Boris Johnson finds Mars-PM provides olive branch-Gov resources immobilised in England,Wales,UK, for Cabbies and others applying for universal credit Pay

Winston Churchill once said “Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.”

Boris Johnson Campaigns In The North West Of England

Boris Johnson once said – My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive


Today Boris can say, as Winston Churchill did, I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. as he self isolates at number 10 during the battle of Covid 19


He will know doubt be thinking of Winston Churchill in Britain’s now Covid -19 hour of lock down. and consider what Winston Churchill said ” The UK knows how to make the best of things. Their so-called muddling through is simply skill at dealing with the inevitable.”


This morning a Cabbie in Carmarthenshire in west Wales, reports that they were quite surprised to get a call from the local town job centre, regarding their online application made, 5 days ago for universal credit, as at the time, the online system did not process their application, as it said – You do not exist on our system – error. Which was a factor covered only recently by one of the media tv news outlets,


as an individual reported he too couldn’t get any satisfaction from the Dutch firms website, when he applied to be verified, and for days he could not get through to phone support, missed his requeue on the verify section after falling asleep at 3 am


The operator from the Job centre said it was not her normal job, but she had been recruited to process or assist process the many applications. It would therefore follow, that if you too got an email whilst trying to be verified, awhile after being told you did not exist, saying we have added you. Then you can take it you will get a call from the Job Centre in a few days, or in the near future.

Payment Due rubber stamp


During the call the Job Centre operative told the Cabbie she was entitled to £317, and asked if she needed an immediate payment, which cabbie replied, yes


Cabbie was advised the £317 would be issued as an emergency payment which is a loan, until their payments commence in 5 weeks. Cabbie opted to pay back £26 over 12 months, deducted from the next payments thereafter. Cabbie was advised the payment will hit her bank account within 7 days


In addition as many Cabbies will already know, the chancellor is offering self employed Cabbies a grant amounting to 80% of their net profits after expenses. Which is estimated to be between £575 to £700 per month for the lower end of profits, after expenses, based on having 3 years accounts submitted with HMRC , after paying little or no tax

Be safe out there ladies and gentleman – check this guy out from Florida and how he deals with covid 19. Follow and like BIT organisation – facebook page

Arms around Initiative for self employed Cabbies in the UK-Treasury to give pow pow documents to Boris within hours, to kill off fears

Chancellor to release his arms around initiative for, the self employed taxi trade too, after government issued operation text message yesterday, telling people to stay at home


At last it looks like the government are moving up the gears to bring some sanity for the masses in the Cab trade, shut out from financial support after, the Prime Minster brings in lock down, as part of the government’s strategy whilst at war with Covid – 19


Only moments ago the PM puts minds at rest whilst they completed the terms for the self employed, as part of the chancellors documentation we call POW POW FOR THE CAB TRADE, AND FOR THE MANY SELF EMPLOYED WITH SELF ASSESSMENT RECORDS WITH HMRC ALREADY TODAY, COVERING A YEARS WORTH AT LEAST, IN A LOT OF CASES


Cathrine Zita speaking for the BIT organisation, stated we will have to see what the document explains, and how this will affect companies that have cab rent to buy contracts outstanding,or active with rent to buy payments from some £245 per week during lock down, as many Cabbies have been stopped dead in their financial tracks, wondering where money is coming from to pay food bills etc, never mind rent to buy costs, during the stay at home message from GOV


Many Cabbies with families must keep their families safe too, not only from a health perspective, but also financial



The cab trade waits for that final moment of relief

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If you are experiencing difficulties, such as licensing difficulties, or difficulties in the Job, feel free to check out or join UPHD for UK support in the job





Uber laugh at Wasting valuable Police Time, in line with jail time for all united private hire Drivers-Uber specialist teams ignores Criminal Law act, at tax payers expense, the Police, and justice system, as a policy


We ask the public today, would you like to go to jail and get off free with an advantage

You ever thought that going to jail was no big deal?


Ever phoned a friend when you were in serious trouble?


You ever thought of working for Uber? Well if the answer is no, we show you, you have, made an excellent choice and a wise one at that


Don’t get us wrong here, everyone is entitled to work for Uber at their own risk, because that what it is, our evaluation over two years to this day shows Uber, unless they change are a high risk to thousands of Uber drivers across the UK


Can I ask you? Have you got a good law firm behind you, or are you a member of an organisation that can protect you as a Cab Driver if you work for Uber or anyone else, you know like say UHPD that have good experience in dealing with the Police, the justice system, and their own law firms in order to help Cab drivers in the job?

giphy - 2019-07-18T145653.974

Now don’t get us wrong, we are not trying to sell you protection or a union or association to help you when you have problems with your licensing authority or magistrate for example because you worked for Uber, if you are a private hire driver or thinking about being one, you should consider carefully what peril you put yourself in, based on the current Uber policies that disregard the law and criminal law


So, the Cab watchdog service bring you a message and a serious message about, a firm that will do anything including, disregarding the public purse, and the police, to make money,  to be a monopoly in the cab market, even if it means using your local police force to get rid of you or jail you or cause you to have your private hire licensed revoked whilst Uber stay silent, as to why you are in that situation, because of a report they gave the Police about you


Maybe you have complained to them about health and safety issues at work, or whilst on the job, whilst being a partner for Uber, as in this case, we aim to tell you about this case so you understand how dangerous it is to work for this technology firm that operates above the law in quite a few cases if London is anything to go by


Ever been arrested? Want to be? If you do then by all means go work for Uber, as they make arresting you easy today with, their inline policies, according to Connor of Uber’s Critical safety team available via the Uber app


Maybe you should join up with organisations like United Private Hire Drivers first, just to be on the safer side of life, if you are going to hook up with Uber as, a cab driver/private hire driver, and a united one at that with a license to do so which no doubt you don’t want to lose because you have no legal protection


Our research shows you will need legal protection and good advice, its a must ladies and gentleman in this day and age, especially after you read a review put on Uber Amsterdam’s website today, which is based on facts, and actual events, so they can come on the record for all Uber drivers out there, or united private hire drivers on the road everywhere in this country, and why not for the Police and the crime prosecution service too, whilst they are at it



According to James Farrar of UPHD – United Private Hire Drivers, seen here with his co founder Yaseen aslam who recently visited Uber’s Amsterdam offices on his own time and cost, James pointed out in his UPHD recent video last week, Uber’s Amsterdam office is where they hold all the data, or your would be data


So you should note if you want to complain all legal like, thats your port of call, Yes, Amsterdam, thats what Uber support tell a researcher in writing only hours ago


The same premises that Uber specialised team, also known as the critical safety team, we call, the dead end team, as they know nothing, and get plenty shirty when doing it, if you ask what is going on with your case or complaint after several weeks of waiting, if you are in that unique situation where Uber have suspended you, and so keep telling you they know nothing, and its with the other team that have no email address, phone number etc, not even an address they know of

As a Police force was told recently when they asked if Uber had a complaints department or Policy, the answer was of course NO,


giphy (2)

At one point Uber’s critical team advised, Uber drivers cannot write to their offices in Amsterdam, according to a Jane or a Hanny or Simon and others, You must instead book yourself a plane ride, or train or boat ride to Amsterdam, where you will then be allowed to hand in any correspondence you want them to look at so, they can eventually acknowledge your complaint if, you should be suspended at the time. No, no posing it from the UK, No, you must turn up and hand it over, at least that was the information collected from this specialised team, also known as the critical safety team that, asks you not to phone up to inquire how their so called investigation is going whilst, they have you on suspension 


Uber’s business policies allow them to break the law if they want to suspend an Uber driver, ladies and gentleman, criminal law acts meaning nothing to this Uber app technology company


A Connor of the critical safety team would be testimony to that we tell Uber today as we have the evidence, and are happy to share that with organisations representing Uber Drivers


During a conversation on file with Connor ladies and gentleman, Connor said it was OK to call him an idiot, well there is a surprise ladies and gentleman, maybe to you, but not us, this specialised team are very under trained, when you go investigate as we did


Cab watchdog service, now has firm proof, and so can warn drivers they must protect themselves, by having an organisation that will represent them legally if, they are to keep their licence once they down load the Uber app, as Uber business policies are fraught with dangers for private hire drivers if they are not tooled up


After a near 2 year investigation into Uber a disruptive technology company, we must warn drivers, taxi rental firms, that unless they have protections in place, they face losing their drivers, and the drivers face losing their licenses, as Uber have little restraint when it comes to issues surrounding breaking criminal laws, or highway laws, or driving laws, to further their business policies for profit


Cab watchdog service warns the public that it recognised, and located active Uber illegal policies in place, with other unethical policies that, can or do result in Uber breaking the law as a private hire operator which, will effectively result in partners, uber drivers being suspended if, they should stumble on unfit practices by Uber as private hire operator, licensed in this country



So below you will see the review posted on Uber’s google local business listing in Amsterdam by Cab Watchdog which, is based on actual events that can be verified by two Police forces in the UK today, that show Uber are a bandit cab firm by ignoring the law and criminal law

It should be noted that Uber’s critical team were told to read the same, in the interests of them being better trained, and Uber stop breaking laws to get their way in policy setting, which would certainly save valuable Police time


Corporate office
AddressMr.Treublaan 7, 1097 DP Amsterdam, Netherlands



Uber ignore critical public concerns in this world. When the cab watchdog service researcher pointed out serious public concerns, uber’s safety team made a false complaint to south Wales police claiming that the researcher made threats to kill during the telephone call. Police in Wales tried to get proof of the call from Uber. Later the police contacted the driver/researcher. Fortunetly the researcher had a copy of the call as Uber failed to respond to the police request for a copy. Transport for London also had a copy as it was sent them on the same day of the call as further evidence. When the Welsh police listened to the call,they found no threats to kill. After several weeks uber have failed to contact the researcher/uber driver and lift the suspension they put on drivers account.
The Cab watchdog service in their recent public notice informs Uber, that their practices are dangerous as their business model expects drivers to answer text messages immediately, and also to receive calls from customers whilst they are driving. If the driver does not deal with the calls he or she will be putting themselves in direct conflict with irate customers. Ironically the uber system will degrade the driver for not dealing with the calls, and if he or she compares other instances that affect drivers as a result of these practices, uber will suspend the driver indefinetly by making a false police complaint to justify the suspension, as in this case. That is what to expect from Uber. When you contact Uber’s safety team or critical safety line, they will tell you they have no records of any critical safety issues raised by this researcher driver. Simply they don’t liase with any reputable department in our experience. Since this critical issues has been raised neither, Taskus or uber support, have any record of such issues on their system.
Uber were sent proof that the police were taking no action as, there were no threats to kill by their good driver/researcher, but as I say after more than 3 weeks the driver/researcher remains suspended based on illegal practices by Uber’s critical safety team working inline with Uber’s policy according to a Connor in that department
Uber will abuse the justice system, and the police to hang on to uber business policies. In effect Uber are a danger to licensed cab drivers or newbies coming into the business.
Our independent researcher could have had their license suspended if they had not recorded the call. Libel Uber have committed.
Uber are an inexperienced company putting earnings, above safety and common sense, and act as if they can abuse you and the law to stay in business. What is clear, if the police listened to the call and heard no threats to kill, then, why did uber not supply the police with a copy of the call from the start? Uber stated the threats were made during the call.
We certainly challenge Uber to explain to the public why they would jeopardise a partners licence by abusing public safety and the police. There are a number of issues that have come about as a result of this case, including a new complaint regarding Uber’s viability as a cab firm working with licensed drivers who cannot be subject to vexatious complaints left open ended as an obvious policy. More and more people and drivers, get beaten up so to speak by dishonest policies by this technology company pretending to be acting in the public interests, but our files show they are forever not. This post is based on factual events that can be proven for those wishing proof. The post is based on our opinions after investigating Uber’s unsafe or not fit and proper practices for 2 years

For those that do not know uk law –
Wasting Police Time
The offence of wasting police time (section 5(2) of the Criminal Law Act 1967) is committed when a person:
Causes wasteful employment of the police by knowingly making to any person, a false report orally or in writing tending to:
show that an offence has been committed;
give rise to apprehension for the safety of any persons or property; or
show that he has information material to any police inquiry




Public Notice by Cab Watchdog Service-Uber under new investigation over safety-Transport for London step in

Transport for London launch high priority complaint citing, dangerous practices with harassment when they hear Uber’s business practices
The Uber app flaw that makes Uber look like they are living on a fantasy Island as they tell a member of the public, that they are not a cab firm, during a recorded call passed TFL
Cab Watchdog service gives firm evidence to Transport for London that, shows Uber Drivers are expected to deal with customer phone calls whilst at work, and they will be ridiculed if they do not, using but one fatal flaw presented to TFL in a special summary report regarding the many flaws that cause conflict to those involved in this cab app software> wrote:
Transport for London


Ref: 14577160

3 February 2020


Thank you for your phone call received on 28 January to enquire about Uber drivers not liaising with customers (on the phone) whilst working. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to bring this to our attention.

You’ll be pleased to know that your complaint has now been allocated to a Correspondence & Investigations Officer and the enquiry is currently being reviewed by one of our specialists. Once we’ve completed our investigations, we will notify you once an outcome has been reached.

Thanks again for contacting us. If you wish to discuss this matter any further, please reply to this email. Alternatively, please call us on 0343 222 4000 to speak to a member of our customer service team.

Kind regards

Ladi Oguntoye
Customer Service Adviser
Transport for London Customer Services

If you wish to reply directly to this email, please click on the reply button on your toolbar. Please do not alter or delete the subject line as this may result in a delay responding to your email.
We aim to reply to all emails within ten working days.

Mayor of London - Every Journey Matters
Transport for London (TfL) will use the personal information submitted on this form to process your feedback and provide you with the information or services you have requested. We may need to share your information with our service providers, associated organisations and agents for these purposes. For further information please see our Privacy Policy.


The contents of this e-mail and any attached files are confidential. If you have received this email in error, please notify us immediately at and remove it from your system. If received in error, please do not use, disseminate, forward, print or copy this email or its content. Transport for London excludes any warranty and any liability as to the quality or accuracy of the contents of this email and any attached files.


Transport for London is a statutory corporation whose principal office is at 5 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1JN. Further information about Transport for London’s subsidiary companies can be found on the following link:


Although TfL have scanned this email (including attachments) for viruses, recipients are advised to carry out their own virus check before opening any attachments, as TfL accepts no liability for any loss, or damage which may be caused by viruses.



We will be bringing you more on this story, as this is just a wee bit of the overall situation at this time, as Uber deal with the fall out of a whistle blower on their door step


Uber Warned to cease and desist-safety issue evidence found and identified by Uber Drivers harassed-Dispatch system danger to road users including Uber riders


In the latest twist on Uber’s viability over safety, Cab Watchdog Service have identified a key reasoning for Uber drivers being harassed into being unsafe


With a common cry from many including Transport for London that Uber is unsafe, Cab Watchdog service is now able to prove another safety issue, which affects Uber’s dispatch system, which is coupled with their rating the driver system, followed up with feedback from the rider/passenger


As many will know Uber is not the conventional Cab firm as we know it.


As a general rule private hire drivers work for a company that take calls from customers. as a general practice, the office does office communication with the customer, and the cabbie drives, in a lot of cases information with notes are sent to the cabbie via app or data head unit, so the Cabbie may get to the pick up and destination. Customers telephone numbers are invariably withheld from the Cabbie, and so the cab firm withholds the drivers number too from the customer


Uber on the other hand require the driver to communicate directly with the passenger. The passenger is able to contact the driver in two ways, either by phone, or by a short text message which the Uber driver may or may not see, as it shows on the drivers phone screen for a few moments. If the driver is unable to repond to the message, which could be a specific location the customer has requested, the Uber driver could then be subject to phone calls directly from the passenger, resulting in humiliation, demotion, stress and anxiety and more


If the Uber driver is unable to deal with the passenger’s communications, as he or she is driving safely, the Uber Driver will then be subject to a number of complaints from the Uber system, which will include telling the Uber driver they should use their phone. and communicate with the customer. which follows a degrading of the drivers status on the app, which is indicated by Ubers demotion statistics


In a lot of cases the Uber system will demote the driver, by low scoring him or her, followed by what has been described as waffle from Uber’s support telling the Uber driver to work harder to reclaim his or her demoted status shown on the app for the public to see, thus inviting or potentially forcing Uber drivers to become cab office telephonists whilst on the road, in any situation, because of a call from the customer at that key moment


Cathrine Zita speaking for the Cab Watchdog Service, said, We have had 3 telephone conversations with Uber Support on the record, after Uber replied 3 times with the same written waffle, but did not address the health and safety issues identified by us, or the points raised as a result of their written reply


We are satisfied that Uber drivers must be focused on the road, as safety is paramount, it is not for Uber to compromise safety by harassing drivers on the road, who are clearly subject to licensing conditions, and road safety as licensed taxi or private hire professionals


There are a number of questions as a result of our findings, and we have advised Uber that we intend to raise a complaint with Transport for London, but will allow Ireland the opportunity to come on the record on the matter in the interests of public safety and health and safety for Uber drivers being obviously pressured to be office telephonists, rather than safe drivers on the road

Uber need to be more accountable to the public as a private hire operator, as Uber Drivers are drivers, and not private hire operators behind a steering wheel on the road in the public domain. When you see Uber drivers crashing all over the country, one has to factor in Uber drivers are being asked to be telephonists and are being ridiculed and degraded for not doing the same by Uber’s control system


Burger she wrote-Dr Jose Crane is listening-Taxi test turkey stuffing-minced pies-No lies-chips-Moaning Cabbies Gravy-headache surgery for relief-Brackla Ind estate Bridgend-public calmed

Today we ask the public 3 questions- Ever had a bad moment and someone you just met gave you some sound advice, and made you feel so much better

Ever went for an MOT test and passed but they wouldn’t give you the pass certificate


Have you ever visited who we nick named Doctor Jose Crane’s mobile surgery roadside, afterwards, and tried those sweet burgers, that local Cabbies, and the public passing by, simply murder every day during the week

If you haven’t visited the Brackla Industrial Estate near Coity castle- Bridgend yet,or stopped by to murder whats on Dr Jose Crane’s daily special menu, then you are already dead, as there are many reasons to stop and murder a burger, she wrote


Dr Jose Crane cooks up a murderous tasty menu each day folks, prepared from her kitchen with love, with added generosity, especially for you the public she says, with tasty care for you to murder anytime you like, and as it turns out quiet a few Bridgend cabbies do, a irresistible stop that many simply want to murder on the way by


This time of year the special menu of the day, some say – its beginning…..


We call her Bridgend’s own Doctor Jose Crane, the special one, and we will tell you whyjose

She tells our reporter that she sees many a disgruntled Bridgend Cabbie with her own mince pies getting stuffed as if they are turkeys, all complaining of unfair and unreasonable practices by who they name as a Yvonne Witchell head of Bridgend taxi licensing


Dr Jose Crane says the cabbies come here when they are waiting for their taxi to be mot tested at the councils testing centre up the road, organised initially by licensing head Witchell


Our mentally aware Doctor Jose Crane, the special one, says the Cab drivers come here every 6 months, when their taxi is due for mot testing, and they are always moaning when I am frying up or cooking, moaning about the Council’s own Yvonne Witchell head of taxi licensing, that likes bleeping with their heads unjustifiably, all the time, and for years


Like Yvonne Witchell did when she deliberately held back taxi drivers for several years, by not processing taxi fare proposals handed in, with more unscrupulous attempts to have her own way, by ignoring a Cabinet decision to consult with the taxi trade over a fare increase, as well as removing proposal information from at least two proposals handed in by trade members, as well as failing to respond to freedom of information requests on the subject, ignoring the trade on policies the council have introduced new, and more,


Its is no wonder that the cabbies in Bridgend, end up at Doctor Jocey Crane’s surgery, moaning whilst murdering her offerings, whilst once again expressing their wows as a taxi driver licensed by what many call a corrupt council under the obvious circumstances


i was pissing by

they don’t get satisfaction Doctor Jocey Crane said,  and can’t even get their MOT – Hackney Carriage certificates, on the day of its expiry, from Witchell, she said

Doctor Jose Crane pronounced Josey, like the outlaw Josey Wales, said –

Many taxi drivers forever say when they come here….


When the Bridgend taxi drivers come visiting my hot food stall, I can’t help feeling


How are they supposed to work when taxi firms need up todate records in order for the taxi driver or private hire driver to stay working, as many are not allowed to work without valid documentation, for obvious reasons


The public should know –

The special one has her own little burger bar surgery folks, as she gets to listen to many passers by, whilst she is listening and cooking up her delights for the day, and serving hot tea and coffee also on a cold day in Bridgend


Like the TV series, Doctor Jose Crane is listening

She has a reputation for giving friendly advice for those loved ones passing by visiting the nearby crematorium


She tells the story of a son who had been devoted full time to caring for his mother before she passed, who found himself feeling very down, but felt much better after attending her surgery to murder a burger and a cup of tea


It wasnt murder she wrote, but Burgers she wrote on the menu that day


So come on down folks and murder something really good and talk awhile with the special one,Bridgend’s real special one, where cabbies could say – its a game of two halves on Brackla Industrial estate, with the special one


Doctor Jose Crane is listening to Taxi drivers in Wales, and you all in Bridgend she wrote, and why not murder not just another burger she wrote, but mince pies in main avenue Bridgend, when you can



Don’t get stuffed like a Turkey by Yvonne Witchell with her wicked gravy to be dished out like your on the plate for eating


Mr Spain speaking for the Cab Watchdog Service today, said, we have established that Yvonne Witchell is playing games, or is some kind of control freak, as a Cabbie that has put in a complaint to my department, did get his hackney certificate straight after their recent test by attending Council offices without an appointment. Bridgend Cabbies should not take any nonsense from a head that is a control freak


CEO for the Cab Watchdog service went on to say – I would urge Bridgend Cabbies to refer the licensing headers that will say otherwise,  to the case of Hackney Carriage 555 if they or licensing are in doubt


There is no need to wait several days for it to be sent out by post from council offices, with a waiting period of up to 2 weeks before you get it

giphy - 2019-07-18T145653.974

This is a public announcement on behalf of the Cab Watchdog Service




Go Do One-Bridgend taxi licensing-committee-shared regulatory services-In the name of Spain-Labour controlled council hate democracy

Old habits die hard for Bridgend council when it comes to how they handle the cabbies licensed to the borough, folks
tenor - 2019-06-04T104502.896
With only hours of the announcement that Mr John Spain has been appointed Cab Watchdog service – CEO, Mr Spain draws Yvonne Withchell out in hours rather than months, in order to get to that BIT
images (41)
A licensing head that likes to create unprofessional case file news,  relating to Bridgend Council and their continued diabolical practices, said Cathrine Zita
32399268_452612898504364_4078420044277612544_o (1)
Cathrine Zita tasked with drawing Shared regulatory services out, contacted Bridgend taxi licensing after receiving a recorded call with taxi licensing, and a Bridgend taxi driver, this week, who has complained of victimisation for the trade, and also unprofessional practices by Bridgend council in conjunction with shared regulatory service, controlled by a labour run council, that are unsafe from a legal perspective in their opinion, especially if you go back on BIT organisation unprofessional case files on Bridgend heads and council heads, not forgetting shared regulatory services, including Will Lane who reports to commitee as part of the council’s operations structure
download (1)
For those that have followed the BIT organisation will know there is a fair bit of forensic material collected to prove Bridgend taxi licensing and Bridgend county borough council, including shared regulatory services have a number of dodgy practices, including when it comes to fare proposals not actioned for years, and deliberately manipulated to avoid democracy
In an email exchange, some shared on BIT NEWS facebook, we show the public how BIT organisation bites the hand, that does not feed taxi drivers in Bridgend, in a tactic to focus the head of licensings mind, and the council, that the Cab Watchdog service will get to that BIT, in the public interests, so the taxi drivers of Bridgend are treated fairly, like many others in other boroughs around Wales, and the country
The exposure below shows the reply to a licensing officer, thats off her head, if she thinks she can continue to ignore the Cab Watchdog Service – BIT organisation under our current management structure, said Mr Spain
Cathrine Zita writes in reply – <>
3 Dec at 14:53
Good afternoon
Without prejudice
The recordings were passed by a taxi driver, and they claim they are being used for their own protection, and they have advised the council of this in the past.
If I call your offices, I will also record conversations, as the council are in public office. The council have a history of poor practices detrimental to many taxi drivers, and in some cases they cause the taxi driver distress. They are not to be trusted, unfortunately. The unprofessional case files show that, as well as the fact the council tell lies
As we have legal representatives, the organisation takes legal advice, as do the council I believe. May I suggest you go get some
I/We look forward to the day the council take legal action.
Obviously as an established service, which is free in the public domain, we understand that complaints will need to be authorised in writing, especially when it comes to an unprofessional department/s or licensing
Thank you for coming on the record today
The organisation have made it public that you will be hearing from Mr Spain soon.
Your response will be added to our unprofessional case files held on you, thus far
It is not the first time we have handled complaints from taxi drivers. It’s time shared regulatory services, Bridgend Cabinet and committee wake up and smell the coffee
From your reply I have noted that you do not mention the freedom of information requests regarding your manipulative practices, and the councils, including shared regulatory services. I expected that. Another example of an unprofessional case with files still active on my part, with Mr Spain taking control also as the new CEO yesterday, because of your active poor blatant practices, where you can’t even answer a freedom of information request handled by Karen Williams.
To be honest it delights the organisation that you have not dealt with that request. It delights Mr Spain, he tells me
Mr Spain will also record conversations with the council offices, as they too record calls for quality and training purposes. He has asked me to convey that fact
The BIT organisation continue to catch you on the record, regardless of what you do not like, or like. Tell that to your legal department, Cabinet, and Committee chair
I was glad to attend the council committee meeting, the feedback has been enlightening, as was the experience
Best Regards
Cathrine Zita
Administrative Executive
BIT organisation
Below we expose to the public the legal discussion as Bridgend licensing head attempts to gag the public, so a judge would not know of their unreasonable, and potentially unlawful practices in public office, that they are desperate to hide from the public
Yvonne Witchell responsible for the demise of Taxi drivers over the years wrote-
On Tuesday, 3 December 2019, 14:28:01 GMT, licensing <> wrote:

Thank you for your email.

Please note that you may not make recordings of telephone calls with licensing team members without their consent.

Please also note that the Council will not investigate anonymous complaints or complaints from third parties without their express written consent.

Yvonne Witchell

Adran Trwyddedu  | Licensing Section

Gwasanaethau Gweithredol a Phartneriaethol | Operational and Partnership Services

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Siriol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr | Bridgend County Borough Council Swyddfeydd Dinesig | Civic Offices

Stryd yr Angel | Angel Street

Pen-y-Bont  | Bridgend

CF31 4WB  | CF31 4WB

Ffôn/Phone: (01656) 643643

Ffacs / Fax: (01656)


E bost / Email:


Gwefan / Website:


From: Mrsmoney Penny <>
Sent: 03 December 2019 12:25
To: licensing <>
Subject: Complaint re HC 555 – victimisation – Mr Spain