officers could not find Dragon Taxis? you decide by reading on, Are taxi licences department credible in your eyes? Do taxi licensing in Bridgend County Borough Council tell you lies in your opinion or could it be farcical communication from them which amount to mal administration for any thing to do with taxis or Taxi Driver complaints or issues ?


An the inbound email exposure below, shows why Bridgend is a no no for taxi drivers thinking about being a Bridgend taxi driver looking to get taxi licences and dealing with day to day matters as a Bridgend taxi driver, also subject to enforcement if you come onboard in Bridgend with Bridgend county borough council licensing complaints as part of the package

original (3)

licensing <>
11 Jun at 14:39

Dear Mr Nelson

I refer to your letter to the Ombudsman’s Office regarding Tariff Sheets which has been referred to the Council for a response through the Council’s complaints procedure.

On 15 January 2018, you were advised by email that the tariff sheets were being re-printed to remove the reference to credit card charges and that they would shortly be available.  Copies of the new tariff are being issued with licences, and have been left at taxi offices and with individual drivers.  It was felt that a proportionate response would be for the Council’s enforcement officers to inspect vehicles to ensure that the correct tariff sheet is being displayed and deal with any enquiries.  These checks continue.  The Licensing Section has not received any direct complaints from the public regarding a surcharge being applied to their taxi fare since the change in legislation,  but will continue to monitor vehicles and review our procedures if there is evidence of non-compliance.

On 2 May 2018, you contacted the Cabinet Office about this matter, and as a consequence you received a copy of the tariff sheet to confirm the changes had been implemented.

Should you be dissatisfied with the response to your complaint, you may complain to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. The Ombudsman is independent of all government bodies and deals with complaints of maladministration e.g. unfairness or delay. The Ombudsman can be contacted at:

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales,

1 Ffordd Yr Hen Gae,


CF35 5LJ

Tel: 01656-641150

Fax: 01656-641199



Adran Trwyddedu  | Licensing Section

giphy (94)

Mr MoneyPenny <>
11 Jun at 15:47

Thank you for coming on the record

I have just contacted the ombudsman’s office and therefore will take your response to the ombudsman in due course.
# As a cab driver licensed by the borough I do not feel I should be singled out. A matter that I will take to the ombudsman when I get your reply on that issue#
As a licensed borough taxi driver I find the content of your account regarding the availability of tariffs disturbing as well as irresponsible as updating the taxi trade by this method would take months if the conversation with Wendy today is anything to go by. A fact that I must relay to the public of Bridgend ,when they enter my taxi so they can be warned of what they might see displayed in a Bridgend taxi which is lawlessNess for those that don’t know or have different beliefs.
At this time I have a complaint of mal administration, as per emails. I will add today’s untruths to the complaint list. With evidence to suport the same.
In order to resolve the matter please advise how many people/cabs have currently been issued the correct tariff and how long you estimate it will take to update the Bridgend fleet based on Wendy telephone call recorded today, and your reply.
Please be sure I have evidence to support being singled out at this time.
The current tariff will remain on the windscreen until such time the council have concluded business like it’s really done and notified me of the same and BIT
tmhnks (1)
Fw: Printing of Cardiff tariff after fare increase 3
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    To:Licensing (Licensing, Regulatory) \\ Trwyddedu
    6 Apr at 13:21

    To whom it may concern

    I wonder if you can help me.
    I am currently carrying out a survey to discover how long it took Cardiff council to order and receive the new printed taxi tariff to be displayed in Cardiff hackney carriage taxis.
    Was it days? Weeks? Or months ?
    Does the council print the tariff themselves or do they out source it ?
    How did the process work given a new tariff was introduced last month.
    Many thanks
Daniel Cook your policy officer explains:
Cook, Daniel <>
10 Apr at 14:04

Good afternoon,

The Cardiff Council Byelaws require vehicle proprietors to display the current table of fares in their hackney carriage.

A copy of the table of fares (printed internally) is available for licence holders to collect from the Public Carriage Office on Sloper Road. Alternatively, proprietors may choose to print a copy which is available from the Cardiff Council website

Kind regards,

Daniel Cook |  Licensing Policy Officer

Shared Regulatory Services / Gwasanaethau Rheoliadol a Rennir

Phone| Ffon: (029) 2087 1022

Mobile | Symudol: 07966235291

giphy (10)

If we take Mr Cook’s email response from his offices regarding the simplicity of issuing a new tariff amended, for public consumption and protection, especially if they are not aware of legislation then this is a no brainer for even an ombudsman to consider?
If you disagree with my actions of non segregation, until everyone is equaled please say so quickly, to save of costs
Does your departments get vexious in complaint and evoke the rule of enforcement to force the taxi driver to comply with segregation by way of mal administration?
If the council has a taxi segregation policy can you please supply the rules and documents to support the same.
Can the council explain the rational against the way it’s done in Cardiff when printing off new tariffs.
Will the council now come on the record by letter to provide new tariffs like Wendy said in her telephone call which was recorded today?
If not why not?
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    11 Jun at 19:32
    Further to your email today re mal administration
    I/We can now confirm another stage one complaint under the definition of setting fares and the table of fares
    This stage one complaint to be included under the heading of mal administration, is this:
    Miscellaneous provisions describes fares as a maximum.
    Bridgend county borough council are currently allowing the max fare table to be displayed in all borough taxis contrary to Miscellaneous provision act after a table of fares comes into effect. in this case 2011. The maximum fare is incorrect in all cases. Effectively the council are negligent in making sure the public understand Bridgend County Borough Council table of fares as at 11/06/18 and prior to Feb 2017
    Bridgend county borough council have a policy of mal administration in matters taxi. There is never a simple professional route. Delays and bungling can even amount to injustices for the public when a maximum fare is set.
    Currently Bridgend county borough council taxi licensing have increased the maximim fare by £1 in their table of fares. The public are unaware the maximum fare has been varied. Bridgend taxi licensing whom issue Bridgend licences are unaware the public are aware the maximum fare has been increased by £1, which is a direct result of their mal administration we talk about.  The email of todays date from licensing for Bridgend County Borough Council licences confirm the public can be reassured that the maximum fare increase is there because the council set the table of fares and has not varied it.
    Image result for overall analysis
    The public are now subject to a fare charge beyond the maximum fare in the fare table, and therefore this should be noted in every cab licensed to Bridgend. My stage one complaint is this table of fares exceeds the maximum at this time as the council issue the fare table and in doing so set the fares for the public to understand.  (edited line to original email)
    The mal administration effects even the the understanding of what the maximum fare table is, issued by Bridgend  county borough council who regulate the charges by way of a fare table with their logo on it as final approval and an assured draft for the public, regardlesss of what your name is or what you know. Fare Tables are set by the council and therefore all charges are a maximum fare, and to be charged that way until the fares have been reset by Cabinet or a fare table so not only do the trade know the correct fare setting, but also the public.
    Image result for overall analysis
    Fare tables have not been reset by Cabinet and therefore this is another example of mal administration or bungling your way through the setting of maximum fares so the public can be sure.
    Image result for overall analysis
    How can someone complain about a fare setting table if it bares the council logo, approved by Cabinet in 2011 and still displayed today, with evidence online that the fare setting remains the same and all subsequent charges for Bridgend taxi?
    Who would in their right mind under the circumstances think there was something wrong or even illegal unless reset of the table?
    Mal administration I say again
    A simple matter of making sure the public are aware there is a maximum fare or a revised setting from Gov.
    The current tariff exceeds the maximum fare by £1 due to mal administration. The public would be unaware that the taxi driver is within their right to charge the maximum fare if it is displayed in his cab as a fare table, the public could not argue the matter under the circumstances. Taxi fares are a fare table with a setting for a maximum with the subsequent fare table once set, is then issued to the public and the taxi driver
    Image result for overall analysis
    Bungling of simple matters forms part of this ongoing complaint of mal administration, a policy practiced and applied for the Bridgend taxi trade, even on maximum fares or fare table maximum charges, rubber stamped, after action by Cabinet, with a council logo applied as the official tariff calculation to a maximum,  after setting the fare table absolute, with charges contained for the learned taxi driver’s understanding and those looking at those charges he or she must have to display, with enforcement in place to ensure that tariff is used correctly as a maximum fare table or absolute guideline for the public, so they do not pay any more than the council permits whilst displaying a printed tariff valid, and so the council regulates the maximum fare and charges by way of Fare Table and calculations or additional charges there in, all of those charges remain until the council vary those charges officially
    Image result for overall analysis
    The council have a duty to act in the public interest and have procedures in place that show they are not running an administration that can be defined as an administration of mal administration for the taxi gtrade
    The advertised approved price or maximum fare table is part of fare setting, it is not for the public or taxi driver to assume the tariff or maximum charge is to be varied until the maximum fare table of fares is amended officially or by Cabinet approval where appropriate. Any deviation to the tariff should be reported to all taxi drivers in good time. There should be no doubt in the taxi drivers mind or the public of what the maximum cost can or should be,
    Related image
    I trust I clarify the stage one complaint regarding this maximum fare the public do not complain about because you wrote the table of fares and have not officially come on the record to reset the maximum fare or fare table. The mal practice is so deep that time is of no importance at all in this mal administration pattern we find to be consistent over time. A usual complaint that results in costs for the Bridgend taxi driver or much time spent or even embarrassment without apology
    The issue of not sending one out or working slowly is a whole different matter. The complaint is about fare table setting in the public domain, and the trade understanding the maximum fare table or maximum fare as a result of fare setting and costs included as maximum fare.
    I therefore must insist in the interim that taxi licensing immediately write to all borough taxi drivers to explain the maximum fare table and clarify any changes. We therefore look for a written undertaking that this table of fare maximum charge fare setting issue be dealt with immediately and effectively so the public and the taxi trade understand the fare setting and the fare table. Your actions to clarify the maximum fare table setting is slow and amounts to mal administration and a great deal of confusion for some given you are a body set up to manage and administrate the taxi trade
    Yours Sincerely
    BIT organisation .

Image result for local government ombudsman

Following a telephone conversation with the ombudsman and a voice conversation recorded with Bridgend Complaints, BITNEWS725 and Bit News – face book will be used as an eventual diary to review time lines and communications. It is understood that all correspondance be agreed on both sides so the ombudsman has an agreed complaint file by way of paper work and evidence. A copy of the voice file has been sent to Complaints as part of the mal administration complaint licensing so boldly invite

This is an earlier communication today after BCBC complaints could not grasp mal administration and asked for clarification so licenses Bridgend can come to terms with matters

Image may contain: text


Taxi Trade Watch Dogs always on the ball bringing the taxi trade that BIT


e-Petition: Allow Free Movement of Taxi Drivers to Carry Out Private Hire Work Anywhere in Wales

open quote / dyfyniad agored

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to allow Taxi Drivers carry out private hire work freely anywhere in Wales, regardless of which council the driver is licensed by.

We bring this petition in response to the actions of a group of taxi drivers based in one City. We call on the National Assembly to take into account the wishes and desires of taxi drivers and operators across Wales, as opposed to a small group of drivers from one city.

If you book a taxi either by phoning someone, or using an app that company is legally allowed to send a car to you, regardless of where you are, or where the company is based. If you were in Barry and phoned a Cardiff company for a taxi to go to Caerphilly, they could, and would send a car to come and pick you up in Barry, and take you to Caerphilly.

If you were in Swansea, and wanted to go to Llanelli and were unable to get a taxi, you could phone a company in Bridgend, and they could send a car to pick you up, if they had one available.

This gives taxi users a greater choice of which companies that can and can’t use. More choice, and more options meaning more competition drives companies to offer a better service to retain each person’s custom.

From a drivers point of view, if they are licenced in Cardiff, and they were taking someone to Cardiff Airport, and a Cardiff based operator has a booking from someone to be picked up at Cardiff Airport going to Merthyr, the Cardiff driver is allowed to do that job.

If a Vale of Glamorgan driver is taking someone from Cardiff Airport to Pontypridd, and there is someone who has pre-booked their company to take them from Pontypridd to Cardiff Airport, but there is a few hours wait, that driver can ask a Vale of Glamorgan operator to find them work.  This could be by the operator phoning Pontypridd based firms to see if there is any work the driver can do around the area whilst waiting for the return booking. This gives drivers a greater earning potential, as it increases the size of are they can work in, and opens up possible income streams. It is also more environmentally friendly and reduces congestion as the driver that went to Pontypridd, isn’t forced to go back to The Vale of Glamorgan empty, and the operator is not forced to send a second car to Pontypridd empty.

If a Newport based operator looked to expand their company, they could speak to Hotels in Caerphilly, and become that hotels preferred supplier to pick up guests from Airports. The operator can expand their company, and the hotel can provide a better service to potential customers, increasing their bookings, whilst still having a greater choice of companies to use to provide this service.

If a publican ran a pub in Merthyr Tydfil, and wanted to provide a pick up and drop off service to its customers, it would need an operators licence and would need to use licenced private hire drivers and vehicle, all from Merthyr. If then the same publican wanted to open a second pub in Llanbradach, and wanted to offer the same service, they could provide a pick up and drop off service from the same operators licence. This enables them to expand their business.

All this and more is possible thanks to Cross Bordering.

close quote / dyfyniad agos

Petition details

Petition Status:Collecting signatures
Petition Start Date:11/06/2018
Open until midday on:10/08/2018
Principal Petitioner(s)Taxis Without Borders

25 most recent signatures

Total signatures: 50

Name Constituency or Area of residence Date
Taxi Trade Watch Dogs Llanelli 11/06/2018
Anamaria Chiticaru Bridgend 11/06/2018
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Mr MoneyPenny <>
11 Jun at 17:49

Thank you for your response.

What are the considerations for cross border hiring where vehicles from other boroughs enter Cardiff areas? Will this practice be stopped all together ?
What are the plans for reform facing taxis today covering the 3 boroughs. Do you get feed back from the transport minister on taxi changes that may even affect all of Wales.
Look forward to your feed back as policy officer that floats around.
Many thanks
facebook statement – council need open facebook account to access all for reference
  • Mr MoneyPenny <>
    12 Jun at 06:04
    Without Prejudice
    The delay in processing this bogus consultation ref fares is taking an unreasonable amount of time. Those that are responsible for the bungling are responsible for the delay, today.
    For the record it has taken 9 months for Cabinet to stall the fare proposal process and when you look on council notes the council have been stalling far too long. Dont be found guilty of holding up the fare process on my account. I am certainly waiting to add that as my next complaint if I find the same. In any case the council have bungled their way into this one. BIT have the right to continue the case regardless of what action the council will take. Please don’t be found wanting as I just want to tick that box and add it to the list
    The BIT organisation and it’s news network must congratulate the council in its efficiency in barking at the taxi driver in the news and delaying fare increases. Would the chief executive object if we asked the Guinness book of records if this shuffle scenario could be a record or made one
    Below link and emails published online as part of the diary going back to 2016
    By the time Christina gets back you can update her and she can update you. There is a clear message to all individuals involved in this complaint of mal practice:
    I will not be brushed under the table or bullied because I have a taxi badge subject to enforcement. Your departments stern practices do not intimidate me, when you should not be so bullish under the circumstances, as your practices are a calamity.
    Because council issue a taxi badge it does not mean I am your slave or should be treated like a prisoner subject to strict rules as an offender. Taxi drivers are not to be considered as stupid as a rule, Taxi drivers have enough stress dealing with runners
    Bit News and blog updates – The challenge to crack the case

    The show must go on as we act in a manner that calls in our legal team as a result of the disturbing email with reference to enforcement whilst others are not if they get slipped a mickey

    Licensing have been invited to discuss the matter with a magistrate if they push the button whilst the ombudsman is given time to consider the mal administration complaint and the file contents, which would include all communications with BIT and the council to date. That would be first off the bat. We must agree the file

    New serious questions have been raised as a result of the rather unique reply from licensing yesterday and a reply sent in
    I/we would not like to see another song and dance getting the information. Should be fresh in the minds if recent communications are anything to go by

    BIT Partner’s are satisfied that licensing have away about them, very much like Will Lane if you get down to the nitty gritty. Secounds out, round two, no biting or low blows.

    There is a pattern that is consistent to the core, we have come accustom to it.

    We have been working through the night to update and edit the news or forensic news called a diary of news going back to 2016 when BIT Partner’s knew they were going to be taken for a ride, and then a visit to a circus with fearless individuals

    We will continue to maintain consistency even in volume of communications with BCBC and taxi licensing and make the forensic facts be known. Feel free to message if you need sight of communication because you do not believe BIT organisation’s news to be true

    Following a call with Wendy in a bad signal area and a message left on licensing voice mail; that BIT Partner’s will not hesitate in calling in their legal representative under the circumstances, to take advice on any written communication relating to what could be abuse of power in office if you look at the most recent communications with enforcement. The actions expressed suggest mal administration said one onlooker

    Our remit is to understand the taxi problem, live it, see how it affects, and report back the same. in order to deliver forensic taxi news as a diary of events as they slowly unfold  BCBC are asked to account their strategies that amount to mal administration across the board including in enforcement,

    The tone in the most recent communication is unacceptable under the circumstances as the council have their ass hanging out on this one, commented one taxi driver…/taxi-licences-bridgend-c…

    No automatic alt text available.

Bridgend Taxi Licensing – Bungling department and with bungling partners doing the same -Watch Dogs of the Taxi Trade on the Bridgend County Borough council Cabinet Case – Chief Executive investigation to unravel with proof

Taxi trade watch dogs justify why Taxi licensing Bridgend County Borough Council is blacklisted in the public domain in communication alarmingly bad with mal administration for the taxi driver as a matter of course
as the BIT organisation always operating 24 7 to get that BIT done or exposed in the public interest. A forensic taxi news exposure for the taxi trade or any CSI enthusiast or would be taxi driver Bridgend, Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan……….Carmarthenshire
gerund or present participle: bungling
  1. carry out (a task) clumsily or incompetently.
    “she had bungled every attempt to help”
    synonyms: mishandlemismanage, mess up, make a mess of, botchspoilmarruinMore

    • make or be prone to making many mistakes.
      “the work of a bungling amateur”
      synonyms: incompetent, blundering, amateurishineptunskilfulinexpertclumsymaladroitgaucheawkwardinefficientmuddledoafishclodhoppingbumblingstumblinglumberingfoolishuselessMore
      This email below is the uncut version of the Bridgend taxi story for Taxi Licensing Bridgend County Borough Council – evidence and therefore you will see typo.  We cannot edit the contents as it is for evidential purposes at this time as part of Bridgend and Taxi News v Taxi licensing and Bridgend Cabinet as an event for the taxi driver or public in Wales and Cardiff
      It should be noted – More complaints have been sent since as facebook shows if you go CSI, for time lines-
      Re: Stage 1 Complaint constant delays and irregularities
      • Mr MoneyPenny <>
        14 May at 03:30
        Without prejudice
        Good day morning
        I am astonished on how fast this complaint has been picked up after an email to Karen Williams that I will not tolerate any further communication from Will Lane after his unprofessional rant with irrelevance given we are further down the line since my last stage one complaint.
        It is obvious to me now that both Will lane and Dave Holland have split standard’s,  coupled with cllr Patel.
        On doing some further research it is obvious to me that their are split standards as part of the way the taxi trade is treated and those standards are now obvious. One rule for one borough but a total contradiction when it comes to the other 2
        How the trade are expected to see a fair complaint process is beyond me under the circumstances as both parties are guilty of mal practice.
        The brief email conplaint does not cover the slow and constant delay strategy applied by Bridgend.
        It’s a farce. Not even Dave Holland can come on the record after writing to me in February this year, even though I asked for an explanation to the wording in his letter, which to date I have had no response now some 3 months down the road. Cllr Patel is aware and so is licensing. The practices of the 3 are not only unfair but illogical under the circumstances if you take their own contradictions into account.
        BIT was set up to investigate the irregularities that many have been complaining about and I have experienced over the years.
        The trade is constantly manipulated. Shared regulatory service are part of that manupulation, all of which has been covered in Bridgend”s only taxi news. As a Bridgend taxi driver myself I now fall foul of the same inconsistencies and it would appear licensing expect me to follow their male practice and comply with it as part of having a Bridgend taxi badge even if it means I must be singled out inappropriately.
        Dave Holland himself ignores communication or even written communication sent to him directly. Yvonne Witchell the same and Cabinet, including complaints. There is a strong pattern which has occurred time and time again which has been reported in BIT News even recently.
        Will lane will state he hasnt got the time to address the issues and will fabricate the truth of the matter and not even base his replies on real research, instead he will aid the problem by stating untruths or irrelevant comments as if he has a prejudice against the taxi trade. Which from his replies suggests he does otherwise we the trade would not face delays and inconsistencie’s that even amount to misrepresentation on how communications are dealt with or breaching the councils own charter or the wording stated on their website. All of which has been reported in Bridgend”s only taxi news.
        The many complaint issues are detailed in the news and go back to the day BIT started compiling the events and subsequent iregularities that many have told us about which I have now experienced for myself and uncovered the same for the public to see.
        It’s been an all to familiar pattern for cabinet to write something publicly, but act completletly differently in practice when you either talk to licensing or read minutes relating to the taxi trade. Delays are the norm that go far beyond reasonable.
        What is clear; when the council want to act quickly they do. When they want to string you along as they do you can be waiting years for nothing to happen or they can adopt strategies to see fare proposal delayed,  fare proposals tampered with, consultations delayed, communications delayed or just not replied to, or poor excuses to manipulate mal practices that leave many not knowing what is going on if you are a taxi driver. Not to mention special treatment for some if they see fit.
        In September last year if it was fair a tariff would have been chosen and put out for consultation for all to comment on. If we take the Cardiff example we would not be where we are today. The string along and the revisiting is evident, even the request to submit a formula should you wish. Well we did that in 2017 and the document was tampered with and the formula removed. It appears the strategies even expose themselves as ridiculous 2nd time around. When you ask will a revisited proposal be tampered with again you get no reply. However Premier cars can submit a proposal and it is not tampered with. Unusally no one else was given the opportunity to submit a proposal or given a dealing to do so. Not even BIT were given a deadline. But yet on more than one occasion we were advised the propsAl submission period had closed but yet others wereally not even advised it was open or closed.
        We asked are all the current fare proposals live including the Burke proposal and what was said given licensing were instructed to contact those that submitted a fare proposal that was rejected by Cabinet. No answer to that question either.
        Our investigation found that at least one of the people that had submitted a proposal was no longer a taxi driver working in the trade and therefore we saw the proposal as dead. As usual when it suits licensing or shared regulatory services or Cabinet they get inventive to slow matters down or ignore matters or just plain maniplate the trade or just get plain unprofessional or unreasonable.

        Your letter states it will take you 10 days to investigate.

        It”s amazing how when people that are responsible for taXi policies can go hide when they are asked to account the irregularities, and can also become bullish as a result if they feel cornered because they are used to messing the taxi trade about as if they don’t matter or the taxi trades economic survival does not matter.
        But yet you can conclude an investigation within a few days of an email being sent in.
        Dave HOLLAND is head and also part of the problem and therefore cannot possibly involved in dealing with any complaint stage and nor can Will Lane. In reality nor can shared regulatory service if the past problems for the taxi trade are anything to go by.
        My last complaint touched on the iregularities which continue and more. When you ask simple questions there is a habit of ignoring, the delays or the poor practices continue to show ongoing.
        As a result of the now obvious failings, and poor excuses, BIT found it necessary to visit or revisit these issues that keep rearing their ugly head time and time again . It’s apprent Cardiff don’t suffer the same problems. We have taken an objective comparison given shared regulatory services and licensing are involved not forgetting cllr Patel. You are a 3 borough unit and a management system for the 3 with a committee for the 3. Bur there are split standards for the taxi trade and false accounting and reporting which does not balance out if you look at taxi economics today and taxi policies and the actions taken as a 3 borough unit.
        One would have to complain when matters of change are not implimented in good time but pushed back or just left. A problem Cardiff taxi trade do not have.Fact.
        Our investigation shows Bridgend council refuse to look at the facts and so refuse to answer releven questions when you go compare other taxi trades and borough actions which include boroughs under shared regulatory jurisdiction/s.
        For example the age policy:
        In 2016 we were told a report will be written up by shared regulatory services policy officer so like Cariff and the Vale of Glamorgan the Bridgend taxi trade would have the same vehicle age policy. To date that has not been implemented although the consultation has now been conducted without any rigmarole.
        There was no we need to talk to the trade and so it was put out for consultation for everyone to comment on including the trade. But since the consultation it has been put on the back burner. Something that does not happen in Cardiff if you examine trends. The practice is unjustifiable to many in the trade including BIT. What 18 months to delay the implimentation?
        It was BIT that demanded Parity as a result of unfair bias to private hire vehicles which prompted the surge to the report finally be written up quickly and the consultation been put into action. After that it stopped. Yet again another example of how licensing manipulate the taxi trade.
        Then you have the taxi fare rigmarole which again Cardiff do not have that problem. CARDIFF Proposal is put out for consultation quickly and universal taxi costs are taken into account and subsequently Cardiff jump 100 places in the national fare table. Within months, WITHOUT THE NEED TO FOLLOW THE SAME RIDICULOUS STRATEGY THAT BRIDGEND WITH SHARED REULATORY SERVICES INVOLVEMENT have adopted as if we are on another planet a few miles down the road that don’t have the same costs including taxi insurance. In the lady fare proposal taxi insurance costs and repair costs were not taken into account when Dave Holland’s department manipulated the proposal or facts including taxi costs.
        Again this issue was covered in the BIT taxi news.
        One would have to complain that shared regulatory services not only hinder the process but Bridgend Cabinet also. The direct result is fare proposals are manipulated by both parties and the trade suffers as a result.
        Cardiff can put out a fare consultation the same way Bridgend can put out an age policy consultation, but Bridgend won’t put out a fare proposal consultation in the same way they did the age policy consultation thus complicating the process and leaving the trade out of pocket for years if we take the current practices into account. A definate serious matter for a complaint or this complaint.
        When you ask Cabinet questions based on the unusual methods of contradiction, they eventually get bullish as in the case of Will Lane (shared regulatory services) and Cllr Patel, only recently claiming that the document which formed part of BIT News exposure to highlight the wasting of time which is detrimental to the trade had already been answered. Overall the current questions relevant now have not been answered and that is clear given the response.
        The communication from Will Lane is disturbing under the circumstances and therefore unprofessional. A fact described in the latest BIT News and to Karen Williams also.
        The method used by both parties involved in the process is hindering the taxi trade and their economic survival. In comparison the councils strategy with licensing is inconsistent and now shown to be unfair in comparison to how even Cardiff work recently.
        The trade are being manipulated to their detriment and that is apparent and clear. BIT set out to establish that was the case and have discovered after going through the motions; the trade are in a bad place as a result of the bullish and unusual practices that give not only BIT reason to complain but many others that do not have the time to complain because they know what they are up against after suffering these poor practices by BCBC and personel in high places like shared REgULATORY services including Cabinet and cllr Patel in this case as it turns out.
        When Cabinet and others breach their own communication charter that is a serious matter. When licensing ignore emails or fail to answer them that is a serious matter. All these matters are a serious matter of complaint.
        We can no longer stand by and tolerate the consistent abuse of the taxi trade for years when we go compare shared regulatory services in action with licensing and Cabinet decisions involved
        The BIT organisation was set up to target the problems so they can be exposed and become a genuine case for complaint. We have never set out to target people personally but their conduct has been in question as a result of either their remit in office or their behaviour in office or the lack of professionalism as a result.
        It has been common place for licensing to try and either ignore the problem or just try and manipulate the problem that overall is not only unfair, but also undemocratic.
        Taxi drivers have a say and those bodies responsible should not make it look like they have a say and then deny them of it or force those that do have a say to turn the other cheek.
        Again BIT was set up to seek out those bits of unfair play and expose them and all those that participate in ensuring fair play is not exercised.
        Our news may not be to everyone’s liking but it does serve as a warning to those that think there is democracy for taxi drivers who are thinking of applying for a taxi badge. It is a warning for those that think Parity is exercised by licensing.  It’s a warning to those that think fair play is common place. It’s a warning to those that think they will be dealt with fairly. It’s a warning to those that submit proposals or are thinking of them. It’s a warning of what to expect from individuals in office if you are a taxi driver. It shows the facts to the best of its ability in the public interests.
        It’s a fair way of getting to the problem and exposing the same. It shows the poor practices of an organisation/s connected to their potential well being as a taxi driver. It is a account of who, what, when and why. It shows the irregularities and unfair practices of BCBC and shared regulatory services day by day that have affected taxi drivers for years if not decades under BCBC administration.
        The news shows a forensic account of the difficulties the Bridgend taxi driver and trade must endure unfairly and the injustices as a result.
        I hope you will investigate it all and find a resolution for the trade that will correct the many failures we have uncovered during our almost 2 year investigation that brought us to the most recent communication which has not been adressed because that would not sit right with an unprofessional of shared regulatory services and any others that aid the poor practices today that hinder the well being of the Bridgend taxi trade compare to others under the same 3 boroughs.
        We don’t live in a bubble in Bridgend and therefore must speak out as we are no different to Cardiff as we have costs and expenses, but have found it impossible to get any sense from those that dictate our business demise.
        I trust this clarifies the matter.
        I trust you will dig deep and report what else has not been rectified which is covered in BITNEWS725.
        SA17 4LD
        Tel: 0871 789 1234
        Martin Luther king had a dream and got shot for it.
        Nelson Mandela had a dream and got jailed for it.
        Who was it that said – let my people go.
        Image result for bungling meaning

        Bit News – Bridgend Taxi facebook – facebook this week – Drive, wake up and smell the coffee, plenty of sugar

        Bungling Council to investigate them selves after discovery of their BIG heavy weight fight, with free tickets to the match on screen. Billed as a “Rocky” fight
        The BIT organisation having been in training for the last 18 months, get ready for the fight with taxi licensing’s south paw style.

        This week BITNEWS725 tells the forensic story by diary, which will provide good back ground into the bungling of taxi administration by the council, with evidence of dates and times to support the taxi case for Bridgend Drive and the public,
        Bridgend currently blacklisted by the Watch Dogs of the taxi trade to protect the public thinking of applying for a taxi badge, as the file is now massive and tells the story why. tells the Senior BIT Partner, as they launch the forensic exposure file to the cloud, known as BITNEWS725 & Bit News. The stage is set, the screen is the crime venue. Do you do CSI ? Yo Adrian!


        Bridgend county borough council make a huge Bungle, called a forum for taxi drivers

        A document reporting and used for the implementation of the Intended use policy was action-ed very quickly during the BIT investigation which scanned for information online

        Bridgend Council failed to make reasonable contact with the trade, an early complaint in November 2016 face to face with licensing and Daniel Cook. The same was reported in the early days of facebook news, during the period of the Intended use policy process of action to actioned and implemented.

        Below extracts from that document for the record to show

        Copies of Mr Nelson’s emails are detailed in Appendix C. The organisation BIT…….

        The trade has been contacted with a view to re-establishing a Taxi Forum so that
        trade representatives may meet to discuss issues of concern.
        3.10 The Intended Use Policy is based on the template provided by the Directors of
        Public Protection Wales (DPPW) which is approved for use by Welsh local
        4. Current sit:



        How to respond
        This consultation period will begin on the 9 December 2016 and will close 9 January 2017.
        You can respond or ask further questions in the following ways;
        Tel: (029) 2087 1022


Bridgend County Borough Council Target Bridgend Taxi Trade – A forensic exposure of irrelevance for the public after taxi trade delayed year on and year out over many shocking financial years

After waiting several months, finally taxis think Bridgend county Borough council will answer the 3+ 1 page document for answers to their mal practice ways costing the local Bridgend Taxi Trade injustices across the board with bungling and delays running into years, the investigation by the BIT organisation was able to uncover
A common complaint aired by the Bridgend Taxi Driver and trade throughout the investigation
tenor (38).gif
FW: E Mail from Councillor Dhanisha Patel7
  • Karen Williams (Leader’s PA) <>
    Cc:Cllr Dhanisha Patel
    9 May at 16:19

    Good Afternoon Mr Nelson,

    Cllr Patel has asked me to forward the response below to you, with her regards, further to your recent e-mails.

    Many thanks,



    Karen Williams

    Ffôn/Phone: (01656) 643225                                                                                                                            

    Swyddog Gwasanaethau Democrataidd – Arweinyddiaeth | Democratic Services Officer – Leadership

    Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol | Operational and Partnership Services

    Ffacs / Fax: (01656) 657899

    Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council                         

    E bost / Email:

    web email signature


    Dilynwch ni ar

    Follow us on

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    Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Rhowch wybod i ni os mai Cymraeg yw eich dewis iaith.
    We welcome correspondence in Welsh. Please let us know if your language choice is Welsh.

    Dear Mr Nelson

    I refer to the most recent emails and correspondence that you have sent to Licensing and other named Officers.

    Throughout your various documents you make reference to the SRS and the setting of taxi fares across the 3 Authorities. To confirm, there are currently no plans to align taxi fares across the constituent Councils of the Shared Regulatory Service. The discharge of licensing functions remain the responsibility of each Council and individual Cabinet.

    Further to recent email correspondence, it is noted that you have been sending multiple copies of electronic and hard copy correspondence to the Bridgend Licensing inbox, Complaints Section, individual officers, Shared Regulatory Services, MP’s and Bridgend Council Cabinet Members. I also note that you have been sending correspondence to the home address of individual councillors and Cabinet Members. Given the volume and frequency of emails received and the repetitive nature of the questions, the Authority cannot continue to devote significant Officer time and resources to collate and answer very similar enquiries.


    You are advised that all future correspondence on Bridgend licensing matters should be sent to mail inbox.  Failure to comply with this request or to include the name and full postal address of the sender will result in emails from persons claiming to represent BIT being rejected. If you email the Licensing inbox we will respond via email.

    I also have to advise that should you continue to target individual officers and Members with inappropriate correspondence the Council will consider whether we can continue to engage with you in the future.        

    You have been invited to submit an application to increase taxi fares in Bridgend.  You have received information on how the application will be considered and details of other applications which will go forward to Cabinet.  You have also been advised several times how your previous application was handled and you have been advised of the means of redress if you wish to make a complaint.

    To date you have not responded to a request for consultation and no new application has been received.

    The process is currently being scheduled for Cabinet in Bridgend to consider. Details of the agenda and the forthcoming meetings are published online.

    I note that you have recently raised separate issues in your email of the 4th May from (Mr MoneyPenny account) which will be responded to separately.

    I look forward to your co-operation with the above.

    Kind regards,

    Will Lane




    BIT Organisation responds to the above email:

    Mr MoneyPenny <>
    9 May at 17:34

    To whom it may concern.

    In order that I may comply with the email sent today:

    As I am not sure who to address at this point I have hit the reply button.
    Do I now take it that this reply is a complete response to the document containing many questions, which are not answered in the reply? Only one.
    If that is the case is it possible that I can have confirmation of the same, so all concerned can be sure going forward including the trade and the ombudsman?
    So I maybe sure can you also supply the ombudsman details also and your complaints procedures so I may be absolutely sure that every thing has been done as it should be?

    In the reply it states:

    To date you have not responded to a request for consultation and no new application has been received. 
    However a reply was given sharpesh. They reply raised questions which do not appear to be answered so far. My apologies but it’s just not there. Maybe someone would like to double check the document signed for on the 27th of Feb as it is in there.
    This of course being through no fault of my own even though I have waited some 10 weeks for a reply. 
    The response would suggest there is no time to respond,  a common response when legitimate questions have been asked for clarification in the past.
    Is there a leaflet you can send out on the ombudsman process? as Mr Lane”s response is far too brief under the circumstances.
    It would have been easy to take the document and reply to each point side by side. Instead it seems there is only one reply. Or a standard reply from Mr Lane.
    I have been waiting for the replies but it’s just not here. Mr Lane has a habit of writing there is no time or resources. I noticed that again.
    To comply I am Mr Nelson of Fawlty Towers, 3 Bryn terrace, Trimsaran, Kidwelly, SA174LD. Tel: 0871 789 1234. Please address correspondence to BIT.
    I hope this communication isn’t too time consuming. I am merely tasked with getting answers.
    Yours sincerely
    D Nelson
    Senior Partner
    BIT organisation organisation.
Karen Williams (Leader’s PA) <>
Cc:Cllr Dhanisha Patel,licensing
10 May at 10:41

Good Morning Mr Nelson,

I will copy Cllr Patel and Licensing (for Mr Lane’s attention) in to this e-mail.

Kind regards,



Karen Williams

giphy (96)
Mr MoneyPenny <>
10 May at 12:13
Good morning

I have already sent licensing an official complaint.

Given that Will Lane fabricates the truth I will not entertain further contact from him. Especially as his communication is targeted and repetitious. If you haven’t got the time I certainly have not to read the same old bias rubbish from him when he has never examined the facts. I true professional would have examined the facts. Like before he did not and fabricates as usual. Digraceful.
I note Cllr Patel is the source of communication and therefore sending her a document in an envelope would have been appropriate. Will lame is out of order.
I am not here to be taken advantage of or treated like the problem or some idiot. WIll Lane should pull his socks up.  If he was to get his facts right instead of making up false claims or irrelevant ones I would be happy to entertain his communication.
He has failed several times to be objective. His replies have a simple pattern. I don’t care who he is writing for. I’ve seen enough, I know the devil I am dealing with.
I am tired of being manipulated this way. I have been around too long to have to deal with his manner of unprofessional communication or anyone else’s for that matter.
I have complieD with his request and written to licensing. It’s obvious I am being played with. You would think BCBC would have a more integral strategy.
My 2nd email to licensing on the 23/3/18 was never responded to. I fail to uderstand why BCBC rely on doing things their way and leaving out the masses.
I am a professional doing a professional job. I will not etertain unprofessionals that write un truths like some bully boy or uprofessional.
I’ve been around the block several times in 58 years and have much experience.
This started out as a simple matter and has esclalated
Into unprofessionalism on may fronts as I compile.
Forgive me but you will need to contact licensing so they can refer my response to Cllr Patel.
I am once again appaulled at the lack of care and professionalism.
Please accept my apologies for being so blunt.
D Nelson
3 Bryn terrace
Karen Williams (Leader’s PA) <>
Cc:Cllr Dhanisha Patel,licensing
10 May at 12:22

Hi Mr Nelson,

I acknowledge your e-mail below.

Kind regards,



Karen Williams

Bridgend Council face heavy weight fight from Taxi Trade Watch Dogs of mal administration over 18 rounds as Taxi licensing expected to Jab their way out and get knocked out in the 3rd round

Image result for maladministration cartoon


BIT partner’s and their experts have followed every move the Bridgend Taxi licensing take out of taxis, and their well being as a result of mal administration that has become the norm and acceptable to how BCBC operate the taxi trade in Bridgend, now over many years, say far too many today with costly years for those affected by mal administration for the Bridgend taxi trade and Bridgend Taxi drivers thinking of getting a taxi badge or having one


BIT Partner’s now join the official train ride to take the Bridgend Taxi case to the ombudsman, but must board the stage one complaint and stage two complaint train to reach station ombudsman. A process that will take two train rides of up to 12 weeks at a time, if BCBC keep up with their obligations under official notice. At the very least the ombudsman requires you take that route and train ride

200 (3)

BIT Partners are now satisfied and ready to take it to the next level as they have a case to take to the ombudsman if BCBC fail to change the error of their mal administration ways.  An unhealthy strategy for much needed taxi transport in the borough county called Bridgend in Wales,  Mid Glamorgan

Image result for maladministration gif

For the first time ladies and gentleman The BIT organisation and it’s Watch Dog team can account the mal administration applied to the Bridgend Taxi trade, and call for change in what BIT Partner’s call irresponsible and costly practices where even injustices are policies. We aim to show the ombudsman the whole picture after contact with BCBC on the record with their practices in those records over time.



BIT Partners now board the official complaint train to the ombudsman with belief and a dream, regardless of how BCBC may try and hold up the train


BIT Partner’s today sent an email to TalkToUs rather than taxi licensing because of the seriousness of the complaint, and could not be sure they would get acknowledgement from Vale of Glamorgan – Christina Hill in any time soon. As the BIT organisation continue to expose the mal administration over time

giphy (82)

After a revealing investigation which now shows mal administration for the Bridgend Taxi Trade by Bridgend taxi licensing and the rest at BCBC including Bridgend Cabinet, who regulate taxi fares in the borough, also involved in aspects key to the Bridgend Taxi Trade,  or any taxi driver thinking of getting a taxi badge, not forgetting those that already have one. Mal administration becomes a fact for BCBC today


Many now see this as a real heavy weight fight to win for those backing the local taxi trade to win and restore economic fair play with communication fair play also. New Policies fit for taxi champions of all walks


The evidence is staggering in what now see as a heavy weight contest for Bridgend administration to win over 12 rounds or lose. Is the taxi trade now ready to float like a butter fly  and sting like a bee. Is a mal administration complaint worth a knock out in the public domain and could there be winnings for either side?

giphy (10).gif

Today a Mal administration complaint official stage one has been emailed to BCBC which  was later acknowledged by Talk to Us.

Will there be further hostile approaches to block the local trade without apology for short falls or injustices as a result of mal administration by the chief executive and all those involved or responsible?  BIT Partners put the issue on the final track

BIT organisation seeks to shoot down the mal administration and so targets the problem after a year since it’s proposal showed mal administration and more when dealing with taxi matters, and BCBC due process for the taxi trade of Bridgend, enforced by Bridgend Taxi Licensing today.


5 Jun at 14:35


Thank you for your email, we have forwarded it onto the relevant department for their attention.

Kind regards

The Talktous Team (ME)


Mr MoneyPenny <>
5 Jun at 12:11

To whom it may concern

As a member of the public I/we have the right to complain at stage one of mal administration by BCBC who are also in partnership with SRS as part of the process for a taxi driver, and members of the taxi trade, as a result. We are now more than 18 months, with proof absolute of the same to support the claim of mal administration targeted for the Bridgend taxi trade always over time to the economic detriment to the taxi trade with unecessary injustices as a result.
Our investigation is detailed and extensive over time to establish if it was the case.
We find it is the case and therefore talk to you to make it official in order to comply with due process
Therefore you department have a public duty to come on the record to ensure this official complaint is acknowledged for the record to show. Mal practice for taxi trade – mal administration.
This is a an official stage one complaint notification and therefore should nor be ignored or seem to be ignored.
As this is a delicate matter your department has been deemed as integral to receive this sensative email to talktous.
This email can form part of a gov ombudsman’s investigation.
Senior Partner
BIT organisation – Taxi trade watch dogs
BITNEWS725 found on Google search for forensic evidence of mal administration


Image result for breaking news updates

check the facebook postings for on the spot news over time and more on the many complaint issues that see financial years come and go whilst BCBC blunder over time at the Bridgend Taxi driver’s expense, Even if you are a government ombudsman or a plain old member of the public or a Drive you get the forensic pointers from the BIT organisations news as Watch Dogs of the taxi trade in Wales today.

Many would have you believe will Lane would block us out too with any old excuse. We’ve seen the excuses as Will Lane had his rant and lost the plot on the record. All now evidence for the ombudsman to take on board when dealing with mal administration for the Bridgend Taxi trade by Bridgend Taxi licensing and the others at Bridgend County Borough Council that allow incompetenceinefficiency, bungling, blundering




  1. inefficient or dishonest administration; mismanagement.
    “I found no maladministration in the council’s actions”
    synonyms: mismanagement, mishandling, misgovernment, misruleincompetenceinefficiency, bungling, blundering;

    “a long battle against maladministration and incompetence”

Catch the news and tell the facts. Bridgend’s only taxi news with a Taxi watch dog team specially for Wales, a free public service if you want to get to that bit but do not have the time.

Image result for maladministration
Maladministration is the actions of a government body which can be seen as causing an injustice. The law in the United Kingdom says Ombudsman must investigate ‘maladministration’. The definition of maladministration is wide and can include: Delay. Wikipedia
Image result for top stories in the news image

Stage one – taxi trade send complaint of economic preportions when debated.

Email sent to Vale of Glamorgan complaints which talks of the enslaved taxi trade, enslaved in BCBC due process.

Accountant authorises the complaint after BCBC see BIT take on the system after thousands of pounds lost in unjustifiable low fare policy says accountant for BIT Partner’s after examining the facts of the trade and costs today before and after Brexit vote.

No automatic alt text available.
 No automatic alt text available.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, beard and sunglasses

Bit News – I can see clearly now ma boy

BIT accountant gives go ahead to tackle BCBC taxi driver economic losses debate for the trade in Bridgend, always kept waiting beyond at least one financial year on economic issues, where the books open and close says BIT Partner’s expert, dealing with accounts for taxis and HMRC and looking at Cabinet and shared regulatory services and licensing practices that effect costs associated with running a taxi.


The postman came and went today as BIT Partner’s serve more proof of how the taxi trade is enslaved in Bridgend with a blind eye turned on then , by many responsible for operations across the borough with vale of glamorgan staff included, all linked in with shared regulatory services staff one way or the other.

An another stage one complaint that says why do we run at a loss because you say so when you like and however you like.

BIT PARTNER tellS complaints BCBC from the top down are costing the trade tens of thousands of pounds. Let it be noted should the matter go to the ombudsman as this is now official, we are on the plot.

Is there a fiddler on the roof?

Who will get to pick a pocket or two?

More details to be released on BITNEWS725 soon. The defence rests says one BIT Partner whilst we evaluate how long this delay will be?

Can you see clearly now, ma boy?
Is it kosher ?

What’s your view?

Dave James's photo.

Bit News – taxis take the logical approach to safe guard their futures whilst others protest.

A common sense approach to the growing numbers who feel taxis will become disfunctional if restricted in their movements has started in the taxi trade in Wales today..

As many taxi drivers seen in part to be a minority, as they look to disrupt not only a public service but life as we know it when empty after a fare has been dropped off out of area.

Taxis without borders takes the real case to Wales and the public:

As it stands all taxi drivers can all carry out private hire work anywhere in the UK, as long as the driver, the vehicle and the operator are licenced by the same council. Known as triple lock. As long as that is stuck too, it doesnt matter who makes the booking, where the booking is made, where the pick up is or where the destination is. As long as the job goes through an operator that is licenced by the same council as the driver and their car. This is known as “Cross-Bordering”

Earlier this year, powers for Taxi and Private Hire in Wales were devolved from Westminster to The Welsh Assembly, and the assembly now how the power to change legislation in Wales, away from Westminster. The assembly have already said they are looking at reforming the legislation, and later this year they are due to publish their proposals on what they intend to do. This will then go to consultation before a formal decision is made, and legislation in Wales is changed.

There is a growing movement campaigning for cross-bordering to be abolished by the Welsh Assembly. Taxis Without Borders was formed in opposition to this campaign. We intend to promote the benefits of Cross Bordering for Passengers, Drivers and Operators. It is our aim to have the Welsh Assembly to keep Cross Bordering as part of the changes it makes.

We believe that the ability of taxi drivers to carry out work anywhere in the UK, is paramount to a thriving economy, providing excellent service to the general public and is more environmentally friendly.

We intend to work alongside the Welsh Assembly and other stakeholders to bring about the necessary changes that will enable Cross-Bordering to work in a wholly safe and environmentally friendly manner. This includes the introduction of a minimal national standard, additional powers for enforcement officers, and raising the standard of all Hackney & private hire drivers.

Dave James's photo.

Public group

35 Members
Da Nelson
Da Nelson Up with uber Wales? – no cross border in England? Hey but we are talking Wales Taxis without borders, it’s across the border and hopefully could be even tidier than Hingland. Yeah man cross border for I and I, soon come me want fare for me bredrind Jah know Exodus of ma people. me want da wind and da rush – windrush, mon!!! Said Leroy the taxi driver?

Is Bridgend MP over the moon with mal administration ?

Image result for breaking news updates

To:Madeleine Moon MP
5 Jun at 17:56
Good afternoon and good evening
Will lane would suggest you object to emails from me. We have that in writing in his words. It’s on file. That’s the trouble when you have mal administration for the taxi trade.
Here is the latest blog in short for your reference,
Many thanks and take care
Senior Partner
BIT organisation
MOON, Madeleine <>
5 Jun at 17:57

0491_port2016PORTCULLIS 348u newMadeleine Moon MP

Working for Bridgend


Thank you for your e-mail. This acknowledgement has been triggered automatically. If you are a Bridgend constituent and have contacted me with an issue upon which I will need to take action, I will try to respond as promptly as possible. Emails are treated in the same manner and with the same level of importance as other communications.

Please check that you have included your full name, postal address and phone number in your e-mail. Please note that there is a strict rule in the House of Commons that MPs may only act on behalf of their own constituents. To find out if you are a Bridgend constituent please go to and enter your postcode.

If your issue relates to Bridgend County Borough Council you should in the first instance contact your Ward Councillor who, as your elected representative on the Council, will be able to offer assistance. You can find your local councillor

If your issue relates to a devolved responsibility you should contact your Welsh Assembly Member. For Bridgend constituents, your Assembly member is Rt. Hon Carwyn Jones AM. You can find your local Assembly Member on

Since working as a Parliamentary Private Secretary, I have a policy not to sign EDMs. During that time it became clear to me that EDMs were not the most effective way of raising an issue in Parliament. They have no direct ability to affect laws, and the sheer number of them means that they receive little attention from Government and cost the taxpayer over a million pounds per year. There are other, more effective, means of pursuing constituents’ concerns, including raising an issue on the floor of the House of Commons, asking Parliamentary questions or writing to Ministers.

I produce a weekly newsletter when the House of Commons is sitting called, ‘This Week in Westminster.’ Many of my constituents like to receive the newsletter, which is a chance for me to explain the work I do in Parliament, and to show the relevance of a world which can seem far-removed from everyday life. Occasionally, I also write newsletters on defence, the environment, Brexit and other issues. If you would like to receive my newsletters please click the following link to subscribe.

You can view my privacy policy here.

With best wishes,


Madeleine Moon MP

Labour MP for Bridgend

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

UK Parliament Disclaimer: This e-mail is confidential to the intended recipient. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender and delete it from your system. Any unauthorised use, disclosure, or copying is not permitted. This e-mail has been checked for viruses, but no liability is accepted for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail. This e-mail address is not secure, is not encrypted and should not be used for sensitive data.

UK Parliament Disclaimer: This e-mail is confidential to the intended recipient. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender and delete it from your system. Any unauthorised use, disclosure, or copying is not permitted. This e-mail has been checked for viruses, but no liability is accepted for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail. This e-mail address is not secure, is not encrypted and should not be used

for sensitive data.
Image result for forum image

Bit News – Hello, Hello, Hello

Will Lane- Shared regulatory services acts with speed in Cardiff taxi forum but snubs Bridgend taxi trade like a bad penny.

Read how fast action with consideration happens in Cardiff but not in Bridgend.

Bit Partner’s see another clear example of split standards by the same people that are involved in decision making in Bridgend.

A copy was sent by the BIT Senior Partner to Christine hill today as part of the stage one complaint with evidence to support the same.

See more

Related image

Bit News – Many private hire Uber drivers in Wales today are falsely accused of breaking the law by over zealous and often aggressive Hackney carriage taxi drivers making 1 + 1 = 3 and reporting the same to taxi licensing

Uber customers hail their cab driver as they know who they are in advance and most are standing on the street to avoid being charged waiting time as the uber app counts down if the driver is kept waiting

Image result for 2 minute clock timer

The ride hailing app now popular in Wales as customers can choose their taxi located on the app with it’s actual location, which once chosen will track, as well as notifies the rider on screen of the cabs actual movement as it approaches, allowing the rider to flag the cabbie on approach as the app gives the vehicle registration, vehicle and driver profile/picture. This easy system leaves many Hackney carriage taxi drivers in Welsh boroughs to the assumption that uber drivers are stealing passengers off the street or plying for hire illegally. A now common complaint by Uber drivers in places like Cardiff, Newport and even Swansea, as people from all over the world have the app on their phone when they come to Wales or are in Welsh locations. We are seeing more and more that it is not the uber driver breaking the law, but private hire drivers from other firms it has been alleged, or proven recently in Cardiff for example.


With Cab firms hustling to fill their drivers pockets or their fleet revenues, it is common for the operator on the phone to say it’s on the way and leave the customer hanging. As a result more and more people prefer uber to by pass the untruths and the uncertainty of the actual fare.

Image may contain: one or more people

Bit News – BCBC not looking Jolly ?

BCBC forced to deal with tariff £1 card charge
by BIT Senior Partner and local government ombudsman office, after licensing kept dodging the issue for months.

No automatic alt text available.

Bit News – Bridgend taxi trade continue to fall once again in the national taxi fare league table

Bridgend now sit 328 after yet another drop.

No automatic alt text available.
Related image
Read this weeks taxi news story all extracted from face book postings available on the Bit News facebook live update page
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Bit News – shared regulatory service complaint department for Bridgend, told – Youre not fit to investigate yourselves

In another detailed complaint email sent to complaints today Christina Hill is given a complete outlining of the many issues discovered by BIT since they started the Bridgend Taxi investigation

BIT names Dave Holland as a complaint issue, Will Lane, LICENSING, Cabinet as the problem areas in the complaint with Cllr Patel’s involvement, Bridgend complaints, as well as the councils communication charter, and their website’s false promises to update when communications are sent in regarding issues the public might have.

Mr Nelson Senior Partner in his detailed email looks for a resolution on all the issues on the table facing the Bridgend taxi trade today.
The Watch dogs direct the learned complaints manager to BITNEWS725 in the same email as a matter of course and invites Christina to seek out the path BIT have found over the last 18 months which ultimately will affect all involved in the borough or taxi trade.

In a document found online showing the management and committee structure dated 2015 we find Cllr Patel in that 3 borough structure with shared regulatory service. Which would explain why Cllr Patel chose to enlist the bullish Will Lane.
As Dave Holland is included in the complaint and would deal with the Taxi trade big issue, BIT Partner’s fail to see how that would work and be seen to be viable under the circumstance.

BIT Partner’s plan to object strongly if the matter is referred to the one person that has failed to come on the record since his letter in February,  when he went into hiding last year after stripping the BIT proposal of its engine and talking of a divided taxi trade, as he wrote in so many words on the record.

Where is Bridgend Taxi forum? BIT Partners witness the unbelievable as if Bridgend is snubbed by Shared regulatory services who meet with this Cardiff forum
Image result for breaking news
Image result for top stories in the news image
23 May · BIT working over time to update with news 24 7 as it rolls out Bridgend’s only taxi news diary of the taxi trade under mal administration


Bit News – Diesel fuel prices soar to a staggering £133.9, reaching the height of 2011 prices, when last BCBC calculated the cost of fuel, which resulted in the last fare increase for taxis in the borough in 2011.

Local petrol station in the borough shows what a Pyle it is to be a Bridgend taxi driver regulated by the cheap Bridgend county borough council still stalling the taxi fare increase thus costing the trade even more since 3 fare proposals were rejected last year in September after manipulation by BCBC that today is seen as a complete nonsense for the taxi trade of the borough.

Analysts predicting further increases in diesel fuel prices still to come according to a BBC report.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Bit News – BIT Partners have a dream

Now is the time”

“the fierce urgency of now”.

“We have a dream that Bridgend taxi drivers will one day work in a borough where they will not be judged by the color of their vehicle or by the borough they are in, but by the content of their economic character. We have a dream today!”

“unfulfilled promise”

Bridgend taxi trade ignored like a racists policy that sees Policy officer prejudices against the Bridgend taxi trade by Bridgend.Gov and shared regulatory service

“But let justice roll down like water..

“this sweltering summer of the Bridgend taxis legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn..”

Bit Partners have a dream that the policy officer will not descriminate against the Bridgend taxi trade and make all free at last, free at last. We have a dream.

Image may contain: text
Image may contain: 1 person, close-up

Bit News facebook and BITNEWS725 come together as a forensic diary prepared for an ombudsman investigation to look at matters and trends over time or taxi time. BIT Partners say they are preparing to update the diary and further disclose hard evidence of emails from SRS and BCBC for the record to show and for the public to see, or for those that have not had the full disclosure

Just in case BCBC and their operations get inventive as usual, and so it must be put in the diary for that bit, James comey of the FBI once, would not have it any other way, one taxi driver commented on looking at how the diary can be read as evidence over time


Bridgend Council face heavy weight fight from Taxi Trade Watch Dogs of mal administration over 18 rounds as Taxi licensing expected to Jab their way out and get knocked out in the 3rd round
8 hours ago

Will Lane bully boy is unprofessional in Shared regulatory Services play ground after untruths to taxi drivers and taxi trade after Bridgend Council blacklisted
May 12, 2018 4:16 PM

Taxi Trade Watch Dogs-Bridgend Council Chief executive and Cabinet named their Stupid Horse – Taxi Badge – A Wayward bet for Cab Drivers applying logic
Apr 15, 2018 11:26 PM

Bridgend Taxi Tariff deemed illegal after Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet fail public protection and Gov legislation, now several months on
Apr 3, 2018 6:48 PM

Bridgend Taxi Licensing asks BIT to contact all borough Taxi Drivers but offers no funding. What is your view?
Feb 25, 2018 4:53 PM

THE TAXI BIG ISSUE – Deal With It BCBC Cabinet says local Cllr Alex Williams !
Feb 23, 2018 6:42 PM

Bridgend Taxi Trade gets undemocratic treatment with untruths from BCBC in writing split 3 ways?
Feb 13, 2018 12:33 PM

Leader of Bridgend Cabinet accused of a mickey mouse campaign to fool the public to force Taxis to work for cheap
Feb 7, 2018 1:47 PM

Dave Holland Head of Shared Regulatory Services holds up Bridgend taxi drivers wages over his fake news
Feb 4, 2018 12:44 AM

Dec 5, 2017 7:21 PM

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Bridgend Taxis go Swahili – As Cabinet Councillor Patel orders – The Total Recall report from Bridgend Taxi Licensing header
Nov 29, 2017 11:35 AM

Dave Holland Shared Regulatory services head told to get his finger out the DYKE and head out the sand for a BIT
Nov 19, 2017 3:12 PM

Local Councillor aids local taxi trade as Shared Regulatory services for BCBC lacks integrity, as taxi drivers uncover they are being targeted with damaging BCBC policies after a 11 Month targeted investigation regarding trade concerns
Nov 17, 2017 3:01 PM

Licensing head Yvonne Witchell exposed as a fraud for potentially years, by BCBC,when dealing with contact, including proposals, fares, and general communication in relation to the taxi trade
Nov 10, 2017 12:04 PM

Bridgend Licensing still in Denial like the guilty party in court playing games to save his or her ass like an ignaramous?
Nov 2, 2017 12:29 PM


Taxi Licensing head for Bridgend accused of being blind as a BAT
Oct 23, 2017 11:56 AM

Bridgend Taxi Licensing-Yvonne Withchell BCBC’s Taxi head talks abusive A costly mistake for the Public & Cabinet!
Oct 8, 2017 2:23 PM

Bridgend Cabinet told stop misleading the public about the costings for a taxi driver @ £1.60 per mile instead of the recognised rural taxi formula @ £2.30 needed give or take
Oct 3, 2017 8:22 AM

BIT NEWS – Bridgend’s Only Taxi News
Aug 9, 2017 8:14 PM
20 Views 1 Comment

Bit News the taxi bible they call the diary for the public to read.
It goes like this…..

Bridgend Council face heavy weight fight from Taxi Trade Watch Dogs of mal administration over 18 rounds as Taxi licensing expected to Jab their way out and get knocked out in the 3rd round
8 hours ago

Will Lane bully boy is unprofessional in Shared regulatory Services play ground after untruths to taxi drivers and taxi trade after Bridgend Council blacklisted
May 12, 2018 4:16 PM

Taxi Trade Watch Dogs-Bridgend Council Chief executive and Cabinet named their Stupid Horse – Taxi Badge – A Wayward bet for Cab Drivers applying logic
Apr 15, 2018 11:26 PM

Bridgend Taxi Tariff deemed illegal after Bridgend County Borough Council Cabinet fail public protection and Gov legislation, now several months on
Apr 3, 2018 6:48 PM

Bridgend Taxi Licensing asks BIT to contact all borough Taxi Drivers but offers no funding. What is your view?
Feb 25, 2018 4:53 PM

THE TAXI BIG ISSUE – Deal With It BCBC Cabinet says local Cllr Alex Williams !
Feb 23, 2018 6:42 PM

Bridgend Taxi Trade gets undemocratic treatment with untruths from BCBC in writing split 3 ways?
Feb 13, 2018 12:33 PM

Leader of Bridgend Cabinet accused of a mickey mouse campaign to fool the public to force Taxis to work for cheap
Feb 7, 2018 1:47 PM

Dave Holland Head of Shared Regulatory Services holds up Bridgend taxi drivers wages over his fake news
Feb 4, 2018 12:44 AM

Dec 5, 2017 7:21 PM

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Bridgend Taxis go Swahili – As Cabinet Councillor Patel orders – The Total Recall report from Bridgend Taxi Licensing header
Nov 29, 2017 11:35 AM

Dave Holland Shared Regulatory services head told to get his finger out the DYKE and head out the sand for a BIT
Nov 19, 2017 3:12 PM

Local Councillor aids local taxi trade as Shared Regulatory services for BCBC lacks integrity, as taxi drivers uncover they are being targeted with damaging BCBC policies after a 11 Month targeted investigation regarding trade concerns
Nov 17, 2017 3:01 PM

Licensing head Yvonne Witchell exposed as a fraud for potentially years, by BCBC,when dealing with contact, including proposals, fares, and general communication in relation to the taxi trade
Nov 10, 2017 12:04 PM

Bridgend Licensing still in Denial like the guilty party in court playing games to save his or her ass like an ignaramous?
Nov 2, 2017 12:29 PM


Taxi Licensing head for Bridgend accused of being blind as a BAT
Oct 23, 2017 11:56 AM

Bridgend Taxi Licensing-Yvonne Withchell BCBC’s Taxi head talks abusive A costly mistake for the Public & Cabinet!
Oct 8, 2017 2:23 PM

Bridgend Cabinet told stop misleading the public about the costings for a taxi driver @ £1.60 per mile instead of the recognised rural taxi formula @ £2.30 needed give or take
Oct 3, 2017 8:22 AM

BIT NEWS – Bridgend’s Only Taxi News
Aug 9, 2017 8:14 PM
20 Views 1 Comment

Image result for breaking news uk

News just in rural taxi brothers take that step faster than BCBC?


(Image: South Wales Echo)

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Getting a taxi in the Vale of Glamorgan could be able to get more expensive, if plans to increase fares are approved this week.

An average fare rise of 7.45% is being proposed for all taxi journeys across the Vale of Glamorgan.

It would mean taxi fares for up to four people on a 10-mile journey, such as from Barry to the centre of Cardiff, would cost £22, up from £20.85, on a Monday to Saturday between 6am and 11pm.

That same journey, if it was made between 11pm to 6am every day or on a Sunday or bank holiday, would cost £26.75, an 11.9 per cent increase from the previous tariff £23.90.

The proposed changes, which will also affect short-distance journeys, will be considered by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet on Wednesday June 6.

The current table of fares as at 06/06/2018 puts Bridgend some 40 pence per mile behind at first glance

The rural taxi fare exposed in Wales or down the road from Bridgend Taxi licensing who are also involved in The Vale of Glamorgan as Yvonne Witchell works both licensing departments and has the view to see Bridgend Taxi drivers crossing over the border and running empty on the return.

Image result for compare the market simples

Hackney Carriage Tariffs

Vale of Glamorgan Council Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 – Authorised Maximum Fare Tariffs


Tariff 1
First 1/2 of a mile or part thereof

£ 2.80

For each subsequent one-tenth of a mile or part thereof

£ 0.19

Waiting Time – Applies to all tariffs at £16 per hour based on units of a second
Extra Charges (for all tariffs)


Tariff 2
11.00pm to 6.00am everyday. All day Sundays and Bank Holidays. First 1/2 mile or part thereof.

£ 3.00

For each subsequent one-tenth of a mile or part thereof.

£ 0.22

Tariff 3
6.00pm December 24 to 6.00am 27 December

6.00pm December 31 to 6.00am 2 January


For each subsequent one-tenth of a mile or part thereof. £0.28
Tariff 4 (For MPVs & Minibuses carrying 5 to 8 passengers)
First 1/2 of a mile or part thereof


For each subsequent one-tenth of a mile or part thereof.


Tariff 5 (For MPVs & Minibuses carrying 5 to 8 passengers)
11.00pm to 6.00am everyday. All day Sundays and Bank Holidays. First 1/2 mile or part thereof.

£ 3.70

For each subsequent one-tenth of a mile or part thereof.

£ 0.27

Tariff 6 (For MPVs & Minibuses carrying 5 to 8 passengers)
6.00pm December 24 to 6.00am 27 December

6.00pm December 31 to 6.00am 2 January


For each subsequent one-tenth of a mile or part thereof. £0.36
Maximum charge for cleansing the interior of the vehicle

 £ 60.00

Will Lane bully boy is unprofessional in Shared regulatory Services play ground after untruths to taxi drivers and taxi trade after Bridgend Council blacklisted

In an email to Bridgend County Borough Council Leader’s office, Will Lane of shared regulatory services – Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory. Services speaking for Councillor Patel and Cabinet apparently, was described as disgraceful after reading his unprofessional account which targeted the Bridgend Taxi trade by using unprofessionalism by using untruths publicly in an email response for the BIT organisation analyses so they could inform the public of the same in today’s taxi news. One can contact SRS to confirm the same via the click link here

Image result for bully boy in play ground images

Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Services this week apparently talks for Cllr Patel when he writes the questions in the document sent Cabinet Cllr Patel in an envelope to her ward address have effectively all been answered already and therefore they are repetitious


In his rant of an email he accuses BIT of targeting officers and being repetitious. He states further untruths implicated in his rant in an unprofessional email reply was the opinion of BIT.  The Lame Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service has been known to fabricate the truth of the matter in the past in order to bully the taxi trade into submission or make BIT Partner’s look like a nuisance as he cannot be bothered to fill himself in with the facts. Makes you wonder how he got the job. should you wish to find out he can be contacted via the SRS contact us


This week BIT senior Partner wrote to Cabinet leader’s PA advising that Bridgend had been blacklisted in order to warn would be applicants applying for a taxi badge of how bad the democracy for a taxi driver holding a taxi badge for the borough is in 2018 and how it has been since the BIT investigation looked at how local borough taxi drivers are treated if they hold a Bridgend Taxi Badge with taxi policies under the control of Bridgend Cabinet and Bridgend Taxi licensing not forgetting of course shared regulatory services play ground and Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service who can be contacted by clicking the link here

Image result for fawlty towers i know nothing gif

Mr Will Lane – Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service claims question 22 has already been answered and others in so many words. However the Watch Dogs of the taxi trade have pointed out that is impossible under the circumstances, especially as Cardiff have only just had a proposal and a fare increase in March this year and BIT have had no replies since sending out the letter in late Feb 2018. His replies irrelevant under the circumstances given the way the questions were put to Bridgend County borough Council Cabinet Members and not just one Cllr named Patel from Ogmore vale ward


BIT Partner’s anticipating the Cardiff fare increase was going to be approved for obvious reasons, constructed their Q & A for the entire Cabinet, on that basis, and sent out the Q & A document which was signed for by Civic offices on the 27/02/18 as shown on Bit News face book not long after, for evidence in the public domain. The Cardiff Tariff came into effect on 12/03/18. Their proposal received in December 2017, with swift action that put it straight out for public and trade consultation at the same time. Something that Bridgend Cabinet cannot grasp as effective if Will Lane – ,Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service reply in the shared regulatory services play ground is any thing to go by


Mr Nelson senior Partner for the watch dogs accused Will Lane -Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service of playing games, including taxi licensing as usual not to mention Cabinet under the circumstances, and stated one would of thought Bridgend Council or Cabinet would have had a better strategy than be unprofessional like a bully boy in the play ground some say


One of the main concerns listed below in 22 was never answered, however Will lane -Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service writes it was in so many words and he hasn’t got the time or the resources to deal with it. It should be noted that Karen Williams the Council leader’s PA asked for a copy of the document sent recorded and received on the 27/02/18 as she appeared to know nothing about it when contacted only days ago. And there we were thinking Cabinet were looking at the taxi trade matter as she said last year which we reported on in the news. Instead it was a case of…..

tenor (35).gif

BIT Partner pointed out in the reply email in so many words – it is no wonder the taxi trade are in the mess they are today as there is a complete disregard for the well being of the trade, which was evident from her email reply. The leader’s PA tried to get out of the fix she was in from the reply requesting an electronic copy by saying there had been a lot of correspondence from BIT and no reference or date was mentioned


However BIT senior Partner pointed out that there was only one document with 4 pages signed for on the 27/02/18 which was referred to in the email to her asking what is going on as it’s been 10 weeks, do we have to wait 12? Implying that after 12 weeks the Watch Dogs could then write to the local ombudsman with a complaint. It’s no wonder the bull dog or Will Lane -,Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory. Service came out of his dog house into the neighbourhood play ground of shared regulatory service, and had a good bark to bust your ass or taxi badge ass! for avoidance of doubt Will Lane can be contacted via the SRS contact us

Image result for fawlty towers I am going to bust your ass gif

Bridgend’s new website states you will be updated and more, but of course if it is a taxi matter you are generally left hanging, even for years as it turns out. A point posted on the councils visitors facebook page recently quoting their wording, left by BIT organisation and a link to the website


This prompted Will lane – Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory. Service. to come out to the play ground with his usual bullish communication spilling rubbish stating that 22 below had already been replied to, which of course was absolute rubbish and untrue, not to mention the many other points that had not been replied to since Yvonne Witchell taxi licensing head suggested in so many words that BIT should inform all taxi drivers to contact her if they had a complaint regarding the closed consultation process that at least 96% of the taxi trade had not been given invitations to participate in, or a circular advising them of the chance to participate

22 shown below for readers reference and a few others were not replied to but brushed off like a bully in the play ground that must have his or her way so to speak

Related image

22. In view of the email from Yvonne Withchell to BIT Senior Partner on 23/02/2018 16:03, Will Cabinet now authorise funding so BIT may provide all taxi drivers of the borough with the instructions given in the email, and will BIT then understand how those consultation concerns will be responded to in wording for those that were not advised of the consultation process and the deadline?

  1. Why does shared regulatory services not understand the 2016 Somerset formula?
  2. Is the above (20) not a very good guide to taxi economics and why?

13. Would it be possible in the future that there will be a better mechanism for actioning taxi fares/proposals so the taxi trade are able to keep up with their economic needs over time, that even Cardiff Taxi firms expose as trends and national trends for even their neighbours to see.

14. Can the Bridgend Taxi trade be given a much needed fair play charter for more of a direct approach to bring Bridgend Taxi fares into the real economic climate for today’s taxi trade, thus achieving a better approach of regulating fares in the borough and a better time frame for implementing the public consultation for new taxi fares proposed for implementation as part of the public consultation process?

16, Can Cabinet today recognise how much faster it is for Cardiff Taxi Trade, also under the shared regulatory services jurisdiction, to have fare proposals processed and actioned to the public consultation stage ?

19. Does Bridgend Cabinet not recognise the trend in all 3 proposals or all 4 that give off the sense that the trade is trying to catch up with the others in the UK and Wales that have a better passage to communicate their needs than BCBC to date?


As a result of the unprofessional approach by Will Lane -Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service or his lame approach apparently speaking for Cllr Patel as stated by Karen Williams this week in the email not answering the questions, BIT Senior Partner filed a stage one complaint as Will Lame or Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service wrote they did not have the resources to deal with the communications which he called targeted and repetitious

Many taxi drivers of course feel the same way about being left behind by the rest of the taxi trades who sit much higher in the national table of fares that can also buy 2nd hand cars instead of new, that also trade in a much bigger town or City


A common lame response from this unprofessional organisation or his department which he seems to be the key spokesman for at times as we have discovered during our investigation into how Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service works or deals with communications in relation to taxi matters is to brush you away as the problem with a total disregard for taxis well being in the neighbourhood


A Lame excuse in every taxi drivers book if you look at how Bridgend Taxi licensing stall the taxi trade with the help of what BIT have compared to bullies in office based on the evidence of not dealing with matters swiftly and so they get their way, one taxi driver pointed out,  which of course is to the detriment of many in the Bridgend Taxi trade today or Bridgend taxi drivers with a taxi badge as that is the case overall, which of course would dramatically affect any unsuspecting member of the public thinking of making an application for a Bridgend taxi badge.


One of the many complaints put forward at the stage one complaint sent to licensing this week pointed out that Bridgend licensing was taking advantage of BIT by asking them to play along with their bullying tactics to submit a proposal and forget about the others that have been left out, something that Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory. Service seems to be in favor of also if his tactics are any thing to go by

One member of the public described those tactics during a survey with the public recently as the same old poor tactics to exclude the trade of what is going on, with the various deadlines they either don’t advise you on or keep opening and closing the same without proper notice to all taxi drivers of the borough with a Bridgend taxi badge. BIT considered their action unfair not only for the trade but also for Bridgend Taxi drivers as a whole. In 2017 and 2016 Bridgend Cabinet mentioned they would set up a forum for the trade, but we have not seen one. That was also mentioned in the recent stage one complain filed this week which mentioned Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service


Hence Karen Williams Cabinet leaders PA being advised that the Watch Dogs had no choice to warn the public of the goings on for those either thinking about being a taxi driver or applying for a taxi badge in Bridgend, as they must know the facts as other boroughs do not delay, like Cardiff for example, who understand the economics for the taxi trade, and certainly don’t bully their taxi trade with untruths like Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service. did this week in his email saying effectively all the questions had been answered before, whilst writing apparently in the name of Cllr Patel of Ogmore Vale a member of Bridgend Cabinet of course with her address on the council website for public consumption or contact like the rest of Cabinet members and councillors

tenor (36).gif

BIT Partner accused the council of always side stepping legitimate questions and playing games as part of what they always do. A habit of creating the illusion that all is being done correctly but many get left out as part of what they do.  With long delays ever so frequent, so it looks like change is going on but in effect the taxi driver with a taxi badge gets pushed back and delayed for years on simple matters that other boroughs can action quickly


18 months to not introduce a age policy which was in the making since 2016, is a ridiculous mount of time to justify given we are in almost mid 2018, was this also to do with Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory. Service one might ask

tenor (37).gif

As many are aware it has been more than 12 weeks since the age policy consultation which would allow Bridgend Taxis to buy 2nd hand cars for taxi use, rather than new expensive cars, has yet again been delayed by the council as if they are yet again playing games with the taxi trade after BIT demanded the trade have Parity after Private hire taxi drivers were allowed to buy 2nd hand cars on the quiet to be used as cabs, where as street taxis were not officially allowed and no written guide lines were given how they could cheat the system like private hire drivers could, which has got up the backs of many Bridgend taxi drivers with a white street taxi sign on top for years as it turns out today. This week BIT demanded private hire licenses issued for cars not new be revoked forthwith until Parity is restored or implemented. Karen Williams advised she had passed on the communication to Bridgend taxi licensing –

Image result for fawlty towers i'll give you a damn good thrashing gif

Many street taxis are forced to drive and service the public with old sheds as they cannot afford the high price of a new car to satisfy the dictatorship of Bridgend Cabinet or taxi licensing or shared regulatory services or Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service

Which is obviously a poor state of affairs for hard working taxi badge holders already forced to work for below taxi fares and below the national wage as a result, finding in comparison to other boroughs running as low as 40 pence per mile lower compared to other boroughs in Wales, including Cardiff of course, who had another fare increase implemented quickly since December last year when their fare proposal was put into their taxi licensing. Where as Bridgend Taxi badge holders have not been able to even catch up with rising costs over 7 years and continue to be needlessly delayed over much time if you go compare and check the latest rejection of 3 fare proposals last September which took them 3 years to get them infront of Cabinet excluding the BIT proposal which flushed out the poor practices of delays running into years before the proposals were put forward


To have a taxi badge in Bridgend you must suffer low fares and high costs, with potential untruths from people like Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory. Service, and expect to be shut out by a dictatorship called BCBC if it involves taxis. That is the reality facing the taxi trade in Bridgend today

Today many compare the practices to a bully in the playground,  a popular opinion if you dare to ask questions or expose the truth if you have a Bridgend Taxi Badge paid for after going through the process of applying or making an application to Bridgend taxi licensing for a Bridgend taxi badge.


Following the stage one complaint this week BIT Partners noticed how fast it was for shared regulatory services complaints to be passed the BIT complaint from taxi licensing, compared to the long wait often for years on any other taxi matter that directly affects the taxi trade, that of course that also being taxi fare proposals, taxi vehicle age policies and more. Unless it’s a subject that licensing feel benefits them and not the trade the trend is to push back the taxi trade so they do not get what they need

Below is the fast action taken on a complaint filed mid week.

No automatic alt text available.


That is what you should expect today from Bridgend taxi licensing and shared regulatory services or even Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory service, and Bridgend County Borough Council and Cabinet if involved, if you hold or are thinking of holding a Bridgend taxi badge, and it is for that reason the Watch Dogs of the taxi trade have put Bridgend number one on their Blacklisted boroughs today in 2018, make no mistake these are the true facts for the public to swallow, especially if you are thinking of applying for a Bridgend Taxi badge or think taxis in the borough are treated fairly like Cardiff taxi trade or Carmarthenshire taxi trade for example. No expect to be treated like you don’t exist if its something you need quickly to stay in business like other taxi trades.


A copy of the communications from Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service seen here on the left of the picture for avoidance of doubt sitting with Dave Holland head of shared regulatory service

Related image

Will Lane speaking for Bridgend County borough Council and Cabinet member or members, had his email forwarded to just a few of those in the taxi trade that expressed they felt left out, that were happy to be updated on developments affecting the Bridgend Taxi Trade or those with a Bridgend Taxi Badge thinking the same or those thinking about employing drivers to be a Bridgend taxi driver in the future, thinking twice about doing the same. Some proprietors have said it is difficult to get drivers, much less keep them under these conditions as the fares are just too low when all said and done

giphy (98)

More news coming soon as we see how shared regulatory service investigate the injustices still in play for the taxi trade after Will Lane, Operational Manager, Neighbourhood Services, Shared Regulatory Service spoke for Cllr Patel of Bridgend county borough council Cabinet this week claiming he has not got the time


Check Bit News facebook for more taxi facts or the latest taxi news that some say take on Rats called Roland and Will from Bridgend railway station? have you been targeted



Congratulations on the new website which states:

We will aim to resolve concerns as quickly as possible and expect to deal with the vast majority within 20 working days. If your complaint is more complex, we will:

let you know within this time why we think it may take longer to investigate
tell you how long we expect it to take
let you know where we have reached with the investigation, and
give you regular updates, including telling you whether any developments might change our original estimate.

We note that:
On the 27/02/18 a recorded delivery was signed for pertaining to taxi questions as a result of lengthy delays for the taxi trade compared to Cardiff which has now been established. The document highlighted shared regulatory services also.

Thus far what is stated on the website wording has not been applied.

Why has the taxi tariff issue not been responded to either considering legislation has changed and therefore the charge of £1 has not been removed now several months since the change in January this year? The tariff effectively is illegal in its current form.

What is the point of a new website if the old bad habits are still being exercised?

When will the Watch Dogs of the Taxi trade get a response to the recorded document signed for on the 27/02/18 by BCBC?

For avoidance of doubt the document is shown on BRIDGEND’S ONLY TAXI NEWS –